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Apologetics 315 discusses the topics of Apologetics, Evangelism and the Christian worldview, and interviews a variety of Christian apologists.

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Paul Copan - Is God a Moral Monster? Interview

Today's interview is with Christian apologist and philosopher Paul Copan. This is my second interview with Paul - the first covered a number of different topics for apologists -- but today's interview focuses on his recent book entitled: Is God a Moral Monster? Making sense of the Old Testament God. He explores the questions of the "mean" Old Testament God, is God proud and jealous, Abraham being commanded to sacrifice Isaac, challenging Old Testament laws, slavery, and the judgement of the Canaanites.Enjoy.


12 Jan 2011

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J.P. Moreland Interview

Today's interview is with Christian philosopher J.P. Moreland. He talks about how he got involved in the areas of philosophy and apologetics, the three points of the Kingdom Triangle, reliance on the Holy Spirit in evangelism, encouragement in devotional life, the concepts he covers in The God Question, a holistic approach to apologetics, advice for apologists, some tips for lifelong learning and more.Enjoy.


6 Sep 2010

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Alister McGrath Interview

Today's interview is with Alister McGrath, Professor of Theology, Ministry and Education, and Head of the Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture at King's College, London. He talks about his journey out of atheism, his interactions with the New Atheists, the future of atheism, the tone of debate, his new book The Passionate Intellect (Mere Theology in UK), the role of a theology in apologetics, the role of natural theology, collaborative apologetics, advice for Christian apologists, and more.Enjoy.


31 Jan 2011

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Navy SEAL: Chad Williams Interview

Today's interview is with Chad Williams, evangelist, former Navy SEAL, and author of the book SEAL of God. He talks about his training in the SEALS, his mentor Scott Helvenston, his radical conversion to Christianity, persecution, communicating the Gospel, street preaching, evangelism, the use of testimonies, encouragement in doing evangelism and using apologetics, and more. Chad's website here: StreetApologetics.com Enjoy.


9 May 2012

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Michael Behe Interview

Today's interview is with biochemist Michael Behe, Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University. He is also a leading voice in the Intelligent Design community and Fellow of the Discovery Institute. He talks about Intelligent Design, detecting design in molecular systems, his views on evolution, Lenski's fruit fly research, irreducible complexity, philosophical presuppositions, and more.Enjoy.


15 Nov 2010

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Norman Geisler Interview

Today's interview is with apologist Norman Geisler, Distinguished Professor of Apologetics at Veritas Evangelical Seminary and author of over 70 books. He answers a variety of questions and topics: how he got into apologetics, his greatest influences on his own thinking, the change on the apologetics landscape in the past decades, his suggested required reading for all apologists, the kinds of arguments he has encountered and how they have affected him, advice for studying arguments, the growth of apologetics in the church, the top three topics to focus on, skills apologists should develop, pitfalls to avoid, areas that should be strengthened, the necessity of theology, what he feels the strongest argument is for God's existence, learning from those who disagree, one's prayer life and integrity, favorite illustrations, advice for studying in the field, and more.Enjoy.


30 May 2011

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Richard Swinburne Interview

Today's interview is with Christian philosopher or religion, Richard Swinburne. He is an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford. Over the last 50 years Swinburne has been a proponent of philosophical arguments for the existence of God. He talks about his background, the changes in Christian philosophy in the past decades, the goal for the Christian philosopher, defending and advocating Christianity, his approach to arguing for the existence of God, objections to Christianity, answering the problem of evil & suffering, his advice to Christian defenders, and more.Enjoy.


8 Jul 2012

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Fazale Rana Interview

Today's interview is with biochemist Fazale Rana, executive vice president of research and apologetics at Reasons to Believe, a science-faith think tank based in Southern California. He talks about his journey to faith, the role of natural theology, trying to create life in the lab, the thesis of his new book, how we define life, two different approaches to synthetic biology, the goals for synthetic biology, possible moral issues behind artificial life (are we playing God?), the harmonization between new scientific discoveries and scripture, RTB's origin of life model, the plausibility of "pre-biotic soup," the future of synthetic biology, the apologetic value of science, having confidence in the scriptures, and more.Enjoy.


14 Feb 2011

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Francis Beckwith Interview

Today's interview is with Frank Beckwith, associate professor of Church-State Studies at Baylor University and associate director of the J. M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies. He talks about his background, the importance of ethics and church-state issues, the reason for controversy about Christianity and politics, the meaning of "separation between church and state," what the Bible says about politics, how Christians should be engaged politically, thinking about hot-button issues, how to properly argue for issues, factors for evaluating candidates, the importance of voting, his book Politics for Christians: Statecraft as Soulcraft (review here), recommended reading, and advice for apologists.Enjoy.


23 Sep 2012

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Douglas Wilson Interview

Today's interview is with pastor and reformed theologian Douglas Wilson. He talks about his background and influences, his pastoral ministry, apologetics and its role in the local church, how to incorporate apologetics into preaching, encouraging apologetic engagement within the church, his debates with Christopher Hitchens (and the DVD Collision), the presuppositional approach to apologetics, biggest lessons learned from speaking and debating, pitfalls to avoid, advice for apologists, and more.Enjoy.


14 Oct 2012

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Michael Licona Interview (2)

Today's interview is with Michael Licona, the Apologetics Coordinator at the North American Mission Board and Research Professor of New Testament at Southern Evangelical Seminary. He discusses his new book The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach, philosophy of history and historical methodology, the knowability of the past, historical facts, miracle claims and the historian, judging the relevant evidence, assessing the historical bedrock, weighing competing historical hypotheses, struggling through bias and doubts, and more.Enjoy.


8 Nov 2010

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Holly Ordway Interview

Today's interview is with Holly Ordway, professor of English and literature and author of Not God's Type: A Rational Academic Finds a Radical Faith. She talks about her background as an atheist, her encounters with Christians in the past, the influence of literature and poetry, personal influences from others, looking at arguments for the existence of God, counter-arguments against God, psychological explanations, her encounter with Christ, her advice to skeptics and her advice to Christian apologists.Enjoy.


6 Dec 2010

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David Wood Interview

Today's interview is with David Wood, a former atheist who converted to Christianity after examining the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. As well as being a Teaching Fellow in Philosophy, David directs Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries, defending the Christian Faith against atheistic and Islamic objections. He talks about the Dearborn Arab Festival, the growth of Islam, the crucifixion of Jesus (Christian view compared to Islam), the usage of the word "Allah," Muslim arguments for the Qu'ran, the question of Jihad, assessing arguments in favor of Islam, inaccuracies in the Qu'ran, recommended resources on Islam, and more.Enjoy.

1hr 29mins

4 Jul 2011

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John Frame Interview

Today's interview is with John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary. He talks about how he got into theology, the role of philosophy for the apologist, Cornelius Van Til and his influence, presuppositional apologetics, common misconceptions about the presuppositional approach, differences in practice, recommended books, arguing in circles, the use of evidence in apologetics, and advice to apologists.Enjoy.


4 Oct 2010

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Matt Slick Interview

Today's interview is with internet apologist Matt Slick of CARM.org. He talks about doing apologetics on the internet, specific challenges online, encouragement for bloggers, apologetic methodology, presuppositions and evidences, the transcendental argument for God's existence (TAG), cosmological arguments, advice for future apologists, and more.Enjoy.


12 Jul 2010

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Frank Turek Interview

Apologetics 315 interviews apologist Frank Turek of CrossExamined.org. Frank has had two debates with Christopher Hitchens which can be found here and here as audio (debate videos here). He talks about his podcast, debates, tips for apologists, an upcoming conference on the 19th of January, and more. Enjoy.


18 Jan 2010

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Alex McFarland Interview (part 1)

Today is part ONE of a two-part interview with Alex McFarland, Director of Worldview Studies at North Greenville University. He is an author, apologist, and speaker on religion and culture, talk show host of the "Explore the Word" Radio Program, the Sound Rezn radio program, and more. He talks about his background and how he got into apologetics, the importance of apologetics in youth ministry, the Truth for a New Generation Apologetics Conference, defining apologetics and its role in the local church, opening doors in the local church, how to get better educated formally in apologetics, schools with apologetics programs, and more. For conference info, see www.truthforanewgeneration.com.Enjoy.


15 Jul 2012

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Frank Turek Interview (3)

Today's interview is with apologist Frank Turek, author of a number of books, including his newest: Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case. He talks about the Cross Examined Instructor Academy, the goal of his new book, how atheists can steal from God in making their case for atheism, arguing from reason, arguing from science, defining atheism (not a lack of belief in God), lessons he's learned in speaking with atheists, the subject of hell, and much more. Enjoy.


25 Jan 2015

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Bobby Conway Interview

Today's interview is with Bobby Conway, lead pastor of Life Fellowship in Charlotte, NC. He is also the founder of the One Minute Apologist, a creative YouTube apologetics ministry. He is also author of the book, Hell, Rob Bell, and What Happens When People Die. He talks about his background, the need for apologetics in the church, incorporating apologetics into preaching, doing multimedia apologetics, advice for those studying apologetics, the On Guard DVD program, and more. Lots of great insights.Enjoy.


26 Aug 2012

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Craig Parton Interview

Today's interview is with Craig Parton, attorney and author of The Defense Never Rests: A Lawyer's Quest for the Gospel as well as Religion on Trial. He is also the United States Director of the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism and Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. He talks about his faith journey, a lawyer's perspective on the evidence for Christianity, how to investigate religious truth claims, how we know things are true, evidential methodology, "beyond a reasonable doubt", how the burden of proof works, how to disprove Christianity, the apologetics academy in Strasboug, lessons learned as an apologist, advice for those doing apologetics, and more.Enjoy.


30 Sep 2012

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