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The Color Couch is a podcast brought to you by Lowepost.com, Ravengrade.com and hosted by Vincent Taylor, who works as a Senior Colorist based in Los Angeles.In this podcast Vincent chats with industry professionals including Colorists, Cinematographers, Directors and more. You will get a glimpse into their roles in the industry and how they got there. The conversations include some exclusive behind the scene stories and a few bad jokes from Vincent as well.Make sure to check back regularly for the latest episode.Enjoy the podcast!Ravengrade.com is the creator of high-end plugins and tools for DaVinci Resolve, and Lowepost.com is a creative learning platform for colorists and post-production professionals.

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13: Patrick Inhofer, Colorist

Patrick is a professional digital video colorist (with a background in editing and online finishing). He has 30+ years of experience delivering high-quality programming for Broadcast, Commercial, Corporate, and Indie clients, requiring minimal supervision. For 15+ years, Patrick also developed a concurrent career teaching others how to digitally color correct moving images. Patrick is active in developing community resources connecting professional artisans to their peers while inspiring next generation colorists.The podcast is brought to you by lowepost.com and Ravengrade.com


27 Apr 2022

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12: David Muir, Cinematographer

David Muir is a recognised mentor, film teacher and advocate for Australian film. He served for decades on ACS Committees in NSW and Victoria, including four terms as Victorian President. David also served on the AFI Board judging film festivals and awards. His teaching career includes teaching cinematography at AFTRS, Macquarie and La Trobe Universities along with Footscray College and The Victorian College of the Arts. David was also my mentor, although I suspect he didn't realise that. As a budding cinematographer I was always pestering David for advice. He not only happily gave me the advice but he was also incredibly supportive and encouraging as I was finding my way. It's largely due to David that I received such a fantastic foundation as a Cinematographer which went on to serve me so well and I transitioned into the role of a Colorist.I hope you thoroughly enjoy this conversation - you'll notice that I sound a bit like a school kid and say 'gosh' quite a bit because I'm so in awe of David!!!! Thanks for listening.The podcast is brought to you by lowepost.com and Ravengrade.com

1hr 2mins

31 Oct 2021

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11: Judd Overton, Cinematographer

I had the good fortune to speak with Cinematographer Judd Overton about working in Australia and the United States. A graduate of Australia’s National Film School AFTRS, Judd has over 20 years experience in the film and television industry and his cinematography has been awarded and nominated internationally. Judd shares his story of how he was inspired into the world of Cinematography and how his career has taken him around the world. It's a wonderful conversation and I can't wait for you to listen! The podcast is brought to you by lowepost.com and Ravengrade.com


24 Sep 2021

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10: Simon Astbury, Colorist

In this episode of the color couch I had the pleasure of speaking with renowned Senior Colorist Simon Astbury. Simon has worked in a wide range of genres, from Oscar-winning films to iconic ad campaigns and pop promos. We chat about everything color and also about the fast approaching Filmlight Colorist awards because it's cool but also because Simon is one of the judges!The podcast is brought to you by lowepost.com and Ravengrade.com


8 Sep 2021

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09: Tyler Robinson & Tony Osborne, Color assistants

In this episode of The Color Couch I am speaking to two amazing Color assistants. Tyler Robinson, from New York and Tony Osborne, from London. A colorist is only as good as the support he or she gets and I delve into what it takes to be a good Colorist assistant and what kind of things you might need to do in a job like that. We also try to do vocal warm up exercises but that doesn’t go so well. I hope you enjoy the chat!The podcast is brought to you by lowepost.com and Ravengrade.com


19 Aug 2021

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08: Barry Greaves, Creative Director

I had an awesome time chatting to my old friend, Creative Director, Barry Greaves. It  was such a good conversation that I am officially calling this 'Part 1' because I really want to speak with Barry again in the future and drill down into that planet sized brain of his and address more technical questions that I know he'll have such great insight on.In the meantime please enjoy this podcast with Barry, he's such a lovely person with such a rich history and so many great stories about working his way up to the role of Creative Director. If you have a moment check out this link 'Masters of Color' and you'll get a great glimpse into some of the work that Barry is involved with.The podcast is brought to you by lowepost.com and Ravengrade.com


2 Aug 2021

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07: Juan Poclava, Director

In this episode of The Color Couch I'm chatting with Director Juan Poclava about his process of directing commercials. We were sitting on the 'actual' color couch for this one - in the same room!!!We worked together on a lovely LG spot a little while back and had plenty of fun in the process. You can check out the LG spot and more from Juan here.The podcast is brought to you by lowepost.com and Ravengrade.com


21 Jul 2021

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06: Dee McClelland, Colorist

In this episode I am chatting to an incredible Colourist, (Colorist) Dee McClelland. Dee's reputation is second to none and she has worked on many (many!!) incredible films and television series over the years. She is also one of the loveliest people you'll ever meet. Dee talks about her career and the changes in technology including some new challenges she has faced whilst grading long form productions throughout a pandemic. Please check out Dee's work via her website. The podcast is brought to you by lowepost.com and Ravengrade.com


9 Jul 2021

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05: Chris Wolfgang Mauch, Storyboard artist

I'm chatting to storyboard artist Chris Mauch about the mysterious world of storyboarding. Chris has worked on so many great films including The Fantastic Mr Fox and Black Swan. You can check out some of Chris's work at chriswolfgangmauch.comThe podcast is brought to you by lowepost.com and Ravengrade.com

1hr 22mins

1 Jul 2021

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04: Katie Milwright, Cinematographer

In Episode 4 of the Color Couch - the work from home edition - I chat with the incredibly talented and super awesome Cinematographer Katie Milwright (ACS) She works across feature films, television, art and documentary. You can have a peek of some of her work through her website katiemilwright.com Katie's work includes the Foxtel TV series UPRIGHT (2019) starring Tim Minchin and ACS Gold Award winning feature film CELESTE (2018) directed by long time collaborator Ben Hackworth. Other feature films include THREE SUMMERS (2017), THE SPACE BETWEEN (2016) SUCKER (2015) and LOOKING FOR GRACE (2015) which screened ‘in competition’ at Venice Int. Film Festival and won a Gold ACS award.I know I say this every time - but it's true - the conversation is so fantastic and I reckon you'll love it!!The podcast is brought to you by lowepost.com and Ravengrade.comStay safe and be kind to each other Vincent


25 May 2020

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