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Last Week on Earth with Ben Gleib

News. Pop Culture. Politics. Weird stories. EVERYTHING that happened during the last week. Comedian Ben Gleib catches you up on it all, while making fun of basically everything. Some people tell him this podcast is the way they prefer to get the news. He thinks these people are geniuses. Sometimes he's joined by celebrity guests like comedians, actors, politicians, Four-Star Generals, and his parents. But mostly he talks to himself. If you've been in a coma for the last 7 days, this podcast should not be high on your list of things to tackle.Join the #braintrust

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#154: Trump Made Me Do It

Thanks to Donald Trump, the podcast returns! Gleib is back with his take on Trump, Ariana Grande, The Bachelor, Excessive Heat, the Gun Debate, Underwater Pole Dancing, Justin Bieber, and more Trump. #LWOE #begleibers #braintrust


16 Mar 2016

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Last Week On Earth 182: Squeeze the Debate

Comedy Juice Squeezes the Presidential Debate with winner of Last Comic Standing Alonzo Bodden & our favorite Ben Morrison. At the Hollywood Improv last week Gleib watched the debate on stage with Alonzo and Ben and paused it as it played, adding comments and jokes. Here is that full audio, the debate plus commentary. The only way to listen to this madness.

2hr 20mins

15 Oct 2016

Rank #2

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#195: Leggo My Ego

During a blizzard in New York John Brevard interviews Gleib in front of an intimate crowd to discuss overcoming his speech problem, how to conquer a fear of public speaking, how we misinterpret the ego and how we can empower ourselves by shifting it, the battle between ego and oneness, and the current state of our reality in a time of "alternative facts."

1hr 16mins

17 Mar 2017

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#178: Non-sunshine

Gleib weighs in on Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem, more Hillary email lies, Trump's latest overtures to African Americans, and he gets excited about some Taylor Swift news. Watch Gleib's live all improvised standup shows from around the country for free on Facebook, worldwide at Facebook.com/bengleib. He's the first comic to ever do this. One broadcast show in every city. And follow his snapchat and Instagram stories daily @bengleib


7 Sep 2016

Rank #4

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#239: Socially Distant from Steve Hofstetter, Chris Bowers & Dr. Larry

Comedians Steve Hofstetter & Chris Bowers join Gleib to discuss the insane list of things Bowers doesn't like, and some very unpopular opinions. They cover what we all miss from normal life, hilarious reasons people are calling 911, the return of Jussie Smollett, a tiger with Coronavirus, Trump demanding appreciation from givernors and bragging about banging models while talking about people dying, an incredibly helpful fetish site, and Florida advising caution in a very special Florida way. Then Dr. Larry Burchett joins us again to give us an update from the E.R., put COVID-19 in perspective, share the most current info, and answer questions we are all wondering.Follow @SteveHofstetter @BowersComedy @DrLarryBurchett

1hr 43mins

8 Apr 2020

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#158: Human Arrow Children

There's a Rob Kardashian? Trump odd abortion and nuke statements. Children form an arrow. More anti-LGBT laws passed. Siestas threatened! Interesting financial news and superpower dreams. Basically everything that happened during the Last Week on Earth.


6 Apr 2016

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#181: Posh Chewbacca-esque Jacket

Moments after Gleib's 5th Facebook Live standup broadcast, this time at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Juice show, he walks outside with Ben Morrison and they talk about the debate, other things, and then Morrison becomes British.


30 Sep 2016

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#196: Late AF

This ep is late AF as Gleib intended on recording it 2 weeks ago. While driving home he shares his thoughts on Bannon being removed, Trump's Judgement, and balls on statues. His girlfriend Jacqueline Yunez breaks her mime silence to join the conversation.


7 Apr 2017

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#162: Unisex Lemonade: Guest Stephanie Simbari

Comedian Stephanie Simbari joins Gleib from their condo in Edmonton to discuss Beyonce's Lemonade, Trump becoming the presumptive nominee, gossip culture and the elusiveness of truth, evidence that the Saudi government helped plan 9/11, Anti-LGBT laws violating the Civil Rights Act, Unisex bathrooms, Unicorns, and a machine that butters toast. Follow Stephanie @stephsimbari & listen to her podcast That's So Retrograde.

1hr 30mins

6 May 2016

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Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib 130: LWOTR: Polymind Firepit with Feldman, Provenza & McCall

Last Week on the Road Gleib was at one of Kelly Carlin's legendary Polymind hangs, and around the fire was Emmy winner David Feldman, Director Paul Provenza, Kelly Carlin, (3 past LWOE guests in one recording!) and her husband Director of Photograph Bob McCall. They discuss everything from political movements to net neutrality, optimism vs nihilism, and if paradigms can truly ever be shifted. They are also joined by comedian Chris Bonno, musician Gary Stockdale, Richard Green, and daughter of legendary comedian Lord Buckley, Laurie Buckley.


18 Aug 2014

Rank #10

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Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib 131: Ben Morrison Playhouse Flow

Starting with a freestyle news rap, Ben Morrison & Gleib flow down at Morrison's pad about the events of the last week. With his girlfriend Christine and 2 random Israeli dudes in the background.

1hr 12mins

18 Aug 2014

Rank #11

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Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib 135: Ben's Podcast: But which Ben?

Ben's podcast? Ben Gleib and Ben Morrison aren't sure who's podcast this is. So they go on a very weird, tangential, all improvised journey to find out.


18 Aug 2014

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#160: An American Unicorn

Shooting a man on the street video to use in Gleib's Political Idiotest special for GSN, he went to Hollywood Boulevard with a camera crew to speak with voters from across the country. He spoke with people from LA, Virginia, Florida, New York, and Missouri, asking them who they are supporting for president, and what issues are most important to them. Do we have more in common than we think? Watch Gleib host #politcalidiotest a special presentation airing 4/20 4/23 & 4/24 only on GSN.


20 Apr 2016

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#151: John Fugelsang: Balls News Liars

John Fugelsang joins Gleib on Kim Kardashian's dirty talk, how social media effects comedy, the racist attack in South Carolina, getting hit in the balls, the state of civil rights, porn, Hillary Clinton, Brian WIlliams' reinstatement, weathermen, meteors, Christopher Walken, whether a comedian should always please a crowd. N more! Watch Idiotest every weds at 10/9c on GSN.


24 Jun 2015

Rank #14

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Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib 132: LWOTR: Todd Glass & Sara Weinshenk: Witch Don't Kill My Vibe

Comedians Todd Glass & Sara Weinshenk joined Gleib at 2am in the Improv parking lot, to discuss stoned sandwiches, fruit stand technique, road travel strategies, and how to deal with aggressive people in witch hats. Last Week on the Road.

1hr 1min

18 Aug 2014

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#189: Urgent Message from Captain Kirk

An urgent message from Captain Kirk about the future of our nation before the electors vote, plus Gleib has a really big announcement, and finally tells you why he called.


18 Dec 2016

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Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib 137: LWOTR Gene Pompa: Barely Spilled a Drop

Driving through Las Vegas on Friday night after our two shows at Harrah's to do a free show at South Point Casino off the strip, called Dirty at 12:30, comedian Gene Pompa and Gleib discuss all sorta things. Like why freeways used to be crazy. Parents flip flopping genders. The LA riots. Korean liquor store owners. Squaring off with Steven Seagall. And a good mix of truthful and fictional stories. You should be able to tell which is which. Maybe. Also none of this is was recorded. Gleib promises.


18 Aug 2014

Rank #17

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#226: Woke to Impeachment

Gleib brings us an all-star panel from the Hollywood Improv for another "We the People" with Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's Helen Hong, famed Time Magazine columnist Joel Stein, Reagan Award winner Kassy Dillon, and KFI host Bryan Suits, discussing the Impeachment Inquiry, if Biden can get woke, or should he step down, and the debacle of Trump abandoning the Kurds in Syria.

1hr 25mins

24 Oct 2019

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#186: Take a Breath

Donald Trump somehow won the election. It's crazy. But let's all take a breath. Comedian Thomas Dale joins Gleib as they sail out of the country.


12 Nov 2016

Rank #19

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#169: Stand for Sitting

Gleib tackles the big issues. Taylor Swift moving on super quick. House Democrats gun control sit-in. IMPORTANT SURI CRUISE NEWS. Trump is more extreme than the NRA? Avocado thefts. AND MORE!


24 Jun 2016

Rank #20