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Special guest POPS joins in on the fun this week as he helps shed light onto AEW and the Wednesday night War! Royal Rumble season is here and The Bad Guys are more than ready for this BIG weekend! Find out where you can check out the action on Sunda Night! HURRY UP AND 2 SWEET THAT PLAY!Intro - 00:12Running The Ropes - 2:29Smackdown - 17:14Synergy Tomorrow Comes Today Recap - 19:49Raw - 26:58Nwa Powerrr - 32:06Wednesday Night War - 36:48HPC of The Week - 59:36

1hr 7mins

24 Jan 2020

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Se Murriooo! AEW/WWE PPV Go Home show (Episode 67)

A loud and active week of pro wrestling is just what the Dr. ordered! And your favorite heels are here to deliver that fix! Aew Fight for the Fallen, WWE Extreme Rules, Evolve previews, plus Impact's Slammiversary, G1 Climax recaps, and ohh yea we're going to let you know all about that Blink 182 concert too. Two sweet that PLAY!Intro - :12Running The Ropes - 1:24Cien Sucres - 13:57Raw - 22:55Smackdown - 27:42HPC of The Week - 33:24The Smoke - 1:02:16Closing - 1:08:35

1hr 9mins

12 Jul 2019

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Road to No Nice Things (Episode 50)

They boys have LEVELED UP YET AGAIN! A brand new set gives a new LIVE feel to Wednesday nights! Join the Fastlane recap discussion, and enjoy the road to the NO NICE THINGS TAILGATE it's sure to be a bumpy oneIntros - :12Fastlane - 2:22News - 11:14Raw - 21:48Smackdown Live - 43:50Closing - 1:06:33

1hr 7mins

15 Mar 2019

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You're Getting Worked (Episode 98)

The Bad Guys prep you for what promises to be an amazing weekend for AEW! Oh yea WWE is doing a thing in Saudi Arabia in case you have not heard, upset retired legends, and just how well did AEW Dynamite go home show? All this and more for chilling with The Bad Guys! Enjoy!Intro - 00:12Running The Rope - 1:07Smackdown - 9:20Raw - 10:14NWA Powerrr - 19:17IMPACT - 23:17Wednesday Night Wars - 25:20HPC of the Week - 35:33


28 Feb 2020

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Shooting The Ish: Lance Archer

Just DAYS before his epic encounter at Wrestle Kingdom 14, The Bad Guys just HAD to bring you what's HOTTT in the business this week...With that said, This weeks Shooting The Ish is blessed to bring you The Murder-Hawk Monster Lance Archer! Learn about his career and favorite promotions, overcoming injuries and set backs, and a message for John Moxley before their showdown on the 4th! 2 sweet that play already!


31 Dec 2019

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Shooting The Ish: Ricardo Rodriguez

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!...Or better yet "DAMAS Y CABALLEROS!" Brace yourselves for this FUN FILLED sit down and learn about how Ricardo Rodriguez fell in love with this business, the many hats he wore, THAT FAMOUS SLAMMY AWARD WINNING NIGHT back in 2013, WWE grievances, and much more! Your favorite heels dig in deep this time and provide an entertaining listen! 2 Sweet That PLAY!

1hr 10mins

29 May 2019

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To Bleed or Not to Bleed...

Has hell frozen over? Because Raw was AMAZING this week and the HPC team is READY to cover it! Enjoy a #HappyFriday commute with episode 48 and find out how the fellas feel about blading, should it be brought back? All this and more so TWO SWEET THAT PLAY BUTTON NOW!Intros - :13News - :50RAW - 9:04SMACKDOWN - 37:39TOW:BLOOD IN WWE - 49:04


1 Mar 2019

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We Do Raw...Better! (episode 36)

And just like that your holiday vacation is over! SO ITS BACK TO WORK!! Let me guess, you'll have "the usual"? Well we got it for you ūüĒ•HOTūüĒ• off the #RSS ! We're sure u couldn't make it thru ALL of T.V. this week but don't worry #BABYFACES #HPCGotYou now check out episode 36 n have a great #weekend ūü§ėūüŹĺūüėéūü§ėūüŹĺIntros - :13News - :35Raw - 9:37Smackdown Live - 30:10Raw RERUN - 45:08Closing - 1:02:45

1hr 5mins

7 Dec 2018

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Some Union City Ish (Episode 83)

The Bad Guys are strutting their stuff all over EVERYWHERE after such an amazing week! Wonderful weekend among many LEGENDARY names and FANS! Another incredible week of NWA Powerrr, IMPACT makes its TV debut, and something may or may not be happening in Saudia Arabia. Plus much more so 2 sweet that play!!!Intros - :12Running The Ropes - 2:56Smackdown - 10:13RAW - 12:34NWA POWERRR - 19:00IMPACT - 25:50WNW - 29:20The Smoke - 40:20HPC OF THE WEEK - 45:46CLOSING - 58:22


1 Nov 2019

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Shooting The Ish: Chris Bey

The heels have been finessed on this edition of Shooting The Ish. Listen in as they dig deep into the career of Chris Bey! Why he WON'T be diving into DEATHMATCHES any time soon, and his first time opening up about his experience on 205 Live! Smart, determined, and destined for true greatness Chris Bey is a MUST LISTEN! 2 Sweet That Play!!

1hr 6mins

10 Dec 2019

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JP Savage is broken...Happy New Year! (Episode 39)

JP Savage is officially broken!...Ohh and BTW Happy New YEAR! It's been a HELL of a 2018 #BabyFaces and we have been blessed to be a part of it. Now check out the last episode of the year with us as we take you back to some of the good times and BAD of 2018! Intros - :12Matches of 2018 - :58Recipe for better 2019 - 8:27Heels of 2018 - 14:50Loudest pops of 2018 - 24:09Shocking moments of 2018 - 28:35Biggest Name of 2019 - 41:30Closing out the year - 47:11


26 Dec 2018

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What happens in AC... (Episode 77)

An incredible week of wrestling filled with plenty of excitement and fun, not to mention Champions, title changes, returns, heel turns,blood!, AND MUCH MORE! Your favorite bad guys are here to cover it all for you 2 sweet that play and kill that Friday office noise with some Heels!Intros - :12Running The Ropes - 1:30Raw - 28:55Smackdown - 34:05NXT - 40:35HPC of the Week - 55:18

1hr 5mins

20 Sep 2019

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Shooting The Ish: Vickie Guerrero

EXCUSE US ALL for this AMAZING installment of Shooting The Ish! The Bad Guys bring you their FAVORITE GM OF ALL TIME! The lovely Vickie Guerrero! From her own book and new Podcast venture, to funny family stories with the LEGENDARY Eddie Guerrero. Her incredible work ethic goes unrivaled, and leaves a great example for her two wonderful daughters. Check out this MUST PLAY and learn all this AND MORE about our FAVORITE GM! TWO SWEET THAT PLAY NOW!


30 Oct 2019

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A New Era (Episode 40)

It's the greatest time to be a wrestling fan and this could perhaps be the best ERA in #ProWrestling Hurry up and jump into Episode 40 and see what all the commotion is all about this week!...Intros - :12News - 2:40R.I.P. Mean Gene - 10:08Raw - 11:52Smackdown - 17:40Wrestle Kingdom - 31:31AEW - 44:00CLOSING - 1:02:44

1hr 4mins

4 Jan 2019

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Dinosaurs, Famous Monkeys, 3rd Graders, But No Nice Things (episode 42)

Intros - 1:14News - 2:05Raw - Smackdown Live -

1hr 14mins

18 Jan 2019

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Welcome F'n Back (Episode 91)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! HPC is breaking out the new year with some new swag and plenty to do! Check out your favorite heels as they get right to work on the new year with special guest @Fowl_Original to help catch you up with everything WRESTLING!Intro: 00:12Running The Ropes - 4:05Smackdown - 14:42Raw - 21:25NWA POWERRR - 45:26IMPACT - 52:27Wednesday Night War - 54:00closing 1:15:38

1hr 18mins

13 Jan 2020

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Shooting The Ish: Alex Zayne

It's time for another fix wrestle nerds! This time we're here to scratch that "fl!ppy sh!t" fix we KNOW YOU LOVE! And what better way than to do it with our boy Alex Zayne! Yea The Sauce is def a real 1, but find out for yourself in this weeks edition of Shooting The Ish! Learn about Alex's early career and his love for pro wrestling, classic battles with Blake Christian, Alex Zayne the rapper, and of course his INFAMOUS bath tub pose with his favorite tacos!

1hr 3mins

12 Nov 2019

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Shooting The Ish: James Storm

The former NWA National Champion is Shooting The Ish this week with your and now his favorite heels! We really dug deep with this one so listen in and learn a little more about Cowboy James Storm and his gaming days and acting career! Thoughts on Jim Cornette and his recent controversy, including his thoughts on paying dues and of course the "FLIPPY S#!T" in the business. All this and more, plus that DREADED LIGHTNING ROUND! I don't know why your still waiting 2 Sweet That PLAY BUTTON ALREADY!


26 Nov 2019

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WWE MITB HYPE SHOW:Winning Isn't Everything (Episode 59)

It's the Go-Home for MITB catch up with your favorite heels and check out whats buzzing this week in the wrestling world. Who are this Sunday's favorites? AEW inks a familiar T.V. deal, Austin Aries new home at MLW, faulty soundboards, and more, Two Sweet that PLAY!Intro - :12News - :30Raw - 10:50Smackdown - 30:20MITB Predictions - 38:00Closing - 58:00


17 May 2019

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The Necessary Shake Up... (Episode 38)

It smells like Friday!!!...and also something weird but nonetheless it's time for your weekly fix!! With all this new change on #Raw and #SmackdownLive , find out how WE REALLY feel about the #NEWLOOK brands...Ohh and umm, somethings wrong with JP Savage...?? ūü§Ēūü§Ēūü§Ē INTROS- :12NEWS - 1:12RAW - 8:38SMACKDOWN LIVE - 20:58XMAS RAW & SMACKDOWN - 50:50CLOSING! - 1:06:45

1hr 8mins

21 Dec 2018

Rank #20