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The Surge: Surgery. Trauma. Critical Care

Remember that 2 am cric where no one knew what size ET tube you needed? How about that time you did an ED thoracotomy and no one knew what a vascular clamp was?This podcast is about how to avoid it while still having a good time doing some Kickass Medicine!

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Episode 41:The Partial Responder Dilemma: Cross Sectional Imaging

I was just hoping to introduce some of the concepts that can help you predict which will declare themselves as stable and which will declare themselves unstable when it comes to partial responders. 


30 May 2020

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Episode 40: Surviving your first year of Residency (or internship)

As requested by Squashboi89 on Reddit, here is an epsidoe with some clinical pearls, some not so clinical pearls and some do and don'ts.  Bottom line is that its a 5 year investment in a 25 year career.  #education #residency #internship #burnout


26 May 2020

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Episode 39: Reboa - a primer!

I received a request on itunes reviews for an episode on REBOA so here it goes!  How to use it, when to use and what the data is like.  #reboa #endovascular #trauma #criticalcare #resuscitation


21 May 2020

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Episode 38: COVID-19 PREP: Bringing it all together.

So this is just a cap stone, run through of everything we talked about for the past couple of episodes.  If you have any other topic suggestions please do not hesitate thesurgepodcast(at)gmail.com


18 May 2020

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Episode 37:COVID-19 PREP : Helping families of COVID-19 Positive Patients in the ICU

Again, I've been getting emails asking me about my thoughts on the subject.  I actually asked some of my colleagues about it as well and realised that theres some food for thought here and is extremely challenging.  ALSO AN APOLOGY, IN THE PREVIOUS EPISODE I SHOULD HAVE MADE IT MORE CLEAR THAT MENTAL HEALTH REQUIRES A MULTIDISCIPLINARY SUPPORT TEAM AND IS NOT MY PRIMARY SPECIALTY.  Also if you have any suggestions for other topics please reach out thesurgepodcast(at)gmail.com


14 May 2020

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Episode 36: COVID-19 PREP: Supporting patients and Survivors Mental Health Through the Pandemic

So social isolation, the stress of being in a hospital and the things that patietns see as a result of overcrowding are all part and parcel of the journey we are all going through world wide.  Just a short talk with some thoughts on how to start to help your patients stay happy and healthy mentally. 


10 May 2020

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Episode 35: COVID PREP Frontliner and First Responder Mental Health.

I've received an email about how people can help without being frontliners or if they cant be.  One of the key things you can do to support front liners is not material; it's to be part of their mental support system. 


5 May 2020

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Episode 34: COVID 19 PREP So you have a ventilated patient on your ward and they are calling you at 2 am .... (White Belt to Blue Belt Level)

So with all of the issues with offsite ventilation of COVID-19 patients around the world, I've had requests from my surgical colleagues to do a trouble shooting talk on ventilators.  So here it goes....... 


2 May 2020

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Episode 33: COVID-19 PREP Ventilation Primer for non-specialists (White Belt to Blue Belt Level)

So this WILL NOT BE a be and end all.  It's about the basics of what modes are, what to do where and what works where.  For now I'm recommending ARDSNET protocol if in doubt but it will or may change as our reality is we've never done this before so. 


22 Apr 2020

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Episode 32:COVID-19 PREP Lung Mechanics and Respiratory Failure (White Belt to Blue Belt Level)

Not a be all , end all summary, more so a run through of relevant parts for a non-gas jockey (I am one so it's okay) to be comfortable.  It literally starts with a drawing of an alveolus and gets to nitrogen content in 40 minutes.  #covid-19 #resuscitation #ventilator #ICU #criticalcare


18 Apr 2020

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Episode 23 COVID-19 PREP: Logistics and Liabilities in Pandemics

Just a quick review of how to prepare legally and logistically for the realities of a pandemic. How do you safely comeback to work and volunteer? How do you coordinate your team to set up and write a legally binding document that makes sure that you can provide care with limited liability #Corona #Covid-19 #ICU #Criticalcare #admin #administration #foamed #MEDED #emergencymedicine 


16 Apr 2020

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Episode 31: Explaining What I mean by Blue Belt , White Belt etc and Why it makes sense.

Completely (almost) non clinical episode, I feel kind of like we need a COVID-19 break and I received an email asking me why I kept referring to belt rankings.  In my mind there is a growing body of literature that myelin leads to speed of action and speed of thought. Also to Mylenate your brain you need to do drills, develop passion and practice. As a guy who has done a little judo and a little brazilian juijitsu I can tell you it's the same there.  The key difference is that although people identify belt ranks with a hierarchy they are actual more about masteryand so it's pretty similar to acute care. 


14 Apr 2020

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Episode 30: Covid -19 Intensive and Critical care Guidelines

Just some thoughts and a summary on the ICU and critical care guidelines outthere.  #foamed #icu #criticalcare #resuscitation #covid19


12 Apr 2020

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Episode 29: COVID-19 PREP : Hemodynamics, Shock and Monitoring : White Belt to Blue Belt Level

Basics of  Hemodynamics Shock  Sepsis Why Swans can be a problem.  Vasopressor review.   #FOAMED #MEDED #COVID-19 #Hemodynamics #ICU #criticalcare #ER #resuscitation


9 Apr 2020

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Episode 28: COVID 19 PREP Intubation:White Belt Level to Blue Belt Level

So this is just a quick look at indications, strategies and considerations when needing to intubate.  This isn't how to manage oxygenation or ventilation. Just the basics of intubating for a white belt to become a blue belt.  #COVID-19 #FOAMED #MEDED #ICU #AIRWAY #ER #EMERGENCYMEDICINE #INTUBATION #RESUSCITATION


7 Apr 2020

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Episode 27: COVID-19 PREP Setting up your Ward for Total Isolation while Keeping Workers Safe (COVID-19)

With everything going on in the world we will be handling patients on the ward that COVID-19 positive.  How do we do it?  How do we set up "safe" strategies to prevent cross infection and healthcare worker infection?  #FOAMED #COVID-19 #pandemic


5 Apr 2020

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Episode 26: COVID 19 -PREP Setting up your OR for COVID-19 Patients

So as of today there is as of yet no consensus guideline for handling operating rooms with COVID patients.  What follows is a smorgasbord of review articles, letters to the editor and practical points, to help prepare for that first COVID-19 case.  #FOAMED #COVID #TRAUMA #CRITICALCARE #ICU #EM #ER #COVID-19 #SURGERY #surgeon


31 Mar 2020

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Episode 25: A guide to preparing M and M's and Journal Clubs

So is there any evidence for doing journal clubs or m and ms?  Do you feel stressed out by them?  Stay tuned for this episode on how to set your self up to win and learn.  #foamed #grandrounds #communication


29 Mar 2020

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Episode 24: COVID-19 PREP Strategies for the Correct Application of Personal Protective Equipment in COVID-19 Patients.

How to wear it?  When to Wear it?  What to Wear?  How to make people DO IT!!!!!!   (Requested on Reddit) #COVID-19 #Corona #ICU #PPE #FOAMED #MedED


25 Mar 2020

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Episode 22: Misplaced Chest Tubes, A guide to Troubleshooting

Chest tube in the lung?  Chest tube in the liver?  I though it was a pneumothorax but now its draining blood!  How to deal with a diagnose misplaced chesttubes #thoracics #trauma #chesttubes #emergencymedicine #surgery #anesthesia #thoracics #criticalcare #pneumothorax #hemothorax 


21 Mar 2020

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