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Love Changes Everything

27 Mar 2016

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Throughout this series, we are going to look at relationships and how all of them are intertwined and connected to a greater story. We are going to talk about adversity, how we get back up when we fall, unconditional love, and finding real redemption. The good news is that this greater story is not a made-up fairy tale, but a true story with a real fairy tale ending.

24 Apr 2016

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So Will I

This week, Chad spoke about the power of thankfulness. We can go through trials, yet remain full of joy and thanksgiving to God and what He has done inside of each and every one of us who know him.

20 Nov 2017

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I Like Me Better When I'm With You

Ronnie kicked off this series by talking about singleness and that every relationship we have is made up of individual parts. He reminded us that 'When we don't know who we are in Christ, we create unrealistic expectations for our relationships.' It all comes back to knowing how much God loves us and who we are in Him. When we begin to rest in this, we are freed up to love others well!

10 Feb 2019

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Free To Enjoy Today

This week Shawn preached about joy and that we are set free to enjoy today.

18 Mar 2018

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The Power of Words

This week Ronnie reminded us how words have incredible power and have since Creation. God brought life with words and we also see that the enemy brought death with words. Words can bring death to marriages, careers, and friendships. However, they can also make relationships sweet, families strong and days filled with hope and healing.


27 Oct 2019

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Change of Mind

As Ronnie shared that, the original intent and understanding of repentance was/is a shift that takes place in our minds. It is a change in the way we think that gives way to changes in our allegiance and affections. Repentance is the root that ultimately and eventually blossoms and bears fruit in our lives.

29 Sep 2019

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For those of us who were there at the start, when we hear the word 'heritage,' we think of Heritage Square Theme Park and over a decade of issues as our little church grew up there. The church isn't a building, it is a body of believers; it's the people who are the church. We are those people and regardless of the building we meet in, we are still Red Rocks Church. Throughout this series, we are going to talk about how there are seasons and situations in our lives that God can use to teach us great lessons, if we are willing to listen and keep our eyes focused on Jesus Christ. So whether you were here in the beginning or this is your very first week, allow God to speak to you about your own life as we look for the lessons that God might be trying to teach us.

20 Mar 2016

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A Vacation From A Vacation

We've all wanted to escape from our day-to-day lives through a vacation- or even to the world of Netflix. This week, Chad talks about how easy it is to disengage and dwell on our past. We follow Peter's story and how God never looks at our future through the lens of our past fears and failures.

23 Jul 2017

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The Process that Precedes the Promise


15 Dec 2019

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Marriage Mixtape

This week Shawn gave us a marriage mix tape, composed of ten steps to help our relationships. Doing the hard work to identify your strengths and weaknesses in your relationships is not easy, but it is incredibly helpful as we continue moving forward to loving one another well!

24 Feb 2019

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We all need breakthrough at some point in our stories because we are all broken and are all in need of Jesus! As Shawn reminded us this week, 'If you want to see breakthrough, you have to remember what you've been through."

24 Mar 2019

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The Best is Yet to Come

Wherever you find yourself as 2019 draws to a close - celebrating a great year or wishing it had looked very different - we hope that this service is a breath of fresh air as you step into 2020, and we can't wait to worship with you online!


29 Dec 2019

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Peace Came Here


22 Dec 2019

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My Anxiety is My Weapon

In a world that is overcome with unknowns and worries, we are often drawn to two things: anxiety and distraction. Ronnie's message focuses on the role that God plays in seasons of chaos, as we fix our eyes on Him. Instead of numbing our anxieties with food, substances, or mindless time on a screen, we can use PRAYER to free ourselves from our burdens, releasing our worries to God. Our anxiety isn't ours to carry, and when we release it to Him, we are able to seek the life of freedom that God so graciously wants to give us.


4 Apr 2020

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Check Your Circle

Each of us has 168 hours in a week, and we get to spend 1 of those in church together each week. Following Jesus in your other 167 hours a week hinges on 4 things: God's word, prayer, worship, and God's people. Doug's message focuses on God's people, community, and how running this race with a close circle of people is essential.


9 Feb 2020

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Confidence in the Chaos

This year we've talked about the idea of having 'Take Home Faith' and that has never been more timely than now. As our church moves to online-only gatherings due to the Coronavirus, Shawn speaks to us all as we adjust to this new season of uncertainty. - Speaking from the book of Joshua, Shawn's message focuses on the way God's Word can light our way through confusing and challenging times. Spending time in the Bible each day builds a firm foundation that can help us remain confident in Him, even in chaos.


28 Mar 2020

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A Gift And A Call

In this week's message, Shawn reminded us of our 'gift and call' as believers. The gift, is God's free gift of grace that grants the opportunity for eternal life, and the call, is the urgent task of sharing the gift with others. In Paul's letter to the Romans, the two exist together. The gift and the call are like salt and pepper, PB&J, or Chad and Shawn. One basically does not exist independently of the other.

5 Nov 2017

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Worship Rx

Each of us has 168 hours in a week, and we get to spend 1 of those in church together each week. Following Jesus in your other 167 hours hinges on 4 things: God's Word, prayer, worship, and God's people.In the midst of our hardest seasons, worship is a powerful weapon to fight for ourselves, our family, and our future. Shawn's message digs into the way he battles his own anxiety with worship and how we can use worship as an instrumental way to speak truth over ourselves. In the middle of chaos, we can use worship to start moving our souls towards God. By doing this we trade fear, dread, anxiety, and depression for joy, power, rest, peace, guidance, protection, and confidence.


16 Feb 2020

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In Jesus' Name

Shawn's message can be summed up in five words: pain, prison, power, platform, purpose. Gabriella, the youngest pastor to ever preach at RRC, embodies these words and shares her compelling story of her battle against Leukemia.

30 Jul 2017

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