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Welcome to the realms radio network!This show is all about the World of Warcraft MMO and card game. We plan on taking you from the very beginnings of deck design and character leveling until you too are winning tournaments and raiding Karazhan.So please join our hosts Althalas, and Savaged Puck as we adventure through the World of Warcraft!

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Clixcast Episode: 95

This week Steve and Gudda have Dan (Morand) the current Heroclix World Champion on to talk about Worlds, Teams and Football. Sorry no Mr. Sinister Spoilers.


26 Dec 2011

Rank #1

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Wow: From 1 to 70 Episode 36 - The Review

Cards gone wild!This episode we pick out our highlights from the March of the legion set, Highlighting each class and a top 5!

1hr 12mins

24 Feb 2008

Rank #2

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Wow: from 1 to 70 Episode 35 - Regionals

Regionals in Colorado!Puck interviews Paul and Alex while Althalas kicks ass. Sorry about the delay, Althalas was super sick.To join the Spirit Reavers whisper Althalas, Boffors, Brahar, or Tahleen.


17 Feb 2008

Rank #3

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Wow: From 1 to 70 Episode 34: Shamans

In the Fallout Shelter Studios!MMO: Shamans! What the best specs and gear are for your leveling needs.TCG: A deck review and Magtheridons loot.Decklists:Submitted deck:Omedus the PunisherAbility:4x Shadow word: Pain4x Mind Blast2x Mind Control4x Shadowform4x Mind Spike4x Heal4x Fall backAllies: 4x Samuel Grey4x Misa the Putrid4x Confessor Mildred4x Ohelia Barrows4x Karkas DeathhowlQuests:4x Zapped Giants4x It's a secret to everybody4x Chasing A-Me 01Side Deck:3x Dispel4x Shattering Blow1x Burn away2x Call the SpiritSuggested deck:Omedus the PunisherAllies:4x Shadow Fiend4x Morlug Soulslaver4x Bloodsoul4x Magister Ashi4x Broan Charges the fight4x Voss treebender2x Kiana De'naraAbilities:4x Mental Anguish4x Mind Spike3x Soul Rend3x Shadow Word: Death3x Shadow WeavingQuests: 4x One Draenei's Junk..4x Toreks Assault3x Falling to Corruption3x Finkle, Einhorn at your service2x It's a secret to everybody

1hr 22mins

19 Jan 2008

Rank #4

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The Fallout SHelter Episode 71

The longest show ever!!!The big return with interviews including:Theo BellSquire "Homer J" KershnerDylan "Docx" NorthropSavaged PuckMicheal "big spooky" BarnesChase KeatenOMG!!!!!!Visit us on the web at Wowrealms.com or Vsrealms.com, or you can sendus an e-mail at falloutcards@gmail.comAnd 1 to 70 listeners, this is not a a mistake :-)

4hr 33mins

31 Dec 2007

Rank #5

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Wow: From 1 to 70 Episode 33

Last show of the year!MMO: Outland tips, a ZG run and a laptop no one can afford.Please visit Wowrealms.com for more information about the show and for the Spirit Reavers Forums. Please leave us a Review on Itunes, or a Digg!!!


14 Dec 2007

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Wow: From 1 to 70 Episode 32

Worlds...the new champion is crownedTCG: Savaged puck and his worlds experiance.MMO: None this week, all MMO next week!As always you can find more information on Wowrealms.com!Please leave us a review on Itunes, or a Digg.


7 Dec 2007

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Wow: From 1 to 70 Episode 31

Horrible Internet makes for an interesting show.Head to Wowrealms.com for more information and the decklists from this show.Remember to leave us an Itunes review and throw us a Digg!


30 Nov 2007

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Wow: From 1 to 70 Episode 30

Beware the Twinkage and uh...stuff.TCG: Preview cards and March of the Legion!!! Tons of cards and only one of you. MMO: Twink gear brought to you by Puck imporium. Shop early and shop often.As always more information and show notes at Wowrealms.com

1hr 14mins

16 Nov 2007

Rank #9

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Wow: From 1 to 70 Episode 29

Beware the bugger monster!!!!TCG: DMF London, new craftable items, the dreaded winters viel combo!MMO: Enter the TWINK!Please come to Wowrealms.com for more information and discussion!Also please leave us a Digg at DIGG.com

1hr 3mins

25 Oct 2007

Rank #10