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A Kids Podcast About Current Events. We know the news can be heavy. World events can be confusing. But no one should miss out on history as it’s being made. It’s not always easy to know how to talk about what’s going on in the world or even to know where to start. Join us each week for a look at what’s going on in the world and how it impacts you and others. From scientific breakthroughs to historic achievements. From political upheaval to social justice. It’s all worth noting.

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5 Years of The Children's Book Podcast

5 years. 450 episodes. What started as "What it...?" has grown in time to be an unmistakable presence in the children's literature community. How we got there, in large part, is because of listeners like you! And where we're going on the road ahead is just as exciting as where we've been. Thanks for being on this journey together with us.


30 Jun 2018

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Steven Malk

Steven Malk (@stevenmalk), literary agent at Writers House, stops by the podcast to answer your questions and to talk communication, giving back to things that inspire you, and how to identify the mark of a good book.


24 Jan 2017

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Philip C. Stead

Philip C. Stead, author illustrator of Samson in the Snow, stops by the podcast to talk about being a natural worrier, using various materials to express the whole rainbow of what snow can be, and what time means to a creative person.


12 Dec 2016

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Kwame Alexander

Kwame Alexander (@kwamealexander), author most recently of Surf's Up, illustrated by Daniel Miyares (@danielmiyares), and winner of the 2015 Newbery Award for The Crossover, stops by the podcast to talk about the economy of words, the spiritual journey through the white space left on the page, and the joy and power of reading.


12 Jan 2016

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Jane Yolen (2018)

Jane Yolen is the beloved and prolific author of over 365 books for children and teens, including this year's releases of A BEAR SAT ON MY PORCH TODAY, MAPPING THE BONES, and MEET ME AT THE WELL. To celebrate such a milestone publication year, Jane and daughter Heidi have kicked off #Yolen365, a daily celebration and book pairing of each title in Jane's catalog to a calendar holiday, festivity, or fun fact. Our conversation includes stories that span of Jane's experiences in publishing that span her career so far. Rest assured, we were in no shortage of things to talk about in laughs and wonder, reflection and celebration.

1hr 16mins

27 Feb 2018

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Dan Santat (2017)

Dan Santat (@dsantat), author illustrator most recently of After The Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again), stops by the podcast to talk about overcoming obstacles, an obsession with negative space, and a story synonymous with falling.


6 Oct 2017

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Marla Frazee

Marla Frazee (@MarlaFrazee), author illustrator most recently of The Bossier Baby and illustrator of Is Mommy?, written by Victoria Chang, stops by the podcast to talk about channeling her inner 5-year-old, words taking over, and giving kids a place where there's comfort.


11 Nov 2016

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Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Mac Barnett (@macbarnett) and Jon Klassen (@burstofbeaden) are the award-winning team of many beloved books including EXTRA YARN and SAM AND DAVE DIG A HOLE. Today we’re focusing our attention of three books that are part-trilogy and part perspective. TRIANGLE, SQUARE, and now CIRCLE are each stories following story structures informed by their titular shapes. But there is no room here for unearned epiphanies. Answers, after all, are cheap morals and my guests remind that the goal is the pit, the place devoid of handed-over answers where, instead, we must look for meaning. These are books I engaged with in altogether different ways and I’m grateful for the chance to go on that thought exploration in front of you all.  Especially, after all, because I found one of these books to be quite polarizing and I tell as much to our guests. You can access even more information about this book and its author and illustrator by visiting www.matthewcwinner.com/podcast.


28 Feb 2019

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Mac Barnett and Adam Rex

Mac Barnett (@macbarnett) and Adam Rex (@MrAdamRex), author and illustrator of How This Book Was Made, stop by the podcast to talk about Mac's interest in form and the picture book as a live performance, as well as the value Adam sees in taking time to make distance from your work in progress in order to reach a final illustration that feels, to the reader, inevitable.


13 Sep 2016

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Jon Scieszka

Jon Scieszka (@Jon_Scieszka), editor of Guys Reads: Terrifying Tales, which is published by Walden Pond Press (@WaldenPondPress), and other of a ton of bestselling books including The Stinky Cheese Man, Knucklehead, and the Frank Einstein series, stops by the podcast to talk about storytelling with a purpose, appreciating the ways that kids are intelligent, and how giving readers choice in what they read is a huge thing.


23 Oct 2015

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Drew Daywalt (2017)

Drew Daywalt (@DrewDaywalt), author of The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors and BB-8 On The Run, stops by the podcast to talk about writing things that all kids have access to, kids loving to be the villain, and trying to lose with all your might.


20 Dec 2017

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Kobi Yamada

Kobi Yamada is the author of What Do You Do with a Chance?, the final picture book in a best-selling series including What Do You Do with an Idea? and What Do You Do with a Problem?. In this conversation Kobi talks about the varied languages of creativity and how we're all finding our way through life. One of the most important concepts Kobi emphasizes in this conversation, to me, is that a book is incomplete without the reader. The implicit responsibility a reader has to trust the story and to invest a piece of themselves in the story is something that is at the center of the stories he writes. You can access more information about this book and its author by visiting www.matthewcwinner.com/podcast.


6 Feb 2018

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Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Vanessa Brantley-Newton, author and illustrator of Grandma's Purse, stops by the podcast to talk about connecting with her readers, kids giving their parents a do-over, and the universal quest to give others what you never got.


9 Jan 2018

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Kelly DiPucchio and Greg Pizzoli

Kelly DiPucchio (@kellydipucchio) and Greg Pizzoli (@gregpizzoli), author and illustrator of Dragon Was Terrible, stop by the podcast to talk about making kids livid while reading aloud, a story beginning to tell itself, and being surprised by the voice that comes out while writing a first draft. 


23 Aug 2016

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Kate DiCamillo and the Collaborative Summer Library Program

Kate DiCamillo, author Raymie Nightingale and the 2016 National Summer Reading Champion, stops by the podcast to talk about reasons to read this summer, some titles from her recommended reading list, and her habit of always making other people read books.


3 Jun 2016

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Tomie dePaola

Tomie dePaola is the author and illustrator of over 260 books for children, including STREGA NONA, 26 FAIRMOUNT AVENUE, and OLIVER BUTTON IS A SISSY. His newest picture book is called QUIET, and it’s as much about noticing the noise around us and in us as it is about finding the quiet around us and, ultimately, in us. Tomie wrote the book, in part, after noticing that children are so busy today and it’s not their fault. He wants children to be able to sit and be quiet and just be, and so we find Tomie expressing himself once again and so thoughtfully through his art and his stories, inviting readers to step into the story and find a place where quiet is protected. You can access even more information about this book and its author illustrator by visiting www.matthewcwinner.com/podcast.


27 Nov 2018

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Christopher Silas Neal

Christopher Silas Neal (@csneal), debut author/illustrator of Everyone..., stops by the podcast to talk about a big philosophy captured in a few words, the universality of feelings, and making space for the sadness along with the happiness.


27 May 2016

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Lucy Ruth Cummins

Lucy Ruth Cummins (@lucyruth), author-illustrator of A Hungry Lion, or a Dwindling Assortment of Animals, stops by the podcast to talk about knowing when to stop, playing it close to your chest, and the essential role of predators when make-believe playing as animals.


8 Jul 2016

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Laurie Berkner

Laurie Berkner (@LaurieBerkner), children's singer songwriter and author of Pillowland, stops by the podcast to talk about giving as much freedom as possible to concert attendees, exponential expansion, and one of the most wonderful things about preschool.


28 Sep 2017

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Julie Fogliano

Julie Fogliano (@oneredhen) shares JUST IN CASE YOU WANT TO FLY, illustrated by Christian Robinson. Julie’s stories express themselves in poetic verse and they are some of my most beloved on our bookshelves. JUST IN CASE YOU WANT TO FLY grew from a playful game she used to engage her daughter. It’s lines and page turns are filled with sincerity and humor. IF I WAS THE SUNSHINE, illustrated by Loren Long, praises the way our love and presence in one another’s lives has the power to complete and complement the other unmatchingly. And we also talk about the origins of WHEN GREEN BECOMES TOMATOES: POEMS FOR ALL SEASONS, illustrated by the incomparable Julie Morstad. But mostly, we talk poetry. And we talk it a lot. Do enjoy. You can access even more information about this book and its author by visiting www.matthewcwinner.com/podcast. Thank you to this week's sponsors: Highlights Foundation Storyteller Academy Libro.fm And to the generous support from our Patrons.


24 Dec 2019

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