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Join Katy Bowman, biomechanist, author, and leader in the Movement Movement for conversations on how movement affects not only the shapes of our bodies but the shape of our life.

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Episode 116: Taking a Breath(er)

Katy Bowman answers every question she’s ever received on how to breathe. Plus, she issues an invitation to a PODCAST PARTY—one that’s focused on health and movement, and that celebrates THREE MILLION DOWNLOADS! Plus, Pack Matthews of Soul Seat drops by to talk about how he came to develop his transitional seating product, and what difference it’s making to kids in schools who are trying it out. And, an important update on how Move Your DNA will move into 2019 and beyond. Learn more about Soul Seat: https://mysoulseat.com


4 Dec 2018

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Episode 85: Between the Lines - It Starts With Feet

Katy Bowman tells Stephanie Domet why she’s written two books about feet, and why she could easily write a bunch more. Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief: https://nutritiousmovement.com/product/every-womans-guide-to-foot-pain-relief/ Whole Body Barefoot: https://nutritiousmovement.com/product/whole-body-barefoot/ Minimal shoes of all kinds: https://nutritiousmovement.com/shoes-the-list/


29 Aug 2017

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Episode 33- Cycling

If you cycle, you’re fit, right? Riding a bike is not a natural human movement, and cycling a lot with little other movement endeavors has the components of a junk-food movement diet. Let’s look beyond the few single nutrients that biking provides and explore a more nutritious movement diet—because doing the same thing over and over again means you are missing a whole spectrum of movement nutrients. Katy answers questions about bone density, kids and bikes, and the biological tax of bicycles.

1hr 6mins

20 Oct 2015

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Episode 51- Babies and Movement, Part 1

In Part 1 the Baby Show, Katy discusses baby biomechanics! Did you know that load and frequency affect the stages of development—like how babies from more primitive hunter/gather-type populations develop differently than our modern- lifestyle babies? We‘ll also talk about baby wearing and baby carrying, and how this affects both the parent AND the baby.


19 Apr 2016

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Episode 73: Dynamic Aging

Katy Bowman’s latest book, while written with and for the older population in mind, is truly for every body at every age. This episode combines a one-on- one recording with Katy and Dani, and the Ventura, California live-audience book release party at The Alignment B.E.A.C.H. featuring Katy’s four septugenarian co-authors. The five authors answer audience questions and share how the book came about, their personal stories, and why this book can help anyone move with more function.

1hr 12mins

21 Mar 2017

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Episode 71: Movement is Not Medicine

When we focus on the condition of our bodies, we tend to approach it with an exercise science mindset. What if we worried less about achieving the ideal range of motion of, say, the shoulder joint, and just focused on doing actual things with those shoulders on a regular basis? Our cultural experience with healthy, functioning bodies is still driven by a deficit mindset, but developing a deeper understanding of why movement matters involves a bigger question: What are you after in the end?


7 Feb 2017

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Episode 96: Birth and the Shapeshifting Pelvis

Katy Bowman and Gail Tully on why a baby moving through a pelvis has almost nothing in common with a couch moving through a stairwell, a watermelon moving through a nostril, or a basketball moving through a hoop. Find more Katy Bowman at https://nutritiousmovement.com Find more about the Dynamic Collective at https://nutritiousmovement.com/podcasts/#podcast-sponsors Find more about Gail Tully at https://spinningbabies.com In this episode’s mailbag: Is walking “falling forward”? Does it have to be? And should I train for a long hike using poles, or not? Podcast interview with woman paralyzed from hips down, mentioned in the mailbag: https://mightyblueontheat.com/episode-8-stacey-kozel-ironwill/ Dynamic Aging podcast episode: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/monkeyhead-freelance/katy-says/e/49501354?autoplay=true Pelvic Floor blog entries: https://nutritiousmovement.com/tag/pelvic-floor-disorder/ Wilderness Moves event: https://nutritiousmovement.pike13.com/courses/165238 Dynamic Aging retreat at 1440: https://nutritiousmovement.pike13.com/courses/156115


27 Feb 2018

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Episode 47- Food Forces

Sure, you guzzle lots of kale smoothies and there are no GMOs in your salad. But have you thought about the mechanical nutrition in your diet? In this episode, Katy cooks up a nice batch of food for thought that explains how the food forces in your life affect your whole body ecology.


15 Mar 2016

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Episode 65: Transitioning to Floor Sitting

The Fonz wasn’t the only one who wanted you to “sit on it”: floor sitting comes with multiple benefits for your body and your environment. Want to learn how to get down there and stay down there, and eliminate the pain that might usually come with it? Katy talks transitioning to floor sitting in this practical, helpful episode. Get down on it!


15 Nov 2016

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Episode 76: The Sleep Show

Sleep: we do it for a third of our lifetimes but it is still a mystery to many. In this special edition of our Movement Mailbag, Katy answers the questions that have been keeping you up at night as you search for some serious shut-eye.


16 May 2017

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Episode 118: Social Media is Shaping Your Relationships

In this special edition of the Move Your DNA podcast, Katy Bowman writes a Dear John letter to social media—and revisits her past social media breaks, with lots of advice for your own time-out, if you’re planning one.

1hr 3mins

25 Jun 2019

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Episode 117: How Did You Move in 2018?

In her annual end-of-year “how did we move” podcast Katy Bowman hosts myriad guests to share their stories as a way to celebrates more than three million downloads of Move Your DNA. We’re talking health goals at this party—what were they in 2018, how well did you meet your goals, what did you learn, and what do you want to take forward into 2019. Special guests at this party include some Move Your DNA listeners, along with Dani Hemmat and Stephanie Domet. Plus, Katy has a little more information for you on the next phase for the Move Your DNA podcast.

1hr 5mins

18 Dec 2018

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Episode 11- Diastasis Recti

Gaps are great, when they are SUPPOSED to be there. When they're not, you can spend all day and LOTS of moolah trying to "fix" your abs to no avail. This episode is for anyone with DR or abdominals that just won't respond to conventional exercises. Free admission for anyone who can roller skate or sing a Prince song over and over again.


17 Nov 2014

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Episode 44- The Skinny on Fat

Katy spends some time helping reframe “fat” as we discuss fat and the roles it plays in our bodies, and how the fat we have is simply a response to input—just like everything else in our body.


16 Feb 2016

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Episode 106: Alignment Matters: Your Feet Through the Years

Katy reads three of her favorite essays from Alignment Matters on feet and foot health, and offers a State of the Minimal Shoe Union address, with lots of tips for transitioning well to minimal shoes. Find out why she cut the feeties off her kids' feetie pyjamas, and why she doesn't recommend flip flops, except for by the pool.


17 Jul 2018

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Episode 57- Furniture-Free Freak Goes Mainstream

Description: Katy gives us some backstage access to the Prevention magazine feature that puts her message about movement in the centerfold, as well as sharing some insights into what her everyday world is like. Oh, and there are Muggles and roosters. And watermelons.


5 Jul 2016

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Episode 10- The Core

This episode can help you move past the buzz word and gain a better understanding of your middle. Listen while Katy discusses the importance of a relaxed belly, why your shoulders matter to your core function (WHAT?!) and a brief but discreet interlude about senior citizens'... er, physical relations. Okay, not really, but it was a funny misunderstanding.


3 Nov 2014

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Episode 5- The Delicious Butt (Function) Show

Katy manages to fit the phrases "A Clockwork Orange", "stiltwalking", "old timey" and "delicious butt function" all in one episode! Learning why a functional gluteus matters has never been this fun! And even though it sounds like I'm holding Katy captive inside a large tin can, she was really safe and sound when this was recorded. It just sounds like she's in an empty grain silo. Which, according to her father, should NEVER be played in.


26 Aug 2014

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Episode 69: Natural Movement and Variability

Description: We are aiming for variety in our movement, in both frequency and kind. But what about the variability of location? Seasonal variability? Movement changes over the course of a day, a month, and a lifetime, and it changes based on individual capacity.


10 Jan 2017

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Episode 42- Cardio & Natural Movement

How well is your body responding to your bouts of cardio exercise? Katy defines what we’re talking about when we refer to “cardio”, and then finds it a place in the bigger picture of natural movement.


2 Feb 2016

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