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The Economics of Efficiency

Listen to how Dr. Chris Griffin maximizes his time inside his practice so that he can work only 3 days/week and make over 1.5M/year in a town in Mississippi.

29 Jan 2013

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Cutting edge procedures every General Dentist needs to know about.

Dr. Michael Miyasaki and Michael Russell, President HDiQ Dental discuss cutting edge procedures in implant dentistry and orthodontics that every General Dentist should know about.

17 Sep 2012

Rank #2

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The Trial Smile Experience

In this podcast Dr. Michael Miyasaki and Dr. Susan Hollar discuss how the trial smile experience can be a communication tool that builds value and alleviates fears for the patient considering esthetic dentistry. The process of first listening to the patient’s concerns, followed by co-discovery of both esthetic and dental health issues, using digital photography, sets the stage for the trial smile, which is a composite mockup. Utilizing digital photography to display the before and after, along with helping the patient understand the restorative process involved for a smile makeover, will likely lead patients to say yes to the commitment.

7 Jul 2012

Rank #3

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Simple and efficient implant techniques for the GP.

In this podcast Drs. Michael Miyasaki and Brady Frank discuss simple and predictable techniques to maximize implant success rates and predictably solve any implant failure. Learn the top five flapless/no suture techniques designed o facilitate the "5 minute implant, abutment and crown procedure". No-drill implants which involves the extraction of a tooth and the immediate placement of an implant without the use of a drill and without bone graphing will also be discussed. Many of the practitioners who have implemented these techniques dominate their local markets. Listen to this podcast about one of the most significant waves of momentum that is sweeping dentistry today.

19 Jun 2012

Rank #4

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Change your mind set about medical billing.

In this podcast Dr. Michael Miyasaki and Ms. Christine Taxin, founder and president of Links2Success, discuss how medical dental billing can be incorporated into your practice. Ms. Taxin describes how to establish a referral base with MD's and the practice growth that it can bring. The dental team that understands what and how to determine a medical necessity will have success in moving the practice into the medical billing world and enjoy the benefits.

4 Jun 2012

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A strategic protocol for diagnosing and treating periodontal disease

If you want to learn the newest strategies and a strategic protocol - for diagnosing and treating perio patients, you won't want to miss today's podcast. Nationally recognized expert on the oral systemic link, Dr Lisa Marie Samaha enthusiastically shares her passion and vast knowledge in such a way that you will immediately begin to rethink the way you treat perio in your practice. Dr Samaha has a protocol that leads you gracefully into the deeper layers of comprehensive patient care, so that your patients become healthier and you can enjoy the professional and financial rewards that go along with it.

7 May 2012

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Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Dr. Lee Ann Brady was one of our featured guest at our HDiQ Dental Live event. This is a segment of her presentation as she discusses what she is most passionate about- Treatment planning. Are you providing comprehensive treatment planning? Is it necessary? You may think you know the answers to both questions but you may be surprised. Dr. Brady's ideas will make a huge difference in your practice.

30 Apr 2012

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All-on-4 treatment, what you need to know whether you do it or not.

A must hear podcast with Dr. Mark Margolin, renown periodontist, and Dr. Lorin Berland, voted one of the best cosmetic dentists in America, gives you realistic insights and their unique perspective on the "All-on-4" Implant and Restorative Procedure.

5 Mar 2012

Rank #8

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Dr. Buddy Mopper and Dr. Miyasaki discuss the benefits of using composite resin.

Dr. Mopper co Founder of Cosmedent discusses the many benefits to the doctor and the patient in using composite resin.

21 Feb 2012

Rank #9

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Dr. Michael Skinner discuss expanding the scope and effectiveness of your perio practice.

Dr.'s Micahel Skinner and Michael Miyasaki, discuss how G.P's can increase profits and offer patients more services with simple peroi procedures like DNA testing and more.

15 Nov 2011

Rank #10

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Dr. Lee Ann Brady and Dr. Michael Miyasaki discuss Dr. Brady's philosophy about comprehensive care.

In this podcast Dr. Lee Ann Brady discusses, in a very practical manner, her philosophy about comprehensive care in a way that will work in most dental offices. Dr. Brady discusses how her office handles this from the first call and gives us invaluable examples of the dialogue they use with her patients. She also explains the value of the exam and how it affects the type of work she does and the enjoyment she gets from treating her patients. There is a lot of information in this podcast for the entire team that any practice can use to build success.Dr. Lee Ann Brady was the first female resident faculty member and Clinical Director of the Pankey Institute, and then she became the Executive VP of Clinical Education at Spear Education. Dr. Brady now has now launched http://leeannbrady.com which provides daily clinical and practice management articles and short videos as a learning resource. Dr. Brady maintains a private practice in Glendale, Arizona, in addition to her active teaching schedule.

7 Sep 2011

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Staff Retention Part I

Discover secrets to keeping your staff happy and increasing staff retention.

19 Apr 2007

Rank #12

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Do you think prepless veneers can look good?

Listen to this interview with Dr. Dennis Wells as he describes how you can make prepless veneers look good and possibly even better than a prepped case.

24 Feb 2014

Rank #13

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There's actually more than the TMJ in TMJ, validate what you know.

Hear a unique perspective on occlusion in a rare interview of Dr. Robert Jankelson by Dr. Michael Miyasaki. Dr. Jankelson began practicing in Seattle, WA, in 1963 with emphasis on craniomandibular dysfunction and prosthetics, and is recognized as a principal developer of the clinical use of electromyography in dentistry. You won’t want to miss this special opportunity to hear a pioneer, author and teacher of occlusal principles tell it like it is. Dr. Jankelson discusses many solutions to the clinical problems you see, and he will validate many of the techniques in practices you use. Curious, just listen, maybe more than once, and think his logic through.

19 Mar 2013

Rank #14

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Cosmetically focused adult straight teeth for the General Practitioner

Dr. Michael Miyasaki discusses how incorporating CFast can offer adult patients a minimally invasive, cost efficient way to straighten their teeth.

4 Mar 2013

Rank #15