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Tell Me a Story with Debra Silverman

Tell Me A Story is a radio show all about you. Debra Silverman is an astrologer and a psychotherapist of 38 years and she really understands human nature. Tell her your story, she will look at your chart and tell you what your purpose is, why you are down, when you will fall in love and be prepared to laugh - because this life is so hard sometimes the best medicine is to lean into the cosmic joke that we are all living out. You will learn about astrology and what happens during an eclipse, a full moon, a dark sky. What fun there is to be had to see human nature from a distance looking back.

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The Ancient Art of Astrology with Michelle Cromer

Combining the ancient arts of Astrology and Feng Shui, Debra and Michelle take you on an adventure. Debra’s magic is interpreting the astrological chart to discover their life’s purpose. Michelle speaks straight to the practical knowledge of Feng Shui and how it effects an office or living space. Michelle and Debra talk about how both methods empower a person to experience life-changing results.

10 Dec 2015

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A Marriage Made in Heaven with Kiki Erickson

Debra Silverman and Kiki Erickson dive deep into the connection between Astrology and Psychology. One of Debra’s favorite quotes is Carl Jung stating, “Psychology will be considered a dinosaur science until it includes Astrology.” Tune in to learn the benefits of this ancient science in tandem with Psychology and how it can transform your world and your practice.

17 Dec 2015

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You Are Allowed to Complain with Debra Silverman

What do you complain about? Listen to Astrologer Debra Silverman as she talks to listeners about their stories and how we can handle complaints as we approach Thanksgiving.

26 Nov 2015

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Listening Is Key

Listening is vital to all relationships within our lives, our relationships with others, our bodies and even nature. Find out just how listening can help you make positive changes this week with Astrologer Debra Silverman as she talks to listeners about their stories.

19 Nov 2015

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Right Brain, Left Brain, Whole Brain with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and Debra talk about the right brain having a turn. We are whole brain people, don’t let your left brain take over. Join Jill and Debra to see who is who inside of you.

4 Feb 2016

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