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Joel McCrea stars as Texas Ranger Jace Pearson in this thirty minute western adventure series. The shows are all reenactments of incidents from Texas Ranger history. The Texas lawman and his trusty steed, Charcoal, would track a criminal, often a killer, throughout the vast 260,000 square miles of Texas. With Joel McCrea lending star power, Tales of the Texas Rangers debuted over the NBC radio network on July 8, 1950. The thirty-minute show, sponsored by Wheaties, ran on Saturday nights at 930 for three months. In October, the show switched to Sunday evenings, eventually settling into the six oclock time slot. The weekly adventures were set during the past two decades in order that the show have a modern slant. Ranger Jace Pearson drove an automobile, but he had a horse trailer and often galloped astride his horse Charcoal into the backcountry in pursuit of lawbreakers. First Broadcast date July 8, 1950. Last Broadcast date September 14th 1952

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travesty 06/15/1952

A deputy is under suspicion of tire theft. Based on events of February 12, 1951.

11 Jul 2009

Rank #1

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three victims 08/24/1952

A colored man is the suspect in a robbery and double murder, after he's identified by the son the victims. Based on events of August, 1955.

1 Sep 2012

Rank #2

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ice man 02/24/1952

The Rangers break up a stolen car ring and catch a boy who is too good with a knife.

11 Jul 2009

Rank #3

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knockout 06/22/1952

A dead body in a hotel room bathroom leads the Rangers to a scheme making liberal use of knockout drops.

30 Jun 2012

Rank #4

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illusion 04/20/1952

A crazy woman and poison. But is she crazy and is it poison. Based on events of October 3, 1945.

11 Jul 2009

Rank #5

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blow off 11/25/1951

A rural gas station attendant is murdered during a robbery. The clue to solving the crime is a pickled two headed baby.

7 Apr 2012

Rank #6

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open and shut 11/11/1951

tales of the texas rangers

31 Mar 2012

Rank #7

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breakdown 03/25/1951

The Rangers track down Rex Lang, a young mad dog killer and try to take him alive.

11 Jul 2009

Rank #8

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blood trail 01/29/1952

Doc Thomas collapses and dies on the street after being hit by a car. The blood trail leads to a dead cowboy and a dying herd.

11 Jul 2009

Rank #9

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night hawk 03/30/1952

A man kills a girls date in Lovers Lane, and she refuses to identify the killer. Based on events of June, 1948.

11 Jul 2009

Rank #10

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cold blood 02/17/1952

Eli, a poor field hand, is framed for murder and is saved from a lynching only by a dead rattlesnake.

11 Jul 2009

Rank #11

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death shaft 09/30/1951

A skeleton is found in a deserted mine, with the skull bashed in. Based on events of November 18, 1941.

18 Feb 2012

Rank #12

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rub out 02/03/1952

Johnny Burke not only loses a fight, he dies of poisoning. His manager is a suspect.

16 Jul 2011

Rank #13

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address unknown 04/27/1952

A woman is murdered, leaving behind a little boy. A Mexican named Pedro helps the Rangers against his will. Based on events of August, 1940.

11 Jul 2009

Rank #14

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sweet revenge 02/18/1951

A sugar bowl helps Jace Pearson find a killer. Based on the events of March 13, 1944.

23 Jul 2011

Rank #15

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wheelchair killing 10/07/1951

An old man is beaten to death with a sock filled with sand, the clues lead to a CCC camp nearby.

25 Feb 2012

Rank #16

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open range 08/26/1950

Modern day cattle rustlers murder a rancher who catches them in the act. Based on events of August 4, 1948.

6 Aug 2011

Rank #17

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finger man 07/13/1952

A sheriffs deputy is killed during an attempted prison break. The Rangers try to get his fellow prisoners to supply the needed evidence.

21 Jul 2012

Rank #18

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night chase 01/27/1952

A pair of cattle rustlers is caught in the act and one of them is killed. The Rangers begin the search for the other one.

18 Jun 2011

Rank #19

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dream farm 03/09/1952

An Iowa farm family stops in Texas to help a stranger, who then kills the man and woman and wounds their twelve year old boy. Based on the events of June 12, 1941.

11 Jul 2009

Rank #20