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Applied Statistical Essentials (for 6 Sigma)

Watch, learn, and practice statistical methods. Your instructor, Wayne Levin, makes it easy and fun to understand and apply statistical methods whether it's for your 6 sigma initiatives, quality improvement or research and development.

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ASE Confidence Intervals for the Mean I

Confidence Intervals are among the most essential of all statistical concepts. They are also extremely relevant practically.

6 Jun 2007

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JMP Getting started with JMP Formulas

Get started with JMP formulas in this episode. This is a first look at the formula editor where you will see how to create formulas, copy and paste formulas between columns and incorporate Table Variables into formulas.


29 Mar 2007

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JMP Data Tables Part II

Continuing from JMP Data Tables Part I, here we look at Column Roles, selecting observations from the Rows Menu and interactively via the Distribution Platform. Finally, a quick start at how easy it is to save analyses via a script to the JMP Data Table.


15 Mar 2007

Rank #3

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Correcting Erroneous Data

From time to time data is just not as it should be. Fortunately, JMP users can easily correct the situation.

5 Nov 2007

Rank #4

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JMP: More Column Properties

Data tables are for more than just data. You can also record important context information with column properties. Doing so will save you time and deepen the insights derived from your analysis. We extend our exploration of this JMP facility in this Applied Statistical Essentials podcast episode.

13 Dec 2007

Rank #5

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JMP Getting Help

JMP offers many avenues for getting assistance both within the application and from a variety of external sources (including this podcast!).

18 Sep 2007

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JMP: Transferring data between JMP & Excel

JMP and Excel: two popular applications that work well together. Learn a few tricks and considerations involved with transferring data between JMP and Excel.

20 Dec 2007

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JMP Exporting reports directly and via journals

After you complete your analysis you often need to share it with others. JMP facilitates this in two ways the first being the Journal feature in JMP. In this episode, we'll get a look at some Journal versatility. The second option is to export your analysis into word processing applications either by copying and pasting elements of your analysis directly or by exporting a Journal. This episode covers these features and reveals some useful but little-known tricks.

18 Mar 2008

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JMP Importing Text Files

A variety of options makes importing data from text files into JMP really easy. We review them in this ASE episode.

28 Jan 2008

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JMP Row States


17 May 2016

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