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코리아헤럴드 기자들과 원어민 카피에디터들이 직접 전달하는 영어뉴스 방송

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코리아헤럴드 기자들과 원어민 카피에디터들이 직접 전달하는 영어뉴스 방송

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코리아헤럴드 팟캐스트

Updated 8 days ago

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코리아헤럴드 기자들과 원어민 카피에디터들이 직접 전달하는 영어뉴스 방송

Rank #1: 290화 미세먼지 뒤덮인 한반도, 신규 LCC 3곳 면허 발급

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1. Record fine dust chokes Korea

Thick ultrafine particulate pollution blanketed most of South Korea on Tuesday, prompting authorities to enforce emergency measures to combat fine dust again Wednesday for a sixth consecutive day in Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi and the North and South Chungcheong provinces.
* blanketed: 짙게 드리운, 두텁게 내려앉은
* prompting: (즉각적으로, 묻지않고) 유도하다, 설득시키다
* enforce emergency measures: 긴급 조치를 실행하다
* combat: 전투, 싸움, 방지하다
* consecutive: 연속으로

Seoul’s hourly average level of ultrafine particles -- those smaller than 2.5 micrometers in diameter -- recorded 184 micrograms per cubic meter as of 4 p.m., according to the National Institute of Environmental Research, a think tank under the Ministry of Environment.
* hourly: 매 시간당
* diameter: 지름
* think tank: 싱크 탱크, (정부 기관 연구소, 집단 등)

The daily average ultrafine dust level was expected to reach an all-time high in Seoul since the government began collecting related data in 2015.
* average ultrafine dust level: 평균 미세먼지 수치
* all-time high: 사상 최고치

The average daily ultrafine dust level was measured at 199 micrograms per cubic meter at Sejong, 189 at Gyeonggi Province, 173 at Gangwon Province, 166 at North Chungcheong Province and 164 at Incheon as of 4 p.m.
* measured at: ~로 측정되다

기사 원문:

2. Ministry names three new LCC operators

South Korea’s Transport Ministry announced Tuesday that it has designated Fly Gangwon, Aero-K and Air Premia as new low-cost carrier operators after more than three years of hiatus due to overcrowding of the local LCC market.
* low-cost carrier operator: 저비용 항공사
* hiatus: 공백, 중단
* overcrowding: 과잉, 과밀

The ministry said Fly Gangwon, Aero-K and Air Premia have passed the reinforced criteria for LCCs. Under the revision, companies planning to carry out flight operations are required to have at least 30 billion won ($26 million) in capital and five airplanes before they can begin operations as budget carriers. The previous requirements were 15 billion won and three planes.
* reinforced criteria: 강화된 기준
* under the revision: 수정안에 따르면
* required to: ~하도록 요구되다
* budget carrier: 저비용 항공사

The ministry’s task force had assessed each air carrier’s capacity to secure safety, provide customer satisfaction, and manage flight routes and airport operations, the ministry said.
* task force: 대책 위원회, 프로젝트 팀
* capacity to ~: 능력, 역량, 수용 가능한

In November last year, five new budget air carriers -- Fly Gangwon, Aero K, Air Premia, Air Philip and Guardians -- had applied for business licenses. Fly Gangwon, Aero-K and Air Premia had previously attempted to obtain operational licenses.
* apply for business license: 사업 허가를 신청하다
* previously: 이전에
* attempt to: ~하려고 시도하다
* obtain: 얻다, 구하다,

기사 원문:

Mar 07 2019



Rank #2: 298회 문대통령 종합 반도체강국 비전 제시 / 블루보틀 커피 한국 상륙

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진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. South Korea to double down on non-memory chips

기사 요약: 문재인 대통령이 삼성전자 화성사업장에서 열린 시스템 반도체 비전 선포식에서 종합반도체 강국으로의 발전 비전을 제시했다.

* Double down: 더 열심히 하다

South Korea, the world’s top memory chip provider, aims to rise to an unrivaled position in both memory and non-memory semiconductor industry by 2030, President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday as he visited a Samsung facility, unveiling a set of policy measures worth over 1 trillion won ($860 million) to support industry players.

* Unrivaled: 경쟁 상대가 없는, 무적의, 비할 데 없는
* Unveil: 공개하다
* Policy measures: 정책 수단
* Industry players: 업계 종사자 (industry insider, market insider)

“Our goal is clear,” Moon said. “It is to make Korea a general semiconductor powerhouse by expanding its market share to 10 percent in the fabless sector by 2030.”

* Powerhouse: 강국
* Fabless sector: 팹리스 분야 (제조 회사가 자사의 공장을 소유하지 않고 제품기획과 개발에만 집중하는 기업)

The president stressed the government will focus on investing in talent and technology by expanding national research and development resources for the non-memory sector.

* Invest: 투자하다
* Talent: 인재
* Develop resources: 자원 개발

“Samsung has announced its goal of becoming the world’s No.1 non-memory chipmaker by investing 133 trillion won by 2030,” Moon said. “The government applauds Samsung for its grand ambition and will proactively support it.” The president also praised Korean tech giant’s shipments of logic chips produced on the latest 7-nanometer EUV process technology, the first among global foundry businesses.

* Chipmaker: 반도체 제조업자
* Applaud: 박수를 치다, 칭찬하다
* Grand ambition: 원대한 포부, 야망
* Proactively: 상황에 앞서서 주도하는
* Tech giant: 첨단기술 대기업
* Shipment: 수송하다
* Latest: 최근의
* Foundry business: (금속, 유리를 녹여 만드는) 주조, 주물 사업

Timed with the event, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy unveiled a set of policy measures including around 1 trillion won worth financial support for the non-memory sector.

* Timed with: 시간에 맞추어

기사 본문:

2. Blue Bottle to debut in S. Korea this week
(재녹음 된 부분이 있어 양해 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.)

기사 요약: 커피 업계의 애플이라고 불리우는 블루보틀 커피가 성수동에 첫 매장을 연다.

Blue Bottle Coffee will officially debut in Seoul later this week, a South Korean affiliate of the upscale US coffee chain operator said Tuesday.

* Officialy debut: 공식적으로 첫 선을 보이다
* Affiliate: 계열사
* Upscale: 고급진, 혹은 평균 이상의

The new cafe will open in Seoul's eastern Seongsu neighborhood -- a trendy hangout spot where young artists and designers renovated existing buildings into art spaces, fine restaurants and cafes to woo customers -- on Friday, Blue Bottle Coffee Korea, Ltd. said in a press release.

* Hangout spot: 사람들이 어울리는 장소
* Woo: 구애하다 = appeal, attract

The location will house a roastery and a training center for baristas as the California-based company is known for its dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

* House: (집이나 공간에) 들이다, 건물 내에 갖추고 있다
* Dedication: 전념, 헌신
* Craftsmanship: 솜씨

Blue Bottle Korea said it will open a second store in the Samcheong neighborhood, home to traditional villages, artisan workshops and small museums. The exact schedule has not been released.

* home to: ~의 고향, 보금자리
* Artisan workshops: 에술가 장인들의 작업장

The move marks the burgeoning coffee giant's second international launch since it opened its shop in Tokyo in 2015.

* Burgeoning: 급성장, 급증하다

기사 원문:

May 01 2019



Rank #3: 271회 일제시대 강제징용 배상 판결, 씨름 유네스코 무형유산 등재 권고

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271회 일제시대 강제징용 배상 판결, 씨름 유네스코 무형유산 등재 권고

Oct 31 2018



Rank #4: 293회 승리 스캔들 / 난항 겪는 남북 군사회담

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진행자 : 윤민식, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Seungri saga grows amid police corruption, supposed link with the mob

기사요약: 최근 은퇴를 선언한 빅뱅 출신 승리가 다시 한번 클럽 '버닝썬'과 관련된 일련의 혐의를 부인했다. 그러나 경찰과의 유착 의혹, 성매매 알선에 이어 삼합회와의 연계까지 거론되면서 스캔들이 확장되고 있다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] Recently retired K-pop singer Seungri on Saturday denied that he was involved in the operation of the Burning Sun nightclub or that he brokered prostitution for his investors.

* saga: 일련의 사건들
* deny: 부인하다 ( admit: 인정하다)
* be involved in ~: ~에 연류되다, 관련이 있다.
* broker: 중개하다, 알선하다
* prostitution: 성매매

[2] But new revelations by local media are increasing the pressure on the singer, alleging connection between the disgraced celebrity, local law enforcement, and a Taiwanese mogul believed to be related to a Chinese Triad gang.

* revelation: 폭로
* local media: 국내(현지) 언론 (foreign press: 외신)
* allege: 협의를 제기/주장하다 alleged: ~라 주장된, supposed: ~라 추정되는
* disgraced: 망신을 당한, 명예/존중/존경을 잃은 (fall from grace: 위신이 추락하다)

[3] In an interview with Korean daily the Chosun Ilbo, Seungri reiterated his previous claim that he was not involved in the operation of Burning Sun, of which he had been an executive officer, and that he merely “lent his name” to a friend. He had previously stated on TV shows that he was deeply involved in his own enterprises.

* daily: 매일 일어나는, 일간지 (monthly: 한달의 한번, yearly: 1년에 한번, annual: 연례의, biannual: 연 2회의, biennial: 2년에 한번 있는)
* reiterate: 재차 강조하다
* claim: 주장, 주장하다
* executive officer: 임원, 이사
* state: 주장하다, 진술하다
* enterprise: 사업체

[4] Burning Sun, which had been located in the affluent Gangnam-gu area before closing earlier this year, was the central focus of a scandal that has spread through the Korean entertainment world. In December, a man claimed to have been physically abused by the club workers and the police officers who showed up at the scene, which led to testimonies about rampant drug use, rape at the premises and a subsequent investigation by police.

* affluent: 부유한 (유의어: upscale, well-off. 반대어: impoverished: 빈곤한
* entertainment world: 연예계
* abuse: 학대
* show up: 나타나다, 출동하다
* lead to~: ~로 이어지다 (A was followed by B: A 뒤에는 B가 이어졌다)
* subsequent: 이어지는, 차후의


2. Pyongyang’s silence sheds doubt on inter-Korean military talks

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] Prospects are grim for the two Koreas to hold military talks this month, as the North appears to have closed up on all inter-Korean cooperation plans following the breakdown of its second summit with the United States last month.

* shed doubt on ~: 의혹을 불러일으키다 (=cast doubts on)
* grim: 암울한
* prospects: 전망
* 전망이 좋지 않다: things do not look good. Things are going south.
* inter-Korean: 남북간의
* breakdown: 결렬, 와해
* summit: 정상회담

[2] The Ministry of National Defense here said Sunday it recently proposed to hold military talks with the North via a communications line, but it had not received confirmation. Seoul has been pushing to hold military talks before the end of this month, as the implementation of the joint military pact with North Korea has dragged. During a National Security Council meeting on March 4, Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo also said he would hold military talks with North Korea before the end of this month.

* The Ministry of National Defense: 대한민국 국방부
* propose: 제의하다
* military talks: 군사회담. Talks: 회담 (=discussion, meeting)
* via: ~를 통해 (=through ~)
* confirmation: 확인, 확약
* push to ~: ~를 추진하다
* end of this month: 이달말 (earlier in the month: 이달 초에)
* implementation: 이행, 시행
* pact: 조약, 협정, 합의서
* National Security Council meeting: 국가안전보장회의


Mar 27 2019



Rank #5: 306회 문무일 총장 검찰 과거사사과 / '제 2윤창호법' 단속 첫 날

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[팟캐스트] (306) 문무일 총장 검찰 과거사 대국민 사과 / '제 2윤창호법' 음주단속 첫 날

1. Top prosecutor apologizes for prosecution’s past misdeeds

기사 요약: 검찰 과거사위원회가 지난 1년 6개월간 과거 검찰의 부실수사 등에 대한 조사를 마치고 지난달 활동을 종료했는데 과거사위가 지적했던 검찰 과오에 대해 반성하며 사과했다.

[1] Prosecutor General Moon Moo-il on Tuesday apologized for the prosecution’s past abuses of power and human rights violations in connection with politically sensitive investigations, vowing to make the law enforcement body transparent and politically neutral.

* past abuses of power: 과거의 권력 남용
* human rights violoations: 인권 침해
* politically sensitive: 정치적으로 민감한
* law enforcement body: 법 집행 기관
* transparent: 투명한
* politically neutral: 정치적으로 중립을 지키는

[2] In a news conference, Moon said he “repents” the prosecution’s past failures to do its duty to protect people’s basic rights and fairly exercise its investigative powers.

* repent: 회개하다, 뉘우치다
* do one's duty: 의무를 다하다
* fairly excercise: 공평하게 행사하다
* investigative powers: 수사권

[3] Moon admitted that the prosecution had blocked attempts to uncover cases which involved human rights violations and had failed to filter out fabricated evidence and false testimony -- often the result of torture by the state authorities.

* Admitted: 인정하다
* Uncover: 밝히다, 적발하다
* Filter out: 걸러내다
* Fabricate evidence: 증거 조작
* False testimony: 위증

[4] “Taking the past wrongdoings as a lesson, the prosecution will improve the institutions and procedures to prevent itself from abusing its power and to make sure its political neutrality and fairness in investigation are not violated,” Moon said, pledging measures to prevent any recurrence.

* Take A as lesson: A를 교훈으로 삼다
* Procedures: 절차, 과정
* Pledge: 약속, 맹세, 서약
* Recurrence: 반복, 재발

본문 기사:
2. 153 caught drunk driving nationwide on first day of toughened DUI law
기사 요약: 음주운전 단속기준을 강화한 '제2 윤창호법' 시행 첫날인 25dlf 전국에서 153명이 음주운전 단속에 적발됐다.

[1] Police caught 153 people for drunk driving nationwide between midnight Monday and 8 a.m. Tuesday, when the toughened drunk driving law came into effect, according to the National Police Agency.

* Drunk driving: 음주 운전
* Come into effect: 시행되다

[2] Of the 153 drunk drivers, 57 had their licenses suspended and 93 had their licenses revoked. Three refused to have their blood-alcohol levels checked, police said.

* Licenses suspended: 면허 정지
* Licenses revoked: 면허 취소
* Blood-alcohol level: 혈중 알코올 수치

[3] The revised law stipulates a lower blood-alcohol level limit for drivers and stricter punishments for those driving under the influence.

* Revised law: 개정안
* Stipulates: 규정하다, 명기하다
* Driving under influence: 음주 운전

[4] Previously, those found driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.05 percent and above had their licenses suspended, while a level of 0.1 percent and above led to revocation of the license. The corresponding limits are now 0.03 percent and 0.08 percent.

* Revocation of license: 면허 취소

[5] The maximum penalty for drunk driving was also raised from a three-year jail term or 10 million won ($8,650) fine to a five-year term or 20 million won fine.

* Maximum penalty: 최고형
* Fine: 벌금

본문 기사:

Jun 26 2019



Rank #6: 281회 CES 롤러블 TV, 설연휴 기차표

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281회 CES 롤러블 TV, 설연휴 기차표

Read the script:

Jan 09 2019



Rank #7: 270회 강서구 PC방 사건, 롯데그룹 5년간 50조원 투자

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270회 강서구 PC방 사건 피의자 ‘심신미약‘ 적용 논란, 롯데그룹 5년간 50조원 투자

Oct 24 2018



Rank #8: 302회 봉준호 감독 ‘기생충’ 칸영화제 황금종려상 수상 / WHO 게임 질병 분류

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진행자 : 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. Bong Joon-ho bags Palme d'Or in Cannes milestone for Korea
기사요약: 봉준호 영화감독의 영화 ‘기생충’이 한국인 최초로 칸영화제 최고상인 황금종려상 수상.

[1] Bong Joon-ho’s social satire “Parasite” made history Saturday by becoming the first Korean film to win the Palme d’Or, the top award at the Cannes Film Festival.
*social satire: 사회 풍자
*make history: 역사를 만들다

[2] According to the jury president Alejandro Inarritu, the nine-person jury had made the decision based on a unanimous vote.
*nine-person jury: 9인으로 이뤄진 배심원단
*unanimous vote: 만장일치의 투표결과

[3] “Parasite” is described to be a black comedy about an unexpected series of events when a poor family of hustlers encounter a wealthy one. It stars Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-shik and Park So-dam, and Song Kang-ho.
*unexpected: 뜻밖의, 예상치 못한
*a series of: 일련의
*hustlers: 사기꾼
*encounter: 맞닥뜨리다
*A star B: 영화 A에 B가 (주연)으로 출연하다

[4] The 49-year-old Korean is known for transcending traditional genres, and has been dubbed “Bong-tail (mix of Bong and details) by some fans for adding minute details in his films to satirize social issues.
*transcend: 초월하다
*be dubbed: -라고 불리다
*minute details: 세밀한 세부사항
*satirize: 풍자하다

[5] The genre-mixing film is slated to open in Korean theaters on May 30.
*genre-mixing: 다양한 장르가 혼합된
*be slated to: 할 예정이다
*open in theaters: 영화관에 개봉한다

[6] “Parasite” is the second film by Bong to be invited to compete in the festival, the first one being “Okja” in 2017. His victory also marks a second consecutive year that the Palme d’Or went to an Asian director, with Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “Shoplifters” winning top honors last year.
*compete: 경쟁하다, 경쟁작을 출품하다
*mark: 기념하다
*mark a second consecutive year: 2년 연속 기록하다
*go to: -에게로 돌아가다
*win top honors: 최고의 영예에 오르다


2. Korean firms slam WHO’s listing of game disorder

기사요약: 세계보건기구가 게임중독을 질병으로 분류할 것이라고 발표한 가운데, 국내 게임업계, 학회, 기관 등이 반발.

[1] South Korean games companies reacted angrily on Sunday to the World Health Organization’s decision to officially recognize gaming disorder as a disease.
*react to: 반응하다
*officially; 공식적으로
*recognize A as B: A를 B로 인식하다
*gaming disorder: 게임장애, 게임이용장애

[2] A committee comprising 88 organizations, including the labor union of Korea’s biggest game company Nexon, opposed the decision saying it would “deprive a child’s right to play,” as decreed in Article 31 of the United Nation’s Convention on Rights of the Child.
*committee: 위원회
*comprise: 구성되다
*deprive A of B: A에게서 B를 빼앗다
*decree: 명령, 칙령, 명령하다

[3] It added that gaming was the right of teenagers, but the WHO decision to officially designate it as a disease gave teenagers a sense of guilt when playing video games. The decision greatly limits game developers and contents creators’ ability to freely express creativity, it said.
*designate A as B: A를 B로 지정하다
*teenagers: 10대
*give A a sense of guilt: A에게 죄책감을 안기다
*limit: 제한하다
*express creativity: 창의성을 표현하다

[4] On Saturday, members of WHO unanimously voted for the adoption of the 11th revision to the International Classification of Disease, or ICD-11, at the 72nd World Health Assembly held May 20 through 28 in Geneva, Switzerland.
*unanimously: 만장일치로
*vote for: -에 찬성하는 쪽으로 투표하다
*adoption: 도입

[5] The new guidelines will go into effect from January 2022, by which the WHO member nations will need to have devised measures to treat and prevent gaming disorder.
*go into effect: 시행되다
*have devised measures: 강구한 대책이 마련돼 있다


May 29 2019



Rank #9: 282회 황교안 자유한국당 입당, 카카오 카풀 서비스 중단

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282회 황교안 자유한국당 입당, 카카오 카풀 서비스 중단

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Jan 16 2019



Rank #10: 279회 남북철도 착공식, 식약처 타미플루 경고

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279회 남북철도 착공식, 식약처 타미플루 경고

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Dec 27 2018



Rank #11: 280회 막걸리 소비 증가, 쌍용자동차 해고자 복귀

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279회 남북철도 착공식, 식약처 타미플루 경고

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Jan 03 2019



Rank #12: 297회 진주 방화 사건과 정신보건 / 장애인 보장구 산업의 미래

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진행자: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Jinju arson-murder attack reveals shortcomings of Korea’s mental health care

기사요약: 진주 방화사건으로 5명이 숨지고 15명이 부상을 입었다. 이를 계기로 대한민국 정신보건 환경에 미흡한 부분을 돌아보게 된다.

[1] Wednesday’s brutal arson and murders in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, which left five people dead and 15 others injured, put the spotlight on the glaring shortcomings in the country’s mental health care system.

*brutal: 잔혹한
*glaring: (좋지 않은 것이) 확연한, 두드러진
*shortcoming: 결점, 단점

[2] The total budget designated for mental health this year stands at 171.3 billion won ($150.1 million), accounting for 1.5 percent of the government budget for public health, data from the Ministry of Health and Welfare showed Monday.

*designated: 배정되다
*account for: ~을 차지하다

[3] The portion of the budget spent on mental health treatment falls far below the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development average of 5 percent.

*portion: 규모

[4] Showing a shortage in manpower, the number of workers at 243 mental health care centers nationwide tallied 2,524 people, while the number of patients registered as in need of special care stood at 61,220 people, ministry data showed.

*shortage: 부족
*manpower: 인력

2.Rethinking amputee status, prosthetics market in Korea
기사요약: 코리아헤럴드는 지난 20일 장애인의 날을 보내며 국내 사지절단 장애인들의 사회경제적 위치와 의지보조기 시장을 돌아보는 인터뷰 기사를 보도했다.

[1] Why don’t we see amputees in professional fields of work in South Korea? Where do all the patients who have lost limbs in an accident, or to diabetes, disappear here? Kang Yeoun-seung, 52, a rehabilitation medicine and certified ortho-prostheticts doctor, has grappled with this issue for long.

*amputee: 사지절단 장애인
*limb: 수족
*rehabilitatino medicine: 재활의학
*certified: 공인된
*grapple: 싸우다, 겨루다

[2] According to the Ministry of Welfare data, the number of people with physical disabilities in Korea was over 1.2 million as of December. Those with visual or hearing impairment, brain lesions or cardiac disability, collectively came up to more than 800,000. This means at least 2 million Koreans require ortho-prosthesis, but truth be told, they are rarely seen on the streets here.

*physical disability: 신체장애
*visual or hearing impairment: 시청각 장애
*ortho-prosthesis: 의지보조기

[3] Prosthetics are mechanical body parts that can replace missing organs. Orthotics are assistance devices such as canes, casts or wheelchairs for patients who have weakened bone and muscles, cerebral palsy, spinal damage or a congenital condition in the central nervous system.

*replace: 대체하다
*organ: 장기
*cerebral palsy: 뇌병변
*congenital: 선천적인
*central nervous system: 중추신경계

[4] “Patients are counted if they have visited a hospital at least once. They’re in the better environment. As a doctor I know there are many more in this country who suffer disabilities but are not in the officially registered,” Kang said in an interview with The Korea Herald.

*registered: 등록되다

Apr 24 2019



Rank #13: 273회 떡볶이, 수소차

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273회 떡볶이, 수소차

Nov 14 2018



Rank #14: 283회 한미 방위분담금 협상, 걸그룹들 '7년의 저주'?

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[팟캐스트] 한미 방위분담금 협상, 걸그룹들 '7년의 저주'?

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Jan 24 2019



Rank #15: 274회 DMZ 도로 연결, 유튜버 제이플라 구독자 1천만 돌파

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274회 DMZ 도로 연결, 유튜버 제이플라 구독자 1천만 돌파

Nov 21 2018



Rank #16: 292회 국가인권위, 낙태법 '위헌' , 국토교통부 수소차 비전

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진행자: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Human rights body says punishing women for abortion unconstitutional

기사요약: 지난 15일 국가인권위원회는 헌법재판소에 "낙태한 여성을 처벌하는 건 여성의 자기결정권 등을 침해하는 것임을 확인한다"는 내용의 의견서를 제출했다. 나아가 인권위는 "민주국가에서 임신을 국가가 강제할 수 없듯이, 임신을 하지 않을 권리도 국가가 보장해야 한다"고 주장했다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] The National Human Rights Commission of Korea has delivered its opinion to the Constitutional Court that criminal penalties for women who undergo abortion, as well as doctors who perform them, are unconstitutional.

*deliver: 전달하다
*criminal penalty: 형사처벌
*undergo: 겪다, 받다
*abortion: 낙태
*perform: 행하다
*unconstitutional: 위헌의

[2] The current law on abortion violates the right to self-determination, among others, the rights panel said Monday.

*violate: 위반하다
*right to self-determination: 자기결정권

[3] Marking the first time the rights panel has ever expressed an official position on the highly volatile issue, it sent its statement to the court last week ahead of next month’s ruling on the constitutionality of the nation’s abortion laws.

*express: 나타내다
*volatile: 휘발성의

[4] “Punishing women who undergo abortion based on Article 269 of the Criminal Act infringes on their right to self-determination, right to health, right to life and reproductive rights, among others,” said the National Human Rights Commission of Korea in its statement to the court.

*infringe: 침해하다
*reproductive rights: 생식권

2. Korea to shift all commercial vehicles to fuel cell energy by 2035

기사요약: 최정호 국토교통부장관 후보자는 국민 최대 관심사로 떠오른 미세먼지 문제와 관련해 국토교통분야에서 발생하는 부분을 획기적으로 줄여나가겠다고 밝혔다. 최 후보자는 20일 국회 국토교통위원회 더불어민주당 윤관석 의원(인천 남동을)에게 제출한 인사청문회 서면질의 답변서에 사업용 차량은 2035년까지 수소차로 전면 교체하는 등 국토교통시스템의 혁신을 추진하겠다고 강조했다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] South Korea is slated to set a goal of entirely shifting commercial vehicles -- including trucks and construction machinery -- to run on fuel cell energy by 2035 in its efforts to address serious fine dust problems, according to plans released by Transport Minister-nominee Choi Jeong-ho. Hydrogen-powered trains are also expected to be commercialized after 2025.

*slated: 예정되다
*shift: 옮기다
*commercial vehicles: 상용차
*fuel cell energy: 수소에너지

[2] The ministry’s plan was released on Wednesday by Rep. Yoon Kwan-seok of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea, who received documents from nominee Choi. Choi also plans to commercialize hydrogen-powered trains after 2025 with the aim of completing research and development along with trial runs by 2022. He also plans to designate one pilot city to form a green city, home to hydrogen-powered buses and hydrogen transit centers.

*designate: 지정하다
*pilot city: 시범도시

[3] According to an official of the Transport Ministry, there is a consensus on Choi’s proposals within the ministry. “Following the nomination process, the ministry will make a roadmap that includes detailed plans to achieve the goal,” he said.
기사 전문:

Mar 20 2019



Rank #17: 307회 북미 적대관계 종식/ 남성 육아휴직 장려 필요

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[팟캐스트] (307) 文 “북미 적대관계 종식”, 성평등 이루려면 남성 육아휴직 필요
 진행자: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer
1. US, N. Korea have ended hostile relations: Moon
 기사요약: 문재인 대통령은 최근 비무장지대(DMZ)에서 성사된 북한 김정은 위원장과 미국 트럼프 대통령의 만남이 북미간 적대관계를 종식시키고 평화시대가 도래했다고 말했다.
 팟빵 (안드로이드):
 [1] President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday that the US and North Korea have put an end to their hostile relations with the recent meeting of their leaders, who stepped back and forth over the Korean border on Sunday.
 *put an end to: 끝내다
 *hostile: 적대적인
 [2] “Although they did not sign any document, their action was tantamount to a de facto declaration of an end to hostile relations and the beginning of a full-fledged peace era,” Moon said during a Cabinet meeting.
 *tantamount: ~와 마찬가지의
 *de facto: 사실상의
 *full-fledged: 완연한
 [3] On Sunday, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met at the truce village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone. Trump, who was on a two-day state visit to Seoul, became the first sitting US president to set foot in North Korea as he and Kim walked side by side to cross the demarcation line.
 *truce village: 휴전마을
 *sitting: 현직의 (incumbent)
 *demarcation: 경계, 구분
 [4] Moon stressed the meeting’s political significance, saying that “it was the first time the leaders of the US and North Korea have held hands at the border since a cease-fire ending the Korean War was signed 66 years ago.”
 *significance: 중요성
 *cease-fire: 정전, 휴전
 본문 기사:
2 [Herald Interview] ‘Men taking parental leave first step to reducing gender inequality’
 기사요약: 미국 캘리포니아주립대 법대 명예교수 조앤 윌리엄스는 직장내 성평등을 위해서 남성의 육아휴직을 장려해야하며 육아휴직시 임금 전체가 보전되어야 할 것을 촉구했다.
 팟빵 (안드로이드):
[1] Men should be allowed and expected to take parental leave and attend to their children’s needs as the first step to achieving gender equality at work, according to a prominent US feminist scholar.
 *allowed: 허용되다
 *expected: 기대되다
 *parental leave: 육아휴직
 *achieve: 얻다, 이룩하다
 *gender equality at work: 직장내 성평등
 *prominent: 저명한
 [2] To encourage men to take parental leave more freely in a society where those who choose to do so are seen as poor workers and ineffectual men, the government should put in place a “daddy quota,” Joan C. Williams, a professor at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, said Monday during an interview with a group of reporters.
 *ineffectual: 무능력한
 [3] And it is important to provide workers with higher pay while they are on leave to encourage men to use it, said Williams, who visited Seoul at the invitation of the Seoul Metropolitan Government to mark Gender Equality Week.
 “If men have to make a big financial sacrifice, they won’t take the leave because they want to see themselves as breadwinners,” said Williams, who is also founding director of the Center for WorkLife Law at the university and has authored several books including “White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America.”
 *breadwinner: 가장
 *author: 저술하다
 [5] According to a survey of 633 working parents conducted by a state-run support center for working moms in northwestern Seoul, 63.5 percent of the respondents said they had never taken parental leave. As to the reasons, 30.3 percent said they were concerned about what their employers would think and 21.7 percent cited the financial burden.
 *state-run: 국영의
 *support center: 지원센터
 *respondent: 응답자
 *concerned: 걱정하는
 *cite: 언급하다, ~의 이유로 들다

Jul 03 2019



Rank #18: 309회 직장내 괴롭힘 방지법 시행 / 국내 기업, 일본 수출규제에 비상대책 마련

Podcast cover
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진행자: 김보경, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Workplace anti-bullying law takes effect
기사요약: 직장 내 괴롭힘 금지법이 7월 16일 시행됐다. 이 법이 시행됨에 따라 사용자나 근로자가 지위나 관계 우위를 이용해 다른 근로자에게 업무상 적정 범위를 넘어선 신체적, 정신적 고통을 주거나 근무 환경을 악화시키는 행위에 대해 누구든 사업주에 신고할 수 있으며, 사업주는 조사를 벌여 피해자 보호와 가해자 징계 등의 조치를 해야된다.

[1] A new law aimed at preventing harassment in the workplace took effect in South Korea on Tuesday, bringing the widespread but overlooked issue of bullying at work into the legal domain.
*harassment: 괴롭힘
*took effect: 시행되다
*widespread: 만연
*overlook: 간과

[2] A revised law on labor standards, commonly called the workplace anti-bullying law, went into effect after a six-month grace period.
*grace period: 유예 기간

[3] Under the new law, workplace harassment is defined as an act of incurring physical or mental suffering or a worsening of the work environment by employers or workers using their status or power to behave beyond the scope of working norms.
*incur: 초래하다, 입다
*beyond: 넘어서
*scope: 범위
*norm: 규범

[4] If workplace harassment is reported, employers should immediately investigate it and take proper action, such as preventing victims from working with perpetrators in the same place.
*perpetrator: 가해자, 범인

[5] If retaliatory or discriminatory measures are taken against victims or those who report abusive conduct, employers could face a maximum three-year jail term and a fine of up to 30 million won ($25,423). But the law does not stipulate the punishment for a perpetrator.
*retaliatory: 보복
*discriminatory: 차별
*stipulate: 규정하다

기사 본문:
2. S. Korean biz groups in emergency mode as Korea-Japan feud drags on
기사 요약: 일본의 수출 규제 조치에 따라 국내 기업들은 비상 대책 만들기에 돌입했다.
[1] South Korea’s major business groups are shifting to emergency mode, setting detailed contingency plans for a variety of scenarios amid concerns that the restrictions on exports of key tech materials from Japan to Korea could stay in place for a long time, according to the industry on Monday.
*emergency mode: 비상 모드
*setting: 만들다
*contingency plan: 긴급 대책
*variety: 다양한

[2] The leaders of the country’s five biggest conglomerates -- Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor Group, SK Group, LG Group and Lotte Group -- are tightening their reins on the groups’ operations, bracing for possible ripple effects on the global economy and business environment as a result of Japan’s decision.
*conglomerate: 대기업
*rein: 통제, 고삐
*ripple effect: 파급 효과
*brace for A: A에 대비해

[3] Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong is spearheading an array of contingency plans.
*spearhead: 진두지휘하다
*array of: 다수의

기사 본문:

Jul 17 2019



Rank #19: 277회 청와대 국민 청원, 카풀 반대 집회

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277회 김청와대 국민 청원, 카풀 반대 집회


Dec 12 2018



Rank #20: 265회 남북 정상회담, 제주 예맨난민 23명 체류허가

Podcast cover
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265회 남북 정상회담, 제주 예맨난민 23명 체류허가


Sep 19 2018