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Capitol Fire Training Podcast is a radio show that discusses fireground tactics, tools, and performance to make the fire service better.

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Managing The Mayday

Mayday...Mayday...Mayday The most chilling set of words that nobody ever wants to hear, come across a portable radio. On top of that, being able to not only manage dealing with it, but continuing to mitigate an emergency around that, as well as keeping your emotions in check.   This episode with CFT instructor Robert “RJ” James and special guest Deputy Fire Chief Leonard Chornock sit down and discuss some of those “managing the mayday” thoughts and practices. With 40 years experience in the fire service and having been involved with 2 maydays in his Chief career, Chief Chornock talks about his own personal experiences and all that surrounds that call on the radio.


3 Jun 2019

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The Fire Service Mentorship (Live from FDIC)

We all have that person or persons in our life that has shaped us in the fire service. These people are the ones that may have showed us key traits to being successful in the fire service. Each mentor has their own way of doing it. This exclusive episode , CFT instructors "RJ", Aaron Martin, Dave Polikoff and special guest Dave McGill, sit down while live at FDIC in Indianapolis and discuss the mentorship of the fire service. Who were their mentors, how it motivated them, how it shaped them, and most importantly how they use it into the building up of others in the fire service.


1 May 2019

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Command Operations (Live from FDIC) MP3

The fire-ground is one big band performance with everyone playing in sync with each other. The command officer is the band maestro and he/she is in charge of the way the team sounds, In this episode Battalion Chief Dave Polikoff gives a little insight on his command program that he will be presenting tomorrow at FDIC as well as his perspective on being a successful command officer. 


8 Apr 2019

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Fire Service Tools (Live w/ Fred Malven)

Fire service tools have been around for many years. Just like anything in the fire service, they evolve over time. Some tools have made a heavy impact on the fire service. During this podcast we sit down with tool inventor and fire service leader Fred Malven, the inventor of the Malven Works Hawk tool, and Monster Halligan, and discuss their concepts, their abilities as well as their locations across the world.

1hr 26mins

19 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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**The Lost Tape**

The Lost Tape We previously recorded a podcast while out in Indy and forgot to post this podcast. We were still getting used to our own podcast and how to maneuver our own site, that we forgot to post it.  In this episode we sit down with FDNY Rescue Co.4 fireman Aaron Martin before he teaches his FDIC presentation on Firefighting in Subdivided Structures.  When we arrive on scene of these particular occupancy's there are clues that are telling us that there are multiple people living within that structure, but are we picking up hints? Are search tactics might be a little different, but have we trained on that? Tune in while we pick Aaron's brain and get a sneak peak of his class. 


1 Oct 2019

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