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A podcast for the imperfectly daring woman -- the Often Ambitious. Join Erika and Lindsey as they share tangible stories, riveting interviews, and a behind-the-scenes look at what it is to be #oftenambitious. Our mission is to deliver a fresh, real, raw perspective from some of the most impactful women in entrepreneurship and modern society. We're covering topics like vulnerability, starting a movement, building a brand, creating a following on social, personal health, and so much more.

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S3 E7 | ASK LP & E

What would you ask us if you could sit down to coffee (or matcha) with us... what would your burning question be?We asked you to submit questions on Instagram and we got some JUICY questions... so we decided to do a live Q&A recording of us answering your questions unfiltered, and on the spot!Tune into this episode to see if your question was answered!If you love this episode, please rate and review! And don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode. And follow us on Instagram so you can stay in touch.www.instagram.com/oftenambitious www.instagram.com/erikasheffer www.instagram.com/lindseyplevyak


1 Jul 2020

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Ever get caught in the comparison trap? Sick of feeling consumed by what everyone else is doing... instead of focusing on your own shit?In this episode we disarm comparison and we talk about what it really means. If you want to win, you have to let it go.Comparison is set out to destroy your potential and suck your joy dry. If you love this episode, please share, subscribe, and leave a 5-star review! And follow us on Instagram:www.instagram.com/oftenambitious www.instagram.com/erikasheffer www.instagram.com/lindseyplevyak


23 Jun 2020

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"Motivation" is not what you think...& it's probably the top question we get.So it's time to address the elephant in the room.What is motivation, really?And how do you find it? And then how do you keep it?In this episode we tackle these questions and we give an honest look at what the truth is around this hot topic.As per usual, we have some gut check moments and real talk about how we've developed motivation to keep our eyes on the prize no matter what.-----If you loved this episode, please leave a 5-star rating and review! And don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode.--> Follow us on Instagram:www.instagram.com/oftenambitious www.instagram.com/erikasheffer www.instagram.com/lindseyplevyak


26 May 2020

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Prepare to be triggered!No, really. Let’s be honest… most of us grew up feeling awkward around the conversation about money. If we’re honest, we hardly learned anything about money growing up.Except the classic:“Money doesn’t grow on trees”“Money is hard to make”“Only spend what you have”“Save, save, save”Our goal is to break down some truths around money… but not only that, the real conversation is around abundance vs. scarcity.It’s time to have the convo… and while it will probably trigger you at first, if you’re open to it, this conversation could free you. In this episode we talk about what scarcity is, what abundance means, how to identify your limiting beliefs, how to create new beliefs, and how to put into action those new beliefs so you can ultimately change your life.Are you ready for it?If you loved this episode, please rate, review and subscribe! Your 5-star reviews help us more than we can say. And we appreciate them tons #OAfamAlso, follow us on IG!www.instagram.com/oftenambitious www.instagram.com/erikasheffer www.instagram.com/lindseyplevyak


19 May 2020

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Today’s episode covers how to have a shift (or even get unstuck) in your business. We’ll walk you through how to shift your focus, what to actually focus on, how to take personal inventory, and invest in the right activities.The cool this is this: there’s no “secret” to success, and anyone can have a shift. Whether you’ve just starting out or you’ve found yourself in a rut -- this episode is for you. We cover things like:How to be more TEAM focused, instead of ME focusedHow to challenge and activate the right people on your teamThe difference between GOALS and GROWTHWhy leaders focus on paying the price vs. the perksWe’re digging deep in this episode and this is for you if you need a gut punch and a plan.If you enjoyed this episode, we’d love if you subscribed, left a review and 5-star rating!Your support is everything. For reals.And follow us on Instagram for updates on future episodes and IG Lives.www.instagram.com/oftenambitious www.instagram.com/erikasheffer www.instagram.com/lindseyplevyak


12 May 2020

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