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Welcome to King of the Ride, hosted by Ted King. A professional road racer turned gravel, I sometimes win bike races, but more than anything it‘s the gravel community that makes me happy. Slinging maple syrup, leading rides, hosting camps, and just enjoying life on two wheels, I now have the chance to chat with athletes, entrepreneurs, and all walks-of-life who love the bicycle. Hop on board and please enjoy the ride!

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Episode 42: Colin Strickland — Dirty Kanza 200 winner

On the eve of The Rift gravel race in Iceland, Colin Strickland and Ted sit down to a frosty beer and lively conversation. Covering the obvious topics like how Colin got into cycling, the convo veers to topics like his environmental studies major, on-air taste testing Icelandic fish jerky, and what it's like managing the first professional gravel cycling team. Colin is a scholar and this conversation is a great one. Colin comes from the fixed gear racing world and has segued those lightning fast criterium laps to a win at the 2019 Dirty Kanza 200. This podcast is presented by The Feed. For a personally curated box by Ted, featuring the nutrition he reaches for every day with a 15% savings visit www.thefeed.com/king or simply use the code king10 for 10% off everything else storewide. Upcoming events as Ted talks about early in the pod: September 21: www.PeachamFallFondo.com October 13: www.unPAvedPennsylvania.com October 19: www.KingChallenge.org If you'd like to support my King Challenge ride, you can do so here: https://www.pledgereg.com/229373


9 Sep 2019

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Episode 3: Dirty Kanza special with Lelan Dains

Lelan Dains is a co-race director of the gravel mecca that is Dirty Kanza. The day after DK 2018, Ted and Lelan sat down to decompress how the entire event went down.


4 Jun 2018

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Episode 46: Kate Courtney 2.0 — World Champion, World Cup Champion

Kate Courtney backs up her first podcast on King of the Ride with yet another stunner! On the underslept and overserved day after Grinduro, Kate found some time to catch up with Ted to talk shop. And while the first show was riveting, this one goes much deeper into her motivation, her drive, her team, her goals, her entire psyche and what makes her tick. Kate is as eloquent as she is screaming fast on the bike. Let's remember Kate won her UCI World Champion title and went on the pod in 2018. She clinched the UCI World Cup title just before being on the podcast in 2019. Coincidence? We don't think so. Shout out to some awesome events on the horizon: *Registration opening for Rooted Vermont on November 1: www.RootedVermont.com *inGamba's January trip: https://ingamba.pro/trips/the-coast-ride-2020 *January's 200 mile gravel spectacular: www.SugarCane200.com


28 Oct 2019

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Episode 21: Kate Courtney — World Champion

Already America's mountain biking sweetheart, Kate Courtney took the world of mountain biking by storm by taking the title at this year's World Championships. Just 22 years old and with a penchant for waffles and inspiring the next generation of cyclists -- while clearly kicking butt herself -- Kate is a bright, shining, smiling force to be reckoned with for a long time to come.

1hr 20mins

8 Nov 2018

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Episode 28: Ted is the guest! Interview the Interviewer

Switching things up today! Ted King plays guest on today’s episode as Jim Merithew, creative director of inGamba Tours, interviews our typical host. Taking an arch through the history of Ted’s... entire life, including stealing the family’s minivan for a little hit-and-run, how gosh darn friendly Ted’s mother is, his take on aero bars and more, this will help flesh out details of what makes Ted tick. This episode is presented by Strava. Please be sure to check out their new podcast, “Athletes Unfiltered” on all podcast stations or at blog.strava.com/podcast

1hr 22mins

17 Mar 2019

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Episode 47: Edward Hult — CEO Education First North America

Edward Hult is a cycling enthusiast. He’s also a big reason that EF Education First came on board to the UCI World Tour and beyond. As the CEO of EF North America, Edward and his brother made the decision to not just sponsor the team, but purchase the team outright. This conversation talks about the politics and geopolitics of sports, how and why cycling hit their radar, the highs and lows of owning a professional cycling team. Ted (an Edward himself) and Edward Hult caught up on the eve of The Rift gravel race in Iceland to talk about cycling, gravel cycling, and all things on two-wheels. As mentioned in the intro: -- Check out all the cool work by Farid at www.mtbafghanistan.org -- A Pinkbike article: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/mountain-biking-picks-up-steam-in-afghanistan.html -- And a video wrapping up what they did at the Hindukish Challenge: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=563716514141393 A huge thanks to The Feed for supporting this episode! Head over to www.thefeed.com/king to save 15% on a box curated by yours truly or use the code KING10 to save 10% on everything else storewide.


4 Nov 2019

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Episode 9: Jeremy Powers — Aspire Racing

Jeremy Powers has made a tear across the cyclocross scene. The most dominant racer for years, he's a master of his craft, and was crafty enough to start the JAM Fund to support development of cyclocross especially in his native New England. The ever smiling Jeremy and Ted sat down after the biggest fundraising event for that organization, the JAM Grand Fondo.

1hr 3mins

14 Jul 2018

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Episode 33: Pete Stetina — World Tour Professional (& Dabbling Gravel Racer)

Pete Stetina is a stalwart American professional cyclist. A billygoat of a climber, this Californian returned home from Liege Bastogne Liege and went straight into the Belgian Waffle Ride on Cinco de Mayo. Former colleagues out on the road, Ted and Pete caught up with one another to talk the strategics and logistics that make gravel a possibility amid a World Tour schedule. Check out the YouTube video of all the BWR action here: https://youtu.be/3gebox-sdQ0 Check out RootedVermont.com, especially on June 3 at 10am EST as the final 100 spots will become available. And a huge thanks goes out to Splats Sunscreen for supporting this podcast. Head to www.splatssunscreen.com and use code KING at checkout for a whopping 20% savings.


29 May 2019

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Episode 17: Lawson Craddock — TdF Lantern Rouge and Cycling’s Hero of the Year

If you watched this year’s Tour de France, then undoubtedly you saw a whole lot of Lawson Craddock. He hung out at the back of the peloton for the entire first half of the race as he was reeling from a broken scapula suffered on stage one. If you know anything about me, you may remember I did the same thing on stage one of my first Tour de France. How he soldiered through July and what Lawson did afterwards to bring positivity to cycling and especially his local Texan community as outstanding.


11 Sep 2018

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Episode 13: Stephen Hyde — US National Champion and All Around Badass

On the eve of Stephen Hyde’s final mountain bike race of the season, Ted and Stephen sit down to catch up on the goings-on of this well travelled, multi-faceted cyclist. Talking cyclocross in Florida, playing the guitar internationally, and his top tip to aspiring pros!


7 Aug 2018

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Episode 7: Tim Johnson — Clergyman of all things bicycle

Tim Johnson is a friend of the bicycle and a friend of Ted's. He taught Ted to brush my teeth after bike rides and he teaches hoards of people throughout the land why the bicycle is an incredible tool for change, for empowerment, and betterment. Tim is a lifelong racer with a sliver of fitness that he can let out of the bag now and again. Tim and Ted caught up on day one of the 6 day, 500 mile traverse, the #tourXnewengland.


9 Jul 2018

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Episode 49: The Life of a Soigneur — Jon Adams, Sophie Roullous, & Al Worozbyt

What's a professional soigneur do? Do they rub legs and make small sandwiches? Do they spend thousands of hours driving across continents? Do they stand on the side of the road in France in July and get into arguments with police officers? Yes, they do this and so so much more! Welcome to the first King of the Ride episode with three guests simultaneously. On the eve of the Grand Prix Quebec City this September, Ted sat down with three soigneurs from the Education First pro cycling team. These three, Jon, Al, and Soso, are three of the best "swannies" out there who Ted had the privilege to work with in his racing days. Sit down for a crack up of a conversation and learn a thing or two about the behind the scenes of a pro cycling team.

1hr 3mins

26 Nov 2019

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Episode 30: Bobby Wintle — Land Run 100 Mastermind

Bobby Wintle is the owner, operator, and chief mastermind behind the Land Run 100. A Kansas native, Bobby wasn't part of cycling nor retail when he decided to move to a new state and open a bike shop. Bold. Now operating District Bicycles, a stunning shop in Stillwater, Oklahoma, he juggles District and Land Run amid a life full of family, fun, and gravel riding. Bobby and Ted tried to find time to chat at Land Run itself, but time was fleeting so the two of them caught up for this podcast over the phone, a first for King of the Ride, exploring the community Bobby has built. This episode is presented by iKOR. iKOR is a clean, natural source of recovery-enhancing hemp extract. They design their products with athletes in mind, and their goal is to protect your body from the stresses of training, improve recovery from intense efforts, and maintain a positive mental state. iKOR nerds out on science to deliver the most bio-available product you can get. This is the highest quality, most effective hemp extract product available both iKOR and I want to help you try a bottle. Head on over to ikorlabs.com and save 15% by using code KingOfTheRide at checkout.

1hr 9mins

12 Apr 2019

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Episode 20: Joe Dombrowski — Pro Cyclist EF Education First p/b Cannondale

Despite Joe’s young age and being a bit later than some to the sport, he’s already had a storied career. Joe is one of the more thoughtful cyclist out there, so between chatter of winning the Baby Giro, his issues with iliac artery endofibrosis, the nuances of a fine Belgian beer, and lots more, there’s plenty about this conversation that you’ll enjoy.

22 Oct 2018

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Episode 35: Eric Marcotte — Professional Cyclist, “Adventure Dude”

Speak softly and carry a big stick. Eric Marcotte is a soft spoken monster of cyclist. Entering road racing later than most, he rose to become a two-time winner of US professional national titles. With an atypical background into the sport comes an interesting philosophy on the sport and life in general. Eric and Ted caught up after the 2019 Dirty Kanza in Emporia, KS to chat all things cycling, life, recovering from a massive accident, and nine hour hikes deep in the desert. This episode is presented by Splats Sunscreen. Visit www.splatssunscreen.com and use code KING at checkout for 20% savings!

1hr 18mins

18 Jun 2019

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Episode 50: João Correia — Cycling agent, inGamba founder

When João writes a memoir, I'll be the first in line to buy it. Sit down and enjoy this conversation with João and Ted as he unwinds a story from being an illegal immigrant to elite cyclist to the international publishing world back to the World Tour and to a handful of booming entrepreneurial endeavors in between. João's memory is a lobster trap -- he's got stories to tell! The good, the bad, and the ugly. Huge thanks go out to all my sponsors who make this ride possible: Cannondale, SRAM, Zipp, ROKA, Velocio, Rene Herse, Saris, and of course inGamba!

1hr 15mins

10 Dec 2019

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Episode 45: Katerina Nash — Legendary Professional Cyclist

On the recent heels of winning her seventh World Cup cyclocross victory (we think) in Madison, WI, Katerina Nash zipped out to Grinduro for a fun weekend playing around on the gravel whip. Kat is also one of very few people to win both World Cup cyclocross and World Cup mountain bike races, she dabbles in enduro mountain bike races, she consistently wins the brutally difficult BC Bike Race stage race, and just like this weekend of chatting, she puts a handful of gravel races into her schedule too. Perpetually smiling, always upbeat, and ready to take on any challenge on two wheels, this conversation opens up a lot about Katerina that we think you haven't heard before. Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Katerina Nash took to nordic skiing as a young girl and turned that into a career spanning two sports and taking her to five Olympic games! If you haven't seen Kat's heroics in Madison, which we reference in this podcast, I highly recommend watching the highlights of this foolishly muddy race here: http://www.cyclingfans.com/node/41942 Image credit: @cxhairs -- www.instagram.com/cxhairs


7 Oct 2019

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Episode 15: Jason Gay — WSJ

Journalist, writer, unintended comic, Jason Gay is a sports columnist and editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal. You don't crack into the WSJ and expect a chuckle unless you're reading something penned by Jason. Ted visited the Big Apple and the two of them sat down in an actual sound studio for the most crisp and lively of podcasts covering topics on two wheels and many more outside of cycling.


15 Aug 2018

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Episode 34: LeLan Dains — Dirty Kanza Promotions

The day after Dirty Kanza is a bit of a blur. It’s a page out of “The Hangover” where, with bleary eyes and foggy memory you ask, Wait... did that just happen? Well, it did and In whats becoming a DK tradition, Ted sits down with Dirty Kanza Promotions co-owner LeLan Dains to talk all things DK. This episode is enhanced by a friendly competition unbeknownst to Ted as he is challenged ON THE SPOT to a maple syrup chugging competition. Complete with video, you don’t want to miss this 2,000 calorie showdown: https://youtu.be/cXURaqmSnfQ This episode is presented by the best sponsors in the business! Cannondale, SRAM, Zipp, ROKA, Velocio, Rene Herse, and inGamba. UnTapped deserves fair mention here too but Ted co-founded the company so that’s less a sponsor and more an amazing all-natural energy fuel company.

1hr 2mins

6 Jun 2019

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Episode 29: Kristi Mohn — Dirty Kanza Promotions and Serial Entrepreneur

”Ted King killed my ride. That’s going to be the name of this podcast.” When the world of Gravel Cycling creates a Hall of Fame, Kristi Mohn will be among the first inductees. She's help boost Dirty Kanza from just double digit entries to well over 3,000 -- including the ectremelu popular 200 women, 200 miles campaign. Kristi lives life at a million miles per hour and in with the gravel season underway here in 2019, we talk about growing up in Emporia, Kansas, her world travels from there, we examine the state of bicycle retail with the shop she and he husband Tim own, plus 1,000 other things. Kristi is a great friend and exudes a love for life (and bikes). She was kind to take time in her pre LandRun100 preparation to sit down and talk in the Mohn Mobile. With all this talk of gravel, don't forget to head to www.RootedVermont.com! Entry spots are going fast for the first gravel event hosted by Ted and Laura King, so you don't want to miss out on this inaugural event taking place in Richmond, Vermont on August 4! A big thanks goes out to iKOR for presenting this episode. iKOR nerds out on science to deliver the most bio-available product you can get. Their mission is to provide the highest quality, most effective full spectrum hemp extract products available, allowing you to have your best day possible. And I’m excited to share it with you. Try a bottle of iKOR at www.ikorlabs.com and save 15% by using code KingOfTheRide at checkout.


2 Apr 2019

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