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The Vodafone Institute Podcast deals with current issues of a digitisation in society, business and education. What are the opportunities and challenges of digitisation? How is the world of work and learning changing?

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Digital Skills - Sinead Mac Manus

The skills we need for our jobs are constantly changing, at least it seems so. But is that really the case? What skills do we need in a digitised economy? Should everybody learn to code? Or do we need more data-experts as big data comes around? We will discuss this questions in this episode of the podcast. Our guest is Sinead Mac Manus. She founded fluency.io, a digital skills startup.


14 Dec 2014

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Development with mobile technology - Anne Bouverot and Julia Manske

Anne Bouverot, Director General of the GSMA, and Julia Manske from the think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung are discussing the impact of mobile for the developing countries. There a success-stories like the M-Pesa model of a digital currency and some people know, that many countries jumped right over to mobile instead of cable internet. What are the challenges and the opportunities today?


14 Dec 2014

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Startups for Jobseekers - Dupsy Abiola and Rajeeb Dey

Dupsy Abiola founded Intern Avenue and Rajeeb Dey is the founder of Enternships.com. Both are working on connecting students and graduates to work placements. How does big data changes the hiring process? What do jobseekers need for the entry in the work life? Where can technology be helpful? We will discuss these questions in this episode of the podcast.


14 Dec 2014

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Machine Learning - Michael A Osborne

Can intelligent algorithms really substitute human workers? And if so, what happens with us and the society as a whole? Are self-driving cars, Amazon's product recommodations or Google Translate already the first signs of the new possibilities? Professor Michael A. Osborne is an information engineer, who works in Machine Learning at the University of Oxford.


14 Dec 2014

Rank #4

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