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Welcome to the Press Room, from Deloitte Insights, your source for the issues and ideas that matter to your business today. Host Tanya Ott interviews thought leaders and change makers on developments in business strategy, emerging technologies, growth, innovation, performance, risk and security, social impact, sustainability, talent and more. Deloitte Insights publishes original articles, reports, and periodicals that provide insights for businesses, the public sector, and NGOs. Our goal is to draw upon research and experience from throughout our professional services organization, and that of coauthors in academia and business, to advance the conversation on a broad spectrum of topics of interest to executives and government leaders.Deloitte Insights is an imprint of Deloitte Development LLC. This podcast is provided by Deloitte LLP and is subsidiaries and is intended to provide general information only. This podcast is not intended to constitute professional advice or services of any kind. For additional information about Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries, please go to www.deloitte.com/about.

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As a new leader, having the right team in place can make or break your position. Ajit Kambil spoke with Tanya Ott on the trade-off between time and talent, and how to handle your incoming team—from glass breakers to Eeyores.


10 May 2017

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The internet of things in the real world

The Internet of Things touches diverse sectors, from agriculture to health to automotive. How is IOT helping farmers irrigate better? How are the lessons from retail being applied to health care? How is the auto industry handling all this data? Tanya Ott finds out how IOT is transforming the world.


27 Sep 2017

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Deloitte Insights | Reimagining measurement

Non-profits have to be accountable for the money they receive and foundations today are increasingly asking for hard data. But how do we reimagine measurement to measure social impact? Rhonda Evans and Tony Seisfeld discuss.


23 Nov 2017

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Unlocking human potential

The growing wellness industry attests to people’s need to destress and slow down. Finding the balance between roots and shoots—between inward reflection and outward exploration—can be the key here, say Maggie Wooll and Duleesha Kulasooriya.


22 Mar 2017

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Are we headed for a poorer United States?

Millennial households in the United States have fewer assets and lower income than older households, which is a concern. Technology could come to rescue by improving productivity and helping people earn more, says Patricia Buckley.


23 Jul 2018

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Moving from best to better and better

Just scaling efficiency may no longer be enough for companies to thrive. Instead, the key may be to track the progress of work groups with a clear shared goal, say John Hagel and Maggie Wooll.


25 Jan 2018

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What is work?

Automation is changing how work gets done, and companies need to shift workers’ focus from routine tasks to more value-creating activities, the kind machines can’t replicate, say John Hagel and Maggie Wooll of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge.


22 May 2019

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Navigating the Future of Work

As work gets disconnected from jobs and the gig economy gains momentum, what will offices of the future look like? With an augmented workforce, many of your co-workers may not even be human. Jeff Schwartz and Tom Friedman talk about skillfully navigating these uncharted waters.


26 Jul 2017

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Following the digital thread

The digital thread integrates the virtual and real worlds in a way that could spark a revolution in how we make and deliver products. Tanya Ott spoke with Paul Michelman and Mark Cotteleer about how organizations can capitalize on this emergent technology. 


14 Jun 2018

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The duct tape guide to digital strategy

How can organizations survive the disruption caused by digital technologies? By embracing a digital environment, encouraging a culture of technology-enabled collaboration, and having the courage to experiment and fail, say Deloitte’s Ahn Phillips and Boston College’s Jerry Kane, authors of The Technology Fallacy .


17 Apr 2019

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Catch the wave

The future of work is hybrid. Technology is getting smarter and reskilling and retraining need to be the main weapons in every employee’s armory. Josh Bersin talks about continuous apprenticeship, the culture of lifelong learning, and the need to overcome the fear of reinventing ourselves.


23 Aug 2017

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Achieving digital maturity

In this changing digital world, are companies culturally distinct enough to be called digitally mature? Are they treating digital as core to their strategy, encouraging their staff to think digitally, and developing their people? Anh Phillips and Jerry Kane give us a sense of digital maturity.


9 Aug 2017

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Beyond the digital frontier

Scott Buchholz and Bill Briggs, technology leaders at Deloitte, recap their 2019 Tech Trends report with a look at how today’s technology landscape is driving businesses strategy and laying the groundwork for future innovation.


6 Mar 2019

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The rise of mobility as a service

By 2025, private cars might become obsolete. With growing congestion along with innovative transport options, mobility as a service—using public and private transportation seamlessly and on demand—is gradually becoming a reality, says Warwick Goodall.


8 Mar 2017

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Can we make behavioral changes stick?

Katy Milkman, codirector of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative, shares some surprising findings on what kinds of nudges can help people make long-term behavioral changes.


20 Nov 2019

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Nudging toward better health

Nudges are being used today in increasingly varied ways to drive consumer behavior.  Similar strategies in health care can lead to better medical decisions and improved patient outcomes, says Mitesh Patel of the Penn Medicine Nudge Unit.


22 Aug 2018

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Global economic outlooks 2020

What effect could the ongoing trade skirmishes have on the global economy in 2020? Tanya Ott sits down with Deloitte Global Economist Ira Kalish to consider the possibilities.


8 Jan 2020

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2019 Banking and Capital Markets Outlook

Economic fundamentals are strong, the regulatory climate is favorable, and transformation technologies are more effective than ever before. Now is the time for the banking industry to rethink transformation and pursue long-term strategic change, say Deloitte’s Val Srinivas, Scott Baret, and Anna Celner.


27 Mar 2019

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Ignoring bad news

Whether and how to report bad news is a constant issue in organizations, with employees agonizing over the consequences. Tanya Ott spoke to Deloitte’s Mark Cotteleer and Timothy Murphy about how a framework—the message, messenger, and masses—can help organizations understand human biases to better communicate negative messages.


17 Nov 2015

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Pervasive intelligence

We are entering the era of pervasive intelligence thanks to AI. David Schatsky, leader of Deloitte's trend-sensing program, says it is high time companies took stock of the impact this will have on their businesses and position themselves to reap the benefits.


20 Feb 2019

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