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Episode 17: The Journey of Tiger

This episode of the Trap Draw is a dive into the long, strange trip its been for Tiger Woods since the fateful Thanksgiving almost a decade ago. With Woods looking legitimately healthy and appearing to... The post Episode 17: The Journey of Tiger appeared first on No Laying Up.

1hr 37mins

14 Aug 2018

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Episode 45: Beth Ann Nichols

Tron and Randy are on site at the LPGA's CME Group Tour Championship and joined by Beth Ann Nichols, senior writer at Golfweek and guiding light for all things LPGA-related. In addition to previewing this weekend's championship, they discuss the state of the LPGA, breakdown some of the more interesting stories from the last couple months, and look forward to 2020 and beyond. Enjoy!

1hr 8mins

21 Nov 2019

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Episode 49: Dylan Frittelli

Tron goes 1-on-1 with Dylan Frittelli. The 29 year-old South African won for the first time on the PGA Tour in July of 2019 at the John Deere Classic (5th major!). Tron explores Dylan's background, his interests away from the course, and how he's approaching the new PGA Tour season. Dylan even tries to explain cricket to TC. Happy Holidays from the TrapDraw and hope you enjoy!

1hr 1min

16 Dec 2019

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Episode 31: Commissioner for a Day

Tron, Randy and DJ muse about what they would do if named Commissioner. No idea is too small or too improbable!

1hr 22mins

17 Jul 2019

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Episode 50: We’re on to 2020!

Happy New Year! The whole crew sits down to first anoint what 2020 will officially be. Next, the guys review their performance of their 2019 goals, and finally, put their 2020 golf, physical, and life goals down on paper.

1hr 36mins

7 Jan 2020

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Episode 25: Airports

I know what you’re thinking, airports? That’s right, airports. This edition of the Trap Draw is very special–it’s the debut of the Perfect Club, a new concept which will be a staple of 2019. Tron, DJ,... The post Episode 25: Airports appeared first on No Laying Up.

1hr 29mins

19 Dec 2018

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Episode 11: NLU Crew

I don’t want to alarm anybody, but the TrapDraw is back! At the risk of ruining our standing as the most popular non-existent golf podcast around, we decided maybe it’s time to fire things back... The post Episode 11: NLU Crew appeared first on No Laying Up.

1hr 5mins

29 May 2018

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Episode 63: Michael Bamberger

Randy, DJ and Neil are joined for an evening by the inimitable Michael Bamberger. Michael is a writer for GOLF Magazine and Golf.com, as well as author of several books. The first portion of this podcast explores his new book, "The Second Life of Tiger Woods". The second half of the podcast gets weirder and looser as the guys talk about more broad subjects of life. Michael's book, out today, is absolutely sensational, as was the time spent with him. Enjoy!

1hr 39mins

31 Mar 2020

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Episode 26: “We’re on to 2019”

It’s a one-mic roundtable with everybody present, just like the old days! We discuss our mindset going into the new year, re-live some highlights from the past year, and share some personal goals (golf and... The post Episode 26: “We’re on to 2019” appeared first on No Laying Up.


8 Jan 2019

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Episode 36: 2018-19 PGA Tour Recap Show

We've turned our Live Show into a podcast! This is the audio version of the 8/19/19 Live Show recapping the 2018-19 PGA Tour season. Tron, Soly, DJ and Randy relive the season, discussion all the highs and lows from the year.

1hr 4mins

20 Aug 2019

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Episode 9: The Franchise

This extra special edition of the Trap Draw goes in-depth and behind the scenes into the player-caddie breakup that rocked the golf world earlier this year. We’re speaking of course about Tron firing his father,... The post Episode 9: The Franchise appeared first on No Laying Up.


17 Aug 2017

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Episode 61: The King of Kong

It's another Perfect Club! In this episode Randy, DJ and Neil watch the 2007 documentary, "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters". The trio reveal their favorite scenes, the best quotes, and compare the main characters to professional golfers (among other things). If you have not seen the documentary we would encourage you to watch it before listening. It's available on YouTube in its entirety, as well as select streaming and rental services. We hope you have as much fun watching and listening as we did. Enjoy!

1hr 48mins

24 Mar 2020

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Episode 44: Neil Schuster aka The Merch Czar

No stranger to the TrapDraw, Neil Schuster (aka The Merch Czar) joins Randy and Tron to break down his recent trip out to Los Angeles for the joint birthday party of Tommy Armour III and IV. He found himself at a house party in the Hollywood Hills among a gaggle of B and C-List celebrities. He recounts his weekend and the guys touch on a few other topics along the way. Enjoy!


14 Oct 2019

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Episode 28: Charlie Saxon & Brandon Matthews

Two of NLU’s Young Hitters, Charlie Saxon and Brandon Matthews, sit down with Tron to talk about their current game, backgrounds, and myriad of other topics. This episode was recorded in late March 2019 at the Web Tour’s Savannah Golf Championship. Enjoy!


11 Apr 2019

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Episode 39: 2019-20 FredEx Cup Draft

It's the best day of the year in the KillHouse! After a long, relaxing offseason the guys are back to draft their teams for the second annual FredEx Cup. They recap the 2018-19 season, discussing the highs and lows, changes for this upcoming season, and decide on winning and losing stakes. The draft was fast and furious, with curveballs and banter abound. This is a fun one, not to be missed. Have a listen this weekend as the 2019-20 PGA season kicks off!

1hr 3mins

11 Sep 2019

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Episode 37: Max Homa on Korn Ferry Finals

Fresh off leading Team Randy to a FredExCup victory, friend of the program Max Homa stops by to talk about the Korn Ferry Finals and why he can't stop thinking about this week's venue, Victoria National in Indiana. Thanks to Kingmade Jerky for sponsoring this episode of the Trap Draw.


30 Aug 2019

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Episode 30: Alan Shipnuck talks "Bud, Sweat, & Tees"

Randy is joined by author and golf journalist, Alan Shipnuck, to talk about the May book club selection, "Bud, Sweat, & Tees." It's been a little while since I've been able to do one of these author interviews and who better to break the absence with than Alan. If you have read the book, Alan offers a lot of interesting context around how the book came to be, fills in context around the characters and chats about what's changed on the golf beat in the twenty years since the book was published. For those who haven't read it, I hope this interview will spark an interest to go pick it up. Enjoy!


18 Jun 2019

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Episode 20: Neil Schuster aka “The Merch Czar”

It’s been a little while since we’ve caught up with Neil on the TrapDraw. He’s got a lot going on, from training for a charity boxing event, golfing in and around New York City, exploring... The post Episode 20: Neil Schuster aka “The Merch Czar” appeared first on No Laying Up.


5 Sep 2018

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Episode 67: Jay Bilas

Randy is joined by ESPN basketball analyst, esquire, author, and avid golfer, Jay Bilas. The two talk hoops, college athletics, golf, and more. Enjoy!

1hr 9mins

14 Apr 2020

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Episode 27: Some Kind of Monster

This is the second installment of the Perfect Club! Today’s topic is the 2004 documentary currently airing on Netflix called Some Kind of Monster. It chronicles the band Metallica during the making of what would... The post Episode 27: Some Kind of Monster appeared first on No Laying Up.

1hr 20mins

21 Mar 2019

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