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THINK, BELIEVE, LISTEN, ACT and ACKNOWLEDGE. Spend an hour each week with Valleri Crabtree as she describes how to use these five elements of the Universe Responding Spiritual Model for Life to co-create the life that you’ve always imagined! Each program will focus on the practical application of this spiritual concept. Call Valleri during the program and ask about how to use this spiritual formula to reach your goals, guide your decisions, or to address your issues. You’ll soon be on the path of co-creating the plan or answer that you need! Universe Responding airs on Monday mornings at 8 a.m. Pacific/11 a.m. Eastern. Questions may also be sent to Valleri in advance at universeresponding@unity.fm or posted on the Universe Responding Facebook Fan Page Wall.Become a fan of Universe Responding on Facebook.

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Why Haven’t My Dreams Become My Reality?

Are you becoming frustrated and discouraged that what you dreamed your life would be like is falling short of your expectations? Do you feel that you have tried everything—and failed—to transform your current position into one you feel is more desirable? Are you becoming resigned to feeling that where you are is all there is? It’s time to let Universe Responding help! This episode is especially designed to help us re-examine those dreams, use guidance to readjust them, learn affirmations to reinforce them, and co-create plans of action to realize them. Enter this episode with an open mind and a willing heart, and discover the dreams that will lead to the reality that manifests your “co-created best!”


8 Oct 2012

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Turn the Other Cheek … and Grow!

Jesus instructs us in Matthew 5:38-41 to avoid retaliation when we perceive that we have been wronged. But why? What lessons can we learn about God’s guidance when we have been hurt? How can we use the Law of Co-Creation and Universe Responding to avoid the “I WANT to get even” reaction and to embrace the “I AM listening to the messages of guidance” approach? Please join us as we discuss how to really pay attention to what is for us in another’s disturbing behavior toward us.


1 Oct 2012

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Revisiting the Law of Attraction

It’s time to revisit the Law of Attraction and explore how our Universe Responding version of this spiritual theory—“The Law of Co-Creation”—removes what many may find to be barriers to the practical application of the more traditional view. If you have had difficulty manifesting what you have held in your mind, this program may contain just the answers which you need. Approach “The Law of Co-Creation” with an open and receptive mind and heart and you’ll be delighted with what you discover!


27 Aug 2012

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Evolution vs. Stagnation: Why Being Open and Receptive Is Important to Co-Creation

Never changing, never growing and never learning may seem to be a safe and secure approach to life. The “steadiness” of having a viewpoint and holding firm to it no matter what happens may be regarded by some as a virtue. But this is not the approach we suggest in the Universe Responding Model. When we shut down our willingness to reconsider or to evolve our thoughts and our actions, we are saying to our Higher Power that we are not interested in listening to any messages of guidance, which are different from our beliefs and opinions. With this attitude, we may soon find we are drowning in a pool of stagnation rather than joyously swimming in the clear, fulfilling stream of a co-created life. 


21 May 2012

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Proving the Existence of God

As a follow-up to this past week’s program, we ask the question: How can we prove the existence of God? It sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? But in reality, proving the existence of God in our lives is very easy! And once we understand the logic of how we gather this evidence, we will be even more convinced that God is real, that a relationship with the Higher Power of our Understanding is essential, and that a co-created life is the only way to live! 


16 Apr 2012

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What Does “Sin” Mean in the Universe Responding Spiritual Model for Life?

The Law of Co-Creation, through the use of the Universe Responding Spiritual Model for Life, provides us with the formula so that we may always achieve our “co-created best.” But where does the concept of “sin” fit in to all of this? Or does it? How can we reposition this age-old, fear-based idea to help us learn and grow in our vibrant, positive New Thought approach? Tune in to learn how to extract from the concept of “sin” some surprising—and useful—tools to stay on the path of co-creation.


19 Mar 2012

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Increasing Love by Decreasing Fear

Are we afraid to love? Is commitment to a person, a community, or even to a Higher Power a scary idea? How can we tell when our desire to love or to be loved has become adversely affected by an “I WANT” approach, rather than through the Truth found in the “I AM”? In this episode, we explore how fear—a “create on our own” impulse—can destroy love and cause us to question our ability to be loved. But we will also share solutions inspired by The Law of Co-Creation to kick fear out of our consciousness once and for all and make plenty of room for love for ourselves, for others, and for God.


12 Mar 2012

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Prejudice and Discrimination—HUGE Blockages to Co-Creation

Prejudice and discrimination are two concepts that can absolutely destroy our ability to co-create. Not only is Oneness and Interconnectedness with others and with God severely damaged, but these distorted views of and actions toward others encourage destructive thoughts, block our abilities to hear messages of guidance, stifle opportunities to act harmoniously, and remove much of the gratitude that gives meaning to life. Our program examines how we can combat these feelings and impulses in ourselves and how we can each increase our contribution to the evolution of a just and fair society—a society in which co-creation can thrive! 


5 Mar 2012

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Yes, I AM Ready for a Change in My Life!

Are you ready for a change in your relationship, your finances, your health or your attitude? On this, our 100th episode of our Universe Responding program, we review how to put the The Law of Co-Creation to work in our lives, using the Universe Responding Spiritual Model for Life as its engine, so we can make the changes that we feel guided to make—the changes that will lead us to the joy of experiencing our “co-created best.”


27 Feb 2012

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Adult Bullying

Bullying is not an activity just reserved for children. Adults can be both bullies and the victims of bullying. Unlike children, adults who find themselves as victims receive much less sympathy, are accused of being “thin-skinned,” and are faced with the expectation that they should “man-up” and take whatever comes. There is nothing about these aggressive actions or the responses they invoke that is co-created! In this program, we lovingly examine why this happens and suggest how both the bully and the victim can find the courage and trust to “God-up” and replace all these “create on your own” behaviors with co-created ones. Please keep in mind that this program is not a substitute for professional counseling or other assistance.


21 Nov 2011

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YOU ARE UNLIMITED … So Don’t Limit Yourself!

Do you know who you are? You are a wonderful spiritual being, able to manifest whatever you and the Higher Power of Your Understanding co-create! You can achieve your co-created best in everything—IF you will allow yourself to do so. This episode goes right to the heart of the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life! Join us to be inspired and invigorated as you commit to courageous co-creation! YOU ARE UNLIMITED!


10 Oct 2011

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The Power of the Affirmation: “Healthy Brainwashing,” Part 2

“I AM happy, healthy, whole, prosperous and loved.” When I declare this, knowing that the Higher Power of My Understanding is always here, ready to work with me to co-create my life, I know that I am on my way to my “co-created best.” But what do affirmations really do? How do these positive statements reinforce my constructive thoughts? And what are the tools that I can use, such as visualization for my words and “Healthy Brainwashing” for my attitude, to add even more zeal and strength to my already powerful affirmations? Join us!


25 Apr 2011

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An Interview With Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist’s Way

Julia Cameron’s best-selling book The Artist’s Way has awakened millions to their creative potential and has provided practical guidance for achieving dreams! As Julia has said, “Most of us have no idea of our real creative height. We are much more gifted than we know. My tools help to nurture those gifts.” Julia spends this hour with Valleri discussing how each of us can transform our lives through the methods she has developed.


7 Jun 2010

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An Interview With Janet Conner, Author of Writing Down Your Soul

Hear our special guest, Janet Conner, describe how “writing down your soul” allows you to “activate and listen to the extraordinary voice within.” We’ll explore how you can use this technique in your practice of the elements of Universe Responding to gain clarity for your constructive thoughts, to strengthen your belief in your Higher Power, to open another avenue for listening for messages, to remove fears that keep you from acting, and to express gratitude. In addition to her popular book, Janet has also written for Daily Word®.


22 Mar 2010

Rank #14

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Nurturing Our Interconnectedness With Each Other and With the Universe

The Universe Responding Spiritual Model for Life only works when we BELIEVE in a Higher Power! Our relationship with our Higher Power is directly affected by our relationship with others. In this program, Valleri discusses how to strengthen and nurture these interconnections by reducing and eliminating barriers, boundaries and blockages.


25 Jan 2010

Rank #15

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Universe Responding and the Law of Attraction: Think Is Only the Beginning

Too often, the Law of Attraction is misunderstood and misapplied. The Law of Attraction is NOT Think and Get! Valleri shares how to use the five elements of Universe Responding to take The Law of Attraction from theory to practical reality.


11 Jan 2010

Rank #16

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The Last "Universe Responding" Program … for a While

During the three years that this program has been aired, Universe Responding has evolved, Valleri has evolved, and you have evolved. As the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life has more clearly come into focus as the engine of the Law of Co-Creation, we have found limitless ways to use these concepts to help us achieve our “cocreated best.” As Valleri’s path of growth is leading her to additional ways to apply the Universe Responding concept, this will be the final Universe Responding program for a time. During this episode, she will highlight some of the important points she has discussed in prior broadcasts and, most important, will take this time to express gratitude and love to all her loyal listeners and to Unity Online Radio. We invite you to continue to enjoy the 140 episodes we’ve recorded as they will continue to be available for free download on our Universe Responding host page.


24 Dec 2012

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Is All This for Real?

Program after program, we’ve shared with you how the Law of Co-Creation and the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life will give you what you need to be your “co-created best” in all things. But is all this for real? Can I really trust that the Higher Power of My Understanding will co-create with me if I faithfully follow this formula and apply it consistently? The answer is yes, yes, YES! Think of today’s program as a way to neutralize the unhealthy brainwashing we hear from all the naysayers and doubters (even when it is us who do it to ourselves). It’s designed to be one you will want to download and keep; one to be listened to over and over again; and one that will keep us on track when we start to slip off.


10 Dec 2012

Rank #18

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

What if the guidance I hear and the guidance you hear about the same topic seems to send us in different directions? If our lives are intertwined and my actions affect your actions (and vice versa), how do we reconcile these messages? Maybe we don’t need to reconcile them at all; instead, one of us may be hearing our guidance through the wrong filter—the one that allows a little of the I WANT to taint it. Join us as we explore what happens when God’s messages of guidance appear to be pulling us in different directions.


3 Dec 2012

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The Five Elements of Universe Responding

Learn how the five elements of Universe Responding—Think, Believe, Listen, Act and Acknowledge—work together in a divine interconnected web which results in co-creation! Our inaugural program with Unity.FM explains the Universe Responding concept and describes how this formula is used for co-creation.


4 Jan 2010

Rank #20