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Welcome to Kifarucast! Here we discuss everything from backpack hunting, gear, tactics, long distance shooting, Traditional and compound shooting, Tenkara, food prep, etc.

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Welcome to Kifarucast! Here we discuss everything from backpack hunting, gear, tactics, long distance shooting, Traditional and compound shooting, Tenkara, food prep, etc.

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Awesome podcast

By kjewell32 - Dec 12 2019
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One of the best podcasts available!


By Montana111111111 - Dec 06 2019
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Awesome podcast with your wife! After listen to it I sat down with my wife and it surely hit home.

iTunes Ratings

1979 Ratings
Average Ratings

Awesome podcast

By kjewell32 - Dec 12 2019
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One of the best podcasts available!


By Montana111111111 - Dec 06 2019
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Awesome podcast with your wife! After listen to it I sat down with my wife and it surely hit home.

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Welcome to Kifarucast! Here we discuss everything from backpack hunting, gear, tactics, long distance shooting, Traditional and compound shooting, Tenkara, food prep, etc.

Rank #1: Donnie Vincent

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Donnie Vincent joins the podcast!  Aron and Donnie discuss shooting discipline, gear, food, and poo (Lord knows Aron works hard on poo maintenance) in this episode, as well as Donnie's desire to pick up a Trad bow.

Driven by nature, Donnie has consistently let the outdoors and his passion for adventure be the compass for his life. The wide open expanses of the world’s most remote territories dominate his thoughts and conversations. Deep in the heart of the wildest of terrain is where Donnie thrives. On his expeditions into remote wilds, in the lands where seemingly no one lives, he finds a wilderness and peacefulness that is all his own. The premier example of explorer, biologist, conservationist, and sportsman, Donnie takes a wider view of the topics he tackles while in the field, because to him, this is all a story worth telling. A story of ancestral heritage, native respect, and the desire to live strongly, empowering us all to open our minds to the bigger picture and inspiring us to find our own adventure.

Jan 15 2019

1hr 34mins


Rank #2: Q & A

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Aron and Frank took a brief break from hunting to answer listener questions.  They are back in the field, hence fewer podcasts at the moment.

Nov 06 2019

1hr 3mins


Rank #3: Alberta Hunt 2019

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John Barklow recently joined Aron and Frank on a guided Alberta hunt.  Together they discuss the challenges they faced, and share their findings when cold weather set in for the hunt.

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Oct 30 2019

1hr 12mins


Rank #4: Bow Tuning and Broad Head Selection

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Bow Tuning and Broad Head Selection

Aron discusses the primary methods to properly tune your bow, then goes into detail on how to fine tune and sight in on the range.

Primary tuning tips:Make sure your bow is the correct draw lengthbuy Arrows that fit the bow (proper spine depending on point weight )Spin every broadhead to make sure they spin trueMake sure the second and third axis on your sight are levelMake sure cams are in sync

Dec 06 2017



Rank #5: Floorless Shelters Q&A

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Floorless Shelters Q&A

Talk about setting up on snow, and dealing with mud in the shelter 00:01:28 - 00:15:30

How do you run your guy outs so you can periodically tighten them to re tighten the shelter: 00:15:30 - 00:18:05

Does a floorless shelter make sense in a desert environment: 00:18:07 - 00:20:30


Setup for and tricks to avoid: 00:20:30 - 00:22:31

Would you use a floorless shelter in Arizona? 00:22:30 - 00:22:47

Do you need to purchase poles for the tarps or can you use Trekking poles? 00:22:47 - 00:24:22

Why did my KUIU Summit Refuge melt like a candle? 00:24:23 - 00:24:51

Can I seam seal my Tut when it is 30 degrees out: 00:24:51 - 00:25:29

What is the footprint of the Megatarp compared to the Paratarp? 00:25:36 - 00:26:03

when going floorless to you always use a groundsheet, and if so what material do you use? 00:26:03 - 00:26:30

Will you be bringing back the Megatarp? 00:26:30 - 00:27:03

Advantages and disadvantages of a floorless shelter over a floored shelter? 00:27:03 - 00:31:03 also covered further at 00:38:16 - 00:40:40

Can you retro an old Megatarp to put a zippered annex on it 00:31:04 - 00:31:14

Is there anything you can do to keep mice out? 00:31:16 - 00:34:15 and 01:34:53 - 01:35:49

Advantages over a covered hammock: 00:34:20 - 00:35:44How do you deal with mosquitoes? 00:35:46 - 00:37:40

Would you recommend a tarp shelter for late season? 00:37:48 - 00:38:02

Any tips on dealing with condensation besides bringing the stove? 00:40:41 - 00:42:40

The Tut is better suited for below timberline vs the Sawtooth which is better suited for above timberline? 00:42:44 - 00:43:16

How often do you deal with rodents getting to your gear? 00:44:05 - 00:44:21

when would you use a Tipi instead of a Tarp? 00:44:21 - 00:44:37 and 01:52:00 - 01:52:09

What do you think is the best shelter for northern Idaho and northwestern Montana thick and rainy? 00:44:41 - 00:45:51Any concerns from sparks from the stove burning the Tipi? 00:45:53 - 00:47:55

What are the harshest conditions each Kifaru shelter has withstood? 00:47:56 - 00:50:14

I'm having trouble pitching my Tut tight to the ground, what am I doing wrong? 00:50:33 - 00:51:44

Discuss how your fabric is superior to others: 00:51:49 - 00:57:49

Any tips on using smaller amounts of cord to pitch the Paratarp, do you pitch with trekking poles or sticks lying around? 00:57:52 - 00:59:55

With a floorless setup, what is the best way to protect your sleeping pad? 00:59:56 - 01:01:00

Will a floorless shelter keep unwanted Cougars out? 01:01:24 - 01:01:54

Why don't high end single wall shelters come seam sealed? 01:02:00 - 01:02:55

What function does a liner play in a four season shelter through the individual seasons? 01:03:00 - 00:03:35

How to keep it warm during Colorado rifle season: 01:03:37 - 01:03:47

Do you use a ground tarp and a bivy in windy situations? 01:03:48 - 01:06:48

Can you fit two cots and a stove in a Sawtooth? 01:06:55 - 01:07:49

How do you use the tipi stove combo to dry clothing, and how do you ventilate to prevent overheating? 01:07:51 - 01:08:30

How do you get over the fear of going floorless? 01:08:33 - 01:10:18

Box vs. Cylinder stoves and recommended sizes for your shelters (Frank has some mic issues on this one, they are using a temporary plastic table while waiting for the wood table to come in and the mic keep falling...sorry): 01:10:27 - 01:14:05

With modern tent technology, what makes a Tipi/tarp a better option over other lightweight shelters? 01:14:12 - 01:15:40

Is it possible to ruin a carbon fiber pole by having it too close to the stove? 01:15:43 - 01:16:33

How would you vent in rainy weather to mitigate condensation without a liner? 01:16:36 - 01:17:09

What makes a Kifaru shelter better than the competition? 01:17:10 - 01:18:07

Can you talk about stove use in a tent? 01:18:12 - 01:19:32

Do you advice seam sealing every year or is once good? 01:19:34 - 01:19:56

How do you decide what shelter to start out with for an Elk hunt in the western states? 01:20:25 - 01:21:10

Why floorless? 01:21:14 - 01:21:34

Do you have to use a spark arrestor in a stove? 01:21:47 - 01:21:58

How do your shelters handle snow loads? 01:22:02 - 01:22:57

What is your cold weather setup? 01:22:59 - 01:23:2600

How to deal with condensation: 01:23:26 - 01:23:56 and 01:43:00 - 01:43:32

How is the Tarp in strong winds? 01:23:54 - 01:24:03

How do you sell the idea of a high end tent to your wife? 01:24:49 - 01:24:05

What are some considerations in heavy rain with a floorless shelter? 01:24:50 - 01:25:01 and 01:26:50 - 01:27:27

What would be the most versatile sleep/shelter setup for four seasons? 01:25:21 - 01:26:06

How do you decide when to bring the stove? 01:26:08 - 01:26:48

What is the best ground cloth? 01:27:27 - 01:27:32

Do you ever cook with a gas stove? 01:27:33 - 01:27:50

Is a floorless shelter doable in the South East? 01:27:54 - 01:28:21

Trendiness and minimal weight savings aside, What are the benefits? 01:28:25 - 01:31:42

Is it safe to size up in a floorless shelter if you are going to be in windy locations? 01:31:42 -

How would you rate the Seek Outside shelters? 01:32:38 - 01:33:25

Can you successfully join two trekking poles to make one longer center pole? 01:33:25 - 01:33:46

Seam sealer...paint thinner or no paint thinner?  Can you still seam seal if it is cold out? 01:33:51 - 01:34:15

If I leave a box of wine outside alone, will the cougar leave me alone? 01:34:20How would you use a backpack-able shelter when not in the mountains? 01:35:49 - 01:37:08

How do you secure you stove jack in the wind? 01:37:08 - 01:38:04

Does compressing the shelter long or short term affect the shelter? 01:38:47 - 01:39:16 and 01:50:35 - 01:50:44

At 6'3" will I be able to stand and change in the Sawtooth? 01:39:16 - 01:39:55

At what elevation do you need to be at to not be eaten alive by bugs? 01:39:56 - 01:40:23

Floorless shelters are trendy: 01:40:23 - 01:41:06

Any tricks to keep the stove from melting the snow around the shelter then re-freezing? 01:41:06 - 01:41:58

when would you use a tarp bivy combo and do you use the tarp for glassing? 01:41:58 - 01:42:56 and 01:46:34 - 01:47:14

What do you use to keep your bag from getting wet and how do you battle heavy rain? 01:43:33 - 01:44:59

What are the benefits of using a Sawtooth vs. a Hilleberg? 01:45:50 - 01:46:29

What is the all around best budget shelter stove combo for all seasons for solo application? 01:47:14 - 01:47:44

Are you using a floorless shelter or a Hilleberg during high country archery season? 01:47:45 - 01:49:13

Best option for Kodiak for two people? 01:49:16 - 01:49:28

Best shelter for BC on a budget? 01:49:29 - 01:50:00

When planning a trip what factors do you consider when selecting a shelter? 01:50:05 - 01:50:31

How much extra cord do you need to pitch a tarp? 01:50:44 - 01:51:31

What shelter would you use with family? 01:51:30 - 01:51:43

Do you need a bivy with a down bag because of condensation? 01:51:43 - 01:52:00

Liner or no for late season high elevation in the Sawtooth? 01:52:10 - 01:52:25

How do you deal with pitching the shelter in rocky areas? 01:52:25 - 01:52:38

Best three person shelter with a stove? 01:52:39 - 01:52:43

I'm looking at buying a Tut for summer trips with my boys, how do you deal with mosquitoes, and what stove do you recommend: 01:52:43 - 01:53:12

Prime Synergy Hybrid give away!

Megatarp Giveaway!

Jan 17 2018

1hr 57mins


Rank #6: Chris Roe

Podcast cover
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Chris Roe joins the podcast to discuss public issues and issues with going public in social media.

Roe Hunting Resources


Feb 13 2019

3hr 37mins


Rank #7: Josh Bowmar Part 1: Nutrition

Podcast cover
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Josh Bowmar (Superman, Captain America, A-hole) joins the podcast to talk nutrition and hunting.  in Part one, he talks about diet and nutrition, and if you will take a moment to look at the featured photo for this podcast, he definitely has the diet and nutrition thing figured out.

Bowmar Nutrition


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Jun 04 2019

1hr 12mins


Rank #8: FOC with John Dudley

Podcast cover
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Hours can be spent discussing FOC and arrow tuning, thankfully John Dudley joins the podcat and goes into great detail about tuning arrows, proper equipment, and how to improve accuracy.

About John Dudley

I started hunting at the age of ten in my childhood state of Mississippi. I was raised to be a passionate deer and turkey hunter. To improve further on my hunting skills I started shooting at local clubs and shop tournaments. I quickly realized that archery was a talent I felt I was gifted with and shooting competitively seemed very natural. I started shooting professionally in 1997 and have competed in over 120 Professional events Worldwide. Since recognizing my talent I have successfully competed in 3D, field, indoor and outdoor target archery. I have represented the US Archery team for several years and won multiple medals and championships in each format. When I was 18, I left a college football scholarship opportunity to instead work in an archery shop for 4$ an hour simply because I loved it! Later I opened my own shop for a brief period before being hired at one of the leading bow manufacturers where I worked for nearly 9 years. I ventured on my own in 2006 to work independently as an International public relations/sales/ marketing manager for several archery manufacturers. I spend my days with my sales, marketing and R+D task, as well as, testing new gear, writing articles, taking photos or traveling the globe conducting educational compound archery training seminars for retailers, clubs and National teams. I have dedicated my life to archery and it has always been for the purpose of being better as a Bowhunter. I am fortunate to see a lot of places and coach some of the best shooters in the world and hunt with good people including my family and friends.

For more in depth info on archery be sure to check out Johns Nock On Podcast



Jul 03 2018

1hr 46mins


Rank #9: Tim Gillingham

Podcast cover
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Professional Archer, Tim Gillingham, engages in a passionate debate regarding FOC, arrow tuning, and broadheads with Aron Snyder

Mar 21 2019

1hr 40mins


Rank #10: Not Sure We Should Talk About This

Podcast cover
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Not Sure We Should Talk About This

Food, clothing, camp stoves and more, Frank and Aron cover a broad spectrum of gear that worked best for them in 2017.  Frank drops info on new gear coming out in 2018 from Kifaru, and Aron covers upcoming gear from other outdoor companies.  Sadly, Even though Frank and Aron live in the same house, Aron admits he kept Humble Foods to himself while Frank suffered in the backfield with Ramen and Tuna...and of course Spam, but at least Frank loves Spam.

Jan 12 2018

1hr 1min


Rank #11: Gear review

Podcast cover
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Episode 3: Gear Review

In this episode, Frank and Aron discuss their favorite gear from this past year.

Gear reviewed this episode:

Spotting scopesLost Park Parkaclothing - inner layer/outer layerBowsBino/opticsArrow restsknivesbootsbroadheadsArrowsMore Bows Rifles

Nov 06 2017



Rank #12: Three Guys Talking

Podcast cover
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This episode with Paul Gustafson contains a wealth of knowledge on hunting seasons, building arrows, and archery hunting in general.

Apr 26 2018

1hr 21mins


Rank #13: 2018 High Country Mule Deer Hunt

Podcast cover
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Aron and Frank provide a day by day account of their high country mule deer hunt.  An incredible amount of blood sweat, and tears went into this hunt.

Sep 13 2018

1hr 46mins


Rank #14: Frank Peralta: Colorado Elk Hunt

Podcast cover
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Frank Peralta discusses his recent Elk Hunt.

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Oct 24 2019



Rank #15: Elk Shape

Podcast cover
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Dan (The Fitness Man) Stanton joins the podcast to discuss practical fitness and nutrition for hunters.
Hunt Like An Athlete » by Dan Staton

Hunt like an athlete sounds a hell of a lot better than hunt like a couch potato. An athlete is fit for the mountains and conditioned to excel at the sport of hunting. The essence of hunting is becoming a formidable predator. A predator enters the woods prepared for any and all eventuality and gladly welcomes adversity. In order to hunt like an athlete, you have to train like an athlete. Stop. I didn’t say you had to run ultra-marathons, shoot everyday, nor did I say you had to be an extremist. But there is definitely a rising tide of new age hunters taking to the field fit to conquer new ground and tame the mountains. An athlete trains in all areas of fitness throughout the year and above all, possesses mental toughness. Athletes test their physical and mental capacity often, and thrive when competing against the ravages of Mother Nature. Whether you’re young, old, wealthy, poor, weak or strong, Mother Nature does not discriminate.

Elk Shape


Nov 06 2018

1hr 8mins


Rank #16: @t_s_.d

Podcast cover
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Love them or hate them Tanner Coulter and Kyle Brockman run a humorous Instagram page holding hunters accountable.  They talk with Aron and Frank about keeping respect for the animals above the social media game.

Follow them down the rabbit hole: @T_S_.D

Dec 12 2017

1hr 8mins


Rank #17: Arrow Setup

Podcast cover
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Aron and Frank talk about their arrow setup...or at least it sounds like they're talking about arrow setup...sometimes the line blurs in this episode.

Apr 24 2018



Rank #18: Robby Denning

Podcast cover
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Author Robby Denning, Mule Deer expert and Franks man crush, joins the podcast to discuss Mule Deer hunting tactics.  Also, in this episode…a discussion on how everyone adores social media.

Nov 29 2018

1hr 59mins


Rank #19: Layering Systems

Podcast cover
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If you are considering upgrading or updating the layering system for your adventures in the backcountry this episode with John Barklow of Sitka Gear is a wonderful knowledge base toward understanding the vital roll the various layers of clothing provide.  Aron Snyder and John Barklow discuss what to look for in the clothing you choose, and the importance of regulating body temperature in the field.


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May 28 2019

1hr 23mins


Rank #20: Ninety Minute Q&A

Podcast cover
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Q: 00:01:13 How bad would the podcast have been if you didn't edit Drummond!?

Q: 00:02:49 Are you working on puffy pants?

Q: 00:03:34 Are you going to do a series of workout videos?

Q: 00:04:25 Will you do a 10k giveaway?

Q: 04:42:00 Any suggestions on gauging boot stiffness when shopping online?

Q: 00:05:54 Is there any reason not to shoot small veins?

Q: 00:07:05 What rain gear would you choose for the northwest?

Q: 00:08:25 What is the best species for teaser pics?

Q: 00:08:47 Best pad for side sleepers?

Q: 00:09:35 How are you so successful on public land?

Q: 00:11:08 Are you going to have more apparel?

Q: 00:11:18 Best budget bow setup?

Q: 00:12:32 Did Aron ever hunt high country Black Tails in Washington?

Q: 00:13:54 Best optics choice when not using a tripod?

Q: 00:14:11 Does Frank live in your basement?

Q: 00:14:41 Can we drink a few beers together sometime?

Q: 00:14:56 Recommendation on boots for planter fasciitis

Q: 00:16:24 Are Aron and Amy in the process of adopting Tort Life...Optics recommendation?

Q: 00:17:19 How do you hunt with the same people for a week?

Q: 00:18:46 What were you carrying for packs in Alberta?

Q: 00:20:41 How important is a quality Gator for late season hunts?

Q: 00:21:27 Can you explain the Day Six center pin system?

Q: 00:22:36 What is a good way to improve passthrough?

Q: 00:23:13 Why did you switch to a Prime bow?

Q: 00:23:55 What do you mean by how many miles you hiked in for a hunt?

Q: 00:24:51 Have bow designs stagnated?

Q: 00:26:50 Who would win a fight between Jocko and Frank?

Q: 00:27:13 How many times has Frank been treated with STD's?

Q: 00:28:16 Glove recommendation for BC?

Q: 00:29:44 Frank...what is the best Cougar unit in all the states you have hunted Cougars!

Q: 00:30:38 Best tripod for 300 - 400 dollars?

Q: 00:31:15 Top three pants for hunting?

Q: 00:32:24 What type of layering system do you use when hunting Whitetails?

Q: 00:33:07 What do you look for in a day pack?

Q: 00:33:49 What is your opinion on Texas private land hunts?

Q: 00:35:03 Which is a better sleeping pad, Thermarest Neo Air, or Klymit Static V?

Q: 00:36:27 Are you looking for new gloves for 2019?

Q: 00:37:09 Would you take a frontal shot with a recurve?

Q: 00:37:15 How do you protect extra lenses in your pack?

Q: 00:37:43 For a first time bow hunter which would be better, a traditional bow or compound bow?

Q: 00:39:11 Long cut or snuff?

Q: 00:39:45 What is one piece of gear that is never left out?

Q: 00:40:17 What is a good middle of the road spotting scope?

Q: 00:40:51 Are hunters being too PC?

Q: 00:44:25 Any new products this year, how about hike seminars?

Q: 00:45:04 Which direction do you need to offset your fletch when using a single bevel broadhead?

Q: 00:45:29 What stove do you recommend for a SuperTarp?

Q: 00:45:52 Frank what is your predator calling sequence?

Q: 00:47:18 Is is bad to leave a bear hide in the field and only take home the meat?

Q: 00:49:16 Frank, what is your opinion on the new Prime Logic?

Q: 00:49:28 ???

Q 00:49:40 Have rubber boots made a difference in you Whitetail hunts?

Q: 00:50:00 What are some of your favorite bow sights?

Q: 00:50:34 Can you really only get Syphilis once?

Q: 00:51:03 Puffy Vests

Q: 00:51:38 How do you figure out what size traditional bow to shoot?

Q: 00:52:43 Do you have any plans to hunt in Africa?

Q: 00:52:59 Can you make some videos on bare shaft tuning?

Q: 00:53:21 What components would you use for high FOC starter arrows?

Q: 00:53:38 Can you hunt without camo clothing?

Q: 00:54:10 How do you cook your wild game?

Q: 00:54:19 What gear do you take for a 3 - 4 night hunt with rain in the forecast?

Q: 00:55:00 What is your recommendation for a varmint rifle and caliber?

Q: 00:55:52 Does Kifaru make a pack that separates from the frame to haul meat?

Q: 00:56:19 Arrow weight set up for Whitetail

Q: 00:56:59 What differences have you noticed since switching up your diet?

Q: 00:57:25 Would a Kifaru pack benefit a person who has had herniated discs?

Q: 00:58:00 Would you recommend Lathrop and Sons insoles?

Q: 00:58:29 Angled or straight spotter?

Q: 00:58:44 Do you really need the latest bow designs to hunt?

Q: 00:59:24 Are you planning on changing your setup for Whitetail hunting?

Q: 00:59:31 What is a good weight to start with for a traditional bow?

Q: 00:59:38 Do you do anything to protect your camera batteries in cold weather hunts?

Q: 00:59:51 Which do you like better, Maven or Meopta?

Q: 01:00:16 Are you planning on coming out with a chest rig?

Q: 01:00:32 What is your favorite non typical characteristic on antlers?

Q: 01:01:32 What is your favorite hunt you have been on, what is your favorite animal to hunt?

Q: 01:02:18 With all the instafamous hunters unable to eat the meat they harvest, at what point do they become trophy hunters?

Q: 01:05:06 DIY Elk hunt, what state do you recommend for high success rate and affordability?

Q: 01:05:59 Which pack do you prefer for a 5 - 10 day hunt, the Crater, Cavern, or Muskeg?

Q: 01:06:32 How many Alberta Cougars did Tort Life take down?

Q: 01:06:42 What causes porpoising of arrows coming out of the bow?

Q: 01:06:58 Spotter recommendation, Leica 65 or Zeiss Victory 85?

Q: 01:07:30 Do you think there will ever be a Aron Snyder/Kifaru Black Widow signature bow?

Q: 0107:43 What pin would you use as a floater on a moveable sight?

Q: 01:08:12 Any plans on making a camera holster?

Q: 01:08:25 ParaTipi design a mistake?

Q: 01:09:40 What is a good starter Recurve?

Q: 01:09:56 What could be a negative of being over-spined?

Q: 01:10:17 Worst guest on the podcast?

Q: 01:10:57 Attempt to stir up shit...

Q: 01:11:32 Any plans to make another panel loader?

Q: 01:11:38 Know anyone wanting to buy a Kifaru Ultralight Rifle?

Q: 01:12:03 All Swazi questions

Q: 01:13:07 Do you keep a hunting journal?

Q: 01:13:22 Do you rate your Slickbags as a true temperature rating?

Q: 01:14:04 Good headlamp for blood trailing?

Q: 01:14:18 Will Frank the Tank go Trad?

Q: 01:14:38 Boot recommendation

Q: 01:15:30 How do you organize your gear at home?

Q: 01:15:48 What do you do when other hunters camp near you?

Q: 01:16:58 Importance of nocks?

Q: 01:17:52 What factors make for a stalk able buck?

Q: 01:18:44 What do you look for in a glassing spot and how long to you glass?

Q: 01:19:31 What is your favorite Spam concoction?

Q: 01:19:41 What is the best way to find a cow elk in late season November?

Q: 01:20:18 Do you reuse game bags?

Q: 01:20:43 How do you pick a camp location so as not to disturb the animals?

Q: 01:20:59 What are the pros and cons of the new frame vs the old one?

Q: 01:21:44 Can you touch on the Steripens that work?

Q: 01:22:49 What are the biggest lessons you have learned about hunting?

Q: 01:23:14 Will the center pin in the Valkyrie system fit the Day Six arrows?

Q: 01:23:48 Are there any drills to help improve traditional bow accuracy?

Q: 01:24:43 How do you determine a good archery Mule Deer unit in Colorado?

Q: 01:25:19 What is one thing a rookie should never leave behind?

Q: 01:31:48 Can I come to the shop and try on pack with different weights?

Q: 01:32:03 What is the best all-around bag size you have found?

Q: 01:32:23 Where do you find wind floaters?

Jan 11 2019

1hr 33mins