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Chef Ben has been cooking since he was a 14 year old kid, and drinking for just as long. When he stopped, things came into focus.

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Episode 3: Why Am I?

A year ago today, we lost one of the greats.  This episode is dedicated to my voluntary brother Tim.  Take that break, Chef.


9 Feb 2017

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Episode 4: How Did We Get Here?

Man oh man, there are so many reasons to drink in the restaurant industry. And it's so EASY.


2 Mar 2017

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Episode 25: On The Road

So, how do we take care of ourselves when nobody is watching? Today, we head into the Heart of Darkness.  Also known as Pittsburgh.

24 Feb 2019

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Episode 30: Choices, Choices

I used to choose to drink, now I choose not to drink.  I REALLY wish it was as simple as all that.  Also, let me tell you all about my job.

3 Nov 2019

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Episode 23: Happy New Year

This time of year is tough; being sober over the holidays is tough, restaurant work is tough, but goddamn it, we are tough.  Reach out if your innate badassery isn't getting you all the way there: https://www.aa.org/pages/en_US/find-local-aa 1-800-273-8255 (Suicide Prevention Hotline) https://www.hftd.org/ (Hope For The Day) https://www.bensfriendshope.com/

25 Dec 2018

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Episode 5: What Now?

So you've decided to quit drinking while maintaining your restaurant lifestyle. How do you do that? Where are your resources? Who else is doing this very same thing?


27 Jun 2017

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Episode 15: What's The Plan?

So how do we make this work?  Practice.  We practiced drinking, now we have to practice sobriety.

1 Apr 2018

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Episode 22: The Pros & Cons

In this episode, we talk about the very real pros and cons of sobriety.  Restaurants don't make it easy on you.

14 Oct 2018

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Episode 16: CulinaRecovery with Melinda Dorn

It's our first interview episode!  Today we chat with Melinda Dorn about restaurant culture in relation to substance abuse, her history in the industry & her ideas for changing things (for the better) into the future.

12 Apr 2018

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Episode 6: Anybody Out There?

So you quit drinking and everyone around you hasn't. Is anyone else out there going through this too?


25 Jul 2017

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Episode 24: Bear In A Cage

In which we talk about restaurant upbringing, managing expectations and personal responsibility.  Also there's bears.

20 Jan 2019

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Episode 19: Hot Mess

I went to a conference and read a book.  Social situations continue to be a bummer, and I had to take another long look inside.

18 Jul 2018

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Episode 26: Cascade Failure

Look, I get it.  You have a lot of problems.  Where do you start?  Well, at the beginning.

9 Mar 2019

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Episode 27: The Other Side Of The Door

Know thyself.

20 Apr 2019

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Episode 13: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Pint Glass

If I could erase all of my terrible, fuzzy memories of my drinking days, would I?  Find out!

21 Feb 2018

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