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Darius Barazandeh and top spiritual and energy healers, teachers and experts help you to heal, transform and awaken matters affecting your BEST life, health and spirit. Every episode contains POWERFUL energy healing work - so catch them all. Be sure to visit http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com to get your Free 3-Step Energy Awakening Kit to continue your journey to your best self and life!

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Dr. Bradley Nelson Q&A

Rare event! This is one of the few times that Dr. Bradley Nelson takes caller's questions. Ask yourself - Have you been trying to create success in your life? Do you feel stuck, desperate, and like nothing has worked? Have you ever had a bad experience, memory or rejection? Have you had health challenges or a lack of vitality? You may have a "Heart Wall". Let Dr. Bradley set you free in this session! Join Dr. Bradley Nelson for LIVE 1-on-1 work to Unlock the "Secret Abundance" Behind Your "Heart-Wall". In this session you will understand how to remove any 'heart walls' that may be holding you back, learn how to dissolve 'heart walls' remotely, understand the truth about creating abundance, learn why the heart is the 'master key' to abundance. We opened the lines to clear your heart walls. Find out how so many have learned why abundance, love, vitality and joy are yours to experience! Release the energy that keeps you stuck! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 27mins

30 Jun 2015

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Jarrad Hewett interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Kick off with Jarrad Hewett and experience the brand new Prayer Energy Circle! Join psychic healer, Jarrad Hewett, for 2014: Open the Ascended Heart and Thrive. This is Jarrad's first new healing journey in almost a year! This was a powerful, loving session with 3 big energy activations! On this world premiere of Jarrad's New Energy Journey, you will re-connect to source in wholeness and love, learn about the true untapped power of the ascended heart chakra, unblock your money center by eliminating all templates, beliefs and genetic set-backs - instantly, get off the "hamster wheel" and learn how to emotionally pivot in seconds, experience what it would be like to truly create the life of your dreams, instantly raise your vibration and open your heart, discover easy and effortless ways of living your dreams and creating heaven on Earth. Jarrad will be sharing his newest frequencies in this session! Experience this special 2014 re-set energy activation - psychic heart clearing! WARNING: There are group readings and exercises in this session. This is a powerful session, so do not listen while driving or operating equipment. To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 23mins

29 Oct 2015

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Kenji Kumara interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

What if you could unlock miracles? Listen to this amazing session and attunement and join us for some exercises on the call! Releasing the energy that keeps us stuck! Join Kenji Kumara for Journey Into Transformation & Miracles Part IV! In this session you will learn powerful processes to start unlocking and releasing core patterns of stress, trauma, and pain. According to Kenji, "We will start creating activations on the DNA and sub-atomic levels. Some might experience a 'light-body' alignment and a magnetic field re-alignment!" What could this mean for you? Be sure to be on this session! Get ready to find out how and experience something new! WARNING: On this session we go deep! This is a Part IV 'Attunment'. Please do not listen if you are not prepared for this level of vibration and attunement. To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 21mins

14 Jul 2015

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Ann Taylor interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

One of our most popular guests, Ann Taylor, is back with more powerful clearings...THAN EVER! Join Ann for Be Empowered to Manifest Financial Abundance. With Ann's healing work, you can eliminate worry about money, heal fear of lack of money, remove the belief that there's never enough money, and empower yourself to know that making money is easy. Now - you CAN be empowered to manifest financial abundance! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 16mins

9 Jun 2015

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Mas Sajady interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Reality re-programming energy session - transform your life! What would happen if your reality was completely re-programmed? What would you wish for? What things would you do right now? Mas Sajady is ascending rapidly as one of the most powerful healers and energy channelers. He is a reality reprogrammer. He generates a unique energy that is so rich people have incredible releases, healings, openings and more! What it does is different, loving, gentle and incredibily powerful. Join Mas Sajady - Reality Re-Programmer - for: Could Your Entire Life Transform in 30 Minutes or Less? In this session with Mas you will learn the ‘real why’ your life has been the way it is, the ‘real how’ to change your life rapidly and effortlessly, how to become enlightened without the hassle of near death experiences, what Mas can change in your life 30 minutes or less. Mas does a group process in this session - almost guaranteed to cause a shift in you! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 17mins

29 Mar 2016

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Chunyi Lin interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Find your soul purpose! Join certified international Qigong Master and holistic healer, Chunyi Lin, for Finding Your Soul Purpose - Transforming Your Life. IMPORTANT NOTE: Master Lin does long distance detecting and gives healing energy for listeners in this special session! In this session, Master Chunyi Lin will help you discover your Soul Purpose for being here on this planet at this time, how to make your direct Soul Connection and tap into this limitless power and wisdom, how to release and transform old habits or beliefs that may be limited, fearful, or reactive energy, how to balance and enhance your body's energy and vitality, how to awaken your natural healing abilities to help yourself and help others. To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 19mins

27 Oct 2015

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Rudy Hunter interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Free yourself and get ready to CLEAR energy! Experience a new block-clearing session - 4 powerful nearly instant clearings! In Rudy's previous session, the listeners experienced incredible results just during the session. Many traumas went from a 7 to a 0 on a scale of 1-10. What will happen for you? Find out! Join Rudy Hunter for How to Increase your Vibration and Release Energetic Blocks in RECORD TIME! During this session, Rudy asks you to take a level 10 energy block and release it! In this session you'll learn how to get a better outcome with Energy Work in any area of your life, what it really means to raise your vibration...and how to do it quickly, how to get faster results with your challenges without "working on it" for the next 20 years, how simple EnergyWork is a true shortcut to getting things to shift in your life, and how to take the mystery out of EnergyWork and get going with it. AMAZING NOTE: Many people went from a 10 down to a ZERO! This is how powerful his esoteric methods can be! All done remotely and in the session! Clear it now! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 21mins

3 Feb 2016

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Derek Rydall interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Are you struggling to discover your Soul Purpose? Let's unlock it today! Get ready to discover what new gift or message comes forward for you during this session's activation! Derek gifts us with a very powerful heart centered activation with the strong intention to bring forth a new gift for you in the new year. Join Derek Rydall for Activate Your Soul Purpose and Move Into Peace. In this session with Derek, you will discover the real core of your chronic problems and how to finally heal them (this is unlike anything you've heard -- it's a game-changer!), understand the hidden meaning behind your challenges, crises, and deepest desires (hint: they're all connected), learn the 7 paths to your Soul Purpose (you'll see how everything you've been through since childhood has been preparing you for your destiny!), uncover your Soul Purpose Profile, that unique soul signature driving most of your behaviors (this is one of those life-changing ah-ha! moments), and get clarity on the 8 Vision Blinders that have blocked your true purpose & power from emerging (the 'missing link' to finding and living your purpose). Tune in for a power exercise to shift you into discovery - you're in for a radical paradigm shift! Derek is ready to move your energy! Listen and allow it to emerge. Unlock your Soul Purpose and be free! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 37mins

8 Dec 2015

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Gil Alan interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Are your spirit guides trying to reach you? Get the messages now! Learn how to find your Spirit Guides and totally transform your reality! New healings - new energy: Gil Alan will be taking us on a guided journey to reconnect to the wisdom of your heart with your spirit guides! Find out how your Spirit Guides can take you on a journey of self-discovery and healing as you reconnect to the wisdom of your heart so you can live your truth fearlessly from a place of self-love and inner peace. In this session with Gil you will meet your primary Spirit Guide, find out who your Spirit Guides really are (this may blow your mind!), discover the key to receiving information from higher guidance, learn the essential element for manifesting your desires, and find out how developing a relationship with your Spirit Guides can truly transform your life. PLEASE NOTE: Gil takes us on a guided journey, so this Spirit Guide connection session is a very special gift! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 34mins

3 Dec 2015

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Adam Heller interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Do You Have Physical Pain? Free yourself from emotional and body pain! Learn how as divine beings we no longer need to be stuck by debilitating pain! Chronic, recurrent, repetitive or ongoing back pain and body pain costs between $560 billion and $635 billion each year in medical expenses and lost productivity. But, your pain is personal and costs you much more than just money. It keeps you from unleashing your energy, your freedom and your wealth. Do you have re-curring physical pain? Are traditional methods not working for you? Do you want to be back in control of your life again? Join Adam Heller for Zero Pain Now: Permanently Release your Pain & Regain Your Vitality, Energy and Freedom Now! In this session you will learn how you can rapidly join the 97.4% of people just like you with ZERO PAIN, what your doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, trainer or yoga instructor might NOT be telling you, the difference between pain management and pain BANISHMENT, how the neuroscientific study of neuroplasticity and the ancient teachings of mindfulness come together so that you can end your pain once and for all. Discover the simple secret to join the thousands of other people who permanently ended their pain and unleashed their wealth, energy and freedom. Liberate yourself from emotional and physical pain for good! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 17mins

7 Apr 2016

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Emmanuel Dagher interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Let's release and shift in this session! Emmanuel is here for your today on this rare session. Join Emmanuel Dagher for Become a Miracle Magnet: Paradigm Shifting: To Heal and Experience Abundance Forever! For several years now, Emmanuel has had the honor of working with people from all walks of life including moms, children, visionaries, world diplomats, large groups, and Fortune 500 companies. Even top healing experts themselves turn to Emmanuel for support and healing. In this session, you will have a brand new energy on money and abundance, release out-dated belief systems around money and abundance and experience life, unlock a new relationship with money. You will also learn how to attract and create more abundance in your life now, create the life you were born to live, be the gift that you know you and attract the abundance that is yours! If you are ready to open yourself up to all these and so much more, you will absolutely want to listen to this session! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 23mins

21 Oct 2015

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William Linville interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Change Everything? Experience a brand new life changing energy session now, an inter-dimensional clearing! A new vibration is here with life shifting energy exercises to open a constant state of vibrant physical energy. Join William Linville, a clear Creator Consciousness in a physical body, for Living your Life to the Fullest: How to Be in a Constant State of Vibrant Physical Energy. William's energy is amazing! In this new and exercise rich session with William you will learn how to be in a state of constant vibrant physical energy, expand your consciousness from your body and through the mind with boundless complimentary results within your life-stream, activate the constant rebuilding of your body with ease, explore and to enjoy the abundance of information of your akashic realms and your entourage, let the Universe unfold and open opportunities to you and for you with simplicity and ease. Learn and FEEL what life is like without judgments and conflicts within oneself! Open to a constant state of vibrant physical energy! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 21mins

15 Mar 2016

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Meg Benedicte interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Experience amazing exercises in this session! Join Meg Benedicte for Discover How to Use the Quantum Vortex to Unlock Your Supernatural Powers! During this 'hands on' session, you will learn and experience the SECRETS of how to... use quantum physics and zero point field, sacred geometry, ancient art of alchemy and the spiral dynamic of Torus Vortex as tool for transformation at the molecular level, eliminate dis-ease by re-connecting the human self with the divine self in the physical bio-energetic field, use the vortex meditation to unlock gravity and activate the chakra centers to ignite with kundalini life force, create inner stillness, peace and balance with Zero Point Harmonics of PHI, activate the Pineal and neural network of psychic/intuitive communication with Higher Self guidance. PLEASE NOTE: If you are not used to ULTRA HIGH ENERGY please use CAUTION when taking part in any of these exercises. To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 27mins

9 Sep 2015

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Dawn Clark interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Experience a new healing and turn on your diving intelligence! Tired of struggle and fear? Are you ready to experience a deep inner knowing? Do you long to be free from fear, doubt and worry? Listen today - excersice and activation! Join Dawn Clark for Divine Intelligence: How to Connect with Source to Get the Answers You Need. In this session with Dawn you will discover how to unlock your human potential and reveal the quantum interface of your heart, discover personal access to the hidden drivers of the power of the Universe, experience a better alignment with your authentic path, learn how you can feel less stress, worry and anxiety, discover a faster, more potent activation of your internal guidance mechanism. Activate your divine intelligence now! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 25mins

23 Feb 2016

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Susan Shumsky interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Are you ready for a transformational opening that will knock your socks off? Why do so many awaken? Find out - live energy activation happening to clear and open your 7 energy centers. Join Dr. Susan Shumsky for The Power of Chakras: Unlock Your 7 Energy Centers for Healing, Happiness, and Transformation. Join us as we harness some our deepest love and healing energy centers. Are your mind and heart blocked? Are you ready to purify your energy field? Are you tired of struggle hardship and worry? In this session with Dr. Susan Shumsky you will learn to unlock your subtle body and energy field, allow Prana to flow, find and feel your kundalini energy and the chakra system, learn to heal blockages in your subtle body, learn to vibrate and maintain health in your energy field, and empower yourself as a multidimensional being. Make sure you listen to this session lead by Dr. Susan and transform your life! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 19mins

12 Jan 2016

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Joanne Justis interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Strange magical code? Are you gracefully 'living by the numbers' OR are you struggling against them? Have you ever wondered why life seems so 'easy' for some people, while for others its a struggle? Ask yourself... does it seem like 'nothing' is working? Do you feel 'trapped' energetically? Do you need direction? Do you wonder what you life purpose is? Are you attracting the wrong people in your life? Do you need answers NOW? Thousands have already discovered how to unlock wealth, vitality and joy! Join Joanne Justis for The Science of YOU: Your Personal Assessment to Unlocking the Secrets of your God Code! Joanne does live caller numerology readings in this session! In this session with Joanne you will transform where you are to what you desire by discovering your God Code, understand your God Code to manifest from a place of power, gain laser-like insight into your God Code to take enlightened control of your life, discover the shocking truth about the secrets that your name and birthdate reveal, and unlock your full potential and invest in yourself by discovering your God Code. Understand the secret code of numbers that may control your life! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 26mins

1 Mar 2016

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Todd Jason interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Are you ready to be supported to your super human consciousness? Are you ready for upgraded awareness for your next level? Are you ready to vibrationally transcend challenges and obstacles? Unlock your super human consciousness! Can we create a world wide tipping point? Our guest today has helped create a method for everyone to integrate the most life changing & powerful teachings of Ken Wilber in their life. Todd Jason is an entrepreneur and activist who focuses his efforts spreading the most inspiring, uplifting and transcendent stories for human beings and the planet we share. Ken Wilber, psychologist-philosopher, an important representative of trans-personal psychology called "the Einstein of Consciousness", has impacted hundreds of thousands of people world-wide with his books and lectures and has been praised by Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson and so many others. In this session, join Todd Jason - Producer, Host and the Moderator, of Super Human Operating System, Ken Wilbur's most comprehensive work to date - to discover Ken Wilber's 'Unlocking Your Superhuman Potential' & Creating A World Wide Tipping Point! In this session, Todd will share how to break through to a new stage of human evolution and why it is time, what living a 'super human life' actually means, the 5 major transformations we have experienced on our planet, and the nature of this 6th one (and why it's so relevant to you), how to illuminate your full spectrum of potential (that might otherwise remain unavailable to you), and why in order to "upgrade" your life you will first need to upgrade your operating system. Are you ready to experience an upgrade of a lifetime of Ken Wilber's deepest work? Let's Creating a worldwide 'Tipping Point' today! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 19mins

7 Jan 2016

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Rhonda Britten interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

Unlock your amazing life! Join Life Coach, Emmy-Award winner and repeat Oprah guest, Rhonda Britten, for Fearless Living: How to Take Risks and Live Free. Rhonda Britten has devoted her life to one thing: to teach people how to master fear. Whether that's a fear of rejection or loss; fear of failure or success; fear of abandonment or pain, Rhonda has created a method for anyone anywhere to master the invisible, insidious fear we all have of 'not being good enough.' What she teaches is what she's lived. In this session, you will discover why every single thing holding you back has one thing in common, the answer to your fears, blocks and challenges, the key secrets that keep 99% of people stuck (and how to avoid it now), exactly why "positive thinking" is not the answer. You will also learn how to tackle the issue of "not being good enough", how to be brave enough to take risks, how to overcome self-judgment, how to have more self love, joy, abundance and LIFE now. To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 34mins

13 Aug 2015

Rank #18

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Judy Calvey interviewed by Darius Barazandeh

What will 5D enlightenment mean in your life? Get ready for group energy healing like you've never felt before! Hear amazing one-on-one readings and a group energy self awakening! Julie Calvey has attained Full Enlightenment and Ascension. She has remained, by special invitation, in her 4D body in order that all of Humankind be guided safely into 5D and beyond. Join Julie Calvey for What your Soul Evolution is Telling You? In this Session with Julie you will discover what is your heart and soul's deepest desires and how to awaken to them, why so many people are Awakening to their true gifts, yet so many are also going into fear and destruction, what is really going on since the Galactic Opening (12/21/12) and how it effects us. Awaken and release blocks... can you imagine leaving low energy behind? Try it! Instant energy release and soul awakening processing! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 29mins

20 Jan 2016

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Mas Sajady Q&A

Clear blocks and attract abundance! Join Mas Sajady for 21 Days to Total Abundance: How to Open the Floodgates to Abundance in All Areas of Your Life - Q&A Call. Mas gives us a word of caution about this call: for some the paradigm shifts may be too great. Do not listen if you are not serious about transforming your life. During this powerful breakthrough call you will choose a vibrant, healthier you, remove self-defeating patterns, tap into your creative genius, resolve persistent health issues, attract great relationships, energize your inner core for rapid achievement, and live in a state of well being. To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to: http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com

1hr 22mins

15 Oct 2015

Rank #20