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If you love all things about Aviation as we do, then you will certainly enjoy our crew and show. We are presenting this Podcast for the Aviation Enthusiast featuring news and technology discussions on all things Aviation.Our Goal is to have fun and present discussions on diverse Aviation topics with our partners and various guests from commercial and military aviation communities. The Hangar Deck Podcast team aims at bringing a relaxed, enthusiastic and entertaining experience while talking about cool aviation topics and perhaps learn a thing or two along the way. Our content and topics range from the Amateur to Expert Level Aviation Enthusiast.Our multiple segment Podcast includes interviews with Pilots, Analysts, Maintenance Specialists, Aerospace Engineers ad Aviation Business Owners.

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Episode #20. Building your own airplane with Mr. Joe Tierney.

In this Episode of the Hangar Deck Podcast, the team interviews US Navy AFCM (NAC/AW) Joe Tierney (ret.). Joe has been a private pilot since 1982 and he has always had the desire to be around aviation.  Joe chased his dream and passion for aviation and recently built his own airplane.  We talk exclusively with Joe on his aircraft build efforts from kit selection to engine selection and avionics selection.  Sure, every home built aircraft has its own challenges but if you’re determined like Joe, then you are sure to succeed.  Listen into this episode as Joe explains the challenges and milestones from the first rivet to the first flight and FAA certification of his experimental experimental aircraft build.  Follow his build at this websiteThe Hangar Deck Podcast Team continues to strive and bring great interviews for the aviation enthusiast.  Tell us how we are doing by dropping Pitchlock Pete a direct comment at pitchlockpete@thehangardeck.com.


15 Mar 2015

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Episode #40. WWII Luftwaffe BF-109 Pilot Hans Meyer.

In this Episode of The Hangardeck Podcast, we have the privilege of talking with WWII Luftwaffe pilot Hans Meyer. Hans Meyer was born in 1927 and grew up in Brandenburg, Germany. Ever since his youth he was interested in aviation, so at the age of 14, Hans joined the Flieger-HJ and learned to fly the Schneider SG-38 (Flying Glider). When he was 16, he earned himself the Glider Pilot Proficiency Badge ‘C’ level and signed up for the Luftwaffe a year later in 1944 to become a fighter pilot. After Hans completed his flight training in Werneuchen with the Messerschmitt Bf 109, he was transferred to Jagdgeschwader 54 “Grünherz” and was stationed on the Eastern Front. There he distinguished himself as a fighter pilot and was credited with a total of 5 air victories. Tune into more great Episodes of The Hangardeck Podcast.


7 Aug 2016

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Episode #23. Part 2 - US Navy Squadrons HCS-84 and HCS-85 with Captain Sean Butcher.

This Episode is brought to you by In this Episode of the Hangar Deck Podcast, the team continues the series on US Navy Squadrons HCS-84 and HCS-85 and invite Former Skipper (CO) of HCS-84, Captain Sean Butcher to join our aviation panel.   We continue discussing the mission, history and future of U.S. Navy Helicopter Squadrons HCS-84 and HCS-85. These squadrons have rich histories within the US Navy and are highly regarded due to their close relationships with Special Forces.Captain Butcher explains the history that dates back to the Vietnam War and the significance of these specialized squadrons and how relevant they are today.  Captain Butcher has 6 deployments to the Gulf region and discusses the contributions to COCOMS HSC-84 and HCS-85 have contributed.  HSC-84 and HSC-85 flew over 1,200 SOF missions in OIF and are currently deployed forward as a main part of the Navy’s contribution to counter terrorism.  Captain Sean Butcher specifically outlines the support that is provided to US Navy SEALS.  We have seen many budget cuts to the Navy Reserves and Captain Sean Butcher outlines the details of the plan and possible challenges.We touch on the challenge of excess capacity in the fleet and why is congress considering cutting the complete reserve capability vice cutting some capacity in the active US Navy.  The big discussion point the Captain touches on is which Special Operations Forces (SOF) stands to lose out the most if these squadrons go away.Learn as the Captain describes a typical pilot/gunner in the squadron and the qualifications they are subjected to to include the  amount of hours that the pilots typically have and the amounts of rounds the aircrewmen must expend to get qualified?The Hangar Deck Podcast would like to thank our audience for the continued support on our venture.  We reached a milestone of over 6,000 downloads and continue to grow our audience.The Hangar Deck Podcast Team continues to strive and bring great interviews for the aviation enthusiast.  Tell us how we are doing by dropping Pitchlock Pete a direct comment at pitchlockpete@thehangardeck.com.


21 Apr 2015

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Episode #101. Sikorsky Test Pilot Nick Lappos.

In this Episode, Pitchlock Pete talks with Sikorsky Test Pilot Nick Lappos.  Mr. Lappos was a test pilot for Sikorsky helicopters including the S76, UH-60, RAH-66 (Comanche) and others.  Please leave us some feedback on Itunes.


17 Jul 2018

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Episode #66. WWII Normandy 101st Airborne Veteran SGT Norwood Thomas Jr.

In this episode, 94 year old WWII Normandy 101st Airborne Veteran Norwood Thomas Jr. Tells his an amazing story from his Jump into Normandy and Glider Operations.  This man is an amazing hero during WWII and tells his story to The Hangardeck Podcast at the Military Aviation Museum's Warbirds over the Beach.  We are pleased to bring this episode to our listeners.  Enjoy the story of SGT Norwood Thomas Jr.


13 Jun 2017

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Episode #69. WWII P-38 Pilot Ira Comstock shares his stories during WWII.

In this Episode, the team talks with WWII P-38 and P-51 Pilot Ira Comstock.  Ira was Born in 1924 in Van Buren, Arkansas.  He served in the US Air Corps, flying P-38's and P-51's for the Photo Reconnaissance Group.


15 Jul 2017

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Episode #16. The NASA Super Guppy with Mr. Dave Elliott

Our Best Episode to date.  YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW!!! This interview is with the Lead Flight Engineer and Program Manager for the NASA Super Guppy and he talks to the Hangar Deck Podcast team about this wonderful aircraft.  The Super Guppy is a National Asset and the only one still flying today.  The Guppy and Super Guppy missions date back to the 1950’s and it’s a very interesting story.  Listen to Mr. Dave Elliott talk about this wonderful aircraft and the details of what this mission is all about.We are very proud to bring this segment to our listeners and if you are interested in working for the NASA team contact us at: and we can put in touch with Mr. Dave Elliott and the NASA team.  We continue to enjoy bringing these interviews to you so if there is something you like about it or not, leave us a comment and tell us how we are doing.  I know there are a lot of Flight Engineer’s that might listen to this podcast and we continue to support the Professional Flight Engineer in the Navy and in the Commercial/Government sectors.  Thank you for all your support.


16 Feb 2015

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The Lockheed C-130T and the US Navy.

In this Episode.  Fast Eddie describes and discusses the Lockheed C-130 Hercules Cargo Aircraft.  It's fascinating to learn how long this platform has been in production at the Marietta, GA Lockheed facility.  This airplane has a vast and long history supporting the US Military and is the most under appreciated platform in our inventory.  Listen close as Fast Eddie discusses in detail the Lockheed C-130 Hercules Aircraft.  And always, Thanks for listening to the Hangar Deck Podcast.


3 Oct 2014

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Episode #54. The Hangardeck Podcast on Warbird Radio with Host Matt Jolley.

In this Episode, Pitchlock Pete and Fast Eddie join Warbird Radio Host Matt Jolley for Aviation Safety Month.   This is the second half of the show hosted on Warbird Radio and we had a great time with Matt.  Enjoy and look for some great syndicated aviation shows on Warbird Radio..


12 Mar 2017

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Episode #74. Airplane Repo Star Ken Cage talks with the Hangardeck Podcast.

In this Episode, the Hangardeck Podcast talks with Airplane Repo star Mr. Ken Cage. He discusses his favorite episodes and many "inside" the show details with him and Danny.  We continue to love this show and hope they bring it back very soon.  Look for the Hangardeck Podcast at the Atlanta Warbird Weekend Live.  The Hangardeck Podcast will be recording and internet broadcasting this event October 6, 7, 8, 2017.  Enjoy.


13 Sep 2017

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Episode #60. Vietnam Corsair II Pilot Harry Stonelake.

This episode was recorded from the Military Aviation Museum during Warbirds over the Beach 2017.  May 19, 2017


19 May 2017

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Episode #14. Save the Firefighting P-3 Orions! Part 1

In this Hangar Deck Podcast Episode the team talks with Mr. Dale Head.  Dale is the CEO of the who are determined to get the P-3 Orion Firefighting aircraft flying again.  They been grounded since 2011 for structural inspection debates.  Pitchlock Pete, Fast Eddie, and Raging Rick talk about Dale's plan and discuss the program prior to 2011 and the importance of these aircraft to the region.Dale and his team launching an indiegogo campaign for 60 days using his fellow fire fighters and many aviation enthusiasts.  This campaign starts January 15, 2015 and can be found on social media at


15 Jan 2015

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Episode #65. WWII B-17 "Lazy Baby" Survivor, Flight Engneer and Waist Gunner Bob Cinibulk.

In this episode, 96 Year Old B-17 Bomber Flight Engineer Bob Cinibulk tells his an amazing story. On the morning of October 14th, 1943 along with 15 others from the 305th Bomb Group, Lazy Baby set off from Chelveston in England on Mission 115, the second Schweinfurt raid, later to become known as Black Thursday. By the time they reached Aachen on the outward leg only Lazy Baby and two others of the 305th were left flying. They were then seriously damaged and three crew severely injured whilst two bailed out. Diving from 23,000 ft to only 3,000 ft, pilot Ed Dienhart managed to escape the attacking fighters. With the ball turret gunner trapped and navigator seriously injured they proceeded at 30 to 50 feet, hedge-hopping all the way, to Switzerland and safety. Guided by the navigator Don Rowley who, despite having both arms virtually severed, managed to steer them from memory for over an hour to Switzerland where they made a dramatic crash landing only four miles from the German border. The navigator died the following day from his injuries." On this 2017 Memorial Weekend take a moment to respect our fallen and give thanks to all our fallen who died to preserve our freedoms.  God Rest Your souls - Pitchlock Pete (Hangardeck Podcast)


27 May 2017

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The Fighter Factory 2018 Year in Review

In this Episode, the General Manager of the Fighter Factory in VA is back to talk about the awesome 2018 year at the Military Aviation Museum and the upcoming events of 2019.

1hr 31mins

7 Jan 2019

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Episode #61. The Hottest Warbirds this season! The P-63 King Cobra and the SBD Dauntless.

This episode was recorded with the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Pilots privileged to fly the P-63 and the SBD from the Military Aviation Museum during Warbirds over the Beach 2017.  May 21, 2017


22 May 2017

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Episode #102. Veteran and Aviation Enthusiast Ken Murray and his book "On Parr".

In this Episode, Pitchlock Pete talks with Author, Veteran, Photographer, and Aviation Enthusiast Mr. Ken Murray about his book "On Parr".  Please leave feedback on I-tunes to help the show grow.


21 Jul 2018

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Episode #99. Gordon Page from The Spirit of Flight Center and Chasing Planes TV Show.

In this Episode, Pitchlock Pete talks with a Gordon Page founder of the Spirit of Flight Center and star of Chasing Planes.  Please leave us some feedback on Itunes.


19 Jun 2018

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Episode #92. Patty Wagstaff talks aviation and aerobatics.

In this Episode, Pitchlock Pete talks with Patty about the PAX River Air Expo coming up on June 2 and June 3.  She discusses aircraft, Aerobatic routines, The Smithsonian Institute, and flying for Cal Fire as an Air Attack Controller.  Stay Tuned for more great content at the Hangardeck Podcast.


30 May 2018

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Episode #58. The Brunswick Naval Museum 2017.

In this Episode, Pitchlock Pete, Fast Eddie, and Jackscrew Jesse join the John Briley from the Brunswick Naval Museum and Memorial Gardens.  The guys talk about the former Brunswick Naval Base and the Museum.  Enjoy and look for us this year at Warbirds over the Beach 2017.


6 May 2017

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Episode #100. The Hangardeck 100th Episode with Guest John Mazza.

In this Episode, Pitchlock Pete, Whitey, and Producer Steve talk about the Hangardeck Podcast and the previous 99 episodes over the last 4 years.  Special Guest from the Military Aviation Museum, Mr. John Mazza joins the guys for a short talk on the Flying Proms and his mock dogfight with the Spitfire and the BF-109G4. Stay Tuned for more great content at the Hangardeck Podcast.


16 Jul 2018

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