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Join Hannah for conversations about confidence, self-love, society, and everything in between. Hannah is known for her non-judgmental advice, inspirational stories and sarcastic sense of humour. She has inspired hundreds of women all over the world to stop giving a f*ck what others think, and live life confidently and authentically. When Hannah was in high school, she was diagnosed with a chronic illness that changed her life forever. She spent years grappling with poor body image and low-self esteem, while constantly letting her insecurities stop her from being her authentic self. Just like so many women out there, she was afraid of judgement and felt shame for who she was. But underneath all of that doubt, she knew there was something more out there. After overcoming an eating disorder, starting a powerlifting journey, and surviving an organ-removal surgery, Hannah found herself underneath the struggle.Now, Hannah helps people unlearn the narratives that are holding them back, and guide them to find who they really are so they can live their lives confidently and authentically.

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9 - How to Choose an Effective Solution for Long-Term Confidence

I see thousands of 'self-love' tips out there, but none of them provide long-term solutions to poor self-confidence. Listen to learn about the different types of solutions, and how to pick the most effective one to improve your confidence.  Here’s a summary of what I discussed:Sustainable solutions to get to long-term confidenceWhat thought work is and why it will help you Different types of solutions to useHow to address problems at the root of where they come from And more!Follow me on Instagram @healthybyhannahb 


7 Feb 2022

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8 - I Got Disqualified At My Powerlifting Meet | How I Stay Positive Through My Failures

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in my third powerlifting meet and got disqualified. In this episode, I talk about how I remain motivated to powerlift, a talk openly about why I am not disappointed or embarrassed by my failure. Here’s a summary of what I discussed:How I remain motivated to liftMy personal journey with powerliftingHow to look at failure as a growing & learning experienceAnswering your questions about failureAnd more!Follow me on Instagram @healthybyhannahb 


29 Nov 2021

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7 - Getting Over Sh*tty Relationships and How Powerlifting Can Help With Body Acceptance

The advice column is back! Join me as I talk about how to get over that post-breakup hit to self-esteem and about how powerlifting has changed my body acceptance journey for the better. Here’s a summary of what I discussed:Taking a step back from life when overwhelmed to gain perspective and practice gratitude Taking longer to get over a relationship than you should How to recover from a hit to self-esteem post-breakup Does powerlifting help with body-acceptance How to get started as a beginner in strength-training  And more!Follow me on Instagram @healthybyhannahb 


15 Nov 2021

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6 - Fear of Intimacy, Agonizing Over Past Mistakes & Not Being Where You Should Be

Have a problem? Need some of my glorious wisdom to help fix it? Say no more! In this podcast episode, I give the advice you need to help you fix your complicated life situations. Here’s a summary of what I discussed:Overcoming the effects of narcissistic relationshipsPracticing open communication with your partnerHow to be kind to yourself during moments of stressHow to overcome a fear of intimacy How to stop agonizing over past mistakes Finally stopping social-media comparison Being disappointed for not being as confident as you should beAnd more! Follow me on Instagram @healthybyhannahb


1 Nov 2021

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5 - Online Dating With Confidence, Rejection, Body Confidence & Dating

Dating can be HARD. But it gets a lot easier when you know the right things to do to attract the right people!Here’s a summary of what I discuss:How to create a dating profile to attract the right peopleThe right boundaries to set to attract the right peopleIs rejection a bad thing?The importance of dating yourself while dating othersHow to stop feeling insecure about your body while datingFollow me on Instagram @healthybyhannahb


18 Oct 2021

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4 - Ask Hannah: Confidence vs. Cockiness, Does Weight Loss Help Confidence & Backhanded Compliments

You ask, I answer! In this episode, I answer your common questions about confidence. Here’s a summary of what I discuss:Confidence vs. cockiness, how to tell the differenceIs it realistic to feel confident all the time?How can I sustain long-term confidence?In what ways can self-love be painful?Can weight-loss help your confidence?What kind of people does confidence attract?How to deal with backhanded compliments and unsolicited advice And more!Follow me on Instagram: @healthybyhannahb


4 Oct 2021

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3 - What Having Chronic Illnesses Has Taught Me About Confidence

Living with a chronic illness has made my life hell, but it's also taught me some incredibly important lessons about confidence along the way. Listen to this episode to find out what I've learned, and what to look out for on your own journey with an invisible illness. Here's a brief summary of what I discuss: My personal journey with chronic illnessThe difference between treating your body as a vehicle vs an ornament Do people really care about health?Why you should avoid complimenting weight-lossWhy empathy is so importance The importance of rest in a grind 24/7 cultureFollow me on Instagram @healthybyhannahb


20 Sep 2021

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2 - What To Do If You Can't Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Self comparison can be the thief of joy went left unchecked. Listen to this episode to learn how to nip it and negative self talk in the bud.A brief summary of what I discuss:How self comparison holds you backWhy do you compare yourself to others in the first place?How to use self-comparison to your advantageWhy some self comparison is normal Taking steps towards reducing itIG: @healthybyhannahb


6 Sep 2021

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1 - How to Start Radically Accepting Yourself

Learning how to accept yourself is an essential part of every self love journey. Get the inside-scope on how to start right here bbA brief summary of what I discuss:What self-acceptance isHow refusing to accept yourself is hindering your lifeWhy it's so important for body confidenceHow to work towards itThe irony of self acceptanceIG: @healthybyhannahb


23 Aug 2021

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Trailer - Hannah Says

Welcome to the brand new podcast, Hannah Says! Are you ready to embrace every aspect of your self love journey? I'm Hannah, and I'm here to help you grow into your full authentic and confident self by giving you the mindset tips and building blocks to help you get there. Here's a brief summary of what you'll get from this episode:-Who I am -What the motivation was for this podcast + why the heck you should listen-What to expect + what not to expect from every episode IG: @healthybyhannahb


27 Jul 2021

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