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Looking for ways to increase your website’s visibility and significantly grow the sales it generates? Join bestselling digital marketing author and Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja Tim Cameron-Kitchen as he, the Ninjas and special guests share ‘real life’ actionable tips straight from the digital marketing front line. Whether it's learning about SEO, Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Digital PR, Conversion-Optimised Web Design or anything else Digital Marketing, hear case studies and actionable tips from people who live marketing all day every day.More information and show notes are available at the podcast website https://exposureninja.com/podcast/

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How To Use Great Storytelling To Transform Your Landing Pages And Conversions

The world of conversions and website optimisation may seem like a purely technical field, with little scope to let your imagination flow. That’s what many digital marketing companies may suggest, too, with a heavy focus on statistics and data-driven decisions. But as you’ll know by now, the Exposure Ninja team are not your average digital marketers and SEO gurus. As well as tried and tested ideas and strategies, we like to throw a little outside-the-box thinking into the melting pot. The art of storytelling may be considered a bit of a “fluffy” subject, but if you embrace it and know how do it right, a well-told story can be the launching pad for website views and conversions. It can even work for just a single page, like those all-important landing pages. In this podcast episode, we chat to Chelsea Scholz of Unbounce about getting those creative juices flowing to enhance your technical knowledge of digital marketing. Chelsea takes us through the process of designing and using a story successfully across your website and marketing. Every successful brand has an identity, often shaped by their creative decisions; from the colours in their logo, to the style of their video ads, to their choice of language for their website. Whilst data and quantitative info helps maintain their position, it’s these emotive qualities that really draw people in and creates a loyal, high-converting audience. Listen to our chat with the awesome Chelsea Scholz to find out how your landing pages, website and entire digital marketing strategy can use storytelling to take your brand to the next level. For show notes and to get a FREE review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode59


1 Aug 2017

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How A SEO Rookie Took His Website’s Domain Authority From Nothing To 44 In 7 Months – And Made A Million In The Process

A good old-fashioned deep dive into the tools and strategies to use in online marketing is all good and well, but sometimes, the end goal goes unmentioned: improving sales and making your business successful. Perhaps it’s a little too brutally honest to be talked about that often, but it’s important to remember what you’re striving to achieve with your online marketing. That’s why when you see a business soaring to success and making some major profit with the help of marketing strategies, it’s time to sit up and take notice. We found one such success story and just had to get the inside scoop. We’re talking to Luke Hughes of Origym in this episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast. Luke’s the Managing Director of this personal training business which has stormed through the field to become a market leader, less than two years into its existence. The business aims to undercut the plethora of premium-rate personal trainer brands around today, whilst maintaining the quality expected from customers. It’s been a huge success already, turning over seven figures in the first full year with a six-figure net profit. Luke’s been pretty hands-on with Origym’s marketing strategies, teaching himself the ways of SEO in very little time. That makes it even more outrageous that the Origym website’s Domain Authority is already at 44 – a number most multi-year businesses dream of reaching. Luke talks us through what he and his team have been doing marketing-wise to pull off these tremendous numbers. Plans for Google ads and Facebook ads are discussed, as well as some mean link acquisition strategies to get that DA soaring and put the company on some major publications. Hughes uses his sales background to never lose sight of that goal of making a profit, but it’s combining that with a more personal, transparent approach that has given Origym the edge over their competitors. So, from a fresh view on digital marketing, to an ethos and branding that makes a genuine difference, there is plenty of success-backed insights here to learn from. For show notes and to get a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode73


21 Sep 2017

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The Art Of Lead Generation And How To Make Your Business Irresistible Online

Most businesses try to sell immediately from their websites. But this is rarely the most effective or profitable use of a website, and typically much larger gains can be made by using Lead Generation strategies instead or as well. In this episode Tim and Lozz explain how you can begin using Lead Generation principles on your website to increase the number of leads and sales that you attract.  Tim will share his tips for choosing an appealing lead 'bait', picking software, and how to create a follow up campaign. They'll also discuss some real life examples, and run through the process of designing lead generation for some hypothetical businesses. Whether you're an eCommerce website or a service company, and whether you're local, national or worldwide, this episode will help you think through and map out how you can use lead gen to grow your business through your website.


4 Oct 2016

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Why Most Advertising Is a Total Waste of Money and What to Do Instead

Many marketing companies will talk about the ‘brand awareness’ of a campaign. This is often a nebulous concept and one that is difficult to quantify. We here at Exposure Ninja are not huge advocates of brand awareness as a marketing goal, and we want to talk about this. Is brand awareness ever a useful goal? Why is it so often not? In this episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim and Lozz are nailing down how this kind of marketing works, what the common pitfalls are and what the benefits might be. Brand Awareness Vs Direct Response Advertising Campaigns Brand awareness is exactly what it says on the label: a campaign aimed at raising awareness about a product or company. Its goal is rather fuzzy; it often comes in the form of ads that don’t encourage the user to buy a product. It may not even have a call to action. A good example of this would be Coca Cola’s advertising campaigns. We think of brand awareness generally as a poor use of advertising budget. You can’t track effectiveness or ROI of the campaign at all. Direct response advertising campaigns, on the other hand, focuses on encouraging the audience who sees the ad to take some specific action — making a purchase being the obvious example. It will contain a call to action that is trackable and measurable, such as a form to fill. As you can already see, the benefits of direct response marketing are pretty obvious. But what is the core benefit of brand awareness? Would it be possible to tweak a brand awareness campaign ever so slightly that it becomes trackable? Keep listening to find out! For show notes and to get a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode83


7 Dec 2017

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The SEO And Content Marketing Strategies Behind Hubstaff’s Insane Growth; From $220K To $4M In 3 Years

NOTE: We apologise for Madhav’s sound quality in this episode - we’ve done our best to clean it up but you may need to listen a little harder than usual on this one - but it's totally worth it, we promise! In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim is joined by the head of content marketing at Hubstaff, Madhav Bhandari. For those that don’t know, Hubstaff is an online time-tracking software with screenshot integration which runs on your desktop or as a mobile app. Once the time is tracked you can invoice clients, pay employees and see in-depth reporting, which is super useful for businesses with remote teams like ours! We actually started using Hubstaff at Exposure Ninja back when they first burst onto the scene around 2013 and we’ve watched them grow before our very eyes. Now, they have over 8,000 remote teams using Hubstaff daily and in the last three years they’ve gone from $220K to $4M in annual revenue, so we’ve brought Madhav on the show to find out exactly how they did it. From their SEO strategy to their Content Marketing approach, in this episode, we get right to the nitty-gritty of what Hubstaff have been doing to supercharge their ranking and convert so many organic visitors into free-trial sign-ups and eventually paying customers. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to let us know what you think - tweet us @ExposureNinja or drop us a line on our Facebook Page. For show notes and to get a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode101


17 Apr 2018

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How you can use automated email marketing to increase sales, build relationships and save money on staff

In this episode, Tim and Lozz explore how businesses in any market can use email marketing to build relationships with leads and prospects, in a very scalable ‘set and forget’ way. Hear about what happened when the Exposure Ninja email system went into meltdown and tripled, find out what the three types of emails you should be sending, and get the Ninjas’ thoughts on what the perfect email frequency should be. For show notes head to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode23. To get a free bespoke Digital marketing plan for your business, visit https://www.exposureninja.com/review


21 Feb 2017

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3 Ways To Maximise ROI Of Your Facebook Adverts

If you’ve tried running Facebook ads but not seen the sort of success you’d like, in this episode Laurence shares his top tips for optimising your campaign to maximise ROI. We’ll look at the importance of the Facebook Pixel and how to use it, how you should be optimising your campaigns, and how to dramatically improve the efficiency of your ads by stripping out audience segments. For show notes, head to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode7 To read The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Facebook Ads, go to: https://www.exposureninja.com/facebook-ad-beginners-guide/


1 Nov 2016

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How to Get to Your First 20k of Sales through Your Website

In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim is joined by our resident sales powerhouse, Wayne Dharana, on location in Luton (I know, fancy!) In this podcast, Tim and Wayne show you how to take your business from 0 to 20K of sales — as such, this episode is ideal for absolute beginners who’re starting from scratch with their businesses. For many businesses or solopreneurs, getting to that first 20K of sales is often the most challenging period of their business life because until you have sales coming in you don’t have the marketing budget to spend on actually doing marketing (which is super important), which means you don’t get sales — it’s a tricky loop to be stuck in or as Tim likes to call it, the DEATH LOOP OF HATE… 🤨 The goal of this episode is to guide you to a place where you’re able to generate some sales and you’ve got that feedback loop working for you instead of against you! You'll definitely need your notebooks for this one — buckle up folks ‘cus this episode is killer!! For show notes and to get a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode139


18 Sep 2019

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How To Plan the Perfect Website

Ever spent an insane amount of money on a new website only to find out that it’s not bringing you any business? The planning phase of any new website is crucial, as this is where the marketing thought goes in. What does your new website need to do? What are the most important elements that every new website should contain? How should it be structured? What should the design look like? In this episode, Tim, Lozz and Head of Development at Exposure Ninja Brittany discuss how to plan the perfect website. From the pages to include to the design to use, hear it straight from the people who have built and analysed hundreds of websites in every market. This episode could well save you tens of thousands, and a LOT of stress!


22 Nov 2016

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How to Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry and Get on the Internet’s Biggest Publications

Becoming a published author on big sites such as Forbes, Inc and Business Insider is a sure way to create credibility for your personal brand and make yourself into a thought leader in your industry. As this week’s guest puts it, “the root of ‘authority’ is author and nothing will do more for your business”. If you wonder how one can go about making their way to these top publications, then this podcast is for you. In this episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Head Ninja Tim chats with Kevin Kruse, Founder and CEO of LeadX, an online learning platform that provides free leadership training. Kevin is a NY Times bestselling author and keynote speaker and has written hundreds of articles and nine books in the past 15 years. Today, he shares with us his magic formula to becoming an author and building brand authority. It’s important to understand that being published on Forbes or Inc is not for backlinks - in fact, it’s not possible to get links in some bigger publications. What it will give you, however, is incredible brand awareness and credibility, and ultimately generate leads such as speaking gigs. The formula is pretty simple: start small to earn your chops on your own website, then slowly make your way to publications such as Medium and Huffington Post. From there, move on to the bigger publications, paying close attention to what the most-read articles are on each site, and surfing on that same wave to optimise visibility. For show notes and to get a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode81


23 Nov 2017

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How To Build An Empire Around Your Personal Brand

In this episode, Tim is joined by Jason Hartman. You might not know Jason if you’re in the UK, but Jason has built his name over in the States in real estate, both through his own real estate portfolio and his training company. He’s also a prolific podcaster, and when we say prolific: his company publishes dozens of podcasts and his main one has over 800 episodes, which is pretty freakin’ serious. What’s fascinating about Jason is how he’s built an empire around his personal brand, how he came up with a personal branding message which resonated so well with his audience, and the marketing tool kit he’s used to work in so many areas. We also get an insight into his podcasting strategy and why he has so many! Jason is a truly fascinating guy with a great story, so enjoy the show. For show notes, visit https://exposureninja.com/episode37


4 May 2017

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How to Generate Income Through Blogging with Alex Nerney

In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim is joined by Alex Nerney, the blogging behemoth behind Avocadu and Create and Go. Alex has managed to build up both of his blogs using a super savvy content creation strategy to drive tonnes of relevant traffic, both organically and through Social Media. In his first year of blogging, Alex managed to generate over $100,000 in revenue from his blog, which is pretty spectacular! What can you expect to learn from this podcast episode? While Alex’s main blog is focussed within the health and fitness niche, there are plenty of lessons to be learned here for ANYONE who’s currently running (or trying to run) a business blog! Here are some of the questions Tim puts to Alex during the show: What are Avocadu and Create and Go all about and how do you make money? Health and weight loss is a super competitive niche, why did you pick that market and weren’t you intimidated by the competition? Take us back to the early days. What were your traffic numbers like initially and how did you avoid getting disheartened? How did you start to create posts that brought in traffic? What did you change? How do you choose what to write about? What are your current top traffic sources? Do you pay for traffic to either blog? How do you think about how much to spend? What have you experimented with that did/didn’t work? Massive thanks to Alex for joining us on the show. Make sure you go and check out some of the killer content on Create and Go and if you’re a fan of Facebook groups – head on over to the Honest Bloggers Create and Go Blogging Community! For show notes and to get a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode127


14 May 2019

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How to Increase Profit from Your Website without Increasing Your Traffic: Proven Bounce Rate Reduction Techniques from the Front Line.

Most people are horrified when they learn that as much as 80% of their website visitors are leaving their sites without engaging at all, and rightly so. Traffic can be expensive, so encouraging visitors to stick around longer can make a lot more sense than simply throwing more traffic at an under-performing website. In this episode Tim and Lozz discuss the all-important bounce rate metric: what it means, what it should be, and, most importantly, how to reduce it. If you’d like to convert more of your existing website traffic into customers and reduce your wasted ad spend, you won’t want to miss this. For show notes head to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode6 To read the Exposure Ninja Guide: ‘What is a good bounce rate?’, head to www.exposureninja.com/bounce-rate


25 Oct 2016

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How To Use The Skyscraper Technique To Acquire Relevant, Authoritative Links And Boost Your Ranking

Heard about the Skyscraper technique in online marketing but never tried it out? Had a go at using it but didn’t get results? Then this episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast is for you! Listen to our chat with Paul Kortman of nomadtogether.com on how this relatively new approach to link building can be pulled off effectively to benefit your website’s visibility. In essence, the Skyscraper technique begins with identifying a blog post or web page that’s both relevant to your audience and has been linked to by many authoritative websites. The idea is to then see a weakness in the post and write your own, on your business’ website and/or blog. Then, contact the websites that linked to the original post and aim to convince them to link to yours – or, even better, get them to switch their link from the old post to yours! With links, it’s about quantity as well as quality. To get a high amount of authoritative website linking to content on your website, you need to give them a reason to do so. The Skyscraper technique focuses on this, centring in on a piece of content that websites have already seen fit to link to, and then offering something even better affiliate themselves with. Paul and Head Ninja Tim take us step-by-step through the entire process of how to successfully pull this strategy off. They look at the traditional marketing techniques it riffs off and how to refine your approach to make it a consistent link builder for your website. For show notes and to get a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode64


17 Aug 2017

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Stop Wasting Money On Google Ads

In this episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, we are getting to grips with Google ads and showing you how to determine if they are worth investing in for your business. Google ads are expensive and can be complicated, it's safe to say that you need to know what you are doing when you advertise with Google ads. So It's not surprising that the majority of business that are using Google ads are not being effective with their budget. Before using Google ads it's important to know your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and your website's Conversion Rate (CR). With these in hand, you can calculate if Google ads can be effective for your business. Here is Tim to give you some golden rules for when you should not waste your money on Google ads. Here’s when you should NOT run Google ads – 2:13: When the numbers don’t make sense. 6:33: When your website SUCKS compared to competitors. 7:33: When you don't have a clear conversion goal. 8:42: If people aren’t searching for what you do. 9:34: If you are not committed to optimising and tracking things over time.


1 Jan 2020

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How CoSchedule Built Their Email List Of 170,000 In Two Years Through Blogging

In this fascinating episode, we talk efficiency, prioritisation, blogging and email list building with Nathan Ellering of CoSchedule. He shares the framework the CoSchedule team uses to create blogs which drive so many customers and email signups and explains the ’10X vs 10%’ mindset that they run every decision through in order to maximise the results they get for every minute spent on marketing and growth. You’ll also discover why it’s their company policy to NEVER correct mistakes in their blog posts! Nathan thinks really logically and approaches his marketing with such clarity that this episode is perfect for anyone constantly trying to prioritise and weigh up different marketing options and priorities. Single goal focus, 10X vs 10%. For show notes, visit https://exposureninja.com/episode36


2 May 2017

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How to Get Your Content Featured in the World’s Top Publications

In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim is joined by our very own Deputy Head of Content Marketing, Sam Lyon. Sam is an absolute beast when it comes to getting our HR clients placed in some of the top publications around and has landed articles in The Guardian, Entrepreneur and a cubic mega-tonne of leading HR publications! What can you expect to learn from this podcast episode? Tim and Sam waste no time getting to the good stuff in this episode, so if you’re looking to get to grips with the content marketing publishing process, from working out what kind of publications to target for your business all the way through to pitching and securing those all-important article placements, Sam’s got you covered! Here are some of the things we dive into in this episode: How to identify the best publications to get featured in How do you make sure your article topics match up with what your target publications are looking for How to effectively research your articles How to make sure your article aligns with your business AND the target publication Insights into Sam’s entire publication process, including her insider tips on reaching out and pitching to some of the world’s biggest publications! Behind the scenes of one of her proudest features in Glassdoor How to maximise the number of articles you can publish for your business Massive thanks to Sam for taking the time out her super busy ninja schedule to join us on the show! For show notes and to get a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode126


30 Apr 2019

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From Invisible to over 100 Leads per Day: How to Turn Your Business into a Lead-Generating Machine

Welcome to another episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast! Today, we go behind the scenes of one of UK’s best content marketing campaigns of 2018 and, incidentally, one Exposure Ninja is proud to be behind. This campaign was shortlisted for two UK Search Awards in the “Best Use of Search – Finance” and “Best Use of Search – B2C” categories. With us today on the podcast is Exposure Ninja’s very own Content Marketing Team Leader Helen Anglin. Helen has been working on this campaign for over a year and is here to unveil some of the strategies she used to completely transform this business’ visibility — turning it into one of the top lead generators in the highly competitive industry of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). One common question from prospective clients is ‘how can you write about my industry, when you don’t work in it?’ The secret is nothing sexier than hard graft and a lot of research! In this episode, you’ll hear how Helen has become nothing short of an expert on the topic of PPI - not by working in the industry, but by working on this campaign! We’re super proud of her knowledge and the team’s hard work on this extremely successful campaign. Grab a cuppa and enjoy the show! For show notes, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode114. While you’re there, don’t forget to get a free review of your website and digital marketing efforts. Each review comes complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online.


18 Dec 2018

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How Your Mindset Affects Your Digital Marketing

In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast Tim talks to you about you and how your mindset can affect your digital marketing. Mindset governs what we do - it governs our actions so having our head in the right place is crucial for setting up a business and our digital marketing.  We are going back to basics and talk about the fundamentals of why you want to create a business in the first place. Does your business fulfil a need? Or is it designed around you and what you want?   Many business owners would be happier to sit back and have money in the bank rather than invest that money in growth. At the same time, these business owners would like to see dramatic results with little investment but with little investment comes mediocracy. If you want growth sometimes you will have to take risks.  Your mindset can dramatically alter the course of your business so listen as Tim takes you through four reasons why your digital marketing is being held back by things nothing to do with your digital marketing:  - 2:22 - 1. Designed their business or product around them. Our business is set up primarily to serve us (The owner).  - 9:20 - 2. Fear of failure. We’d rather keep money in the bank than investing in our growth because we’re scared it won’t work.   - 17:38 - Obsession with irrelevant things: Terminology  Competitors Technology Logo colours - 20:40 - Belief in miracles For show notes and to get a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode#143


13 Nov 2019

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How To Turbocharge Your Sales Funnel

Every business has a sales funnel, even if they didn’t consciously plan it. From someone becoming aware of your business to deciding to make a purchase, every buyer goes through the same 4 stages: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. In this episode, we’re going to be looking at how you can accelerate people through your sales funnel using Ninja-style marketing, from increasing awareness to motivating those already familiar with you to take ACTION. For show notes, head over to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode16


3 Jan 2017

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