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Open your mind and expand your possibilities through heart-centered discussions about money, personal finance and mindfulness. Imagine feeling peaceful, joyful and prosperous no matter what's happening in your life. It really is possible and now's your chance to break away from old patterns of fear and limitation when it comes to money. Join host Leisa Peterson, mindfulness teacher and long-time finance-pro, for inspiring discussions, interviews and commentary that will inspire your mind, warm your heart and solidify your connection with your higher Self. It's the perfect blend of self-mastery and practical financial wisdom.

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Self-Publishing Passive Income with Rachel Richards

Today. I am interviewing Rachel Richards. Rachel runs a website called Money Honey Rachel, and she is a really, really interesting person. At the age of 27, she quit her job and retired. And now, she lives off of over $15,000 a month in passive income. She's on a mission to empower female millennials to take control of their financial future. Today, she's talking about self-publishing her book back in 2016-17 and what happened? How that impacted the lives of lots and lots of people? How that led her on her passive income journey and the things that she's learned along the way. What she does differently in her business than perhaps other people? Things that have really helped her grow her business and have the kind of freedom that most people can only dream about. I know that you're going to take a lot away from this very, very positive uplifting conversation. Enjoy!


19 Oct 2021

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Creating Viral “Hooks” with Jake Thomas

Today, I'm interviewing Jake Thomas. Jake runs a site called Creator Hooks and I love this site. I reached out to him to see if he come on to the show and talk about his experience in starting up this resource. How he got his beginnings in digital marketing and, really to hear his story. I found the work that he does in Creatorhooks.com to be so fascinating. And, basically, in a nutshell, what he's done is he's created a site and an email that comes to your email box on Mondays and shows you as a business owner the things that went, you know, kind of viral if you were that had Creativehooks to the YouTube videos that he's suggesting. But it goes way beyond YouTube. It really gets into the psychology of what's causes material and content to take off for the public or for your audience. I really just love talking to people who have got these creative ideas, bring them into reality and it was such a joy to talk to Jake and I know that you're going to be really interested in his story. Enjoy... Jake Thomas is a marketing nerd and Golden Retriever lover. He's the writer behind Creator Hooks, a newsletter that reveals the secret psychology of what makes people click and helps you write better YouTube video titles. He recently quit his dream job to go all-in on entrepreneurship and hopes that everyone can experience the joy and freedom of making the same leap. He lives with his wife and dog in Tampa Bay, Florida. He shared this - "My last tip would be kind of - Celebrate all wins. Like, right at the stage where I'm at with Creator Hooks, I'm celebrating every subscriber. I go check my account, 'Oh, I got another one and that's what excites me along with the feedback but it wasn't getting that at first. And, with Golden Hearts with my dog blog, that's my income so I'm kind of judging my success based on how much money I'm making but I'm not there with my Creator Hooks yet and when I first started with Golden Hearts I was judging my success like 'Oh two people got into the website today. I still remember those days that I checked - 'Oh, great I have three people today. This is awesome!' Now I'm getting almost like a 100,000 a month but it's just getting excited with the little things, and letting those little wins just encourage you and push you on and just kind of keep pushing even through the very early days..."


11 Oct 2021

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Breaking Free of Scarcity Patterns with Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Today, I have the honor of interviewing Kris Putnam-Walkerly. She's the author of Delusional Altruism: Why Philanthropists Fail To Achieve Change and What They Can Do To Transform Giving. And what's so interesting about this conversation is the overlap because she's teaching about scarcity and how it placed out in the non-profit sector. I know that even if you're not in a non-profit, you're going to enjoy this conversation because we're talking about the themes of how do we move out of scarcity and into more abundance in our lives. Where are the places that this shows up and how is it affecting our decisions? Her book is really inspiring to me. I love the overlap in what we do. I know that you're going to be very inspired by this conversation and probably make some changes as a result. Enjoy... She shared this - "I shifted the work I was doing. I've since become a more trusted advisor and private coach to funders. It's really changed and it was because I had the confidence to invest in myself and not have that scarcity mindset. And recognize that yeah there was something bigger for me. But I needed help. I couldn't get there on my own. And so that's you know how I showed up with my clients as well. There is I think about the lifetime of giving of my clients whether they're currently late 25 or 75. There's so much more to give and if I can help them become more powerful donors then think of the power and change they can have through their giving over their lifetime. And, it was really amazing..." Kris Putnam-Walkerly is a trusted advisor to the world’s leading philanthropists. For over 20 years, ultra-high net worth donors, foundations, Fortune 500 companies, celebrity activists and wealth advisors have sought her advice to transform their giving and catapult their impact. As a philanthropy advisor, speaker, and award-winning author, she’s helped hundreds of philanthropists strategically allocate over half a billion dollars in grants and gifts. Kris’s clients include the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, J.M. Smucker Company, Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation, Heising-Simons Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Walton Family Foundations, Fujitsu, Blue Shield of California, and Avery Dennison Foundation, among many others. A thought leader in transformational giving®, Kris has been named one of America’s Top 20 Philanthropy Speakers for the past three years. She is the author of Delusional Altruism: Why Philanthropists Fail To Achieve Change and What They Can Do To Transform Giving *Wiley, 2020) and Confident Giving: Sage Advice for Funders; a Forbes.com contributor on philanthropy; a global philanthropy content partner to Alliance Magazine; and the US philanthropy expert to the leading Dutch philanthropy media outlet De Dikke Blauwe.


5 Oct 2021

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Money and Relationships with Edward Coambs

Today, we're having a conversation with Ed Coambs. He is a financial therapist and also the author of "The Healthy Love & Money Way". We're talking about attachment styles and how they impact your financial well-being. And, Ed is the perfect guy to introduce us to what that is all about and how it could be affecting your relationships both in your intimate relationships as well as partner, family, you name it. Enjoy... Edward Coambs is one of only 50 financial therapists in the U.S. Internationally recognized thought leader in financial therapy. Cited by the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, Time, and CNBC. Master's degrees in business, counseling, and financial planning and is a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified financial planner, and Certified Financial Therapist. Working as a financial advisor he realized that financial plans, budgets, investments, and wealth management isn’t enough without addressing the deeper psychological aspects of the person. Without it, people still made the same poor decisions. To change lives and empower his clients they needed to address their core beliefs about money. He helps couples feel like a “team” when it comes to their relationship and their finances. He shared these insightful notes: "It's the same thing with our attachment systems, right? It has all these moving pieces. We know there are predictable ways that it can become injured or impaired. But we also know that humans are wired towards restoring health. As part of our survival, to what our body wants to move towards health. We just have to create the right environment for that. And that's where the coaching that you do, the therapy that I provide, one of the foundational pieces is safety and acceptance, right? That non-judgemental stance creates a psychological space of safety to really look at what's going on. And what happens in our financial life is we often are perceiving this psychological or physical space of safety, to be honest with what we're really feeling and have a reasonable expectation that someone is actually going to understand what's going on..." Learn more about Edward: linkedin.com/in/healthyloveandmoney healthyloveandmoney.com/


29 Sep 2021

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Building a Saleable Business with John Warrillow

Today I have the honor of interviewing John Warrillow. He's the founder of The Value Builder System™. He's written several books including "Built to Sell". He is an expert at helping business advisors and business owners understand the dynamics of how they need to create their business when they're planning to sell it someday. The cool thing is that when you think about the questions and you think about what he's sharing even if you're not planning to sell your business, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a more profitable, dynamic, and successful business. I love this conversation. I heard John on Stacking Benjamin's podcast. I reached out and asked my friend Joe could you introduce us and I'm so happy that this came together because it's really special. Enjoy... John shared - "It was the process by which he sold shoes that was his unique kind of layer competitive edge or differentiation point. Again, it was things like the two-way guarantee, it was the 365 guarantee where you could give them back or return them anytime within the first year. He had a thing where they used to brag about how long people spent on the phone with customers. I think the longest phone call, you can look at it, was over 10 hours with a customer. Those are the kind of things that create a unique way that you sell. So like Amazon buys Zappos for like I think, more than a billion dollars. It wasn't because what they sold was so unique; it was because of the way they sold. So, if you have/find yourself in a situation where you just don't have a differentiated product, remember that you can still create differentiation. You can do it through the way you sell your product; branding your system..." John Warrillow is the founder of The Value Builder System™, a practice management software for business advisors. His best-selling book Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You was recognized by both Fortune and Inc. as one of the best business books of 2011 and has been translated into 12 languages. John is the host of Built to Sell Radio, ranked by Forbes as one of the world’s 10 best podcasts for business owners. In 2015, John wrote another best-selling book, The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry. John completes the trilogy with his latest book, The Art of Selling Your Business: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks for Exiting on Top. Prior to founding The Value Builder System™, he started and exited four companies, including one acquired by a public company. He lives with his family in Toronto. You can follow John’s work by signing up at BuiltToSell.com. Learn more about John: Website: https://valuebuilder.com/ Twitter: @JohnWarrillow / @BuiltToSell LinkedIn: @JohnWarrillow / @ValueBuilderSystem Instagram: @BuiltToSell Facebook: @BuiltToSell / @ValueBuilder


22 Sep 2021

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Yin and Yang of Money with Kathryn Eriksen

Today, I am talking about the Yin and Yang of money with Kathryn Eriksen. Kathryn has been a long-standing client of my company WealthClinic. She's come to my retreats, some workshops and definitely served as an inspiration as I was writing The Mindful Millionaire. And today, we're talking about money as it pertains to our behaviors, our beliefs, how that shows up in our lives, in our businesses, and in our relationships. I know you'll take away a lot from this conversation. Enjoy... From stressed-out attorney to best-selling author, from victim to victor, from money angst to empowered wealth, Kathryn Eriksen is the Women’s Spiritual Money Coach. Through her online classes to her Empowered Money Map courses, Kathryn helps women raise their awareness about fearful scarcity and teaches how to create a peaceful relationship with money and wealth. A certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, Kathryn infuses spiritual truths in her speaking, writing, and teaching. Her latest book is now available on Amazon. “The Money Tree: Transform Scarcity Thinking to Empowered Wealth Consciousness” is a spiritual parable disguised as a lesson plan for anyone with a troubled relationship with money. Kathryn shared these insightful notes: That is so funny because that was my experience as well. I was so masculine then I went so feminine. And the problem with that is as I said, we need both. So you become your creative selves and share with the world. I mean we can stay in the feminine connected energy and sit in our office or meditation space but you don't do anything. I mean, the way I explain it and this was a big part of my book, this is how I've come to think of it - we're called human beings for a reason. And the mistake we've made is to focus on the human, the doing part. And we've ignored or forgotten the beingness. And I defined "being" as born to express the infinite nature of God. B-E-I-N-G, Born to Express the Infinite Nature of God. And when you think of it like that, we need the doing and the being. And it's your "being" state that sets your thoughts, sets your bliss, and your emotions and back in inform your actions. I think we do it backwards; the world wants us to do first than to have and then we'll be happy. And that's why I lived my life for 30 something years, you know, where I was striving, I had a legal practice, we had a great lifestyle, blah blah blah... But the being part at the end just didn't ever happened to the extent that I wanted it to. And that's when I realized you have to BE first then you DO then you HAVE by the time you get to having, it's you. already have the being part. And that's what we're really looking for: so being abundant, being happy, being grateful, you know, those states of being that energy will inform your actions which then creates your experience. But just as perhaps I spurred you on, you spurred me on. So again, it's that collaboration and that's when I realized during quarantine, I'm in Arizona-Texas just shut down and you had your family that was pretty much it. I've realized how much I enjoy hearing other people, listening to their stories, being with them, and then working towards a common goal. And you know, as you know, working for yourself, you know, from your own office. The Zoom calls were great, these conversations were great but being in the same room with someone else there's a lot of energy there that gets exchanged. So if you can do that with your ideas of money and abundance and become that person who radiates, who's happy, you're already satisfied because you're being first. Your impact on everyone you come in contact with is immeasurable.


16 Sep 2021

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Money Talks with Your Parents with Cameron Huddleston

Today I am interviewing Cameron Huddleston. And we're talking about parents and making sure that we've had important conversations with our parents about financial planning and what's important to them. How do they see their financial needs as they age and what we can do to help them prepare for a smoother transition, whether that be because they're not able to take care of themselves or in the case of their passing. It's not an easy conversation. Cameron has written a book about it- Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk. I love her work. I love how she, so committed to making a difference in the world, to making this transition easier for families. I know you'll love this conversation and please, please, please take heed and do what she's suggesting. Enjoy. She shared this - "...And so having these conversations with your parents while they're young and healthy, so that they can look, explore those options so that they can meet with a planner if necessary to come up with a plan to pay for long-term care, or so that they can tell you, look, we're counting on you, to help care for us. Well, then you might need to make some changes in your own financial situation. It might mean, you know, getting a side hustle now so that you can save up extra money in case you have to stop working, it might mean talking to your siblings and saying, Hey, Mom and Dad are counting on us to care for them. I have an idea. We can afford if we chip in together to buy them a long-term care insurance policy. So let's do that. Let's get them long-term care insurance to help cover the cost of care because I can't quit my job. And you might not be able to quit your job either because you've got kids to support. So like I said, having these conversations is going to allow you to create a plan..." Cameron Huddleston is the author of "Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk: How to Have Essential Conversations With Your Parents About Their Finances". She also is an award-winning journalist with 20 years of experience writing about personal finance. Her work has appeared in Forbes, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Chicago Tribune, MSN, Yahoo and many, more print and online publications. U.S. News & World Report named her one of the top personal finance experts to follow on Twitter, and AOL Daily Finance named her one of the top 20 personal finance influencers to follow on Twitter. She has appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN and “Fox & Friends” and has been a guest on ABC News Radio, Wall Street Journal Radio, NPR and more than 30 podcasts. She also has been interviewed and quoted as an expert in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, BBC.com, MarketWatch and more. Cameron has an MA in Economic Journalism from American University and BA in Journalism and Russian studies from Washington & Lee University.


4 Sep 2021

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Freedom to Fly with Vincent Pugliese

Today, I'm interviewing my friend Vincent Pugliese. He's the founder of the Total Life Freedom community and we are talking about having the freedom to fly in your life. And, I came up with that at the end of the conversation. But, really this is about what is it, what does it look like when we can step back from our work, our jobs and think about how can I create a life that's really suited for me that gives me the control of my time, my money, in the work that I do. And, here is Vincent's story and also mine. We're talking, we're communicating, sharing about our own life journeys and, hoping that it plants a seed in your own potentiality to create the life that you want to live. Vincent has been doing this work for over 4 years. He was a photographer before that he talks about his journey. He's written a book he called - Freelance to Freedom. I know you're going to get a lot from this conversation. Enjoy... Vincent is the founder of the Total Life Freedom Community. Living a life of freedom is of huge importance to Vincent and his wife Elizabeth. They homeschool their three boys and believe that having control of your time, your money, and the work you do, leads to the ultimate life freedom. While teaching others to do the same, the movement of Total Life Freedom was born. Vincent shared this - "We're all there, that's a great point because so many people think, you're ahead of them or I'm ahead of them. We're not; what I realized. I'll meet people and they'll tell me their story. And I'll be like, I need to learn from you. Like, there are things that I am struggling with, that you have figured out big time. I think everybody can learn from anyone. And, I think as soon as you're not a beginner, you're going to lose. I say, all the time, you want to be a beginner of something, I have to be a beginner of something. I had to be growing in something. And, I try to be an expert in something each way I can be kind of in a certain spot. It can be teaching from an expert spot, be growing, but I have to be a beginner. And, there's something for that. Every person - it doesn't matter who they are. They're working down the street at the gas station to the CEO that can teach me something. So I don't think it's, I think they say, oh, you're ahead. We might be ahead in a certain spot, but they're ahead in another spot. They might be more patient with their kids than I am, and I need to learn from them...


29 Aug 2021

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Taking the Leap with Chantell Young Chief

Today, I'm interviewing Chantell Young Chief. Chantell is an educator and she's in the process of getting her new business going Prosubsteach. And, she's sharing about her journey of moving past the things that held her back and working in a job that could have provided for her for the rest of her life; wanting more and being really passionate about something which was helping teach substitute teachers how to be in a classroom, how to make an impact, how to feel comfortable showing up in this really important role that they play. I love this conversation. I love Chantell's energy and her vulnerability in talking about some of the things that she moved through and what it's been like for her on the other side. Enjoy... Chantell is an experienced charter and public school educator with more than 27 years of teaching, training, and administration. She has an insatiable desire to continue growing professionally, leading her to ever new and increasingly responsible roles of leadership that allowed her to influence many students and teachers. She has witnessed many challenges in education for students, teachers, and administrators. They motivated her to seek out innovative answers by exploring unchartered methods as solutions. One of those challenges has been the increasing need for quality Professional Substitute Teachers. Clearly understanding the essential and increasingly in demand role substitutes are being called to fill, she recognized the opportunity to once again serve the community in a unique role leading her to write the book, "I'm a Professional Substitute Teacher ... Now What?" and developing the ProSubs Skillful Teaching course and training. It is Chantell's vision to mark her contribution in transforming education by preparing Professional Substitute Teachers who are innovative, creative, independent thinkers and introducing them to the amazing world of education. Chantell shared these insightful notes: "And that's so important that we be different people. It's not about the money, and the money does come when you're open and your heart's open and your mind is open and you understand what you're really doing and why you're doing it. If you're doing it for the money, I'm sure that will come too. But I have been absolutely blown away by the more progress I make in my mindfulness, the easier the work has become. Even though I'm doing more work and I'm staying up late at night and I'm dedicating more of my hours to this, it feels like less because my mindfulness has gotten so open that is flowing, it's flowing together..." "I am most proud that I have been honest with myself, honest with you, and honest with the people in our IPROSPER group. I late aside from the need to have a certain image in order to find who I truly am. I'm still working on that. I haven't gotten in there yet. But I have so many tools now that I know I can keep going. And that was not easy. That was really hard like I said the business part of it yet. I had to learn how to take payments and set up a website and all of those things I would have learned those anyway. If I hadn't been honest with myself, my business would have been a whole lot different and I think my impending success is going to be fabulous. I don't know how or what other avenue I could have possibly taken to make that happen other than being in the group that I'm in and I'm astonished at just the amount of dedication you've given to us and that I've gotten from the group and the commitment that has been given to me and I see where it's taking me when I touch all those people's lives I want them to feel that way too..."


26 Aug 2021

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Connecting Financially with Diania Merriam

Today, I'm interviewing Diania Merriam and she is the founder of Econome Conference. It is such a fun conversation that we are talking about not only the conference that she's created and this is her second one coming up but the story behind the conference, her vision, how she brought it into reality, getting sponsors, getting speakers. This person is very persistent and resilient and I love sharing stories of people like Diania who have these ideas say let's bring this into reality, commit herself to it, and then ultimately have success. She's also sharing about the fact that she created this business without the intention of making money and some things that have been challenging as a result of that decision. I know that you'll take away a lot from this conversation. One of the things I love about talking to Diania is she's able to explain situations that she's gone through but because she's not in the story when she shares her experiences we're all able to have transformational conversations going on in our heads about what she's sharing and how it applies to our own lives. I know that this is going to be a transformational conversation I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are. Enjoy...


23 Aug 2021

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