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Join us as we engage with customers, partners, internal team members and other thought leaders in discussing how organizations are building effective cybersecurity programs that utilize threat intelligence across their infrastructures. From time to time, we will also discuss the latest headlines, threats, and research produced by our Anomali Threat Research team experts.

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What the Dark Web Reveals About Election Interference in 2018

Although there has been a lot of chatter recently about the integrity of voting in the US, it’s far from clear what the specific threat is and it’s probability of doing serious damage. But the bigger threat may come from the perception of a lack of integrity in the security of voter databases. The recent discovery of more than 35 million voting records from 19 US states in a criminal forum on the Dark Web is fueling concern that voters may be frightened about their personal voting details getting out and that may in turn cause some citizens to not register to vote. It’s not unheard of. Some citizens already decline to register to vote in an attempt to avoid jury duty. Travis Farral, director of security strategy at Anomali and one of the researchers behind that Dark Web report, talks about the perception threat, along with the possibility of widespread mobile voting, the integrity of voting booths and the implications of the US having so many different means of voting—in this week’s Cyber Threat Podcast.


2 Nov 2018

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Bad News For Old Hardware

There's a new attack on Intel chips, where a flaw in the chips themselves is being used to steal crypto keys. The good news is that Intel has addressed this issue in its newest chips. But that's still bad news for CISOs whose companies like to milk old hardware as long as they can.


15 Nov 2018

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The Future of Cybersecurity, Threat Intel and the Skills Gap

Join us as we restart our Podcast, where we will regularly engage with innovators, thought leaders and researchers to tackle the most pressing issues in cybersecurity today. On this episode, we look at the future of cybersecurity, where the threat intelligence market is headed, and talk about how private sector and university partnerships can help ease the security professional shortage.


31 Oct 2020

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The FireEye, SolarWinds Hacks: Adversaries Want Access, How To Protect Your Organization

Forensic experts and news outlets are now following the trail of digital clues, trying to make sense of what happened to FireEye and SolarWinds. At a high level, we know that FireEye was compromised by a state-sponsored adversary. In the case of SolarWinds, it is looking like its attacker was able to dwell in victims’ networks for as long as nine months. On this episode we discuss what went wrong and dive into why detection plays a key role in helping organizations to defend against attacks like these.


17 Dec 2020

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Washington DC: Where is Cybersecurity Policy Headed?

President Joe Biden is taking the nation’s helm during one of the most challenging times in the modern history of the United States. We’re still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy is making a comeback but still teetering, and when it comes to cybersecurity — headwinds are blowing hard. This episode of the Anomali Detect Podcast features Beltway insider Sonny Sinha of Sinha Associates. With an inside view on the interworking of DC policy making, Sonny sheds light on what a new administration means to the cybersecurity industry.


8 Apr 2021

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