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Evaion’s adventure

Telling and epic tale of Evaion and his friends and family Going to worlds and alternate universes explore new powers and evils new bad guys and spirits monsters demons and others kinds of creatures. Goes others world by artists, Game developers, shows and more.

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Chapter 2: the Crystal castle

Evaion family and friends leaves into a new world or a new alternate universe when they enter into the world or au a we find a army of shadow Warriors and we go


13 Jan 2020

Rank #1

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Chapter 1

In the story Evaion Perez Goes to work making rocket boots and he and his mom and dad are In a car crash and Evaion is hurt really bad he takes them to his lab and and cuts off his arm for a new arm a Cybernetic arm that will teleport them into a new universe.


3 May 2019

Rank #2

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Evaions adventure introduction


2 Apr 2019

Rank #3