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New Final Rule for Student Pilot Certificates

The FAA has published a final rule changing the way student pilot certificates will be issued. Join AOPA's staff as they discuss the new requirements. For more information, refer to: News article @ AOPA: http://www.aopa.org/News-and-Video/All-News/2016/January/14/FAA-finalizes-rule-on-student-certificates Federal Register, final rule: https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2016/01/12/2016-00199/student-pilot-application-requirements AOPA chart comparing old vs. new requirements: http://download.aopa.org/advocacy/160114_Student_Pilot_Certificates_Final_Rule_Chart.pdf?_ga=1.262710796.1623229658.1345041002


15 Jan 2016

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How to Buy an Airplane

In this episode, we share a few clips from our recent hour long webinar on aircraft purchasing. Listen in to hear Tom Haines, AOPA Sr. Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, AOPA Pilot, along with Rodney Martz, Sr. Aviation Technical Specialist, AOPA Pilot Information Center, discuss aircraft purchasing details. You can view the webinar in its entirety at http://tinyurl.com/purchase14


30 Jul 2014

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Can I Do That?

In this episode, AOPA's Pilot Information Center brings in our very own aviation technical specialists Craig Brown, Adam Williams, and Paul Feldmeyer to discuss common pilot questions and pitfalls such as currency, endorsements, iPads, and insurance subrogation.


24 Nov 2014

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Flying to the Bahamas

Rick Gardner, AOPA's representative for the Bahamas and Director of Aviation Services, Caribbean Sky Tours, joins us to discuss the benefit of having your airplane with you during your visit to the Bahamas. Check out The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism webpage @ http://www.bahamas.com For more information, check out our Bahamas travel page @ http://www.aopa.org/Flight-Planning/Bahamas , as well as AOPA's Forums page on Bahamas and Caribbean travel at http://forums.aopa.org/forumdisplay.php?f=17


12 Dec 2014

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The FAA Medical Application

Gary Crump, AOPA's Director of Medical Certification, stops by to explain some of the common questions and pitfalls associated with the FAA MedXPress application process for pilots. For more information, check out the medical section of our website at http://www.aopa.org/Pilot-Resources/Medical


25 Sep 2014

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