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B4bookings reaffirms its love for music with the launch of "Be For the Podcast", a space confectioned exclusively by artists from the B4 family and designed to project the diverse musical spectrums that converge in the B4 world.Be For the Podcast: 60 minutes of electronic music mixed with passion because, after all, what moves B4 most is the desire to "be for the music"

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MARC MARZENIT. Be For The Podcast 017

Inspired by a spiritual structure, Marc Marzenit gives us this ethereal, sophisticated and perfectly executed set, exclusive for the 17th episode of Be for the Podcast. Serene and placid beats, immersed in organic sounds and incandescent vocals, were skillfully selected for a special seven-hour session at the XII century Cathedral La Seu Vella in Lleida as for the very first time in over 800 years of history, electronic pulses flooded the walls of this magnificent building. It is no surprise, therefore, that tickets sold out five days before the event in what was a spectacular success for the Catalan artist. Marzenit showcases his taste and technique perfectly by connecting house, dub techno, techno and adding some hints of electro into the groove to create a captivating and eclectic DJ mix. Beginning with an almost melancholic tranquility, the set gradually emerges, the sound arrangements building a system that little by little becomes more agile, full of movement, warmth and vital energy, without ever losing the calm and the imperturbability of the original structure. Exquisite, attractive and with lots of melody, this is a set that only Marc Marzenit could conceive.Be for the music, be for the booking.www.b4bookings.com

2hr 3mins

29 Sep 2014

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MARC FAENGER. Be for the Podcast 020

For the 20th episode of Be for the Podcast, Marc Faenger gives us a unique and breathtaking session. This indispensable artist of the ENTER. nights at Space Ibiza and cornerstone of the Minus showcases during 2014, shows us exactly how it's done musically. The set consists of 60 powerful minutes in which Marc develops a session meant to be listened to consciously and carefully. One full hour of delicious and deep techno featuring minimalist shades intertwined with rhythmic elements to form a relentless musical structure. Marc Faenger has created a highly dynamic and mentally provoking techno music story – and it’s all for Be for the Podcast.Be for the music, be for the booking.www.b4booking.com


2 Jan 2015

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THOMAS GANDEY . Be for the Podcast 016

The 16th episode of Be for the Podcast is a unique treat; celebrating his addition to the B4 Bookings family, Thomas Gandey has prepared a very profound set of deep-house which is as seductive as it is all-encompassing.  Prepare for 60 exclusive minutes of a complete Gandey experience in which each layer of sound shapes an evolutionary musical story, ready to unleash your senses. Exploiting robust and penetrating basslines, the session starts off all dark and melancholic before growing into a funky climax, but always maintaining a distinguished musical coherence. An intense and interesting set, with the Gandey trademark stamped all over it. “In this 60 minute mix I play my own exclusive productions and tracks released this summer, as well as some tracks I am including in my DJ sets at the moment. I hope you enjoy the mix. Thanks, Thomas"  Be for the music, be for the booking.www.b4bookings.com

1hr 2mins

21 Aug 2014

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HECTOR. B4 Podcast 070

Hector delivers the 70th episode of the B4 Podcast, a brilliant mix recorded live at the Miami Music Week.  Thanks to years of dedication to his craft and a wealth of experience touring the globe Hector has become a highly skilled selector whose talents transcend the confines of the club and stretch out into the studio production and beyond.  In these 60 minutes, Hector takes the listener on a journey of sound sensations. With harmony, groove and power all contained within a tech-house aesthetic, Hector prints rhythmic bass lines, melodic textures and harmonious layers that give way to the strength of delicious old school house with minimal shades. B4 Podcast 70 is a fresh and groovy mix that takes us to that much-anticipated summer feeling.


30 May 2019

Rank #4

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RAFA BARRIOS. B4 Podcast 068

In full spring mode, Rafa Barrios delivers an exciting mix for the 68th episode of the B4 Podcast. A key part of the new wave of talented Spanish artists and with a fresh and irreverent tech-house style, Rafa has produced for some of the industry’s most respected labels, including Intec, Stereo, Sola, Knedeep in Sound, Repopulate Mars, Suara and Blackflag. Throughout these 60 minutes, Rafa develops an effusive tech-house vibe, to which he adds a serious amount of groove as a main seasoning. He creates a complex set, full of disturbing effects, euphoric peaks and suggestive vocals. With solid bass lines and radiant sound layers throughout, this is a mix full of emotions as Rafa reacquaints us with the feeling that made us dance to electronic music in the first place.


11 Apr 2019

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FER BR . Be for the Podcast 021

In episode 21, Be For the Podcast presents an appealing and exclusive session created by Fer BR. Belonging to the new batch of Spanish producers, Fer BR is a specialist in creating both vigorous and elegant grooves. As a DJ and producer he is strongly focused on building dancefloor music and using futuristic sounds in which he always imprints a delicious funk.  This episode is proof of that as the DJ and producer that belongs to the ranks of Paco Osuna’s growing Mindshake label, prepares a dynamic and delightful set; 60 minutes of rhythmic and magnetic tunes, minimalist techno adorned with gravitational effects. ENJOY! be for the music, be for the bookingwww.b4bookings.com


23 Feb 2015

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BASTIAN BUX. B4 Podcast 069

Bastian Bux delivers a brilliant episode for the B4 Podcast, recorded live at Florida135. With a musical career that already includes performances in five continents and multiple releases on labels such as Cocoon, Bedrock and Mood, Bastian Bux is emerging as one of the jewels of young Spanish techno. His sets are structured in detail: overflowing with deep textures, powerful harmonies and heavy rhythms, he assembles each musical layer with soul and sensitivity. In these 60 minutes, Bastian builds a pulsating, sharp and irreverent techno set in his own genuine and exquisite style. This is a mix made with clarity and intensity, shaping us up for the exciting spring season.


25 Apr 2019

Rank #7

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Los Suruba - B4 The Podcast 071

Los Suruba, exclusive for episode 71 of the B4 Podcast, assemble a radiant palette of sounds and create a deep musical story full of details, harmony and rhythmic elements. The Spanish duo, whose music has been featured by labels such as Tale & Tone, Sol Selectas and Diynamic, as well as their own imprints Nazca and Suruba X, deliver a delicious and balanced session: 60 minutes of sophisticated and placid beats, submerged in organic vocals and incandescent sounds. This is a mix with a strong personality, which transmits a perfect balance between melody and rhythm. With this session, leading the way for their next Nazca showcase at the famed Brunch-In Barcelona, Los Suruba press the button to start the summer!


27 Jun 2019

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BLOODY MARY . Be for the Podcast 015

Fresh and exciting, perfect for the summer! Bloody Mary comes as refreshing as it sounds to the 15th edition of Be for the Podcast. In an ever-changing set full of ups and downs, fast and dark basslines, slick transitions between techno and tech-house with hints of organic sounds, this is a perfect example of what Bloody Mary is all about. Her impressive career as a producer, DJ and Dame - Music label owner means she is always in tune with what is contemporary and current – and it shows in this eclectic set that reflects the warm and soothing mood of the summer nights. Be for the music, be for the bookingwww.b4bookings.com


21 Jul 2014

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LEON . Be for the Podcast 022

In episode number 22 of Be for the Podcast, Italian DJ and producer LEON presents one hour of deep techno – a unique set filled with penetrating and sincere feelings.  LEON, in a relatively short time, has forged a distinctive style, seductive techno and house sounds that have become his trademark and seen him carve a spot in the tight ranks of Music On, a residence to which he has planted deeper roots year after year. In this exclusive 60-minute session, LEON delivers a minimalist techno sound wrapped in features and textures to be listened to attentively and in which the protagonist is always a deep groove perspectiveBe for the music, be for the booking.www.b4bookings.com


20 Mar 2015

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TRAUMER. Be for the Podcast 019

New and talented B4 signing Traumer exclusively delivers a profound session for the 19th episode of Be for the Podcast. In 98 minutes of deep and dark techno, intense and sincere sounds which carefully contrast sharp and dynamic layers, Traumer lets us feel his most affable vein and keeps us constantly on the edge of deliberately bottled tension. The complete set, the whole hour and 38 minutes brought to us by the on-form Frenchman, features industrial tints, with direct, exotic, rhythmic and penetrating sounds all at once. A real delight. 01 - Herva - Spotlight (Music At Subway) - Delsin02 - Blow - Monochrome - Ferlin's Profunda Almbus Mix - Blow03 - Kren & Lemos - 0.1 - Equivalence04 - Priku - De Bun Augur - Midi Records Romania05 - Dorisburg - Liksom - Boss Musik06 - Dorisburg - Devotion - Aniara07 - Traumer's Exclusive 08 - Nima Khak - Nebulosa III - Sand09 - Planetary Assault System - The 808 Track - Token10 - Butch - Tone 2.0 - Desolat11 - Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search - Sub Modular - A&S Records12 - Boss (Black Label)13 - Traumer's Exclusive 14 - Mousse T - Horny (Radio Slave Off World Dub) - Peppermint Jam15 - Sergie Rezza Exclusive - Traumer Edit16 - Daniel Melingo -  Narigon - Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey El Duende Remake - Desolat

1hr 38mins

26 Nov 2014

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ANTON PIEETE. Be for the Podcast 018

For the 18th episode of Be for the Podcast, Anton Pieete delivers an elaborate and exclusive set; an imposing session of conceptual techno with classic tints and tremendous environmental sounds. In these 60 minutes Anton Pieete masterfully contrasts sonic layers; this set is all about intense basslines featuring techno music combined with atmospheric sounds, both insane and placid at the same time. The set unfolds warmly with twists in structure in which a breathing tension and a penetrating groove are the protagonists, while the body moves all on its own. This November, Be for the Podcast proudly displays large-scale underground techno sounds. Enjoy!Be for the music, be for the bookingwww.b4bookings.com


27 Oct 2014

Rank #12

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Prunk - B4 The Podcast 080


27 Mar 2020

Rank #13

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Manu Gonzalez - B4 The Podcast 079

Manu Gonzalez in the mix.


27 Feb 2020

Rank #14

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Viviana Casanova - B4 The Podcast 078

Young talent VIVIANA CASANOVA delivers the 78th episode of the B4 Podcast. Viviana's sound is pure adrenaline, active tech-house of inexhaustible energy. This exclusive mix for the B4 Podcast is proof of her vigour on stage. Vibrant and dynamic, the mix is an organism with its own life as Viviana wraps it with heavy rhythms and vocals that are peak-time and groovy through and through. With a career on the rise, Viviana has been touring in recent months (Australia, Holland, Belgium, UK); in addition to her appearances as a resident of the emblematic elrow, Viviana has burst onto stages like Social Club Mallorca, Warm Festival Canaria, Brunch in the Park Barcelona, Blue Marlin Ibiza and City Hall Bcn. And over the next couple of months, she will perform solo at Sala Cosmos (Seville), Wonderland Festival, Thuishaven (Amsterdam), Westend Club (Essen), Industrial Copera (Granada) and Now & Wow (Rotterdam).


30 Jan 2020

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Mart - T - B4 The Podcast 077


26 Dec 2019

Rank #16

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Hito - B4 The Podcast 076

Underground techno sounds brought to you each week, showcasing sets from international artists, recorded at B Club - Barcelona. This week we have Hito in the mix.

1hr 1min

28 Nov 2019

Rank #17

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Chris Stussy - B4 The Podcast 075

Underground techno sounds brought to you each week, showcasing sets from international underground artists.


1 Nov 2019

Rank #18

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Dosem - B4 The Podcast 074

Dosem in the Mix.


25 Sep 2019

Rank #19

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Never Dogs. B4 Podcast 073

The Neverdogs is a story about talent and passion which began in 2000 in Florence when Tommy Paone met Marco De Gregorio: two DJs originally from Catanzaro who had begun their careers separately in the early 90s. The pairing quickly became a rising act of note, touring their native Italy and featuring across a host of the country’s most notable clubs, including Cocorico (Rimini), Tenax (Florence) and Docshow (Bologna) to name just a few.


30 Aug 2019

Rank #20