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10 More Things Still Missing in Photoshop CC for Retouchers

Adobe has released another update to Photoshop CC. They even released a pretty interesting video showing the future of the entire suite of products. While this was a video to showcase their new partnership with Microsoft, there is plenty to look forward to.Unfortunately, I am not a graphic designer, illustrator, or video editor. I have only seen one thing out of Adobe since the initial release of CC over a year ago that I even cared about, much less used (Linked Smart Objects). Sadly, I even needed to be an advanced composite user to even care about that.My Previous Top 10 List was passed along to Adobe's Engineers by Julieanne Kost (thanks). While I don't know if anything I wrote about the first time will ever make it into Photoshop for Photographers and Retouchers, I feel it's important to keep them on their toes. Therefore, I bring to your attention 10 more things still missing in Photoshop for retouchers.No related posts.

2 Nov 2014

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Rulers and Guides | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

When working in Photoshop, while most of it is creative, sometimes you will want to be as accurate as you possibly can. Rulers and guides come in handy because they help you create specific points in your image that you may want to refer to at a later point in time.Related posts: Selective Color | Photoshop Basic Tutorial Levels | Photoshop Basic Tutorial Camera Raw Local Adjustments Tutorial

16 Sep 2014

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Magic Wand and Quick Selection | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Aside from the Lasso-based tools, we can also use the Magic Wand when it comes to making selections in Photoshop. You can press and hold the Quick Selection Tool to choose the Magic Wand Tool. When you click on a section in your image, it selects an area based on the range of colors that your provide, limited by the value of your Tolerance in the Options bar. Photoshop’s default Tolerance is 32, but you can increase or decrease that value to grab more areas at once or less areas at once respectively.Related posts: Levels | Photoshop Basic Tutorial Color Range | Photoshop Basic Tutorial Portraits, Camera Raw & Smart Objects

9 Sep 2014

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Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

The purpose of making a selection, is so that you can make changes within a limited, and controlled area.There are a variety of tools you should consider when making selections in your image. There are several that will allow you make direct selections by drawing them, and a few that let you make your selections based on color.I will preface this by saying that make generic selections like this might create what is called a Layer Mask, none of the techniques I am going to talk about are ones that I would teach to my students. they are simplistic, and will not yield optimal results. The reason I am talking about them with you now, is because they are an easy way to get you to your end goals. While they are not the best, they are simply the easiest for you to get started with.Related posts: Selective Color | Photoshop Basic Tutorial Levels | Photoshop Basic Tutorial Camera Raw Local Adjustments Tutorial

28 Aug 2014

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Selective Color | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Selective Color is the go-to tool for simple color correction. Little need for masking, and no confusing RGB sliders. You just need someone to give you a little direction, and you will find how easy this tool can be.As with the other Adjustment Tools, you can find it with the Adjustments Palettee, which is found within Window – Adjustments. The second way is at the bottom of the Layers Palette, with the Black and White Circle icon for New Adjustment Layers. Lastly, it’s also in Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Selective Color.Related posts: Selective Color | Photoshop Basic Tutorial Levels | Photoshop Basic Tutorial Camera Raw Local Adjustments Tutorial

21 Aug 2014

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