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Welcome to the ReWild Yourself Podcast! I’m Daniel Vitalis, and I’ll be your guide through the world of human zoology and lifestyle design. We’ll explore the strategies that ancient apes need to thrive in a modern world, awakening our instincts, and freeing our bodies –– and minds –– from the degenerative effects of human domestication.

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Wise Interaction with the Sun - Nadine Artemis #52

It is a commonly-held (and media-fueled) belief in our culture that sun is bad and sunscreen is good. Not only is this inaccurate, but in fact, the opposite is true: Our skin is quite literally designed to be exposed to the sun’s rays, and sunscreen use actually causes a host of issues (one of which, ironically, is skin cancer). Nadine Artemis — sense visionary and founder of Living Libations — joins us to set the record straight on sun exposure and goes over how to properly interact with the sun for optimal health.Episode Breakdown: * Why you shouldn’t suntan through glass * How sunscreen works * Benefits of sungazing * Sunlight and bacteria * Why you don’t want empty vitamin D receptors * Negative press surrounding sun exposure and skin * Wise interaction with the sun * Kids and sun exposure * Our skin is designed to be exposed to the sun’s rays * What we ingest determines how our skin responds to sunlight * Skin cancer myths debunked * Using plant oils to harmonize your skin with the sun in lieu of toxic sunscreens

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25 Jun 2015

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Self-care, A Woman's Guide - Nadine Artemis #124

Nadine Artemis is a trailblazer in the new paradigm of women’s self care, and in this interview, she lays out her favorite practices to nurture the female body. Nadine is the founder of Living Libations — an exquisite line of lotions, potions, scents, creams and essential oils that I use personally — and a regular guest on ReWild Yourself podcast. In our past two interviews, Nadine has detailed her Stop, Seal and Seed method for dental care and skin care, and in this episode, she shares how women can apply this method to vaginal care. We learn what conventional female body care products and practices to avoid and Nadine’s favorite natural alternatives. We also discuss breast health and care, and Nadine reveals some fascinating information on breast cancer that is important for every woman to explore. Nadine’s nourishing self care practices are simple, low maintenance and accessible to all. Ladies (and the men who love them), I hope you enjoy this interview! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Daniel shares: ReWild Yourself podcast updates A teaser about an upcoming program with Arthur Haines Daniel answers your questions on: Parasite cleansing and eating brains Optimizing your vehicle Mainstream messaging on women’s beauty and hygiene The “discovery” of the clitoris Internet pornography vs. natural sexuality What does the new paradigm of women’s self care look like? How to avoid mycotoxins Caring for your vagina with the stop, seal and seed method Alternatives to conventional menstrual products Yeast infections - re-listen Marketing chemically-induced menopause to young girls Relieving menstrual pain The many issues with KY Jelly Boosting the lubricant jouissance-ness of your life Best oils to care for your vagina Common natural lubricants The different types of estrogens and how they’re affecting women’s bodies The risk of breast cancer and the implications of a systemic myco-infection Exploring some startling breast cancer stats How bras inhibit the body and alternatives to the conventional bra Low maintenance breast and body care Nadine’s prognosis for the future of women

2hr 4mins

7 Dec 2016

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Trauma Awareness & the Spiritual Bypass - Dr. Gabor Maté #110

Renowned speaker and bestselling author Dr. Gabor Maté joins me for a powerful conversation on addiction and takes us into the heart of where trauma originates. With years of both scientific research and direct interaction with patients challenged by hard-core drug addiction and mental illness in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Dr. Maté offers a unique and authentic perspective on the topics of addiction, mind-body wellness and ADD. In this interview, Dr. Maté illuminates how our modern society perpetuates trauma by fostering a culture of disconnection and dissociation. From childhood trauma to trauma passed down to us from the generations that went before us, many of us carry unresolved trauma that often materializes in addiction. Addictive behavior goes beyond hard drug and alcohol addictions; our society is wrought with addictions to things like caffeine, less-than-optimal foods and dissociative behaviors, such as watching TV. So how can we heal and become the most authentic version of ourselves? Dr. Maté sheds light on some of the traditional healing modalities he has found to be successful through years of wide-ranging experiences. With lots of golden nuggets on topics like death awareness, spiritual-bypassing and authenticity strewn throughout, there is something for everyone in this insightful conversation. **Please note: During this interview, we experienced some Skype glitches, so you'll hear a bit of echoing with Daniel's voice that was not able to be edited out. We apologize in advance for the audio hiccups, but we think the interview is well worth it (; EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Daniel shares on: Regenerative foods Harvesting feral apples An exciting new Surthrival product Eating coyote A product discovery that will aid your spring water gathering How to pique someone’s interest in ReWilding Modern society and perpetuation of trauma What does addiction do for you? The essence of trauma is disconnection Our current massive cultural dissociation The most ideal social environment for children — humans crave connection The multi-generational trauma of First Nations peoples How medicines like coca and tobacco were traditionally used The healing power of ayahuasca What’s missing from AA and most rehab programs? Healing, awareness and the path to authenticity Spiritual bypass Awareness of death Dr. Mate’s prognosis for the future of the human species Where to find Dr. Mate’s work

1hr 39mins

14 Sep 2016

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Dying Wise in a Death Phobic Society - Stephen Jenkinson #34

I was humbled by my conversation with Stephen Jenkinson, teacher, author, storyteller and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School. This, my friends, is a very powerful interview. Stephen will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about dying.Episode Breakdown: * How to come to terms with death * The hallmarks of "dying badly" * What "dying well" looks like * The consequences of being kept away from ground zero of human mortality * We live our lives as if dying is the annihilation of life * Considering “after-life" * Understanding that your death does not belong to you * A disconnection from our ancestors * Learning from death

1hr 5mins

17 Feb 2015

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Why I'm Not a Vegan - Daniel Vitalis #94

Why aren’t I a Vegan? I get asked this question all the time, and in this solo episode I break down the core reasons why I think we need to reexamine the Vegan approach. I consider myself to be a conscious omnivore and promote a Four Kingdoms approach to diet (eating from the animal, plant, fungal and bacterial kingdoms). In my personal quest for the most natural diet, I was a vegan for about 10 years. In this show, I’ll tell you a bit about my experience as a vegan, why I started eating animal foods again and why long-term veganism is an experiment and maybe not an appropriate diet for a healthy, robust human ape. In the end, I give a strategy for those who still want to see the world go vegan, and explain how they could best achieve that! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: The issue with “isms" My personal search for the most natural diet The two types of veganism Chimps, bonobos & 3.6 million years of archaeology The hand-raising experiment Anthropomorphic cartoon animals and charismatic megafauna Factory farmed animals Nutrient deficiencies in vegan diets Kids and veganism Social isolation Our hunting lineage How a misanthropic world view takes humans out of the ecosystem Conscious omnivory — the Four Kingdoms of Food The vegan experiment

1hr 30mins

15 Jun 2016

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Successful Self-Dentistry - Nadine Artemis #87

Nadine Artemis — creator of Living Libations & author of Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gum — is on the show today to discuss the components of a successful self-dentistry practice. Our teeth and gums are alive and capable of being rejuvenated, often without the intervention of conventional dentistry. In this interview, Nadine clears up many common myths about our teeth and dental environment and details how we can holistically care for our teeth through diet and her 8 Step Self-Dentistry protocol. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Catching up Nadine’s personal health journey Our teeth are like trees Teeth and gums can be rejuvenated Mouthwashes that de-forest the flora inside our mouths Restoring the mouth’s micro biome Ingredients to avoid in dental care products Foods to nourish our dental environment Stop, seal and seed Nadine’s 8 Step Self-Dentistry program Confronting your current dental situation Nadine’s prognosis for the future of the human species

1hr 31mins

11 May 2016

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Your Skin, An Owner's Manual - Nadine Artemis #106

Radiant sense-visionary Nadine Artemis — creator of Living Libations — is back on ReWIld Yourself podcast! In this interview, Nadine gives us a complete breakdown of how to properly care for our skin with the Stop, Seal and Seed approach. She shares what dietary and self-care practices are proven to produce healthy, glowing skin, as well as what hygiene products and foods are less-than-optimal. You’ll learn why bacteria is your skin’s best friend, the popular skin care product that you most want to avoid, Nadine’s core skin care recommendations and so much more. Consider this an owner’s manual for your largest organ! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Daniel answers your questions on glyphosate detoxification, meditation, learning practices and his favorite podcasts An exciting announcement! Nadine’s skin care beginnings Strategy vs simplicity with skin care Bacteria is our beautician The damage of excessive exfoliation Stop, seal and seed approach Deciphering labels and so-called “natural” ingredient lists The primary organ of elimination Switching from conventional deodorants and shampoos How Cesarean births affect a baby’s micro biome  + a solution Sun is your best friend Flora friends with benefits Best practices for using oil on your skin Nadine’s core Living Libations products Nadine’s prognosis for the future of the human species

1hr 50mins

24 Aug 2016

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Mars, Venus, and Gender Intelligence - John Gray #71

John Gray is the leading relationship expert in the world and best-selling author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” His books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages around the world.In this fascinating conversation, we discuss the philosophical and physiological components of polarity in men and women, and how to use polarity to create richer, more fulfilling relationships. John shares many insights he’s learned from his own personal relationship and experiences (and years of research, of course), and he offers countless strategies for increasing testosterone in men and oxytocin & estrogen in women. John is a true expert in his field, and this interview is brimming with juicy nuggets of information — you may want to listen more than once!Episode Breakdown: * Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus * Women, work & testosterone * How to double your testosterone in a week * Ejaculation and celibacy * Balancing polarity within ourselves * John’s first sexual experiences * Mastering sexual energy * The big “O” (oxytocin) * How men and women handle stress differently * Ladies first — how the female orgasm works * Processing emotions * The benefits of a monogamous relationship * Conscious Men * Why schedule sex? * Endure and contain * John’s advice to women for bettering their relationships * Sharing emotion is feminine; complaining is masculine * Connect with John * A tip from John on active listening in relationships

2hr 1min

5 Nov 2015

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Cultivating Polarity in Your Relationships - Michaela Boehm #44

In this episode, wild woman Michaela Boehm joins us to explore polarity in relationships. Michaela teaches and counsels internationally as an expert in intimacy and sexuality, and she is currently the only counselor in the world personally trained and authorized by David Deida (If you aren't familiar with Deida, definitely check out his prolific work). Be warned — this interview may push some buttons, as Michaela and I dissect some popularly-held beliefs on happiness and relationships! Our one hour conversation is brimming with nuggets of insight on relationships, intimacy and becoming your best self. Enjoy!Episode Breakdown: * Michaela’s work * Are we supposed to be happy all of the time? * Polarity in relationships * The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon * How can guys get in touch with their true masculinity? * Maintaining sexual polarity while fostering both your feminine and masculine sides * Communicating your “flavor” needs to your partner * David Deida’s 3 stages of intimacy and growth * Feminism vs. being a wild woman * Will the new generation have neutrality issues?

1hr 10mins

28 Apr 2015

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Mindsight and the Plane of Possibility - Dr. Dan Siegel #86

"Awareness is the gateway for feeling the texture of lived life." —Dr. Dan Siegel In this episode, the fascinating Dr. Dan Siegel joins us for a conversation on the human mind and mindsight. Dr. Siegel — Harvard graduate, professor at UCLA & New York Times bestselling author — has lectured for the likes of the Dalai Lama, the Pope and the King of Thailand. "Mindsight is a term coined by Dr. Siegel to describe our human capacity to perceive the mind of the self and others." In this interview, Dr. Siegel explains how we can literally change our brains by developing the skill of mindsight, interconnectedness and how relationships and social networks work in the brain, and the importance of integration (the linkage of differentiated parts of the brain). Prepare to have your mind expanded! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Dr. Siegel’s journey through mindsight What is interpersonal neurobiology? Mind vs. Brain — who drives who? The 3 processes of the mind The 4th aspect of “mind” Mental training — where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows. The reason relationships/social networks are so important How does “being aware” change the brain? “What’s wrong with the human brain that it believes everything isn’t interconnected?" The 3 potentially relevant issues of quantum physics that relate to the mind How we perceive reality Entrainment of two systems — relationships An integrated self — honoring “MWe" Why Africa is the healthiest continent in the world The arrow of time & the plane of possibility Your human legacy and how we connect to past and future Consilience The importance of integration The Wheel of Awareness Dr. Siegel’s prognosis for the future of the human species

1hr 21mins

4 May 2016

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How To Feed Your Human, Part 1 - Arthur Haines #76

Arthur Haines is back on the show! Arthur is both a mentor to me and a good friend, and he has been fundamental to many of the concepts presented on this podcast. As I mentioned last week, we’ll be taking a break from the podcast while we carry out a major revamp behind the scenes. Our very first podcast guest on ReWild Yourself! was Arthur Haines, and so I cannot think of a better way to close out this chapter than an interview series with Arthur. In this episode, we begin a discussion on how to feed your human, and Arthur presents the fundamental food groups for the ideal diet of the human animal. In part one, we focus on animal foods! Stay tuned for the next installments in this series where we will discuss plant, fungal, bacterial, elemental and experiential foods!Episode Breakdown: * Help! I’m lost! * Sleep podcast recap * Food group paradigm * How to achieve healthy genetic expression * The placebo effect * The new “food groups" * Food Group #1: Animal foods * Importance of consuming DHA * Fluid intelligence & Vitamin B12 * Eating pastured foods * Foods from the sea, and how to consume fish safely * Managing stress for better epigenetic health * Daniel’s & Arthur’s favorite animal foods * We’re not eating food; we’re eating life

1hr 21mins

9 Dec 2015

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Ancestral Amnesia & the Village Mind - Stephen Jenkinson #151

Stephen Jenkinson is back on ReWild Yourself Podcast to stretch our minds and hearts as he shares with us a bit of his elder wisdom on restoring real human culture. Stephen is a teacher, author, storyteller, spiritual activist, farmer and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School, a teaching house and learning house for the skills of deep living and making human culture. In our last interview (Episode #34) — a humbling conversation for me — Stephen shared insight into dying wise in our death phobic society. In today’s conversation, we focus on living wisely and meaningfully in our modern culture of self-hatred, entitlement, unwillingness to live deeply and lost connection to what makes us human. He leaves us with an empowering message on living a purposeful life, not just for ourselves, but for our collective culture and future generations. As Stephen so perfectly puts it, "Now is the time for work, not the time for getting paid.” EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Show Introduction: New SurThrival product coming soon! Hunt + gather updates: Cattail pollen-bearing flowers, Milkweed flowers, Wild strawberries, Shadbush & Self-heal CNN reports on the hunter-gatherer diet Q&A: Milkweed harvesting tips Introducing Stephen Jenkinson The absence of village-mindededness The story of Orphan Wisdom Growth and the issue with "how-to" questions  The measure of a sane society Your generational spiritual project What is real sorrow? Real human culture Stephen’s prognosis for the future of the human species

1hr 20mins

5 Jul 2017

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Sitting Ninjas vs. Couchless Samurais - Katy Bowman #41

Biomechanist Katy Bowman joins us for a lesson in movement. While many of us think of movement as our 30-60 minute daily exercise session, Katy says it's what we do the rest of the time that counts. You will come away from this interview with a new outlook on your home and office habitat, and I hope it inspires you to make some positive changes to your environment! After talking with Katy, I got rid of my couch the next day...just sayin'...Episode Breakdown: * Exercise vs movement * Olympic sitters * Flaccid Fin Syndrome * Arterial plaque explained * Furniture-free living * Switching from normal shoes to barefoot shoes * How to build natural movement patterns * Tour of Katy’s furniture-free home * From pulling bows to asdfghjkl; — decreased hand use of modern humans * Standing is the new sitting * Where to find Katy’s work

1hr 15mins

7 Apr 2015

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The Hidden Cost of Veganism - Lierre Keith #143

In past episodes of ReWild Yourself Podcast, I’ve explained why I’m not a vegan (ReWild Yourself Podcast #94) and, instead, why I’m a conscientious omnivore (ReWild Yourself Podcast #100). In my personal quest for the most natural diet for the human animal, I was a vegan for about 10 years, and The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith was an impactful read for me as I transitioned back to an omnivorous diet. I’m thrilled to have Lierre Keith — former vegan, best-selling author and environmentalist — join us to share about her experience with veganism. Lierre spent 20 years eating a vegan diet, and in that time, she did significant damage to her body. Only when she began to introduce animal foods back into her diet — eating a more balanced, omnivorous diet — was her body able to heal and regenerate. Lierre also explains the destructive history of agriculture and why veganism is not the answer for ecological restoration of our devastated prairies and forests. This is an important conversation for all of us interested in eating the optimal human diet while living with a light ecological footprint on this planet! **Please note: The audio quality of this interview is not excellent because we recorded over Skype. We apologize in advance for the audio quality, but we think the content makes up for it! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Show introduction: Poison ivy, nettle stings and tick bites Harvesting Hopniss, Apios americana Upcoming Florida hunt + gather trip Subscribe to my newsletter Q&A: Thoughts on gardening vs wild food foraging Introducing Lierre Keith How Lierre came to write The Vegetarian Myth The damage veganism can do to the human body The results of Lierre’s 20 years of veganism What led Lierre to ecological restoration Why are vegans so angry? Agriculture and our hierarchical civilization Is organic farming a way forward? Restoring the prairie grasslands The future of Lierre’s work What keeps Lierre motivated in her work Lierre’s prognosis for the future of the human species How to find Lierre’s work

1hr 40mins

19 May 2017

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Parasites! Who’s Inhabiting Your Gut? - Evan Brand #160

Our bodies are a walking ecosystem that we share with trillions of microbes. While the majority of these microbes are native and beneficial, you might be surprised to learn that many of us are harboring parasites that can be the root cause of symptoms like chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression and more. Evan Brand is here to share the truth about parasites, how to test for them and how we can restore the ecology of our human animal. Evan is an Author, Podcast Host and a Louisville, Kentucky-based Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist. He is passionate about healing the chronic fatigue, obesity, and depression epidemics after solving his own IBS and depression issues. He uses at-home lab testing and customized supplement programs to find and fix the root cause of a wide range of health symptoms. In this interview, Evan and I discuss how to take a conscientious approach to many of the obstacles to robust health we face in our modern times. Our conversation leads us down many pathways — from glyphosate exposure to parasites to caffeine and stress response to mitigating the effects of EMF. Get out your notebooks for this one, folks, as Evan shares countless resources with us for our own personal investigation! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Show Introduction: Hunt + gather updates: Harvesting rosehips, making berry powder, apple cider season, upcoming bear season and acorn battered fried squirrel Q&A: How much food does Daniel actually hunt and gather + what foods does he purchase? Introducing Evan Brand What Evan’s been up to lately Hunting, Sandhill cranes and invasive species On glyphosate What led Evan to his work The truth about parasites and why you should care Likelihood of glyphosate exposure The science behind the benefits of nature immersion Caffeine, social media and anxiety Strategies for mitigating the effects of EMF Evan’s general prescription for his clients Evan’s prognosis for the future of the human species

2hr 22mins

30 Aug 2017

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Food Fads vs the Homo Sapiens Diet - Arthur Haines #3

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, Arthur Haines and I continue our conversation; this time delving into the difference between Food Fads and the Homo sapiens Diet.Episode breakdown: * All diets are fad diets * What constitutes a fad diet * The issues with the loss of seasonal foods * The good side of grains * Wild rice benefits * Cultivated foods vs. wild foods * 4 guidelines for choosing domesticated foods * Bitter lettuce over iceburg lettuce * How to eat animal foods * ReWild your mind

1hr 3mins

10 Jul 2014

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Heat Comes From Within! Mastering Cold - Wim Hof, "The Iceman" #67

“What I am capable of, anyone can learn.” -Wim HofWim Hof — "The Iceman" — is internationally renowned for his countless ice endeavors that range from being up to his neck in a cylinder filled with ice cubes for over 90 minutes, swimming large distances under polar ice, running a marathon barefoot to climbing the Everest in nothing more than a pair of shorts.Wim has pioneered a practice of breathing and cold immersion that has allowed him to set countless world records and can help you to harness your inner strength and achieve robust health & well-being.In this episode, Wim shares from the heart on his journey confronting the cold and how his practices can help you become a better version of yourself in a very short time period. Our conversation was particularly powerful for me, as I’ve been playing around with Wim’s breathing and cold immersion techniques since we’ve spoken and have felt immediate positive effects. I share a bit about my experience so far in the beginning of the show!I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!Episode Breakdown: * What Wim is capable of, anyone can learn * The Wim Hof Method * Wim’s journey in confronting the cold * Getting out of our comfort zones * Tuning into your primitive, animal self * Dealing with suppressed emotions that arise when practicing the breathing techniques * Controlling your pH through breath * What temperature does Wim keep his home? * Generating energy through deep breathing * Enjoying life to the fullest * Using Wim's breathing techniques to improve sex * How Wim sees the future of our world

1hr 11mins

6 Oct 2015

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For the Love of Fat - Nora Gedgaudas #128

My friend Nora Gedgaudas — author, nutritionist and repeat ReWild Yourself Podcast guest — joins me to discuss the essential nutrient that our bodies literally evolved to eat: Fat. In her latest book Primal Fat Burner (coming soon to a bookstore near you!), Nora refutes the popular mainstream belief that saturated fat is the culprit of disease and shares how dietary fat is actually crucial to vibrant physical and mental health. We cover a lot of ground in this episode as Nora guides us through the ancestral diet we are built for, the nutrients we need to acquire from animal-sourced foods and cultivating a foundational metabolism. We also get into some fascinating side tangents — from ethical issues in the world of natural foods to corporate funding of veganism to alcohol to feminism. Enjoy! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Daniel shares on: Spelt fishing and preparation ReWild 101: A New Path Book Club Nora on writing her most recent book & the writing process Primal Fat Burner How the sugar industry shifted heart disease blame to fat Ethical dilemmas in the natural foods industry Corporate vested interest in carbs as a staple and veganism Is dairy a healthful food? Wheat, domestication and war Feminism vs. one-ness — what makes us fundamentally human Alcohol — a food and a drug Cultivating a foundational metabolism The diet we are built for How to get sufficient DHA Nora’s upcoming book release and charity event Diet diversity and the health of your microbiome Protein moderation The nutrients we need from animal-sourced foods We evolved as fat hunters Nora goes more in-depth on what’s included in Primal Fat Burner How to stay in contact with Nora and find out more about her new book and charity event Nora's prognosis for the future of the human species

2hr 7mins

5 Jan 2017

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The Movement Diet - Ido Portal #8

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I talk with Ido Portal, founder of Movement Culture and teacher of movement workshops around the world.Episode breakdown: * Modeling brachiation after apes and children * Movement diet — digesting movement nutrition * Specialization vs. Generalization * "Movement" vs. "Training" * The problems with modern yoga * Moving out of alignment * The natural human resting position * Flexibility vs. Mobility * Spine longevity — look to the cat * Prioritize movement


5 Aug 2014

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Cultivating the Feral Mind - Nora Gedgaudas #4

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I talk with Nora Gedgaudas, author of the international best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind and widely recognized expert on the Paleo Diet. Episode breakdown: * The Paleo diet * Milankovitch cycles explained * Gobekli Tepi  * The human zoo vs. the factory farm * Nora’s thoughts on gluten * Climate of complacency * The wild mind vs. the domesticated mind * Cultivate the feral mindset

1hr 15mins

12 Jul 2014

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