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Welcome to VetFolio Voice, the #1 Podcast Channel for the Veterinary Profession! New episodes every Thursday | Hosted by Dr. CassiThe VetFolio Voice podcast series delivers weekly insights, industry news and useful information on topics that span the veterinary spectrum — from the latest medical breakthroughs to practice management tips. We make it easy to listen and learn on the go, whether during your commute, between clients in the clinic, or while tackling weekend chores!VetFolio is an online educational platform powered by the NAVC, releasing new educational content weekly. Learn more at VetFolio.com.

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Feline Leukemia

In this first podcast we’ll be discussing the Feline Leukemia virus with our guest, Alice Wolf. We’re looking to answer the questions, “Which cats are truly at risk for Feline Leukemia virus?” and “Which test is best for diagnosing Feline Leukemia?” In this podcast, Dr. Wolf provides her recommendations and guidance for an effective Feline Leukemia prevention program. We’ll also discuss the pathology, transmission as well as clinical signs of Feline Leukemia. We’ll conclude our talk with a discussion on how to interpret diagnostic tools and what vaccination protocols she recommends.


2 Oct 2017

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Canine Cardiology and Heart Disease – The Basics

The Heart of the Matter podcast series features Board Certified veterinary cardiologist and Senior Scientist for Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, Kevin Christiansen, DVM, DACVIM. The series highlights the basics of canine heart disease, risk factors, and the importance of involving the dog owner in the plan in order to achieve optimal success.


26 Jun 2017

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ProHeart 12: Heartworm Compliance Back In Your Control

Despite having effective medications for over 30 years to prevent heartworm disease, the incidence of heartworm disease continues to rise. The American Heartworm Society indicates that a key contributing factor to the rise in the incidence of heartworm disease is the lack of pet owner compliance. Learn about how ProHeart 12 guarantees compliance for canine heartworm prevention for 12 full months- putting canine heartworm compliance back in the control of veterinary practices.


4 Nov 2019

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Identifying and Managing Stress in Cats and Dogs

Summer is a time of heightened stress for pets. Thunderstorms, fireworks and family vacations can cause a great deal of stress for cats and dogs. In this podcast, Dr. Theresa DePorter explains how to identify and manage mild anxiety in pets. She also discusses the efficacy and safety of pet supplements with a focus on Composure and its clinically proven ingredients.


24 Jun 2019

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Re-Thinking Osteoarthritis: Episode 1 Hypersensitization

Hypersensitization - What Do I Need to Know and Why Do I Need to Know ItThis podcast will discuss how chronic pain becomes maladaptive, and the clinical implications of pain that has become amplified in intensity and scope from chronic inflammation.To learn more about OA Management. Visit VetFolio.com for the OA management Web conference.


4 Feb 2016

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Leptospirosis is one of the most significant zoonosis in the world and is more widespread in our canine population than many think. In this podcast, Dr. Maschmedt will discuss Leptospira, the bacterial cause of Leptospirosis, and the various serovars that can be found here in North America. Then we’ll explore the pathogenesis, prevalence, diagnosis and clinical signs of Leptospirosis. Finally, we’ll conclude our talk with a brief history of Leptospirosis vaccines.


2 Oct 2017

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New Product Podcast: Cytopoint

For dogs with atopic dermatitis CYTOPOINT™ offers 4 to 8 weeks of relief with a single in-office injection, helping to improve the quality of life for dogs and their families.


13 Feb 2017

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Diagnosis Of Addison's

Diagnosis Of Addison's by Powered by the NAVC


21 Apr 2016

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Atypical Addison Disease

In this session, Patty Lathan, DVM, DACVIM is joined by Dr. Ann Thompson, DACVIM, from the University of Queensland. They’ll discuss how atypical Addison’s differs from “typical” Addison’s disease, including how to diagnose and treat it.


24 Apr 2016

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Feline Diabetes – Treatment & Monitoring

This podcast series highlights feline diabetes, from the basics of causes and signs, to diagnosis, treatment and monitoring and the expectation of remission for feline patients.


27 Feb 2017

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Re-Thinking Osteoarthritis: Episode 2 Wisest, Safest Use Of NSAID

Wisest, Safest Use of NSAID: What the Evidence Tells UsBased on a number of excellent systematic reviews of NSAID in veterinary medicine, this podcast will describe a rational approach to minimizing the likelihood and/or severity of NSAID-induce adverse drug effects.


5 Feb 2016

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Perioperative vomiting in dogs—what do we know, and what can we learn from MDs?

Just like the veterinary profession, our counterparts on the human side struggle with their patients suffering from postoperative vomiting. Dr. Harvey will review the pathophysiology and risk factorsrelated to perioperative vomiting and discuss strategies for its prevention and management using antiemetics. He will examine what has been reported in the literature for people and share his approach as to how to create a safe and comfortable experience for our patients and how you can help a dog get back to eating faster, even when they’re administered preoperative opioids.


19 Aug 2019

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Appropriate Use of Antibiotics

Speaker: Dr. White


17 Aug 2018

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Parasiticide Compliance - Why it Should Matter in Your hospital?

Presented by MerckSpeaker: Dr. Dan Markwalder


19 Apr 2018

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Communicating Nutritional Truths

This podcast of part of the Leveraging Your Power as a Veterinary Technician podcast series.In this podcast, Mike Robbins, DVM, Scientific Communications Specialist with Hill's Pet Nutrition, discusses alternate ways to address nutritional myths, dogs, cats and carbs, obesity, diabetes, cancer and carbs, protein, renal disease, and GI health.


13 Feb 2020

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COVID-19 in Animals: The Facts from an Infectious Disease Expert

VetFolio’s Dr. Cassi interviews renowned Ontario Veterinary College, veterinary infectious disease expert, Dr. J. Scott Weese about COVID-19 in Animals. After you listen to the podcast, don’t miss Dr. Weese’s very active and popular blog, wormsandgermsblog.com .


19 Mar 2020

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Re-Thinking Osteoarthritis: Episode 3 Those Other Pain Drugs

Those "Other" Pain Drugs: Fact & FictionThis podcast will briefly discuss what we know about medications commonly (or not) used in veterinary medicine as an adjunctive treatment for osteoarthritis: tramadol, gabapentin, amantadine, SNRI’s.


5 Feb 2016

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Treatment Of Addisonian Crisis

Treatment Of Addisonian Crisis by Powered by the NAVC


21 Apr 2016

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Feline Diabetes – Diagnosis

This podcast series highlights feline diabetes, from the basics of causes and signs, to diagnosis, treatment and monitoring and the expectation of remission for feline patients.


27 Feb 2017

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Emerging Tick-Borne Disease Part 1 - More ticks, more places

These podcasts, featuring Susan E. Little, DVM, PhD, DACVM-Parasit., offer listeners an overview of ticks, tick-borne disease, control and prevention.


2 Aug 2017

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