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If you liked HorseGirlTV, you'll LOVE Untacked with Angelea Kelly. This series is by an equestrian for equestrians and horse enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. HorseGirlTV plugged the classic equine world into the wired generation. The Untacked series examines the exciting, poignant, and often hilarious tales of life, work, and love as told through life out of the saddle.

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What is the Difference Between Founder and Laminitis

Founder itself is really nothing more than the health of the hoof being compromised to the point where the coffin bone can no longer remain attached or held secure in it's proper position. Even though this is in simplified terms, the reality of the matter is that it's extremely painful for the horse to endure. But it's not the kiss of death. As humans may have our body parts broken but it's not the end of the world for us either. We can be repaired and so can our horses. It takes time and patience and rehabilitation.


15 Jun 2022

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How To Properly Fit A Saddle With County Saddlery

Stick around after the episode for a clip with USA Show Jumping Olympian, Margie Engle.


1 Jun 2022

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Learn About Saddle Fitting With Bruce Close Of County Saddlery

He is a member of the Master Saddlers Association and has been working closely with the owner of County Saddlery, Gene Freeze for over a decade.


15 May 2022

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International Dressage With Oded Shimoni

A veteran of three World Equestrian Games, two European Championships and has qualified two horses for the Olympic Games.


1 May 2022

Rank #4

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Tommie Turvey Equine Extremist

We thought it best to let you read about Tommie in his own words so... "I am a horse trainer, equine entertainer and stuntman. This is my life, not a side-line. I live every day with my horses; cleaning, caring, feeding, and riding. They are my family and my life..."


15 Apr 2022

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Angelea Gets Back On Track

Angelea was fortunate enough to meet up with Bo Lofvander from Back on Track down in Wellington learn about their innovative and highly effective products.


1 Apr 2022

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Reining With Jon and Seth Ingram Of Ingram Training Stable

Join Angelea as she rides along with Jon and Seth to talk about the early beginnings of reining, where it has come to in the modern day, where it might be going and how you can get involved! Ingram Training Stable, is located in Loxahatchee, Florida just outside the beautiful horse village of Wellington.


15 Mar 2022

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Talking Digestive Health With Dr. Frank Pellegrini

Watch and learn as Angelea talks with Frank Pellegrini DVM about digestive health and how when a horse is healthy on the inside it performs and looks better on the outside!


1 Mar 2022

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How To Make Angelea's Favorite Horse Show Muffin

These are Angelea's favorite horse show muffins as they freeze easily and individually wrapped are a quick treat to share around the tack stall but they are likewise brilliant at Sunday brunch or simply with a nice cup of coffee.


15 Feb 2022

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World Leading Saddle Designer Gene Freeze

Gene has designed saddles for many of the world's leading riders, in all 3 Olympic disciplines including the current tripe Gold Medalist, Edward Gal of the Netherlands. Gene is a member of the British Society of Master Saddler's and is the Chief Saddle Fitting Instructor of the Master Saddlers Association in the US.


1 Feb 2022

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