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Welcome to the Pure Worship Podcast! Everyone wants to get closer to God, but not everyone knows the steps to take to do so. In this energizing podcast, releasing every Tuesday, Jeff Deyo and Josh Edwards encourage and challenge you with practical tips on how to grow your personal walk with God as well as to ensure you are keeping Kingdoms pursuits first in your life. For more info, visit JeffDeyo.com.

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God’s Presence—What Is It?

What exactly is the presence of God? Does it come? Can it leave? Is it an “it”…or what? What if we came to grips with the fact that it is possible to spend time singing worship songs, reading the Bible, and going to church and yet never actually enter God’s presence? What if we really understood that God’s presence isn’t actually found in the soft music we often hear at the end of a service? As Christians, we often use words and phrases we don’t completely understand, some of which have taken on different meanings then originally intended. In this podcast, Jeff and Josh look into exactly what God’s presence is. Their findings will surprise and free you in ways you wouldn’t imagine.


18 Sep 2018

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