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A collection of voices gathered from the world of the lesser represented & marginalized populations in media or media preservation. These voices belong to women, queer folx, the trans community and people of color. These are indigenous voices and the voices of the differently abled. These voices are those that need to be heard because they haven’t been.Archivist’s Alley is a safe & lively conversational space designed for discussions on how to preserve our work and identities in today's professional landscapes. Who we are, what we do, and what and how we love!

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Michelle Caswell: Creating Archives, Making Space & Activating Records of the Now

Please welcome the wonderful Dr. Michelle Caswell to Archivist's Alley! An incredible author and speaker, she is also a teacher, the co-founder of the South Asian American Digital Archive (more information on which can be found at the website blog on this podcast) and the director of the UCLA Community Archives Lab.  She is also AMAZINGLY fun and cool to talk to! We had a blast! As expected, so many important things discussed and so many more left for a next visit! Please visit the website for links!


11 Feb 2019

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Episode 7: Millie De Chirico- Comin' Up With That Weird Stuff! Exhibition as access, women in programming spaces, & the joy of TCMFF

This week I talk with one of the hardest working women in show business, Millie De Chirico, programmer of TCM, Filmstruck and TCMFF, a film festival happening THIS WEEK! Get ready for a wild ride through Joseph Losey's BOOM, a feminist critique on the current state of the film exhibition scene and watching films cuz you love 'em not to laugh at 'em. Let's celebrate this FAB rockstar Millie & hear about her hard work at the best film fest & classic film channel that has ever film fest-ed or channel-ed!!

1hr 16mins

23 Apr 2018

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Episode 15: Courtney Dean- Punk Rock Archives, Better Labor Practices & Community Strength

For my last episode of S1, I have the AMAZING Courtney Dean on to dig deep into issues very close to my heart.  We chat about punk and metal archives, information worker solidarity and bonding, and the desperate need for better labor practices. I want everyone that listens, even partially, to sign the letter/petition that is on the blog for this episode on the Archivist's Alley website, www.archivistsalley.com Archivist's Alley will be back in a few weeks! Thanks for listening! 

1hr 19mins

30 Jul 2018

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Archivist's Alley, Episode 3: Snowden Becker- Home Movies, Archives and Law Enforcement

For episode 3, I talk to the fabulous Snowden Becker about a whole slew of things from home movies to the feminization of certain jobs in the police force to her own very critical work on police-worn body cameras and their impact on the evidentiary process. I'll say this about every episode because all my guests are super amazing but the info here is just mind-blowing. Don't miss it!

1hr 13mins

26 Feb 2018

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Chris Bourg: Open Scholarship, Advocacy from the Inside & Code Switching

Please welcome Dr. Chris Bourg, Director of Libraries at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to Archivist's Alley. I have wanted to have her as a guest ever since I started the show so I'm thrilled that we were able to finally make it happen. Please enjoy our conversation on social justice issues, open scholarship, academic environments and the beauty of pick-up trucks.

1hr 3mins

19 Aug 2019

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Episode 11: Magnus Berg- Transgender Identity in Cataloging, Power in Pronouns, and Ableism in Hiring Practices

This month I decided that I was going to celebrate Pride Month and in doing so center a queer archivist or organization every week. Please welcome the magnificent Magnus Berg for episode 11! They are truly an inspiration on a multitude of levels and they haven't even graduated!!! We approach transgender identity in the archival community, cataloging and the LCSH, pronouns and cishet privilege and the SUPER AMAZING thesis that Magnus is currently writing!  Check this out! It's a great conversation! We need more folks like Magnus in the community!

1hr 2mins

11 Jun 2018

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Archivist's Alley, Episode 5: Elena Colón-Marrero, Digital Preservation, Forensics and Creating Your Own Field

Elena Colón-Marrero is a rockstar and one of the most important women in her field. As you will learn in this episode, she is, more or less, creating her own field. Digital preservation and archiving is still fairly new and many wonderful people are working in this area, but what Elena is doing is revolutionary. Check it out! For more info and links to her writing and a more in-depth look at Elena, please check out the piece on the Archivist's Alley site.


26 Mar 2018

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Episode 6: Erica Lopez- Mexican American Home Movies, Being "Seen," and Gauging Class in Amateur Films

This week I talk with the wonderful Erica Lopez who is just completing her thesis at the Moving Image Archive Program (MIAP) at NYU.  Our discussion is an exciting adventure, journeying from the examination of Erica's original work on Mexican American home movies and research methodologies to how her own cultural identity and background has informed her personal character and career choices.  Every point Erica raises on class, gender, economics or culture is critical and I am thrilled to have been able to document this digitally. Please enjoy.  For more on Erica and some extra links, please check out the full blog post on this episode here:

1hr 4mins

9 Apr 2018

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Lynne Kirste- Home Movies at the Academy and the Brilliant Power of Representation

Season 2's opening episode talks with Lynne Kirste of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences about Home Movies, representation, classic Hollywood and the importance of preservation. We examine why inclusion and diversity is so critical and why discussing Hollywood's historical erasure of race, gender and labor can be uncomfortable but is necessary in order to achieve a better world. Exciting discussions abound regarding active and progressive work being done in the home movie archival space!!  

1hr 23mins

10 Sep 2018

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Anna St. Onge: Archival Labor, Community Content & Refocusing the Archival Narrative

Please welcome Anna St. Onge, from York University in Toronto! Anna and I discuss the challenges of consciously platforming archival stories that generally get less institutional attention or funding, such as indigenous and regional communities and why she does it. We talk about archival labor, invisibility, Nice White Lady-ism and how the right kind of outreach can change archival structures and archives in general. Join us!

1hr 19mins

26 Nov 2018

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Mo Henry: Negative Cutting, Orson Welles Restorations & Women's Power in the Film Industry

Please welcome the AMAZING Mo Henry to Archivist's Alley!  A negative cutter since the 70s, she has worked with everyone from Francis Ford Coppola and Mike Nichols to being one of the central preservation forces behind the recent restoration of Orson Welles' Other Side of the Wind. Enjoy this fab conversation as we talk about all kinds of things from Hollywood to film preservation to being a woman in the Industry!

1hr 8mins

2 Sep 2019

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Ashley Blewer: Digital Archiving, Open Source Work & Systems of Strength

My friend and colleague Ashley Blewer is one of the most inspirational people I know. She makes hard things seem simple because she enjoys them so much. She has this brilliant gift of being talented at digital preservation and moving image archiving yet not coming off as intimidating or pretentious. She always seems willing to answer questions you might have and goes out of her way not to make you feel stupid for asking.  Ashley has spent countless hours working on projects that provide educational access to folks who might want to learn about moving image archiving but may not have the funds to do so.

1hr 9mins

12 Nov 2018

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Archivist's Alley and Ariel Moved to Korea: Update and Request

It's been a while but here is an update from Paju, South Korea and a request/ outreach to all those who may have some things they want to talk about or just need to discuss. Let's keep the Alley going, y'all! 


6 May 2020

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Adam Piron: Media Curation, Format Fetishes & Indigenous Film Language

In this episode, Adam and I explore working in the field of film programming/curation (esp in Los Angeles). We focus on ideas of media archiving/preservation, temporality and examining and applying it to media and preservation in a non-hysterical manner. Public perceptions of media formats and the lack of knowledge/education is also a topic before Adam and I explore ideas in and around indigenous film identity, culture and language. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!! 

1hr 16mins

22 Jul 2019

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Genevieve Weber: Decentering the Colonial Narrative in First Nations & Indigenous Community Materials

Please welcome the immensely wonderful Genevieve Weber, archivist of the BC Archives, part of the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada to Archivist's Alley this week. Join us as we discuss important issues of agency, repatriation and collection processing in regards to materials of First Nations and Indigenous peoples.  The work being done by Genevieve and her colleagues at the BC Archives is critically important. I invite you to check it out through this conversation.


8 Oct 2018

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