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Cyber Tales - Story behind cyber security stories

Listen to weekly round up of interesting cyber security stories from across the globe. Each podcast delves deeper into a particular story revealing insights and the often unheard story to listeners. The show is hosted by Mansi Kapur, business journalist with Fortune and Jose Varghese, cyber security entrepreneur and geek with Paladion.

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S01E5-Bitcoin Secrets Revealed

In this episode we examine why Bitcoin is the chosen currency of cyber criminals. We discuss the journey Bitcoin took to become the ultimate financial tool of the criminal world as well as the technology behind it. We will also reveal the truth behind Bitcoin’s supposed anonymity. Is Bitcoin the future or is law enforcement closing in on this once untouchable crypto currency? Also in this episode, the true cost of cyber security incidents, how hackers robbed a bank with smart phones, and why Israel is teaching children cyber security skills.


14 Apr 2017

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S01E7-How Malware is Invading Your Life

In this week’s episode we look at the growing threat of malware. In 2016, a new malware was developed every 4.6 seconds and the cyber security world has been forced to keep up. We will discuss what malware is, how it has changed and developed and what the experts are doing to keep us safe. We will also give our listeners tips on how they can stay safe from the latest malware invasion. In this episode we’ll also let you know why it may finally be ok to forget your PIN, what you’re doing that lets hackers inside your smart phone, and how your music headphones might be selling your personal information.


15 May 2017

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S01E31 - Look Out - Google’s on the Way to Galactic Data Control!

If data is the new oil, Google has some of the biggest refineries in the world. Raw data in, insights and analysis out, but what about privacy and confidentiality? Google information also powers advertising designed to target you as an individual. How? By using your personal data, preferences, and often many more of your intimate details. Trust is just one issue. Monopolistic practices, data snooping, and unauthorized data sharing are others. Is Google evil? Is it time to call in the Jedi Knights to save the world? Find out how far the tentacles of the Google Empire reach in this podcast and what you should be looking out for.


7 Jan 2019

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S01E30 - Uber and Data Privacy – Is Your PII Being Taken for a Ride?

Personally Identifiable Information or PII can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Phishing, identity theft, and cyber extortion are just some of the threats. But how much do you think about data security when using chauffeuring services like Uber? Join us in this podcast to find out about the policies for data retention and the security issues that affect you directly, and your rights regarding data deletion. With our panel of experts, we pick the Uber privacy case apart. And put it back together with handy tips about how you can better safeguard your personal data. Get the details here!


13 Nov 2018

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S01E29 - Email Scams and Extortion? Keep Calm and Apply Proper Security

Have you received threatening email recently? You’re not alone. We talk about how it happens and what you can do to stop it affecting you. First, find out about even supposedly reputable Internet actors that make it difficult for you to protect your privacy. Get the lowdown on the way that password and email files are hacked and resold for phishing scams. Hear about how malware can worm its way into your PC or mobile. Then listen as we explain smart, safe ways to set up your passwords, use protection like 2FA, and deal with emails that menace you (breathe sigh of relief HERE!).


27 Sep 2018

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S01E27 - Do People Now Know More About You on the Net than in Real Life?

There may be far more of you, personally, on the web than you think. In this podcast, we discuss how social media giants and other popular internet firms collect huge amounts of data… on you! Ostensibly, they do this to better know you and meet your needs. However, the danger is in the abuse of that data. The Facebook - Cambridge Analytica case is still echoing in cyberspace. On a brighter note, however, data privacy is being reinforced. Individuals can ask that their personal data be erased from organizations like Facebook and Google. Join us and see how these developments could affect you.


22 Aug 2018

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S01E28 - What You Should Know About Mobile Banking App Security

Are mobile banking apps safe? We discuss app risks and threats that could seriously affect your banking well-being if you don’t watch out for them. We also run through the differences between mobile and desktop banking, and why the banking sector may be making a rod for its own back by trying to be too helpful to customers using mobiles. Find out with us how to avoid pitfalls like downloading fake apps and see how to identify authentic versions. Make sure that your money stays safe in your account, out of reach of thieves and hackers!


19 Sep 2018

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S01E26 - Online, is it ’Shop till You Drop’ or ‘Buy till You’re Compromised’?

Roll up, roll up, online buyers and sellers! We dive into the world of Amazon to see if users are adequately protected in their transactions. While the online retailing leader has several built-in safeguards, there are still ways that users can game the system. Is your credit card safe? Can you trust product reviews? What should you look for in Amazon product pages to pick products and vendors most likely to meet your needs, honestly and efficiently? We also take a quick peek at certain social media and improvements they still need to make in cyber security and data privacy.


1 Aug 2018

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S01E10-Be Smart with Your Smart Phone

In this week’s episode we ask the question, how secure is your mobile phone? Many people now do everything on their smart phones, but you may be putting yourself at risk every time you open an app or use WiFi. We will discuss what it is about your phone that makes it a target for hackers, what some companies are doing to protect you, and most importantly, what you can do to protect yourself. We will also look at cyber stories from around the world including an incident of an online password manager getting hacked, a game that teaches kids to become responsible internet users, as well as more fallout from the WannaCry ransomware.


3 Jul 2017

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S01E13 - Social Engineering Tactics are Still Widely Successful

This week we discuss the widely popular technique cyber criminals use to gain access to your account credentials; social engineering. This could be to gain access to your email account, your bank account and pin, and even your personal information such as DOB and Mother’s Maiden name. Our hosts share accounts of clever social engineering tactics that has worked with people who are aware and other aspects of this technique. In news, we have credit card fraud in Bengaluru using advanced card skimmers, the latest Ransomware attack LeakerLocker targeting Android phones and more.


5 Sep 2017

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S01E3-Biometric Authentication

Today, we’re going to talk about something that affects all of us, thanks to the government’s insistence on Aadhaar. We are talking of biometric authentication, or the use of fingerprints, iris scans, voice recognition and so on, to secure your data. We will be looking at how this works and if there are security risks involved in biometrics. Fingerprints have been used as ID for centuries! People still sign cheques and documents using fingerprints, and many of us have fingerprint scanners installed in office entrances. Plus, we use fingerprint to my phone.So, what has changed now to make fingerprints so newsworthy?


15 Mar 2017

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S01E9-Cloud Computing is Here to Stay

In this episode we look at the one of the most used and possibly most misunderstood aspects of modern business – cloud computing. We’ll trace the origins of shared networks and discuss whether or not turning all of your most precious data over to a third party makes you safer or more vulnerable to attacks. We will also let you know the various services the cloud has to offer and we’ll predict what cloud computing may look like in the future.


8 Jun 2017

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S01E8-How Secure are Electronic Voting Machines

In the 8th episode, we look at security around an electronic voting machine (EVM), vulnerabilities in the system, the extent of impact hacking an EVM machine can have, and the future of electronic voting. We also cover the recent Wanna Cry Ransomware threat and discuss what went wrong and how it was able spread so quickly.


7 Jun 2017

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S01E6-Risks of Using Payment Cards in Face-to-Face Transactions

In this episode we discuss how hackers have made using your payment card in person just as risky as paying online. We will look at the methods hackers use to steal your information, including how they are able to get your card data and how they can steal your PIN. We’ll also discuss some of the more sophisticated attacks on payment cards and provide a checklist you can use to stay safe. In this episode we also explain the latest phishing strategies and look at the new malware destroying IoT devices.


2 May 2017

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S01E11-The Future of Contactless Cards

In this week’s episode we talk about the future of contactless cards. The popularity of contactless cards is gaining rapidly. The current year so far has seen more contactless transactions then anytime earlier. While consumer’s find contactless card payments a very convenient mode to make a purchase, very few are actually aware of the risks associated with it. Paladion cyber security experts Hari and Balaji discuss the pros and cons of contactless cards.


13 Jul 2017

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