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The RAGE Podcast - The Resuscitationist's Awesome Guide to Everything

The RAGE podcast is the Resuscitationist's Awesome Guide to Everything! RAGE is an audio podcast created by a team of specialist physicians from Australasia and the United States practicing in emergency medicine, intensive care and retrieval/ prehospital medicine. We are Dr Chris Nickson, Dr Cliff Reid, Dr Haney Mallemat, Dr Michaela Cartner and Dr Karel Habig. We bring an irreverent and educational ‘real world’ perspective to current research, core topics and controversies in critical care. RAGE features panel discussions, interviews with guest experts, shout outs and insights from #FOAMcc (FOAM is 'free open-access meducation') and the wider critical care-iverse, not to mention various quirky segments on medical history, trivia and more. Show notes for the podcast, featuring links and resources for further learning, and the podcast's disclaimer can be found at http://ragepodcast.com If you eat, breathe and sleep critical care... and you're awesome, you'll love RAGE :-)

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RAGE Session: DNR

We're ready to RAGE again! This one is 85:26 min long and includes: Introduction... kind of (starts 00:00 min) ‘What’s bubbling up?’ (starts 02:08 min) — Dr Smith's ECG blog, DAS Guidelines for tracheal intubation of the critically ill, "The Human Factor" and trauma team performance. ‘DNR’ (starts 14:58 min) — the RAGE team discuss the concept of 'do not resuscitate' and consensus resuscitation plans, challenges and tips for family discussions and decision-making, and a host of tricky situations (e.g. the family that wants 'everything', patients who want to be organ donors, suspension of DNR orders for operations, and patients with advance care plans who attempt suicide).. ‘A blast from the past’ by Peter Brindley on ‘Joseph Lister’ (starts 80:44 min) ‘Words of Wisdom’ from Karel Habig (starts 83:41 min)

1hr 25mins

17 Jan 2018

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Simulation for Elite Performers

In this talk from the '2017 Performance Psychology in Medicine Conference' run by the Institute of Prehospital Care in London, Chris Nickson discusses these questions and more: What is elite performance? How is expertise developed? How can we use simulation to develop and maintain expertise, both individually and collectively?


3 Jan 2018

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RAGE Session: What's The Sats Target?

A RAGE session featuring Karel Habig, Cliff Reid, and Chris Nickson: Introduction... kind of (starts 00:00 min) ‘What’s bubbling up?’ (starts 04:48 min) — an ED checklist for cognitive debiasing, are 'cold' platelets ready for primetime, the ART trial and the open lung approach to ventilation using recruitment manoeuvres ‘What's The Sats Target?’ (starts 22:55 min) — the RAGE team discuss what SpO2 targets to aim for, in which patients and diseases, and the tricks and traps of real-world clinical practice. ‘A blast from the past’ by Chris Nickson on ‘Rudolph Virchow’ (starts  52:52 min) ‘Words of Wisdom’ from Cliff Reid (starts  57:10 min)

1hr 1min

10 Dec 2017

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RAGE talks CRM Brindley-style and dasSMACC

The RAGE team talks to Peter Brindley about a new, free crisis resource management book and CRM Brindley-style, and we reflect on the recent dasSMACC conference. The usual stuff is there too: what's bubbling up?, a blast from the past about John Scott Haldane, and some Words of Wisdom from Peter Brindley to finish. Show notes available at: http://ragepodcast.com/rage-talks-crm-brindley-style-dassmacc/

1hr 35mins

5 Aug 2017

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RAGE Session - Three Men and a Microphone

This RAGE session, featuring Cliff Reid, Brian Burns, and Geoff Healy,  is a NSFW monster clocking in at 2h 48 min 59 sec long!!!  Following an introduction the crew tackle the following questions:  Describe training experiences that have shaped you? What is your experience of trainees, and what attributes of good and bad trainees do you observe? What is your advice on how to be a good resuscitationist?     What are you currently struggling with in your careers?

2hr 48mins

13 Jul 2017

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ECPR by Vin Pellegrino

On August 17th 2016, Associate Professor Vincent Pellegrino, Head of the ECMO service at The Alfred ICU, discussed ECPR during an in-house education session. His discussion included: the difficulties with ECPR definitions and selection criteria Approaches to ECPR, ranging from cannulation techniques and types of cannula, to role cards and the importance of teamwork Outcomes for ECPR and the evidence for the technique Listen to the talk to find out more – the podcast is 37 minutes long.


24 Sep 2016

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John Hinds Defends Direct Laryngoscopy

Here is the ‘bootlegged’ footage of John Hinds’ defence of direct laryngoscopy in the prehospital setting. John brings all his usual wit and mischievousness to the defence of the tried and true way of getting a tube between the cords anywhere and at anytime.


16 Nov 2015

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Resuscitation Update 2015 by Stephen Bernard

On November 11th 2015, Professor Stephen Bernard (@AmbVicMedic), Medical Advisor to Ambulance Victoria, presented a smorgasbord of ‘Updates in Resuscitation‘ at The Alfred ICU junior medical staff teaching session. He discussed: Recent data from registries on in-hospital and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), particularly from Victoria, and the reasons why OHCA results may be improving Options for treatment of refractory VT/VF, including the CHEER2 trial The RINSE trial: is intra-arrest cooling with ice cold IV saline for OHCA a good thing? Highlights from the recently released updated ILCOR guidelines, which will form the basis for the next ARC guideline update


15 Nov 2015

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NeuroRAGE Session with Mark Wilson and Oli Flower

This neuroRAGE Special Edition is 82 min 03 sec long and includes: Introduction, ‘What’s bubbling up?’ ‘Traumatic Brain Injury and a bit about the Spine’ ‘ICP Monitoring’ ‘Intracerebral haemorrhage and Subarachnoid Haemorrhage’ A ‘smorgasbord’ of other neurocritical care questions, including the ‘cranial screwtop manoeuvre’ ‘A blast from the past’ by Oli Flower on the origins of the EEG ‘Words of Wisdom’ from Mark Wilson

1hr 22mins

26 Oct 2014

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RAGEback: Swami on Adrenaline in Cardiac Arrest

Anand ‘Swami’ Swaminathan is an Emergency Physician in New York. He is one of the co-creators of EM Lyceum, and a major contributor to LITFL.com. Swami is a skeptic of the benefit of adrenaline in cardiac arrest. This is his brief response to Scott Weingart’s Cutting Edge Intra-Arrest Care at smaccGOLD and Weingart’s subsequent discussion about intra-arrest meds with Rob Mac Sweeney on EMCrit.


24 Oct 2014

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