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Raising Your Vibration with Lisa Gawlas

My Mission: To help all those who wish to explore, to understand, to embrace and to fully utilize the power and wonder of their Spiritual Self within the human framework of life. We are capable of doing so much more than we have ever realized.... every single one of us (not just a gifted few)! This is such an exciting time to be alive and aware on planet earth! Step into the power of who you were created to Be!

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Taking Back Your Power part 1

We have learned to give our power away since we were children, leaving us exhuasted and often times ill. Learn to take back your power and become A Fully Empowered Spiritual Human!!


25 Nov 2008

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10 Blocks to Manifesting Your Desires - Part II

The are 10 things that we d quite uncosciously that actually block our ability to manifest what our hearts desire. In part I I talked about how to manifest, this one helps you learn how to stay out of your own way. Please bear with our newness of videocasting, we will get better as we go (smile).


5 Nov 2008

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Laws of Attraction and Manifestation - Part 1

Well I have moved out from behind the microphone to infron of the camera (yikes). This videocast is filmed out of our Center "The Wonder of You" and features myself and my friend and business partner Peggy Aguero talking about What is really behind the laws of attraction and manifestation, there is so much more to it all than just visualizing and wishing!!! Enjoy our first in a long line of videocasts!!!


23 Oct 2008

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The Great Shift - Moving from Separation to Unity

This video was made on election day here in the USA, now that we as a collective truly have made the choice of unity with electing obama as president, we the people now must stay within the responsibility to continue to put forth our efforts of caring, compassion and wellbeing for all. This is a channeled message that came thru me to be printed in our magazine The Wonder of You. For those who do not receive our magaine, the message is now here for you to enjoy!! Namaste


6 Nov 2008

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The Changing Landscape - Whats Happening on Planet Earth Part 2

We - as a global society are changing from both the inside out and the outside in. Our weather patterns have intensified and is literally changing the landscape of the globe... and now our financial markets are doing the very same thing, but hitting us from the inside, where we live and what we have counted on up until now. And now, we are at one of the most crucial choice points ever... do WE do something... or continue to let others do it for us (actually for themselves, because WE are not in their true scheme of things).


1 Oct 2008

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