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Welcome to Saddleback! Here you will find the audio version of the messages from the weekend services at Saddleback, taught by Pastor Rick Warren and other Saddleback teaching pastors. We hope you enjoy the service and are encouraged by the message from God’s Word.

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Choosing to Manage My Mind

Have you ever noticed that your mind doesn’t want to obey you? That’s why it’s important to learn how to manage your mind. Because our thoughts control our life, our mind is a battleground for sin, but it’s also the key to peace and happiness. In this message, you’ll learn about three choices you must make every day for a healthy mind.

3 Mar 2019

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How to Let Go of Worry

We all worry. It affects our health, relationships, and can get in the way of us achieving our goals and dreams. However, the Bible shows us that we can rely on God to provide for us and give peace, no matter our situation. Watch this inspiring message from Pastor Buddy Owens and learn how let go of the worry in your life. This message is perfect for anyone feeling anxious and looking for peace.

11 Sep 2016

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What To Do When It Feels Hopeless

Have you ever felt like you were being swallowed up by worry, depression, guilt, or other negative feelings? When Jonah found himself literally swallowed up, he turned to God for help. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren will give you seven lessons you can learn from Jonah chapter 2, and how you can find hope and freedom during a situation that feels hopeless.

17 Nov 2019

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When God Says "No"

There’s no such thing as an unanswered prayer. God answers every prayer with “Yes,” “Wait,” or “No.” The last response is always the most difficult one to receive, and can be flat-out heartbreaking. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren teaches us three reasons God says, “No.” You’ll learn how God’s answer is his way of protecting you, helping you grow spiritually, and teaching you his perspective, plan, and purpose for your life. Discover how to trust that God does everything—even saying, “No”—out of goodness and love. Don’t miss Part 7 of 40 Days of Prayer.

26 Nov 2017

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God's Mercy & My Failures

Because we’re imperfect people that live in an imperfect world, we all experience failure in life. The night Jesus was arrested, two of his best friends had massive failures: Judas betrayed Jesus, and Peter denied him three times. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren looks at how God’s mercy helps us overcome and move through our failures. He examines the differing responses between Peter and Judas to failure. You will discover the answer to three key questions: What causes personal failure? What should I do when I fail? And what does Jesus do when I fail?

10 Apr 2016

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Making Hard Changes In Me

If someone asked you what your biggest problem in life was, you’d probably answer with something like, “Well, I’ve got relationship problems," or, “I’m under a lot of financial stress.” But what if your biggest problem … was you?

28 Apr 2019

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When Your World Is Shaken Up

24 Jul 2016

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Why You Need To Think About What You Think About

Your mind is the greatest asset you’ve been given by God. You may not be able to control your life, but you can control your thoughts, and your thoughts have the power to shape the kind of life you’ll live. In this message, Pastor Rick will teach on nine truths about rethinking the way you think.

3 Feb 2019

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What To Remember When Things Don’t Go Your Way

No matter your age, you’ve probably realized by now that most things in life don’t go your way. When things didn’t go Jonah’s way, he grew resentful toward God. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren will take you through some of the mistakes that Jonah made while trying to live out his life mission. Then, he’ll give you four important truths to remember when your life doesn’t go according to plan.

1 Dec 2019

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Heroic Singleness

Have you ever been given a gift that came with a tremendous amount of responsibility? Maybe it was a financial inheritance, the birth of a child, or your salvation in Christ — these are all gifts that must be carefully managed in order to fully mature. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Jonathan "JP" Pokluda shares how the gift of singleness can be used to carry out good works and build God’s kingdom. In Part 2 of our series, Everyday Heroes, you’ll learn how singleness teaches us about the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus and how to view it as a gift from God.

24 Jun 2017

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Live For What Really Matters

27 Aug 2017

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The Secrets Of A Productive Life

There’s a universal desire for productivity — to live a life that counts and matters. The Bible calls this stewardship and fruitfulness. In this message, Pastor Rick wraps up our series, Living with Margin, and shares the four secrets of a productive life. You’ll learn how God measures productivity and how to bear fruit that honors him. Find out how to cultivate deep roots, eliminate weeds in your life, cooperate with God’s pruning, and wait for a harvest. Discover why it’s not about how much you get done, but to whom you give the glory that counts!

3 Jun 2018

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There's No Recovery Without Prayer

"Have you ever experienced the weight of something so heavy in your life that you felt there was no way to get out from under it? The good news is that God wants to help you heal from the hurts, habits, and hang-ups that mess up your life. In fact, we can recover from all types of pain—including grief, shock, and loss—all through the power of prayer. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren shares examples from the Bible of differents kinds of recovery and how prayer can bring about healing. You’ll learn how prayer can help us recover from problems, emotions, doubts, and failures, to see things clearly, and help bring recovery to others. "

13 Aug 2017

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God Can Use Anybody!

The greatest joy on earth is the feeling of being used by God for a purpose greater than yourself. No other experience in your life even comes close to this feeling. Your life is more important than simply growing up, getting a job, retiring, and then dying. You were shaped to serve God, and when you understand that, you find fulfillment and come alive. In this message from Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren continues The Miracle of Mercy with his message, God Can Use Anybody. You will learn that in spite of your weakness or past mistakes, God can use you to fulfill his purposes.

3 Apr 2016

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The Two Key Ingredients for Successful Relationships

How do we solve relationship conflict when the issue that started the fight is no longer the issue? Decades of studying male and female responses to conflict have shed light on two crucial factors that allow men and women communicate better: love and respect. In this message at Saddleback Church, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, best-selling author and speaker, shares his experience and wisdom on how to break down communication barriers in relationships. You’ll understand how love and respect are the keys to communicating more effectively and resolving conflict with others.

29 May 2016

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Being Patient Like God

God wants us to love him and others. He shows us unending patience, helping us grow and learn along the way. It feels comforting to think of all the ways God has shown patience to each one of us. Now he wants us to reflect that patience to others. In this message at Saddleback Church, Johnnie Moore will share what the Bible teaches about God’s patience and how you can show patience to people close to you.

22 May 2016

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Finding Everyday Strength

Between juggling work, family, and everyday obligations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated at times. That’s why the Bible tells us to find strength in the Lord and not in ourselves. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Tom Holladay shares five things you can do to find everyday strength. You’ll learn what it takes to be a strong person through healthy motives, dependence on others, discipling your desires, trusting in God, and never giving up. Discover how to become an everyday hero by finding strength through sacrifice.

23 Jul 2017

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A Beginners Guide To Prayer

From Cinderella to Aladdin, these fairytale stories are based on characters whose lives are changed with the granting of a wish. When it comes to prayer, we often treat it like a magical wand that we wave at God when we want our dreams to come true. But the Bible teaches us that prayer is a relationship with God, and not an enchanted tool. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren shares the four foundational truths of prayer and how to connect with God in conversation. You’ll learn the importance of talking to him about everything in simple and sincere ways. Find out how prayer will draw you closer to God and why answered prayers are his gift of grace.

1 Oct 2017

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What Every Kid Needs

From the moment a child comes into our lives, we are figuratively packing their bags with tools to carry once they leave the home. During the 1,000 weeks between infancy and graduation, we have the potential to influence our kids’ “now” to change the direction of their future. In this message, guest speaker Reggie Joiner teaches us how to examine the time we have left in parenting, and to place greater value on what happens to our child over time. You’ll learn six principles of intentional parenting, including love, words, stories, work, fun, and tribes. Find out why redefining how we parent is key to our success in leading a purpose driven family.

7 Jul 2018

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Growing A Love That Lasts

Pastor Rick will be teaching a special Valentine’s Day message this weekend called, “How to Build a Love that Lasts a Lifetime.” Whether you’re married, engaged, single, or somewhere in between, this message will inspire and equip you to find and build relationships that endure.

14 Feb 2016

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