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The Odyssey ScoopCast," a podcast following the ins and outs of "Adventures in Odyssey" and The Odyssey Scoop (odysseyscoop.com).

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ScoopCast 70: "Connie the Counselor" in Review

The ScoopCast team begins a brand new review series of Album 62 with "Connie the Counselor." Kevin, Garrett, and Ryan discuss Connie and Eugene's banter over styles of parenting, Eugene's ability to relate to his adoptive son, and even cultural references in the episode.


24 Nov 2017

Rank #1

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ScoopCast 58: The SCOOP: More Than Perfect

The Odyssey ScoopCast brings you another edition of The SCOOP, a segment that tells you everything you need to know about the latest Adventures in Odyssey happenings. Host Ryan Matlock covers Christmas countdowns, upcoming Album 60 news, Whit's basketball trick shots, and more.


26 Nov 2015

Rank #2

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ScoopCast 36: Live at the 25!

VIDEO PODCAST: Journey with The Odyssey ScoopCast as podcast host Kevin McCreary chronicles his travels to Adventures in Odyssey's 25th Birthday Bash celebration and live show in Dallas, Texas. He meets up with co-host Garrett Vandenberg for the first time and attends the live recording of an Adventures in Odyssey episode. Plus, go behind the scenes as the we interview other Odyssey fans, cast and production crew. It's a video podcast celebration you won't want to miss! Features appearances by the Adventures in Odyssey cast and crew and some unexpected surprises.


25 Jul 2012

Rank #3

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ScoopCast 3: A Scoop of Pizazz

The ScoopCast talks about album 52, special insider videos, and a behind-the-scenes interview with Zach Callison, voice of Matthew Parker on "Adventures in Odyssey." Also, get a sneak peek at what's in store for weekend shows.


10 May 2010

Rank #4

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ScoopCast 73: "The Grass Is Always Greener" in Review

Moving right along, the team reviews "The Grass Is Always Greener" from Adventures in Odyssey Album 62. The podcast trio discusses the Parker family's role and development in the show, Red Hollard, the lesson woven into the episode, and whether this episode is a cut above the rest.


23 Jun 2019

Rank #5

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ScoopCast 4.5: Don't believe everything you hear.

The Odyssey ScoopCast releases its first half episode. In other words, it's not a full episode and you can always expect special surprises along the way.


4 Jun 2010

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ScoopCast 4: Spring Season Winds Down

With the Spring 2010 Season at its end, the ScoopCast talks about what's happening now and in the future. Plus, learn how you can participate for cool Odyssey prizes, see a video of Nathan Hoobler, and much more.


31 May 2010

Rank #7

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ScoopCast 18: Did someone say Burbank, California?

VIDEO Podcast: Journey along with host Kevin McCreary as he travels to Burbank, California to witness the recording of "Adventures in Odyssey" Album 54!


8 Feb 2011

Rank #8

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ScoopCast 8: Go behind the scenes with Kevin McCreary as he sneaks up on writer Nathan Hoobler!

VIDEO Podcast: It's our first video ScoopCast, and host Kevin McCreary is out to get answers to your "Adventures in Odyssey" questions... but in Nathan Hoobler's house?!


28 Aug 2010

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ScoopCast 51: "The Pilot" in Review

The ScoopCast wraps up its review series of Album 57: A Call to Something More. The team discusses The Pilot two-parter, including special nods to Adventures in Odyssey fans, and the things that everyone is thinking after hearing this season�Will Connie and Jeff take their relationship further? Also, they discuss the richness of themes presented throughout the show's history.


4 Jul 2014

Rank #10

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ScoopCast 14: Revealing "The Green Ring Conspiracy"

Get ready for more Adventures in Odyssey news and secrets revealed about the upcoming Album 53, "The Green Ring Conspiracy." It's all available Spring 2011 with some exciting surprises along the way. Plus, learn more about a new podcast that follows yours truly.


21 Oct 2010

Rank #11

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ScoopCast 35: Two Cents and a Penny

It's a casual conversation as we wrap up our interview with voice actress Kimmy Robertson. Kimmy discusses the voice acting world and gives insights to fans interested in acting. Plus, host Kevin McCreary shares a special announcement about Adventures in Odyssey's upcoming 25th anniversary celebration on June 16, 2012.


10 Jun 2012

Rank #12

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ScoopCast 6: Answers to Fans' Questions

A special Independence Day edition of the ScoopCast brings answers to some of the big questions from "Adventures in Odyssey's" die-hard fans.


4 Jul 2010

Rank #13

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ScoopCast 62: "Between the Lines" in Review

The Odyssey ScoopCast concludes its review series for "Adventures in Odyssey" Album 60: "Head over Heels." The team reviews the two-part episode "Between the Lines" and discusses scripting of the episode and actor performances. In addition, the team delves into a deeper discussion relating to relevant and mature themes in modern culture as they pertain to Adventures in Odyssey.


20 Aug 2016

Rank #14

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ScoopCast 15: Interview with Nathan Jones and Christopher Diehl Concludes

The ScoopCast goes behind the scenes with sound designers Nathan Jones and Christopher Diehl once again to discuss the upcoming Adventures in Odyssey episode "An Agreeable Nanny." Plus, hear some extra goodies.


2 Dec 2010

Rank #15

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ScoopCast 59: "Words from the Wise" in Review

The Odyssey ScoopCast begins a new Adventures in Odyssey album review series with Album 60: Head over Heels. Garrett and Ryan welcome a new member to the team, Caleb Weidman, and the three put the episode "Words from the Wise" under the microscope.


20 Jun 2016

Rank #16

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ScoopCast 13: Fruit Dropping with Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones

In Part 5 of our interview, Nathan Jones and Christopher Diehl discuss the amazing art of fruit dropping and the connection between coffee and success. Plus, the two give insights to those who may be interested in sound design. Oh, and... psst. Can you find a clue in today's podcast?


2 Oct 2010

Rank #17

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ScoopCast 25: All Q's have been A'd. Did you catch that?

Our behind-the-scenes Q and A with The Ceiling Fan Podcast concludes. Find out what the Ceiling Fan team does apart from TCF and learn about the podcast's artist. Also, the team discusses production, microphones, and how the brainstorming happens. Then, top it all off with a walk down memory lane.


31 May 2011

Rank #18

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ScoopCast 7.5: Tribute to the Unofficial Podcast

Continuing along the lines of ScoopCast 7, this special tribute is dedicated to the folks at the Unofficial Adventures in Odyssey Podcast.


21 Jul 2010

Rank #19

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ScoopCast 61: "The Case of the Ball Cap Hero" in Review

The review series for Adventures in Odyssey Album 60 continues with "The Case of the Ball Cap Hero." The team discusses the plot reveals of Jones and Parker mysteries. Are fans able to logically solve the mystery based on the plot, or is it too vague?


13 Aug 2016

Rank #20