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코리아헤럴드 기자들과 원어민 카피에디터들이 직접 전달하는 영어뉴스 방송

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코리아헤럴드 기자들과 원어민 카피에디터들이 직접 전달하는 영어뉴스 방송

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코리아헤럴드 팟캐스트

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Rank #1: 298회 문대통령 종합 반도체강국 비전 제시 / 블루보틀 커피 한국 상륙

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진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. South Korea to double down on non-memory chips

기사 요약: 문재인 대통령이 삼성전자 화성사업장에서 열린 시스템 반도체 비전 선포식에서 종합반도체 강국으로의 발전 비전을 제시했다.

* Double down: 더 열심히 하다

South Korea, the world’s top memory chip provider, aims to rise to an unrivaled position in both memory and non-memory semiconductor industry by 2030, President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday as he visited a Samsung facility, unveiling a set of policy measures worth over 1 trillion won ($860 million) to support industry players.

* Unrivaled: 경쟁 상대가 없는, 무적의, 비할 데 없는
* Unveil: 공개하다
* Policy measures: 정책 수단
* Industry players: 업계 종사자 (industry insider, market insider)

“Our goal is clear,” Moon said. “It is to make Korea a general semiconductor powerhouse by expanding its market share to 10 percent in the fabless sector by 2030.”

* Powerhouse: 강국
* Fabless sector: 팹리스 분야 (제조 회사가 자사의 공장을 소유하지 않고 제품기획과 개발에만 집중하는 기업)

The president stressed the government will focus on investing in talent and technology by expanding national research and development resources for the non-memory sector.

* Invest: 투자하다
* Talent: 인재
* Develop resources: 자원 개발

“Samsung has announced its goal of becoming the world’s No.1 non-memory chipmaker by investing 133 trillion won by 2030,” Moon said. “The government applauds Samsung for its grand ambition and will proactively support it.” The president also praised Korean tech giant’s shipments of logic chips produced on the latest 7-nanometer EUV process technology, the first among global foundry businesses.

* Chipmaker: 반도체 제조업자
* Applaud: 박수를 치다, 칭찬하다
* Grand ambition: 원대한 포부, 야망
* Proactively: 상황에 앞서서 주도하는
* Tech giant: 첨단기술 대기업
* Shipment: 수송하다
* Latest: 최근의
* Foundry business: (금속, 유리를 녹여 만드는) 주조, 주물 사업

Timed with the event, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy unveiled a set of policy measures including around 1 trillion won worth financial support for the non-memory sector.

* Timed with: 시간에 맞추어

기사 본문:

2. Blue Bottle to debut in S. Korea this week
(재녹음 된 부분이 있어 양해 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.)

기사 요약: 커피 업계의 애플이라고 불리우는 블루보틀 커피가 성수동에 첫 매장을 연다.

Blue Bottle Coffee will officially debut in Seoul later this week, a South Korean affiliate of the upscale US coffee chain operator said Tuesday.

* Officialy debut: 공식적으로 첫 선을 보이다
* Affiliate: 계열사
* Upscale: 고급진, 혹은 평균 이상의

The new cafe will open in Seoul's eastern Seongsu neighborhood -- a trendy hangout spot where young artists and designers renovated existing buildings into art spaces, fine restaurants and cafes to woo customers -- on Friday, Blue Bottle Coffee Korea, Ltd. said in a press release.

* Hangout spot: 사람들이 어울리는 장소
* Woo: 구애하다 = appeal, attract

The location will house a roastery and a training center for baristas as the California-based company is known for its dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

* House: (집이나 공간에) 들이다, 건물 내에 갖추고 있다
* Dedication: 전념, 헌신
* Craftsmanship: 솜씨

Blue Bottle Korea said it will open a second store in the Samcheong neighborhood, home to traditional villages, artisan workshops and small museums. The exact schedule has not been released.

* home to: ~의 고향, 보금자리
* Artisan workshops: 에술가 장인들의 작업장

The move marks the burgeoning coffee giant's second international launch since it opened its shop in Tokyo in 2015.

* Burgeoning: 급성장, 급증하다

기사 원문:

May 01 2019



Rank #2: 306회 문무일 총장 검찰 과거사사과 / '제 2윤창호법' 단속 첫 날

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[팟캐스트] (306) 문무일 총장 검찰 과거사 대국민 사과 / '제 2윤창호법' 음주단속 첫 날

1. Top prosecutor apologizes for prosecution’s past misdeeds

기사 요약: 검찰 과거사위원회가 지난 1년 6개월간 과거 검찰의 부실수사 등에 대한 조사를 마치고 지난달 활동을 종료했는데 과거사위가 지적했던 검찰 과오에 대해 반성하며 사과했다.

[1] Prosecutor General Moon Moo-il on Tuesday apologized for the prosecution’s past abuses of power and human rights violations in connection with politically sensitive investigations, vowing to make the law enforcement body transparent and politically neutral.

* past abuses of power: 과거의 권력 남용
* human rights violoations: 인권 침해
* politically sensitive: 정치적으로 민감한
* law enforcement body: 법 집행 기관
* transparent: 투명한
* politically neutral: 정치적으로 중립을 지키는

[2] In a news conference, Moon said he “repents” the prosecution’s past failures to do its duty to protect people’s basic rights and fairly exercise its investigative powers.

* repent: 회개하다, 뉘우치다
* do one's duty: 의무를 다하다
* fairly excercise: 공평하게 행사하다
* investigative powers: 수사권

[3] Moon admitted that the prosecution had blocked attempts to uncover cases which involved human rights violations and had failed to filter out fabricated evidence and false testimony -- often the result of torture by the state authorities.

* Admitted: 인정하다
* Uncover: 밝히다, 적발하다
* Filter out: 걸러내다
* Fabricate evidence: 증거 조작
* False testimony: 위증

[4] “Taking the past wrongdoings as a lesson, the prosecution will improve the institutions and procedures to prevent itself from abusing its power and to make sure its political neutrality and fairness in investigation are not violated,” Moon said, pledging measures to prevent any recurrence.

* Take A as lesson: A를 교훈으로 삼다
* Procedures: 절차, 과정
* Pledge: 약속, 맹세, 서약
* Recurrence: 반복, 재발

본문 기사:
2. 153 caught drunk driving nationwide on first day of toughened DUI law
기사 요약: 음주운전 단속기준을 강화한 '제2 윤창호법' 시행 첫날인 25dlf 전국에서 153명이 음주운전 단속에 적발됐다.

[1] Police caught 153 people for drunk driving nationwide between midnight Monday and 8 a.m. Tuesday, when the toughened drunk driving law came into effect, according to the National Police Agency.

* Drunk driving: 음주 운전
* Come into effect: 시행되다

[2] Of the 153 drunk drivers, 57 had their licenses suspended and 93 had their licenses revoked. Three refused to have their blood-alcohol levels checked, police said.

* Licenses suspended: 면허 정지
* Licenses revoked: 면허 취소
* Blood-alcohol level: 혈중 알코올 수치

[3] The revised law stipulates a lower blood-alcohol level limit for drivers and stricter punishments for those driving under the influence.

* Revised law: 개정안
* Stipulates: 규정하다, 명기하다
* Driving under influence: 음주 운전

[4] Previously, those found driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.05 percent and above had their licenses suspended, while a level of 0.1 percent and above led to revocation of the license. The corresponding limits are now 0.03 percent and 0.08 percent.

* Revocation of license: 면허 취소

[5] The maximum penalty for drunk driving was also raised from a three-year jail term or 10 million won ($8,650) fine to a five-year term or 20 million won fine.

* Maximum penalty: 최고형
* Fine: 벌금

본문 기사:

Jun 26 2019



Rank #3: 290화 미세먼지 뒤덮인 한반도, 신규 LCC 3곳 면허 발급

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1. Record fine dust chokes Korea

Thick ultrafine particulate pollution blanketed most of South Korea on Tuesday, prompting authorities to enforce emergency measures to combat fine dust again Wednesday for a sixth consecutive day in Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi and the North and South Chungcheong provinces.
* blanketed: 짙게 드리운, 두텁게 내려앉은
* prompting: (즉각적으로, 묻지않고) 유도하다, 설득시키다
* enforce emergency measures: 긴급 조치를 실행하다
* combat: 전투, 싸움, 방지하다
* consecutive: 연속으로

Seoul’s hourly average level of ultrafine particles -- those smaller than 2.5 micrometers in diameter -- recorded 184 micrograms per cubic meter as of 4 p.m., according to the National Institute of Environmental Research, a think tank under the Ministry of Environment.
* hourly: 매 시간당
* diameter: 지름
* think tank: 싱크 탱크, (정부 기관 연구소, 집단 등)

The daily average ultrafine dust level was expected to reach an all-time high in Seoul since the government began collecting related data in 2015.
* average ultrafine dust level: 평균 미세먼지 수치
* all-time high: 사상 최고치

The average daily ultrafine dust level was measured at 199 micrograms per cubic meter at Sejong, 189 at Gyeonggi Province, 173 at Gangwon Province, 166 at North Chungcheong Province and 164 at Incheon as of 4 p.m.
* measured at: ~로 측정되다

기사 원문:

2. Ministry names three new LCC operators

South Korea’s Transport Ministry announced Tuesday that it has designated Fly Gangwon, Aero-K and Air Premia as new low-cost carrier operators after more than three years of hiatus due to overcrowding of the local LCC market.
* low-cost carrier operator: 저비용 항공사
* hiatus: 공백, 중단
* overcrowding: 과잉, 과밀

The ministry said Fly Gangwon, Aero-K and Air Premia have passed the reinforced criteria for LCCs. Under the revision, companies planning to carry out flight operations are required to have at least 30 billion won ($26 million) in capital and five airplanes before they can begin operations as budget carriers. The previous requirements were 15 billion won and three planes.
* reinforced criteria: 강화된 기준
* under the revision: 수정안에 따르면
* required to: ~하도록 요구되다
* budget carrier: 저비용 항공사

The ministry’s task force had assessed each air carrier’s capacity to secure safety, provide customer satisfaction, and manage flight routes and airport operations, the ministry said.
* task force: 대책 위원회, 프로젝트 팀
* capacity to ~: 능력, 역량, 수용 가능한

In November last year, five new budget air carriers -- Fly Gangwon, Aero K, Air Premia, Air Philip and Guardians -- had applied for business licenses. Fly Gangwon, Aero-K and Air Premia had previously attempted to obtain operational licenses.
* apply for business license: 사업 허가를 신청하다
* previously: 이전에
* attempt to: ~하려고 시도하다
* obtain: 얻다, 구하다,

기사 원문:

Mar 07 2019



Rank #4: 321회 조국 법무부 장관 검찰개혁 추진계획 발표 / CU, GS25 등 편의점 50%가 적자 겪어

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진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. Cho Kuk lays out prosecution reform plan

기사 요약: 조국 법무부 장관이 취임 한달을 맞아 ‘검찰개혁 추진계획’을 발표했다. 특수부(특별수사부) 폐지와 형사·공판부 강화 등 검찰 권한 조정 방안과 별건 수사 금지, 수사 장기화 제한 등 인권 보호 방안이 두루 담겼다.

[1] Embattled Justice Minister Cho Kuk laid out measures to reform the prosecution Tuesday, proposing to curb its power to direct probes and better protect human rights during investigations.

*Embattled: 궁지에 몰린
*Curb: 억제하다, 제지하다
*Probe: 조사

[2] Cho, whose family is under investigation over corruption allegations, made the announcement during his first press briefing since taking office last month, stressing the public’s call for prosecution reforms.

*Corruption: 부패, 타락
*Allegation: 혐의

[3] The reform measures came as Cho’s wife, Chung Kyung-shim, was summoned for questioning for the third time over her alleged involvement in committing academic fraud and making shady investments. His brother, Cho Kwon, is also awaiting a court’s decision on his arrest warrant.

*Summoned: 소환되다
*Fraud: 사기
*Shady: 수상한 구석이 있는
*Arrest warrant: 구속 영장

[4] As part of the reform measures, the prosecution’s special investigation units will be abolished, except for three major ones. The elite squads of experienced prosecutors charged with investigating high-profile corruption cases have been criticized for being politically motivated.

*Reform: 개혁
*Squad: 반, 선수단, 팀
*High-profile: 세간의 이목을 끄는

[5] The scope of prosecutors’ direct investigations will be limited as their dispatch outside the prosecutions offices will be kept to the minimum. The role of units on criminal probes and trial-related affairs will also be expanded.

*Scope: 범위
*Dispatch: 파견하다


2. Most convenience stores make losses

기사 요약: GS25·CU·세븐일레븐 등 주요 3사 편의점 5곳 중 1곳은 일 매출 110만원 미만의 '적자 점포'인 것으로 조사됐다

[1] Approximately 48 percent of franchisees of major convenience store chains here such as CU, GS25 and 7-Eleven suffered deficits last year amid severe market saturation, a lawmaker said Tuesday, citing industry data.

*Deficits: 적자
*Market saturation: 시장 포화 상태

[2] Based on convenience store association data, disclosed by Rep. Woo Won-shik from the ruling Democratic Party, 47.8 percent or 15,819 of the country’s total 33,068 convenience stores as of last year reported sales of less than 1.5 million won ($1,255) per day.

[3] Among them, 20 percent or 6,646 stores reported daily sales of less than 1.1 million won. Around 7 percent earned less than 800,000 won per day.

*Daily sales: 일매출

[4] CU, operated by BGF Retail, had 48 percent of stores reporting less than 1.5 million won in sales per day, while the corresponding figure for GS25 was 33 percent.

*Corresponding figure: 해당되는 수치

[5] According to industry data, the number of convenience stores rose from some 12,000 in 2008 to some 45,000 as of the first half of this year, driven by an increase in single-member households as well as diversified categories of products sold 24/7.

*Driven by ~: ~로 인해 발생된
*Single-member households: 1인가구
*24/7: 24시간 내내


Oct 09 2019



Rank #5: 271회 일제시대 강제징용 배상 판결, 씨름 유네스코 무형유산 등재 권고

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271회 일제시대 강제징용 배상 판결, 씨름 유네스코 무형유산 등재 권고

Oct 31 2018



Rank #6: 324회 직장내 성차별과 출산율 & 펜벤다졸

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진행자: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Workplace gender discrimination hurts Korea’s fertility rate: OECD

기사요약: 직장 내 성차별이 출산율 저하에 기여한다는 OECD 리포트가 주목을 받았다. 이와 같은 발언을 한 OECD의 스테파노 스카페타는 한국이 출산율 하락 현상을 어떻게 극복하는지가 많은 나라에 교본이 될 것이라고 말했다.

[1] Gender discrimination in the workplace is responsible for Korea’s low fertility rate, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

*gender discrimination: 성차별
*workplace: 직장
*fetility rate: 출산율

[2] Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare and the OECD held a joint conference on Monday to address policy responses to the country’s declining fertility rate.

*joint: 공동의
*decline: 하락하다

[3]“Governments need to modernize their family policies to provide families with a continuum of support, from birth to adulthood,” said OECD’s Director for Employment, Labor and Social Affairs Stefano Scarpetta.

*modernize: 현대화하다
*continuum: 연속체

[4] “Korea’s response to the challenges brought about by its rapidly shifting demographics is a lesson that can be used throughout the world.”

*response: 대응
*challenge: 역경
*rapid: 급속한
*shifting: 변화하는
*demographics: 인구분포도

2. Animal worming tablets ineffective as cancer therapy: MFDS

기사요약: 동물용 구충제인 펜벤다졸이 항암 효과가 있다는 증언이 빗발치며 말기 암환자들 사이에서 펜벤다졸이 성행하고 있다. 하지만 펜벤다졸은 암세포와 동물대상 실험만 이루어졌을 뿐 사람을 대상으로 한 임상실험은 이루어진 바가 없어 어떤 부작용을 낳을지 모름에 대한암학회와 식약처는 펜벤다졸 인체 사용을 철저히 반대하고 있다.

[1] Using fenbendazole, a broad-spectrum drug used by veterinarians against gastrointestinal parasites --administered to sheep, cattle, horses, fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, and seals -- as treatment for cancer patients is inappropriate, the Korean Cancer Association and Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said Monday, citing lack of clinical data to vouch for its safety and efficacy.

*gastrointestinal parasites: 장내 기생충
*administered: 투약되다
*inappropriate: 부적절하다
*clinical data: 임상 데이터
*efficacy: 효용성

[2] Fenbendazole’s purported oncological effects became a global sensation after multiple reports from terminal cancer patients that they could partially recover. There have been many testimonies recently from cancer patients across the world endorsing its efficacy.

*purported: 주장되다
*oncology: 종양학
*terminal: 말기의
*endorse: 지지하다

[3] Despite the warnings of potential side effects from health authorities in Korea, some terminal cancer patients have broadcast their last-resort “self-clinical tests” on YouTube. Six tablets of fenbendazole can be purchased online for 42,000 won ($36).

*potential: 잠재적인
*side effect: 부작용
*last-resort: 마지막 방책
*tablet: 알약을 세는 단위


Oct 30 2019



Rank #7: 281회 CES 롤러블 TV, 설연휴 기차표

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281회 CES 롤러블 TV, 설연휴 기차표

Read the script:

Jan 09 2019



Rank #8: 311회 호날두 노쇼에 한국팬 집단 소송 / 고유정 체포 영상 유출에 경찰 수사 착수

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진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s no-show prompts upset fans to seek legal action

기사요약: K리그 선발팀(팀 K리그)과 이탈리아 유벤투스의 친선전에서 크리스티아누 호날두(34)가 출전하지 않아 벌어진 이른바 '호날두 노쇼' 파문과 관련해 민사소송이 처음 제기됐다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] Korean fans disappointed and angered by soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s solely bench-warming presence at a friendly match between Juventus FC from Turin, Italy and a team of K League players last week are pursuing a class-action suit against the organizer for failing to meet legal obligations.
* solely: 오로지, 단지
* bench-warming: 벤치를 지키다
* presence: 존재
* pursue: 추구하다
* class-action: 집단 소송제
* meet obligation: 의무를 다하다

[2] The 34-year-old star athlete -- whose first visit in 12 years was highly anticipated among fans here-- was benched in the exhibition match last Friday at the World Cup Stadium in western Seoul.
* highly anticipated: 매우 기대가 되는
* exhibition match: 시범 경기

[3] “(Event organizer) The Fasta profited from advertising the friendly match to soccer fans, and for success (in ticket sales) they emphasized that Ronaldo would play over 45 minutes,” read a blog post by lawyers Yu Hyung-bin and Kim Hun-ki of law firm MyungAn. MyungAn is leading the class-action suit.
* profited: 이윤을 취하다
* friendly match: 친선 경기
* emphasized: 강조하다

[4] “The abrupt cancellation of Ronaldo’s attendance in the fan signing event, the delay in kickoff due to team Juventus’ tardiness and the 400,000 won ($337) buffet with no chairs and tables are also problems,” it said. The buffet was part of some premium packages offered by The Fasta.
* abrupt: 급작스러운
* attendance: 참석
* delay: 연기
* tardiness: 지각

[5] The post added that ticket holders could demand a partial refund from event organizer The Fasta by holding it accountable for breach of contract.
* partial refund: 부분적인 환불
* accountable: 책임이 있는
* breach of contract: 계약 위반

기사 본문:

2. [Newsmaker] Police probe leaked video footage of Jeju murder suspect

기사 요약: 경찰청에 따르면 경찰청 형사과는 고유정의 긴급체포 당시 영상을 특정 언론사에 제공한 박기남 전 서장에 대해 진상을 파악하고 있다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] Police have launched a probe into circumstances surrounding the leak of video footage taken during the arrest of Koh Yu-jeong, a prime suspect in the murder of her ex-husband.
* launch a probe: 수사에 착수하다
* circumstances: 사정, 정황
* leak of video footage: 비디오 영상 유출
* prime suspect: 주요 용의자

[2] The leaked footage, released Saturday by local media, shows Koh’s arrest on June 1 at 10:32 a.m. in the parking lot of an apartment block in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province. As police officers handcuff her after informing her of her Miranda rights, Koh asks, “Why? I never did that. I am the victim.”
* handcuff her: 그녀를 수갑에 채우다

[3] Korean National Police Agency Commissioner General Min Gap-ryong said in a press briefing Monday they were investigating if the video was released “in moderation through the appropriate process.”
* in moderation: 알맞게
* appropriate process: 적절한 과정

[4] “Any impropriety (in the process of the video’s release) will be met with administrative action.”
* impropriety: 부적절한 행동
* meet with administrative action: 행정 처분

[5] Regarding media reports that Park Ki-nam, the former chief of Jeju Dongbu Police Station, was responsible for the video leak, Min said the matter calls for “a contextual consideration -- if Park had indeed personally leaked the video.”
* call for something: ~을 필요로 하다, 공식적으로 요구하다
* contextual consideration: 맥락과 관련된 고려사항

기사 본분:

Jul 31 2019



Rank #9: 328회 한아세안 특별정상회담 막 내려/ 카카오, 카뱅 최대주주 등극

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[팟캐스트] (328) 한아세안 특별정상회담 막 내려/ 카카오, 카뱅 최대주주 등극
진행자: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer
1. Korea, ASEAN adopt joint vision for cooperation
기사요약: 부산에서 열린 한아세안 특별 정상회담에서 참가국들 자유무역을 약속했다.
[1] BUSAN – The ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit wrapped up Tuesday with the leaders agreeing to expand economic, political and social cooperation among the countries.
*wrap up: 끝마치다
*expand: 확장하다
[2] “Advancement of the ASEAN is Korea’s advancement. Cooperating over the past 30 years through friendship and trust, we have shown ‘potential of Asia,’ overcoming financial and foreign exchange crises,” President Moon Jae-in said ahead of announcing the joint press statement.
“Now, we have the confidence to propose a new answer for the future of the globe through the ‘spirit of Asia.’”
*advancement: 발전
*potential: 잠재력
*overcome: 극복하다
*crises: (복수) 위기
[3] Moon went on to sum up plans agreed to by the leaders as stipulated in the joint vision statement adopted earlier in the day. During the first session of the day, which reviewed the 30 years of ASEAN-Korea relations and discussed the next 30 years, the leaders adopted a statement outlining the direction in which Korea’s relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will develop.
*sum up: 요약하다
*stipulated: 약정하다
*adopt: 채택하다
*outline: 개요를 서술하다
2. Kakao becomes largest shareholder of internet-only bank
기사요약: 카카오는 한국투자금융지주의 카카오뱅크 지분 16%를 매입함으로 최대주주가 되었다.
[1] Kakao is set to become the largest shareholder of its internet-only bank on Friday, marking it as the first nonfinancial services firm to have majority stake in a South Korean lender.
*shareholder: 주주
*majority stake: 최대지분
*lender: 대출기관
[2] The Financial Services Commission on Wednesday approved Korea Investment Holdings’ request to transfer 15 percent and 29 percent of its current 50 percent stake in Kakao Bank to Kakao and Korea Investment Value Asset Management, respectively.
*transfer: 옮기다
*respectively: 각각
[3] Korea Investment Value Asset Management is a second-tier subsidiary of Korea Investment Holdings, the holding entity of a major financial group here. The deals were valued at a combined 489.5 billion won ($419.3 million).
*second-tier: 제 2의
*subsidiary: 자회사
*holding entity: 지주회사
[4] As of Friday, Kakao will own a 34 percent stake in the online-only bank. Korea Investment Value Asset Management will hold 29 percent stake, making it Kakao Bank’s second-largest shareholder. Meanwhile, Korea Investment Holdings’ stake in the internet-only bank will be reduced to 5 percent minus one share.
*stake: 지분
*reduced: 감소한

Nov 27 2019



Rank #10: 327회 수능 응시인원 역대 최저 / 음주단속 연말까지

Podcast cover
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[팟캐스트] (327) 수능 응시인원 역대 최저 / 음주단속 연말까지

1. Koreans sit for national college entrance exam
기사요약: 응시자가 역대 최저였던 수능 스트레이트 기사.
[1] Nearly half a million people sat for the annual state-administered college entrance exam Thursday, with the number of test-takers marking an all-time low.
*nearly: 거의
*sit for an exam: 시험을 치르다
*administer: 주관하다
*test-takers: 시험 응시자
*an all-time low/high: 사상 최저/최고치
[2] The College Scholastic Aptitude Test, locally known as Suneung, began at 1,185 exam venues across the country at 8:40 a.m. and ended at 5:40 p.m. Some 482,000 people had sat for the exam for academic year 2020 as of 2:20 p.m. A total of some 549,000 people applied to take the nine-hour back-to-back exams, down some 46,000 from the previous year.
*venue: (특정 행사 등이 진행되는) 장소
*across the country: 전국에 걸쳐
*academic year: 학년도
*back-to-back: 연이어 이어지는
[3] The Suneung, which has been held only once a year since 1993, covers five subjects, including Korean, math and English.
*subjects: 과목
[4] The level of difficulty for this year’s Suneung was in line with the high school curriculum -- easy enough for students who faithfully attended classes, said Shim Bong-seop, head of the exam committee.
*difficulty: 난이도
*in line with: -에 따라
*curriculum: 교과 과정
*faithfully: 열심히, 최선을 다해
*attend classes: 수업을 듣다
[5] This year’s test results are scheduled to be released on Dec. 4.
*be scheduled to: -할 예정이다
*release: 발표하다, 공개하다
[6] Two students were expelled from the exam, for submitting the exam answer sheet late and having a laptop, respectively. Electronic devices are not allowed inside the exam venues. Airplane landings and takeoffs were banned from 1:05-1:40 p.m. during the English listening test portion of the exam.
*expel: 쫓아내다
*answer sheet: 답안지
*electronic devices: 전자 기기
*landing: 착륙
*takeoff: 이륙
2. Police bust 10,000 drunk drivers in 50-day crackdown
기사요약: 제2 윤창호법 시행으로 음주운전에 대한 처벌이 강화되었음에도 불구하고 50일 단속기간 동안 1만건의 음주운전이 적발됐다.
[1] More than 10,000 people were caught driving under the influence of alcohol during a 50-day nationwide crackdown on reckless driving, the National Police Agency said Sunday.
*be caught -ing: -하는 중에 잡히다
*driving under the influence of alcohol/driving while intoxicated: 음주운전
*nationwide: 전국적인
*crackdown/clampdown on: -에 대한 단속
[2] During the clampdown between Sep. 9 and Oct. 28, 11,275 people were caught for dangerous driving acts, including 10,593 drunk drivers and 662 reckless drivers.
*dangerous driving acts: 위험운전행위
*reckless driver: 난폭운전자
[3] Among those caught, 13 have been arrested with detention, including a driver who had his license revoked in the past for DUI but was again caught at the wheel with a blood alcohol level of 0.105 percent. Those found driving with a blood alcohol level of over 0.08 percent have their licenses canceled in South Korea.
*be arrested with detention: 구금되다
*have one's license revoked/canceled: 면허가 정지되다
*caught at the wheel: 운전대를 잡은 상태에서 잡히다
*blood alcohol level: 혈중 알코올 농도
[4] Six others were caught for abetting drunk driving and four for disturbing traffic by driving abnormally slowly.
*abet: 방조하다
*disturb: 어지럽히다
*abnormal: 비정상적인
[5] The authorities will extend the crackdown period until Dec. 27, mobilizing undercover patrol cars and drones, in light of the upcoming year-end season when the number of drunk drivers tends to surge. Repeat offenders caught during the period will be detained and their vehicles will be seized, police added.
*extend: 연장하다
*mobilize: 동원하다
*undercover patrol cars: 일반 차로 위장한 경찰차
*tend to: -하는 경향이 있다
*surge: 오르다
*repeat offenders: 재범자
*seize: 압수하다

Nov 20 2019



Rank #11: 270회 강서구 PC방 사건, 롯데그룹 5년간 50조원 투자

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270회 강서구 PC방 사건 피의자 ‘심신미약‘ 적용 논란, 롯데그룹 5년간 50조원 투자

Oct 24 2018



Rank #12: 282회 황교안 자유한국당 입당, 카카오 카풀 서비스 중단

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282회 황교안 자유한국당 입당, 카카오 카풀 서비스 중단

Read the script:

Jan 16 2019



Rank #13: 279회 남북철도 착공식, 식약처 타미플루 경고

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279회 남북철도 착공식, 식약처 타미플루 경고

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Dec 27 2018



Rank #14: 280회 막걸리 소비 증가, 쌍용자동차 해고자 복귀

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279회 남북철도 착공식, 식약처 타미플루 경고

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Jan 03 2019



Rank #15: 315회 지소미아 협정 종료 / 조국 검찰 압수수색

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진행자: 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. South Korea pulls out of intel-sharing pact amid spat with Japan
기사요약: 한국, 일본과 지소미아(한일군사정보보호협정) 협정 종료. 안보협력환경에 중대한 변화 초래를 원인으로 꼽아.

[1] South Korea decided to withdraw from the bilateral military intelligence-sharing pact with Japan on Thursday, amid escalating friction over trade and historical issues.

*withdraw: 철회하다
*bilateral: 양측의
*pact: 협정
*escalating: 점점 커지는
*friction: 마찰

[2] In a televised announcement, Cheong Wa Dae said it has made the decision to abolish General Security of Military Information Agreement and will notify Japan via diplomatic channels by midnight on Saturday, the deadline for a decision on whether to renew the agreement.

*televised: TV로 방영되는
*announcement: 발표
*abolish: 폐지하다
*notify: 알리다
*diplomatic: 외교적인
*renew: 갱신하다

[3] The two neighboring countries first signed the military intel-sharing pact in November 2016, with encouragement from the United States, which seeks a strong bond with its Asian allies in the backdrop.
*encouragement: 독려
*bond: 연결고리, 유대
*ally: 동맹, 동맹국
*backdrop: 배경

[4] The agreement was set to automatically renew each year, and only be scrapped when one side chooses to end it 90 days before the expiration date.
*scrap: 폐지하다
*expiration: 만료

[5] But as bilateral ties have deteriorated since July when Tokyo placed controls on South Korea’s exports of three vital industrial materials, South Korea has been mulling options to fire back.
*deteriorate: 악화시키다
*place controls on: 제한을 두다
*vital: 필수적인
*material: 소재, 재료
*mull: 고려하다
*fire back: 반격하다


2. Prosecution raids key locations in probe into embattled Cho Kuk

기사요약: 검찰, 조국 법무부 장관 후보자를 둘러싼 의혹 수사 위해 전격 압수수색 단행.

[1] The prosecution on Tuesday raided universities, a medical center and other facilities as part of an investigation into a series of allegations involving Justice Minister nominee Cho Kuk and his family, less than a week before the parliamentary confirmation hearing on Cho is to be held.
*prosecution: 검찰
*raid: 쳐들어가다
*allegation: 의혹
*nominee: 지명 후보자
*parliamentary confirmation hearing: 국회 인사 청문회

[2] The Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office conducted search and seizure operations simultaneously at some 20 locations including five universities to collect evidence linked to allegations ranging from university admissions irregularities involving Cho’s daughter to his family’s dubious investment in a private equity firm.
*conduct search and seizure: 압수수색을 시행하다
*simultaneously: 동시에
*collect evidence: 증거를 수집하고 있다.
*dubious: 의심가는
*private equity firm: 사모펀드

[3] Cho’s 28-year-old daughter is suspected of having received preferential treatment in the process of being listed as a primary author of an academic paper, being admitted at Korea University and receiving scholarships.
*be suspected of: -했다는 의심을 받다
*preferential treatment: 우대
*scholarship: 장학금

[4] Prosecutors carried out search and seizure operations without informing the Justice Ministry in advance, a rare move that triggered speculations that the move was intended to prevent controversy over political impartiality of the prosecution or that it was an act of rebellion against Cho’s plans for reform of the prosecution.
*carry out: 시행하다
*in advance: 미리
*rare: 흔치 않은
*speculations: 추측
*controversy: 논란
*impartiality: 공정성
*rebellion: 반란, 극렬한 반대

Aug 28 2019



Rank #16: 293회 승리 스캔들 / 난항 겪는 남북 군사회담

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진행자 : 윤민식, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Seungri saga grows amid police corruption, supposed link with the mob

기사요약: 최근 은퇴를 선언한 빅뱅 출신 승리가 다시 한번 클럽 '버닝썬'과 관련된 일련의 혐의를 부인했다. 그러나 경찰과의 유착 의혹, 성매매 알선에 이어 삼합회와의 연계까지 거론되면서 스캔들이 확장되고 있다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] Recently retired K-pop singer Seungri on Saturday denied that he was involved in the operation of the Burning Sun nightclub or that he brokered prostitution for his investors.

* saga: 일련의 사건들
* deny: 부인하다 ( admit: 인정하다)
* be involved in ~: ~에 연류되다, 관련이 있다.
* broker: 중개하다, 알선하다
* prostitution: 성매매

[2] But new revelations by local media are increasing the pressure on the singer, alleging connection between the disgraced celebrity, local law enforcement, and a Taiwanese mogul believed to be related to a Chinese Triad gang.

* revelation: 폭로
* local media: 국내(현지) 언론 (foreign press: 외신)
* allege: 협의를 제기/주장하다 alleged: ~라 주장된, supposed: ~라 추정되는
* disgraced: 망신을 당한, 명예/존중/존경을 잃은 (fall from grace: 위신이 추락하다)

[3] In an interview with Korean daily the Chosun Ilbo, Seungri reiterated his previous claim that he was not involved in the operation of Burning Sun, of which he had been an executive officer, and that he merely “lent his name” to a friend. He had previously stated on TV shows that he was deeply involved in his own enterprises.

* daily: 매일 일어나는, 일간지 (monthly: 한달의 한번, yearly: 1년에 한번, annual: 연례의, biannual: 연 2회의, biennial: 2년에 한번 있는)
* reiterate: 재차 강조하다
* claim: 주장, 주장하다
* executive officer: 임원, 이사
* state: 주장하다, 진술하다
* enterprise: 사업체

[4] Burning Sun, which had been located in the affluent Gangnam-gu area before closing earlier this year, was the central focus of a scandal that has spread through the Korean entertainment world. In December, a man claimed to have been physically abused by the club workers and the police officers who showed up at the scene, which led to testimonies about rampant drug use, rape at the premises and a subsequent investigation by police.

* affluent: 부유한 (유의어: upscale, well-off. 반대어: impoverished: 빈곤한
* entertainment world: 연예계
* abuse: 학대
* show up: 나타나다, 출동하다
* lead to~: ~로 이어지다 (A was followed by B: A 뒤에는 B가 이어졌다)
* subsequent: 이어지는, 차후의


2. Pyongyang’s silence sheds doubt on inter-Korean military talks

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] Prospects are grim for the two Koreas to hold military talks this month, as the North appears to have closed up on all inter-Korean cooperation plans following the breakdown of its second summit with the United States last month.

* shed doubt on ~: 의혹을 불러일으키다 (=cast doubts on)
* grim: 암울한
* prospects: 전망
* 전망이 좋지 않다: things do not look good. Things are going south.
* inter-Korean: 남북간의
* breakdown: 결렬, 와해
* summit: 정상회담

[2] The Ministry of National Defense here said Sunday it recently proposed to hold military talks with the North via a communications line, but it had not received confirmation. Seoul has been pushing to hold military talks before the end of this month, as the implementation of the joint military pact with North Korea has dragged. During a National Security Council meeting on March 4, Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo also said he would hold military talks with North Korea before the end of this month.

* The Ministry of National Defense: 대한민국 국방부
* propose: 제의하다
* military talks: 군사회담. Talks: 회담 (=discussion, meeting)
* via: ~를 통해 (=through ~)
* confirmation: 확인, 확약
* push to ~: ~를 추진하다
* end of this month: 이달말 (earlier in the month: 이달 초에)
* implementation: 이행, 시행
* pact: 조약, 협정, 합의서
* National Security Council meeting: 국가안전보장회의


Mar 27 2019



Rank #17: 329회 한·프 스타트업 맞손 / 강다니엘, 활동 중단 선언 "우울증·공황장애 진단"

Podcast cover
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[팟캐스트] (329) 한·프 스타트업 맞손, 강다니엘, 활동 중단 선언 "우울증·공황장애 진단"

1. [Diplomatic circuit] [Meet the diplomat] Paris looks to Korea’s technology, startups for cooperation: French ambassador
[1] In South Korea, France is known predominantly for its rich history, sophisticated culture and luxury brands. But take a deeper look into the history between the two countries, and traces of France can be found across South Korea’s core industries.
*predominantly: 대게
*sophisticated: 세련되다
*trace: 흔적

[2] In the digital era, Paris is seeking to bolster cooperation with Seoul in the field of technology and startups, the top French diplomat in Seoul said.
* bolster: 강화
* digital era: 디지털 시대

“In France, I think we have missed the beginning of this digital transformation for all sorts of reasons. Recently we have been putting the stress of the necessity to invest maximum resources in those new approaches,” French Ambassador to South Korea Philippe Lefort told The Korea Herald during an interview over lunch Nov. 18 at Le Chef Bleu in Seoul.
* transformation: 변화
* necessity: 필요성

“We (France) did a lot of very good moves in building (startup) incubators. … Korea is very imaginative in this field. … France and Korea are countries in which technological development is not seen as a tool of geopolitical domination. So we can cooperate … to preserve our sovereignty by adding own capacities and not depending only on the big organizations.”
* imaginative: 창의적
* geopolitical: 지정학
* domination: 지배
* preserve: 지키다
* sovereignty: 자주권

South Korean SMEs and Startups Minister Park Young-sun met with French Digital Minister Cedric O in France last weekend and signed a joint statement to step up cooperation on startups and AI-based smart manufacturing, the ministry said.
* joint statement: 공동 성명
* smart manufacturing: 스마트 제조

2. Kang Daniel temporarily halts K-pop career over anxiety disorder
[1] K-pop star Kang Daniel put his music and entertainment career on hold due to depression and a panic disorder, his management agency said Wednesday.
* depression: 우울증
* panic disorder: 공황장애

[2] The 23-year-old solo artist and former member of disbanded boy group Wanna One will have a hiatus from show business after being diagnosed with the mental health problems in the first half of this year, according to Konnect Entertainment.
* disbanded: 해체
* show business: 연예계
* diagnosed: 진단 받다
* mental health: 정신 건강

[3] "(Kang) has complained of extreme anxiety recently ... leading to the conclusion that what should be considered the top priority for the health and safety of the artist is relaxation and rest," Konnect said in a statement.
* complained: 호소하다
* anxiety: 불안감

[4] The agency also said Kang "is in a very difficult condition to promote the new digital single, 'Touchin,'" indicating that he will not be available for stage promotion of the song released last week.
* promote: 홍보
*indicate: 내비치다

[5] The announcement came one day after Kang complained of immense mental suffering from online hate comments.
* immense: 엄청난
*suffering: 고통
*online hate comments: 악플

[6] Posting a message on Tuesday in his online fan community, Kang said "I am under immense pain. I wish somebody could please save me."
* online fan community: 팬카페

Dec 04 2019



Rank #18: 326회 베를린 장벽 붕괴 30주년 기념하는 독일 / 멤버들 군 제대 후 행보가 주목되는 빅뱅

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베를린 장벽 붕괴 30주년 기념하는 독일 / 멤버들 군 제대 후 행보가 주목되는 빅뱅

진행자: 윤민식, Kevin Lee Selzer
1. Berlin celebrates 30 years since fall of the Wall
팟빵 (안드로이드):
[1] German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged the United States to be a “mutually respectful partner” and reject nationalism, in a clear salvo aimed at US leader Donald Trump as Germany on Saturday marked 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.
* urge: ~를 촉구하다
* mutually: 서로 상호간에 (bilateral: 양자간의, unilateral: 일방적인)
* nationalism: 민족주의
[2] Recalling United States’ key role in helping to bring down the hated Wall separating communist East Germany from the capitalist West, Steinmeier said he still hears the late US President Ronald Reagan’s cry of “tear down this wall” at the iconic Brandenburg Gate.
* recall: 상기시키다
* bring down: 허물다
* hated: 증오받는 (beloved: 사랑받는)
* tear down: 허물다
[3] But in a swipe at Trump’s America First policy and his insistence on building a wall on the southern border with Mexico, Steinmeier voiced a yearning for a return of the transatlantic partner of the past.
* in a swipe at: 비난하다, 공격하다 (=take a jab at)
* insistence: 고집
* yearning: 갈망
[4] The German president’s sharp words, as he opened festivities at the spot where Reagan once stood, underlined growing tensions between the traditional allies.
* sharp words: 날카로운 말
* underline: 강조하다, 분명히 보여주다
* festivities: 축제행사
2. With 2 more Big Bang members discharged from military, what now?
팟빵 (안드로이드):
[1] Taeyang and Daesung of K-pop group Big Bang returned to civilian life on Sunday after finishing their 20-month compulsory military service, drawing attention on Big Bang’s next move with all members now having completed military service.
* civilian life: 민간인의 삶
* compulsory: 의무적인 (mandatoryvoluntary: 자발적인)
* draw attention to: 주목을 받다
[2] The two vocalists -- who enlisted in March last year -- greeted hundreds of fans who gathered to congratulate them on their discharge early Sunday morning at Ground Operation Command in Yongin, Gyeonggi province.
* enlist: 입대하다 (=join the military/ enroll: 입학하다)
* greet: 반기다
* discharge: 제대
[3] Taeyang and Daesung served in Cheorwon and Hwacheon in Gangwon province, respectively. The Defense Ministry changed the site of their discharge as the two military bases are located in areas still considered exposed to African swine fever and a huge crowd of fans was anticipated at their discharge.
* respectively: 각자 (collectively: 집단으로)
* considered to be: ~로 여겨지다 (=thought to be)
* swine: 돼지
* anticipate: 기대하다

Nov 12 2019



Rank #19: 273회 떡볶이, 수소차

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273회 떡볶이, 수소차

Nov 14 2018



Rank #20: 283회 한미 방위분담금 협상, 걸그룹들 '7년의 저주'?

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[팟캐스트] 한미 방위분담금 협상, 걸그룹들 '7년의 저주'?

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Jan 24 2019