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Ladies Who Lunch lets you sit at the table and explore topics often left out of polite conversation with YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes. Write in to join their dialogue about sex, relationships, social phobias and more as they approach life's dilemmas with compassion and a sense of humor. New episodes every week.

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The Female Orgasm

This week, sex educator Laci Green joins us to clear up the fog surrounding the female orgasm. What are the different ways to have an orgasm? How can you overcome the stigma around women having orgasms? We also debunk the worst media myths about sex, share the details of Ingrid's most intense orgasm ever, explore the female sexual anatomy, and explain how to effectively communicate to your partner to achieve an orgasm. Since this topic has often been considered taboo, the confusion can make it difficult to climax. How will you break down these walls to get the orgasm you deserve?P.S. This episode is brought to you by Casper. Thanks Casper!


4 Oct 2016

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Money Matters: How Making It and Not Making It Affects Relationships

This week, we’re talking about the thing a lot of people try not to talk about...money. Dating and navigating a relationship can be tough as is, but add in that tricky conversation about money, and things can get uncomfortable. Does income equality contribute to the way we choose our partners? How does money affect the dynamic between you and a partner? Is it something that can make or break a relationship? Too often, disagreements about money have little to do with money itself and more to do with issues of control, security, self esteem and love.


19 Dec 2017

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The "13 Reasons Why" Controversy

This week, we share our "13 Reasons Why" debate from Playlist Live with special guests Kati Morton and Lisa Filipelli. Where did the show succeed, but also fail? Was the graphic visual of Hannah Baker's suicide just a ploy to get attention? We also explain why we're frustrated with the depiction of mental health treatment and school counselors, why this show panders to vulnerable teens, and where to get help if you're struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. There are resources and people that will help you, so stay strong and know that there is hope. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem - but much better solutions are out there too.P.S. Thanks to Audible for supporting our podcast! Listen to Audible’s new original series: Where Should We Begin? Details at audible.com/esther. Audible and Amazon Prime members listen free.P.P.S. Thank you Pet Parcel! Go to petparcel.net and get 10% off your first order with the code LWL10.


23 May 2017

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A Prescription for Loneliness

In this week's episode, we investigate the spiral into loneliness. Why do we feel alone even when we're surrounded by people? Is the internet contributing to our feelings of isolation? It's common to feel withdrawn from the world around us, but if we blame others for not understanding who we truly are, we only fall further into solitude. What changes can you make to reconnect with the world and cultivate genuine relationships?


12 Jul 2016

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The Different Ways We Fall In Love

Finding that perfect partner is a fantasy that's been spoon-fed to us since we were born. This week, we take a realistic look at the different ways we fall in love. How do you know when you're in love? How long does it take? Are we more likely to stay in a relationship without the idea of "til death do us part"? We also compare emotional vs. rational love, explain why we hate grand romantic gestures, and help a listener who is considering a passionless arranged marriage. Falling in love could be an instantaneous spark, or a slow, eventual realization. But don't expect to check off that "perfect soulmate" and "happily ever after" on your bucket list - because life and love sure are messy. How will you adjust your expectations to sustain a lasting, loving relationship?P.S. Thank you ShopSpring for supporting Ladies Who Lunch! Download the Spring app in the App Store and use code LWL for 20% off your first purchase.


24 Jan 2017

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Fetishes & Fantasies

In this week's episode, we strip down the conversation around sexual fantasies and fetishes. How should you talk to your partner about your fantasy? Why is it considered weird if a woman joins the "locker room talk"? Would we ever try group sex? We also reveal what scenarios turn us on, what sexual device every lady should carry around, and whether or not it's wrong to shame the kink. Sharing your fetishes or fantasies can be awkward and uncomfortable. But once the idea is out in the open, just have fun with it. Will you lift the taboo and seek out your sexual desires?


22 Nov 2016

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An Honest Look at Friends With Benefits

Entering the friends with benefits situation is like stepping into a pool of honey - it's sweet at the moment, but it can get real sticky real fast. So why do we seek these types of relationships? Can you ever go back to "just friends"? We also discuss the pros and cons of being FWB with your ex, and the fear of losing a best friend once that label is gone. These relationships can be fun, but if you aren't honest with yourself and your FWB partner, someone can get really hurt. What can you do to prevent this can-be complicated friendship from becoming a big mess?


19 Jul 2016

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Losing the Fear Of Losing Your Virginity

This week, we break into some common problems about virginity. How will you know when you're ready? What are the consequences you should consider before losing your virginity? How can you get over sex anxiety? We also explain whether or not you should practice with a vibrator, and how to talk to your partner about having your first sexual experience. No matter how your sex ed class defined virginity - as a gift, a stigma, a rite of passage, or a natural thing - it's yours to own, and you can do whatever you darn well please with it. Will you choose to ditch the fears and let virginity empower you?


6 Dec 2016

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Embracing Insecurities

This week, we dive into the universal experience of feeling insecure. How can you break the cycle of self-hatred and accept yourself? Can your poor self-esteem ruin a relationship? How can you stop comparing your life to what you see on social media? We also explore insecurities between women and men, discuss ways to deal with high school and workplace bullies, and help a listener who fears she'll stay single forever if she can't change her negative inner dialogue. No one is perfect, but you can't constantly beat yourself up for your flaws. How will you start the stream of positive thinking and finally love who you are?P.S. Thanks to ShopSpring for supporting this episode of Ladies Who Lunch! Go to shopspring.com and use code LWL for 20% off your first purchase.

1hr 5mins

14 Feb 2017

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Dealing with Depression

This week, we sink into the isolating, yet common experience of depression. What causes depression? What are the symptoms? Why are women more likely than men to suffer from this mental disorder? We also share Cat's journey with antidepressants, different ways to treat depression, and a listener letter about helping a loved one who won't take the initiative to get better. These negative emotions can be completely random, or born out of crisis - but either way, you're not alone in this battle. How will you get back on your feet and stop depression from consuming who you are?P.S. Thanks to Audible for supporting Ladies Who Lunch! Get a free audiobook with a free 30 day trial at Audible.com/lwl.


21 Feb 2017

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Being Honest with Yourself

Our journey through honesty travels into the difficulties of being truthful with ourselves. How can you be more aware of your shortcomings? Are you necessarily a bad person for lying about who you are? Should we always strive for self-improvement, or is there a point when we should just accept our faults? We also determine why we lie to ourselves, explore the fear of judgment for revealing our raw identity, and help a listener who is finally comfortable with her sexuality - but now she has to be dishonest with everyone else. You can work on your imperfections, or let them box you in. Ultimately it's in your control. How will you acknowledge your flaws and break through the labels that you've stuck on yourself?P.S. Big thanks to thredUP for supporting our podcast! Go to thredUP.com/LWL and enter promo code LWL to get an extra 40% off your first order.

1hr 10mins

14 Mar 2017

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How We Turned Our Hobbies into Careers

This week, we discuss the ebb and flow of using passion to pay the bills. How do you deal with judgment and criticism from friends, family, or reputable companies? We also talk about the pros and cons of working for yourself, the fear of selling out, and the anxiety around career paths that come with no guarantees. How do we navigate times of uncertainty in a world that demands self confidence and doesn't always embrace the humbling moments of mediocrity we all experience?


26 Jul 2016

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Protection Against Toxic People

This week, we explore the different tools to handling toxic people. What are the red flags of a toxic person? Should you confront them about the situation or just let it go? We also discuss getting involved in a friend's toxic relationship, depersonalizing someone's projected negativity, and protecting yourself from a loved one who is constantly unstable and unsupportive. There are plenty of ways to deal with these types of people, whether it's by establishing boundaries or killing them with kindness. What will you do to stop their poison from seeping into your life?P.S. Thank you to Glossier for supporting Ladies Who Lunch! Get 20% off your first purchase at glossier.com by using the promo code lwl.


13 Sep 2016

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Period Problems

This week, we explore one of our favorite topics - periods! As a bonus, Cora founder Molly Hayward joins us to help answer some menstruation mysteries. How is your poop affected during this time of the month? What is the one period color that you should worry about? How can your period make sex more exciting? We also share our most horrifying period stories and guide a listener through tampon 101. Nowadays, there's a huge variety of products to suit all types of comfort levels. But there's still a ton of progress we can make, both nationally and globally. How will you open up the conversation and help erase the taboo?P.S. Thank you to HelloFresh for supporting Ladies Who Lunch! Go to HelloFresh.com and use the code lwl to get $35 off first week of deliveries.


20 Sep 2016

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No Shame in Sex Drives

In this week's episode, we take a trip through sex drives. Why do we assume men have higher sex drives than women? Will your libido die out as you age, or does it get stronger? How can we prevent the shame placed on women for acting on their sexual desires? We also explore how to break free from a suppressed sex drive, why women in their 30s are especially horny, and how to communicate to your partner if you want sex but they're never in the mood. Everyone's sex drive is different, so we shouldn't let general cultural standards dictate our sexual behavior. When will you proudly claim your spot on the sex drive spectrum?


1 Nov 2016

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The Quarter-Life Crisis

Now that 2017 has arrived, we all feel a little anxious about what we still haven't accomplished - but believe we "should." So this week, we sort out the struggles of the common quarter-life crisis. Why do we experience these growing pains at this particular age? How can you find out what fulfills you and turn it into your career? We also share Ingrid's prescription for having a good day, the dilemma of loving your job but needing more purpose, and a letter from a listener who feels guilty for abandoning her 12-year dream. As evolving creatures, we'll inevitably want to stir up the status quo and start a new journey - even if the path or the ultimate destination isn't clear. How will you say goodbye to the life you know and move forward to find what's meaningful to you?


3 Jan 2017

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Forgiving Your Parents

Our journey through reconciliation finishes up with the difficulties of forgiving our parents. How can you move past the inevitable pain that enters this relationship? If you forgive them, are you condoning their behavior? We also help a listener who resents her mother for creating an unstable childhood, and answer a letter about receiving an apology - but still feeling unheard. Parents aren't perfect, and they're going to affect us whether we like it or not. How will you leave the wounded child behind, make room for compassion, and take responsibility for your future with or without them?P.S. Thank you ShopSpring for supporting Ladies Who Lunch! Get 20% off your first purchase with code LWL at checkout.

1hr 1min

25 Apr 2017

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Color in the Queer Community (with Melantha Hodge)

As Pride Month comes to an end, we chat with our friend Melantha Hodge about working in the music industry as a gay woman of color. How has it affected the way she's been treated by men in the business? Why do certain cultures react differently to members of the gay community? We also debate whether or not the LGBTQ flag should also represent race, and help a listener who doesn't feel the need to come out about her sexuality. Society's constant need for labels can pressure you to publicize parts of yourself, even if that's out of your comfort zone. Whether you announce this personal information, or keep it private, how will you ultimately stick to your own decisions?P.S. Thank you Vanity Planet! Go to vanityplanet.com/ladieswholunchvibe and get 50% off your first order with the code LWLvibe


27 Jun 2017

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Overcome Your Eating Disorder

To continue Mental Health Awareness Month, Kati Morton is back to help us address the biggest questions on eating disorders. What causes people to have anorexia, binge eating, or bulimia? How can you get treatment for your ED? How can you support someone who is in the recovery process? We also discuss the dangers of going into starvation mode, how we can use positive language about our bodies, how to tell your parents that you have an eating disorder, and how to fight through the anxiety of eating out. The ED voice can be loud, but change is possible if you take the steps to beat it. How will you start switching your inner dialogue about food and repair the relationship with your body?P.S. We love ShopSpring for supporting Ladies Who Lunch! Get 20% off your first purchase with code LWL at checkout.P.P.S. Also thanks to Wag! for supporting our podcast. Download Wag! on iTunes or Google Play and sign up to get your first walk FREE

1hr 29mins

16 May 2017

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Trying Out Therapy

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we take an exploration through therapy. What should you expect from a therapist? Why do people go to therapy? Do you always have to talk about your deep emotional issues? We also compare different types of therapy, psychologists vs. psychiatrists, and the ways we interact with our own therapists. Meeting with a mental health professional can be like dating - it's a little awkward at first, and it might take a few tries before you discover a type who fits your needs. But once you find the right therapist, you'll soon learn that the search is totally worthwhile.P.S. Thanks to Jet for supporting Ladies Who Lunch! Get $10 off your first 3 orders over $35 at jet.com by using the promo code LWL at check out.

1hr 14mins

2 May 2017

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