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Creative Calling Podcast started as a podcast for designers and illustrators to get inspiration and motivation to live their creative passions. That is, until host, Briana Christine, made the move out of her "safe" marriage into flying solo. Shortly after discovering the many avenues in the world of dance. This show has become in every way about truly discovering who you are, what you love and how to really go after what you want. Now the question is, will you take the steps necessary to get there?

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Michele and I converse about Instagram tips

Episode Recap Emerging Insta famous visual development artist Michele Arrieta shares her top tips on how she has tripled her following on Instagram – Briana comes in to fill in the gaps for small business owners and creativepreneurs. Instagram is a tool Why are you trying to build a following on Instagram? Sell something Get...

9 Oct 2016

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Finally a graphic design career veteran I can talk to in person, thanks Stacy Wakefield

Episode Recap Stacy Wakefield has a long standing career in book design and recently became a published author. She primarily freelances from her home in New York. She shares her thoughts on why it might be better to start with a career before becoming a full-time freelancer. Art School Tips Stacy explains how getting into...

11 Apr 2016

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Conquering creative fears with Casey Robin

Following our desire to become a full-time creative is a dream that can feel overwhelmingly daunting. Casey Robin is very aware of this sensation and joins me to share her tools to overcome these fears. A Sneak Peek at my Interview with Casey Robin  Listen to the full episode to get Casey’s inspiring responses to the following questions. Your education...

14 May 2017

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Remembering how far I’ve come since 2012 part 1

Episode Recap In this episode Briana gets vulnerable with a story about her personal life and her struggles overcoming her own self-doubt even when it looked like she was succeeding. It’s a powerful testament to discovering the value of one positive comment. Tyler Phillips suggested the book Drawn to Life by Walt Stanchfield to me. I was most interested...

2 Mar 2016

Rank #4

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How To Write About Yourself

The words you choose to describe yourself can serve as a mirror of how you feel about yourself and give insight to others of what to expect when they interact and work with you. In this episode, I ask a critical question about the words you use to describe yourself. I then go into detail...

16 Jun 2018

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Finding out what self-publishing is REALLY like with Patrick Moss

Episode Recap Patrick and I talk about what it’s like to work in the freelance animation industry, his experience networking inside and outside of jobs and self-publishing his illustrated book. Getting Started in the Industry Patrick attended Rochester Institute of Technology before receiving his first job with Fisher Price. After Fisher Price, he went to...

30 May 2016

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I asked Chris Ayers what it’s like to be a character designer

  Episode Recap Freelancing character designer Chris Ayers joins me to share his amazing story of cancer recovery that led to his illustrated series, The Daily Zoo – An Animal A Day to Keep the Doctor at Bay. Plus, he shares important tips for illustrators and designers about networking, sharing your portfolio, and exhibiting. Throughout the...

23 May 2016

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Ok, Tyler Phillips, I never really wanted to be a graphic designer, now what do I do?

Episode Recap Tyler now works at Dreamworks animation but he originally received his degree in graphic design. He shares his journey to Dreamworks as well as provides tips for aspiring animators on what they should include in their demo reel.   How did you choose the Design School you went to? Like many of us,...

24 Feb 2016

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Balancing two passions in your career with Bram Cayne

In search to answer the question: Is it possible to have multiple careers of passion? I serendipitously met Bram Cayne who works as a storyboard artist and drummer.   I’ve made these condensed notes just for you to follow along with my conversation. To get all the good stuff make sure to download the episode....

18 Feb 2017

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5 reasons to keep creating with Mina Roy

Mina is a UI designer and freelance illustrator who “fell” into the industry. She humbly shares her story and gives 5 motivations for artists to keep creating. 5 Reasons to Keep Creating No matter how much technology and analytics you have you are still only viewing something from your computer screen Just because you didn’t...

18 Apr 2017

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I heard a provoking sermon at church today – then this happened…

Episode Recap After listening to a money sermon at church about giving money “just because” I got to thinking about how designers often use this same logic while promoting themselves to their perspective employers and clients about their creative value. Listen in to best practices about communicating your value and the service you provide.  Have you...

11 Mar 2016

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How to channel your creative style with Zach Heffelfinger

Whether you went to an art college or a liberal arts college the most important aspect of an illustrator’s education is creating a portfolio in their style. Zach and I get deep about how to find what really inspires us and comments from our former professors we should really ignore.   Zach’s Art Education Options...

28 Dec 2016

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Inside the freelance life with Elise Packard

Episode Recap Elise and I have a great conversation about what it’s like to freelance for over 6 years, how supportive spouses are key to growth and motivation, our experience selling art on Etsy and Vida and how to make expressive art.   We met at the CTN animation expo as exhibitors. In our conversation we...

19 Dec 2016

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Remembering how far I’ve come since 2012 part 2

Episode Recap In episode 14 I revealed my bad habit of nearly constant negative mental chatter. It is normal to talk to ourselves all day long and, unfortunately, this negativity is all to common. Often it is tainted with guilt about our past or anxiety about our future. This negativity can destroy any seed of hope that...

11 Mar 2016

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Caleb and Perry answer my questions about children’s book publishing

Episode Recap Guest and author, Perry Covington, shares his experience publishing his books series, with guest interviewer and aspiring comic writer, Caleb Arnold. The Creative Writing Process Once Perry has an idea for a book, he likes to outline his books on a big white board and write it out chapter by chapter. Occasionally, he finds...

15 Jun 2016

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A casual conversation with Caleb about overcoming adversity

Episode Recap Avoiding small obstacles can keep us from accomplishing big things – yet we do this all the time don’t we? On this episode Caleb Arnold interviews ME! We talk about adversities and obstacles I’ve faced in my relationships, as a design professional, and the happiest moment of my life. One of my guests...

6 Jun 2016

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Stop Hitting Snooze On Your Dreams

How did I develop my portfolio to establish my style as a illustrator, read 12 books in a year, get in the shape I love and stay on track with my visions of the future? The answer is inside this episode. The only thing I must say that I don’t like about this recording, is...

17 May 2018

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Finding Inspiration In Places You Never Thought To Look

Having a system for collecting inspiration is a great way to be efficient in your creative process. However, eventually your projects may start to lack innovation. You are creative enough to come up with a new solution but are you looking in the right places? This episode taken from the Creative Calling Activity Book will...

6 Apr 2018

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Getting out of crisis mode with Ralph Thomas from SketchWallet

Summary At age 40 Ralph decided it was time to put aside working on everyone else’s projects and pursue his own. In order to do this he needed to get out of crisis mode – but how? Listen in on this fantastic interview from the creator of SketchWallet.   Your project promo videos are NOT...

3 Nov 2017

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People centric creative careers with Jessica Thomas from Blizzard

There are careers that involve creative problem solving and others that manage creative problem solvers. Is it possible to pursue both at the same time? That’s what Jessica Thomas and I discuss in this episode. Improving Your Skills as an Artist Stick to one thing you are really passionate about. Get really good, critical feedback...

19 Jan 2017

Rank #20