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29 Nov 2010

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Podcast #3

Main Topic: Tom Robinson's testimony This podcast discusses prejudice, and how the prejudice of Maycomb's white culture creates an inescapable predicament--a catch-22--that threatens to lead to Tom's doom.Mystery Guest Reader: You know the drill... be the first to leave the Mystery Guest Reader's name in the comments section of this post, and you'll be richly rewarded.Today's Music: The intro song is Doves's "Black and White Town," cuz I brings the themes, yo. The outro music is "Criminal Piece" from Ted Leo/Pharmacists's album Shake the Sheets.


4 Apr 2008

Rank #2

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TKAM podcast #2

Show recap:Main topic, with special guest Mr. Kidd: Southern Literature and the Gothic Literary TraditionMr. Kidd reads the following definition of Southern Gothic literature from The Companion to Southern Literature:Many Southern Gothic tales utilize similar myths of Southern society: an inbred patriarchal plantation aristocracy, built upon and haunted by a racist ethic, besieged by civilization and democracy, and ultimately defeated as much by its own intransigence as by external forces, and an inbred lower class living in extreme isolation in closed communities, which are plagued by economic impoverishment, educational ignorance, religious fundamentalism, racial intolerance, genetic deformities, perverted sexuality, and unrequited violence.Mr. Kidd references Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Kublai Khan,” Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the Goths, and Edgar Allan Poe.Mystery Guest Reader:Rookie mistake… I fail to mention in the podcast that the reading comes from page 106 of the novel.Frequently Asked Question: What’s up with Mrs. Dubose and the alarm clock?Listen for an explanation of how the alarm clock means more than “time to go” in the Mrs. Dubose scenes.Today’s Music:In the intro of today’s podcast is “Fiction” by The Concretes from their album The Concretes in Colour. Beck’s “Strange Apparition” (yay thematic music!) from The Information.


25 Mar 2008

Rank #3

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Tkam podcast 1

Show recap:Main topic: Miss Caroline and Scout's first day of school What can we learn about the culture of Maycomb from Scout's first day of school?Mystery Guest Reader: Each podcast, there will be a Mystery Guest Reader. If you think you know who the reader is, leave her name as a comment on this post, and if you're the first with a correct response, I'll send some bonus points your way.Frequently Asked Question: Why do Scout and Jem call their father Atticus? The answer will probably not overwhelm you...Today's Music: The intro music is U2's "Until the End of the World" from the album Achtung Baby. The outro music is "Angle Park" from Big Country's classic 1983 album The Crossing.


16 Mar 2008

Rank #4

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