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Hope As California Fires Burn

James Turnes is a volunteer who leads evacuee care at an RV campground near Corning, California. He says the community has rallied around those who have lost everything.


24 Nov 2018

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Mayflower Descendant

Kim Ostermyer can trace his family tree back to the Mayflower. He says it's a long lineage full of people with stories that never make the history books.


10 Nov 2018

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Sled Dog Racer

Frank Moe is a veteran musher whose love for sled dogging—and the dogs—has him competing against mushers sometimes half his age.


8 Dec 2018

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Roadside Hero

Trucker Dusty Carty has travelled millions of miles with a clean safety record—and has been recognized for pulling over near an overturned car to help rescue passengers.


15 Dec 2018

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I-75 Series: Matt, Garden Family Guru

Matt Bouvy helps run the Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center in Saginaw, Michigan. He comes from a long line of farmers—and raised his kids between the aisles of geraniums and hydrangeas.


12 Jan 2019

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Retiring Salvation Army Bellringer

Vera Stewart has greeted shoppers at the Southside Mall in Oneanta, New York for more than 20 years. She'll be retiring (as Mrs. Claus ringing a red bell) after this holiday season.


22 Dec 2018

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Boarding School Newbie

Khristi Adams has followed a student ministry career to a chaplaincy at a boarding school in Pennsylvania. The pace is frenetic—and, she says, it's an opportunity to focus on learning something every day.


17 Nov 2018

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I-75 Series: 'Social Warrior' Learning Curve

Amy Worthing sits on Flint, Michigan's City Council. Despite the ups and downs of public service, she's still committed to fighting for her residents—and juggling her two children.


19 Jan 2019

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I-75 Series: History in Character

Craig Wilson lives in Mackinaw City, Michigan where he is curator for several state historic parks. Mackinaw City is close to the northern terminus of Interstate 75. We'll be talking to strangers down that highway over the next few weeks.


5 Jan 2019

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Christmas Tree Sales Ninja

Charles Deveaux works the afternoon shift in a northern Virginia roadside tree stand during the holidays. As he works to make ends meet, he says he wants to be "the greatest artist of my generation."


1 Dec 2018

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