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eLN Connect 2017 special: Dr. Rebecca Gordon on learning and memory

In advance of this year's eLN Connect event we take a deep dive with one of the keynotes, chartered psychologist and senior teaching fellow at Kings College Dr. Rebecca Gordon, into the world of memory, cognitive function and of course, learning. It's fascinating - don't miss out. For more info about the eLN Connect 2017 click here. https://www.elearningnetwork.org/eln-connect-2017/


22 Sep 2017

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#TJtalks: Cara North on instructional design and change

Intrepid dep-ed Jo Cook talks to Ohio's Cara North about instructional design, change and online course development.Have a read of her blog here https://caranorth.blog/


7 Mar 2019

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#TJtalks: Jesse Hallock on workplace learning for young people

Jon chats to Jesse Hallock about engaging young people in the workplace. Maybe it's not as easy as we all think? Listen in to find out.Find out more about Jesse and his business here. https://www.arabonact.com/


1 Jul 2019

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The TJ Podcast: April 2019

Jon and Kate talk apprenticeships and acquisitions, then Jon and Jo discuss the April magazine, a great webinar on diversity and an upcoming one about sales and customer service, and then Jo collars a couple of guests to talk mental health. Want to subscribe on iTunes? Here's your link. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-tj-podcast/id1287155759


12 Apr 2019

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#TJtalks: Laura Hamill on wellbeing and work-life integration strategies

Jon talks to Laura Hamill, chief science officer of the Limeade Institute, about wellbeing, innovation, and why people are the key to a company's success.Find out more about Laura here. https://www.limeade.com/executive-team-membe/laura-hamill-ph-d/


26 Nov 2018

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#TJtalks: Krystyna Gadd on How Not to Waste Your Money on Training

Deputy editor Jo Cook talks to the great Krystyna Gadd about her new book, How Not to Waste Your Money on Training.Pre-order your copy here: https://www.howtoacceleratelearning.co.uk/book/


26 Apr 2019

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#TJtalks: David Logan on corporate citizenship

We talk to David Logan about his new book based around corporate citizenship. What's that, we hear you ask? Well you'll just have to have a listen...Find out more about David here: https://corporate-citizenship.com/team/david-logan/


8 Feb 2019

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#TJtalks: Paul Mumma on digital transformation and the future of work

We talk to Paul Mumma, CEO of software company Cerego about that hottest of topics - digital transformation. Find out more about Cerego here -> https://www.cerego.com/


31 Jul 2019

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#TJtalks: Zvi Guterman on the importance of IT training

TJ editor Jon Kennard talks to Zvi Guterman, CEO of Cloudshare, about IT training and how virtual labs, amongst other things, can help. Find out more about Cloudshare here: https://www.cloudshare.com/


18 Dec 2019

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#TJtalks: Ken Thompson on facilitation, gamification and learning

Deputy editor with the mostest Jo Cook chats to MD of Business Simulations Ken Thompson about facilitation, gamification and, well, business simulation.Find out more about Ken and his business here: https://businesssimulations.com/


21 Oct 2019

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The TJ Podcast: November 2018

Jon and Kate tackle presenteeism and the non-stop expansion of Closer Still Media, then Jo joins to discuss the month's webinar and magazine. We also look ahead to this year's OEB event.News links beneath:https://thenextweb.com/gaming/2018/10/18/rockstar-controversy-crunch-culture/ https://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/closerstill-media-acquires-majority-stake-in-the-elearning-guild https://www.thrivelearning.com/blog/learner-experience/engagement-learning


20 Nov 2018

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#TJtalks: Kate Turner on vulnerability, millennial myths, fixed/growth mindsets and more

Jon talks to leadership expert Kate Turner about vulnerability, motivation, Extinction Rebellion, millennials and much more.Find our more about what Kate does here: http://www.motivationalleadership.co.uk/29/Kate-Turner/


12 Aug 2019

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OEB 2018 Preview: Developing learning professionals’ skills and implementing complex change

Jon and Jo look at the fourth sub-theme of this year's OEB event: Developing learning professionals’ skills and implementing complex change.For more info about the event check here. oeb.global/


12 Nov 2018

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#TJtalks: Owen Ferguson on the evolution of 70:20:10

The intrepidest of the intrepid, Jo Cook, talks to GoodPractice MD Owen Ferguson about their latest report on the evolution of that golden L&D ratio, 70:20:10.You can download the report here https://www.goodpractice.com/ld-resources/the-evolution-of-702010/


27 Nov 2018

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#TJtalks: Steve Dineen on digital learning and performance support

Dep Ed Jo Cook talks to Fuse Universal founder and chief storyteller Steve Dineen about all things digital learning. It's a fast moving conversation that you don't want to miss.Find out more about Fuse here: https://www.fuseuniversal.com/


23 Oct 2019

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#TJwow June webinar teaser: Stephanie Morgan talks empathy

We talk to Bray Leino Learning's director of learning solutions, Stephanie Morgan, about June's upcoming webinar. Watch the webinar on demand here https://trainingjournal.adobeconnect.com/pyad8z9mvmz3


29 May 2018

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#TJtalks: Adrianna Wlodarska on her work experience

Editor Jon talks to Adrianna Wlodarska about her experience at One Manchester.Find out more about the housing and commuity services provider here: www.onemanchester.co.uk/who-we-are/about-us


2 Dec 2019

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#TJtalks: Cara North and Bethany Taylor on TLDC UK and social media for L&D

Intrepid reporter and deputy editor of TJ, Jo Cook, chats to Cara North and Bethany Taylor, her co-hosts for the recent TLDC UK event in London.Find out more here https://tldc.us/tldc-uk-meetup-2018/


27 Jun 2018

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#LTSF19: Kate Graham on Women In Learning

We talk to TJ podcast news section co-host, LTSF backchannel contributor and Fosway Group's head of content Kate Graham about her new initiative, Women in Learning.It's important. Join the LinkedIn group here -> https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12210548/


15 Jul 2019

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The TJ Podcast: January 2019

Jo and Jon sit down for the first podcast of the year to discuss magazines and webinars and TJ Awards, and then Doug Shaw and Martin Couzins talk Slack and productivity frameworks. (irony)Remember: we still want your ads - contact us if you want to advertise free on the TJ Podcast.


21 Jan 2019

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