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Mr. 3000 (200th Episode Special)

The boys sit down to wax poetic about having 200 episodes, they celebrate this momentous occasion by discussing Mr. 3000 starring the late, great Bernie Mac (Listen to find out why this movie specifically) This episode is also extra long so hopefully you enjoy that.

1hr 51mins

29 May 2020

Rank #1

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Animal Talking #3

Kyle and Shaun are back with episode 3 of “Animal Talking” (If you need episode 2 go check on Nerdy Thursdays feed) They talk about nice touches they appreciate things they don’t like and give a run down of the Stalk Market and how it works.


19 Apr 2020

Rank #2

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Can’t Hardly Wait

Today the boys sit down to wax poetic about the teen RomCom genre with their friend Bailey from the Hops and Heroes Podcast. They get into discussions about high school parties, what base means what, is Bret Michales God? and plenty more!

1hr 18mins

17 Apr 2020

Rank #3

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Today the boys settle in to talk about the Nevada town of “Perfection” and the giant man eating worms that live beneath it. The boys are joined by their good buddy Mike and they talk with him about a lot of other things too, like party lines, do you remember those?

1hr 19mins

10 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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Animal Talking teaser episode

Kyle and Shaun from Nerdy Thursday are starting a new patreon show about Animal Crossing! They wanted to give the first episode away for free to get you hooked so check it out!


5 Apr 2020

Rank #5

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Call of Duty: Warzone

The boys are joined by they’re good buddy Mike…uh, Perdue to talk about a whole lot of other topics and eventually the new Battle Royale attached to the yearly CoD, they spend a whole lot more talking about Tiger King though so if that is your in your white trash wheelhouse you’re gonna love this episode.

1hr 33mins

3 Apr 2020

Rank #6

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Letterkenny S1

The boys are joined today by their good friend Mitchell from “The Nerdy Thursday Podcast” to get down a dirty about a couple of hicks from North of the border. They also talk about NASCAR, being an adult and botched suicides as well. You know, the usual stuff.

1hr 21mins

27 Mar 2020

Rank #7

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Movies of 2019

As is tradition what follows the favorite games episode comes the favorite movies episode, the boys sit down to talk about all the films that tickled their fancies last year and surprisingly they saw a lot of different movies, they also take a moment to discuss who would play them in a biopic about the podcast, let us know if you agree with their choices.

1hr 53mins

24 Jan 2020

Rank #8

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Games of 2019

As is tradition Kyle & Ryan sit down to reminisce about the games they liked and din’t like in 2019 and to give out their awards for top game of 2019! (The most coveted award in the gaming industry to be sure!)They also talk about True Crime Podcasts and pitch their own!You see that run time right? Trust it’s chock full of goodness!And How about that New Title Card design, we’ve done 80’s and 90’s so we had to throw back to the 70’s!

1hr 40mins

17 Jan 2020

Rank #9

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Potpourri…Who’s Counting with Casey

This week we’re joined by our good buddy Casey to talk about The Beatles, cringy life moments and of course answer some Yahoo! questions.

1hr 16mins

10 Jan 2020

Rank #10

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Well it seems no one wanted to do this from the studio all the way down to us, but we said screw it and did it anyways! It’s the final installment in the skywalker saga we are joined by our good friend Brooks (who is a diamond level Star Wars nerd) and try as Kyle might to sabotage this episode it is an actual decent discussion. We hope you enjoy.

1hr 32mins

3 Jan 2020

Rank #11

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Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Well it’s Christmas(ish) time which means Kyle & Ryan continue their holiday tradition of having their good friend Michael on to talk about if Die Hard is a Christmas movie, this year they cover the sequel “Die Hard 2: Die Harder” a high stakes game of death that plays out in a Washington DC airport.

1hr 13mins

27 Dec 2019

Rank #12

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The Witcher 3

This episode is almost 2 years in the making. We are joined by Laura as we discuss CD Project Red’s magnum opus The Witcher 3! There aren’t a lot of tangents in this episode but we talk about the Witcher 3 a lot! (I think…we got kinda hammered on Mead) We hope you enjoy this episode of the ramblin’ men, and woman.

1hr 41mins

20 Dec 2019

Rank #13

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Potpourri w/Ryan

We promise we’ll get back to specific episode content next week (we were supposed to this week but it is explained at the start of this episode)So join us as we spend a lot of time talking about British Television if that’s your bag and just a smidgen of time ranting about The Last Jedi.

6 Dec 2019

Rank #14

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The Lighthouse

As always the boys come together to get super pretentious about an art house flick, this one being the newest film from Robert Eggers director of “The VVitch”. The boys also spend a fair amount of time talking about the band Tool.

1hr 20mins

8 Nov 2019

Rank #15

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Drakenguard 3

Well would you look at that, two uber dorks talking about one of their favorite uber dork game directors again, that’s right the boys are gonna ramble about Yoko Taro for another hour so strap in!They also bring back Yahoo! questions and give answers to things you never knew you wanted to know!

1 Nov 2019

Rank #16

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Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2:Make)

Well it is sadly the final week of #Brookstober but we go out with the bang of police issued Beretta M92F, we sit down to talk about the recently released Resident Evil 2 Remake (That’s a whole lot of “R”s in a row)It is a pretty great discussion and most of the episode is centered around that (and terrible neighborhood kids)

25 Oct 2019

Rank #17

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Mr. Brooks

Despite what the title might imply this is not an episode focused solely on an interview of our good friend Brooks but rather a review of the Kevin Costner thriller where Brooks got his nickname. So join us for this second week of #Brookstober as we discuss mediocre serial killers, mediocre standup comedians and Halloween candy.

11 Oct 2019

Rank #18

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Final Destination

For the first movie of the Halloween season (which gets a new permanent name this year) the boys are joined by long time guest and friend Mr. Brooks to talk about the supernatural thriller where Death himself concocts Rube Goldberg style traps to kill a group of teenagers.

6 Oct 2019

Rank #19

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How High (Stoner Movie September)

Well grab your roach clips cause we’re down to the end of “Stoner Movie September” but we’re still gonna get our monies worth out of it by talking about How High with our buddies from the digital Cartridge Podcast. We also talk about cutting your eyeball so be warned if you’re squemish!Let’s Get Dirty!

27 Sep 2019

Rank #20