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Matt Townsend specializes in energizing and involving audiences with his unique approach to building and maintaining successful relationships. Known as one of America's top presenters in the field of Human Relations and Development, Matt blends humor and story telling with interactive, real-life solutions that motivate and inspire his listeners.

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The Gimmies

This time of year is filled with shopping and you eventually will end up bringing the kids, and they will want something and not get it. The behavior where children whine and demand by using the phrase, "gimmie" is the behavior we can talk about today, particularly introducing young children to finances. To talk about this Matt has Alisa Weinstein on the show. Alisa is a financial and lifelong planner and will help us understand how we can teach children about these financial matters but still retain the magic of santa and Christmas. Stay tuned later in the show for one matt's own coaching corners on what really matters during this time of the year. We hope you have a merry christmas season from us here at the Matt Townsend Show!


18 Dec 2018

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Holiday Hosting

If you are having anyone over this season you are going to have to host people, and odds are that you will be doing this multiple times during this busy time of the year. Today Matt is talking with some people that are going to help us be in tip top shape when it comes to hoasting. First Matt gets some helpful tips from Alisa Andrus about how to make our homes ready for guests and how our preperations can make others feel comfortable when they visit. After, Matt talks with Dr. Marvin Brown about mastering somthing we must all suffer through when it comes to family gatherings this season, small talk. Dr. Brown teaches us all about how to start, hold and polietly end a conversation. Everything today will come in handy real soon when comes to your holiday plans!


17 Dec 2018

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Love and appreciation

Today is all about how to bring an increase of love into your lives. Matt begins by talking with author Andrew Solomon about how parents can learn to deal with their children that have not turned out the way they wanted them too. Andrew brings Matt on a journey to acceptance and healing. Later on, Matt talks about having love for someone critical in our lives, ourselves! He will talk with Shannon Kaiser about the process of accepting ourselves as we are.


14 Dec 2018

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Child Temperament

Today is all about the kids! Today Matt takes a pretty deep dive into the temperament of children. He is helped by an expert, Dr. David Rettew. Dr. Rettew has studied children for years and condensed childrends temperaments into five basic categories. Later n in the show Matt talks about child temperament with another expert named Julie Nelson. This will be a good one so listen up parents!


13 Dec 2018

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Happiness and Compassion

Today is all about how we can live happier lives. We start off with Syd Hoffman who talks about how we can be happier people overall and how hapiness is related to our energy levels. Later on in the show we hear from Emma Seppala about how compassion for other people is what truly breeds internal happiness. Enjoy!


12 Dec 2018

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Dating Advice

Dating is a popular subject here on the Matt Townsend Show and today we have another episode focused on dating with the ultimate dating guru Alisa Goodwin Snell. But before Matt dives in with her we get to hear from the author of the book,"Labor of Love: the Invention of Dating". Moyra Wygull is the author of this book and she examines how dating has changed and evolved over time. We then get to learn from the talented dating expert Alisa Goodwin Snell and she will be telling us what we are doing wrong with dating and a few common things men do that creep women out.


11 Dec 2018

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Business with your Spouse

The old saying goes that you should, "never hire \[or work] with your family". Well today Matt is addressing this convetional wisdom directly with some stellar examples of couples that work togeather and buisinesses that are run out of peoples homes. Kathy Mollo comes on the show to share her experiance of being in business with her spouse for over 45 years! Later we will learn about how to best run a business from your home. Expert Vikki Winterton shares with us the important principles needed such as time managment.


10 Dec 2018

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Internet Etiquette

Happy Friday everyone! Today Matt is focused on the Internet. Matt has blogger Becca Dulgarian on to talk about internet etiquette. We also get to learn about how the internet can be more hurtful than helpful, and the no nos of Facebook use.Later on the episode Matt has on a millenial and a baby boomer and stages a contest to whoo can stump eachother. It promises to be good fun! All this fun included in this Friday episode!


7 Dec 2018

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Today we have a throwback Thursday! We are going back to Matt's first ever episode all the way back in 2012. In this episode Matt talked about happiness and how we can best deal with the constant march of change. Matt also interviewed Mike Schlappi an influential and inspirational figure who tells his story. Matt will wrap things up with his first ever coaching corner! All this on this nostalgic episode of the Matt Townsend Show!


6 Dec 2018

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Matt is focusing on a variety of things today. First we talk about our relationship with ourselves with guest Van Moody and we get to learn about his special thing which he calls the "i-factor". Later on we talk with Dr. Sandra Russ about children and their imaginations. We learn from Sandra the importance of playing and make believe in the development of our children and how their parents can helpfully add to these adventures! Hope you have a great Wednesday!


5 Dec 2018

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